Qube Money: Bank & Budget Reviews

Qube Money: Bank & Budget Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-22

BUDGETING & BANKING in one easy app. It's banking 2.0 Forget the pen and paper,
the spreadsheets, the physical cash and envelopes, the reconciliation, the
manual entry, and the inaccurate transaction reporting. Stop worrying about
losing an envelope full of cash, losing your wallet, or...

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Qube Money: Bank & Budget Reviews

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    No More Money Stress!

    I used to check the bank account several times a day because we were so stressed about money. We live on a budget, and I was always worried that the electric bill money would be spent on eating out, or something like that. We would spend way too much on eating out or something, and only realize the extent of the damage at the end of the month when we held a family budget meeting. We tried cash envelopes and liked the knowledge that things were covered, but cash was cumbersome, not accepted everywhere, and we had to remember to go to the bank right at the start of the month. This is the best of both worlds. You have the cash envelope mentality and peace of mind, but in the digital age. Since we’ve started using Qube, we have not gone over budget once. In fact, we’ve underspent! Our savings account is growing steadily, and our money stress is almost non-existent. It does take a sec to open the app and the Qube, but you can do that while standing in line at the store. In fact, I prefer it that way because I know my money is always on lockdown. If I do t have a Qube open, nothing is getting through. No more calls from the bank about hackers and fraudulent purchases! Each time you open the app, you see the real-time balance available, and that keeps you in line. Thank you, Qube!

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    Best financing app out there

    I got to say that there is a lot of stuff out there that help with financing but NOTHING out there is better then QUBE!!! I have tried other financing apps but they have all not worked for me. I hate saying no to my wife but with using qube if my wife asks me for something I ask her to check her qube. If there are funds in it then she can get it, if not then she can’t. I no longer have to feel bad for saying no to my wife to getting something as the app can do it for me. Keeps track of spending as you spend and makes you choose what qube to pull the funds from which makes it so if you want to overspend you must pull out money from a different qube BEFORE you purchase. With people not taking cash this is the future for the employees method of budgeting! I would recommend it to everyone and anyone. SO with the cost!

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    Makes your money behave

    Finally a budgeting app that keeps you from overspending money. Other apps track spending after you spend it. Too late. Still othersforce you to input information like you are counting calories. Too much work. With Qube you divide up your money into qubes (like cash envelopes). You have to check your qube to see if it has money before you can spend it. If your qube is empty, you can’t spend in that category. You’ll be spending hundreds of dollars less every month without even trying. This is THE killer app when it comes to financial apps. Goodbye Mint.

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    Feels Promising

    Happy to have been a beta tester with Qube. Developers are friendly and quick to implement improvements where needed. I really love the idea that my money is not going to be touched until I open a qube (bucket/envelope). Apple Pay was recently implemented, which is great. I want some additional features, like automatically moving money to different Bills on Paydays. I get paid every two weeks, so I really want something that will really budget for me and move my funds and leave what is leftover in my cloud fund. Right now the app is mainly set up with a monthly payday in mind, but I think this will change soon. I’ve heard that the app will grow to support bills easier. A way to manage my account outside of the app on a website will also be nice. Qube is like a breath of fresh air that is much needed in be banking space. Glad to see them moving closer to being out of beta.

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    The PERFECT alternative to cash envelopes

    If you are looking for a better “cash” envelope and budgeting system, here it is! Our family follows Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, but we also travel for a living. Traveling can make obtaining the cash for our envelopes very inconvenient and even costly. The cash envelopes have also been a hassle because if I have the grocery envelope but I need my husband to pick up a few groceries, he can’t do that without messing up our budget or me having to rearrange a lot of stuff. Qube eliminates those issues for us and we are so excited to be replacing our cash envelopes with QUBES!!!

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    Best thing since sliced bread

    I’ve been waiting on this app for 3 years as they kept improving it and I am already so impressed with Qube Money. It’s quick and easy to use from in person transactions to online purchases. I’ve been a financial coach and have helped people address the behavior around money and this makes having a boundary around simple with no complicated tracking. I can tell you that the customer service is stellar and this company has so much integrity. You won’t be sorry to be an early adopter because it’s only going to keep improving.

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    Game changer

    I had been having trouble managing my food budget because I have been using budget envelopes while also using my debt card for online food purchases and grocery pick up service. I couldn’t tell how much I was actually spending on food without doing an audit. Enter Qube. I use my Qube card and account for all food purchases, from meals out to vending machine snacks, meal delivery service payments, groceries and loading my Starbucks card. Now I have all of my food purchases in one place. Thanks for bringing the envelope system into the digital world.

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    Finally a budgeting app that works!

    All other apps have you spend and then track your spending by allocating your expenses, but Qube gives you the virtual experience of using cash envelopes so that there is a limit to your spending. Love it! Easy to use. Quick. Tons of features - and a ton more to come. Whenever I’ve reached out to the developers they’ve been very responsive. I’m continually impressed by how versatile this app is. In a month or so it’s going to replace my bank and be the only source for bill pay, budgeting, and savings. The real deal!

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    On the go

    At first, I thought Qube Money was a budgeting app. Actually, Qube Money is a full-service digital bank that does budgeting right. In less than two months, Qube Money has changed the way I think and feel about money. It’s so simple. 1. I plan my money 2. I check my plan before each purchase. Then, I spend from my plan. Because I spend from my plan, everything is real. When I spend a dollar it is gone and I can see that in real time. This allows me to stick to my plan and achieve my goals in my fast paced life. This is brilliant.

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    Finally a Budget that Works!

    We have tried budgeting for years and always throw our hands up frustrated with the process! We were either trying to carry around cash in envelopes or budget for money that we didn’t actually have in our bank account yet. Not anymore. Finally a cutting edge budgeting software that allows you to budget the money that is in your account now and use an electronic envelope system. We love it! Thank you, Qube, for taking the frustration out of budgeting!

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    A game changer

    This app is gonna be number 1 for those wanting to budget and win with money in no time. It give you all the tools to simply budget and spend according to your budget. Have you ever wished you could practice the cash envelope system but without having to carry around cash or fear you may lose it?? Well this is the perfect app for you. It brings that philosophy into the 21st century with a designated visa debit card that spends and debits from whatever category you assign.

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    Exactly What Every Budget Needs

    This app is the perfect addition to any budget. It’s a digital version of the cash envelope system. I loved the idea behind cash envelopes but I hated dealing with cash. This app solves that. Other budget software tracks it doesn’t train. Your money is spent before you even realize you're over budget on apps like Mint. With Qube, you know exactly how much you have left in your budget before you swipe your card. This is a game changer for money management.

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    Digital Cash Envelopes Works!

    Qube money brings cash envelopes into an electronics banking environment. I’ve used several budgeting apps and programs over the years, and this is different. It really requires you to think about a purchase before you make it, not after. If you’ve been looking for an electronic option to manage your budget, this is the solution. The app is early in development, so I expect it will only get better over time.

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    Just what I needed!

    Qube Money is a budgeting game changer! I’ve been trying to budget for years when I heard about Qube. The app makes it so much easier to stick to your budget because you can instantly see how much money you have left to spend on a category and then literally cannot spend more than that. It’s really helping me make decisions when spending money instead of me just regretting frivolous expenses later.

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    Digital Money Envelope System

    This was the app I’ve been looking for. I don’t use physical cash too often these days. I track my bank account digitally and create budgets digitally. What I find lacking from most budgeting apps and software is the accountability. You set the budget, but nothing keeps you from accidentally going over. Qube Money does. It allows you to create digital “envelopes” called Qubes which keeps you in budget. It literally doesn’t let you go over on your Qube. I also love the default zero. Now if the unfortunate happens and I leave my card somewhere I can rest assured that my money is safe. I’ve loved using Qube Money so far and can’t wait till the spouse and kids accounts get added so I can fully budget the family money through Qube.

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Is Qube Money: Bank & Budget Safe?

Yes. Qube Money: Bank & Budget is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 206 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Qube Money: Bank & Budget Is 50.2/100.

Is Qube Money: Bank & Budget Legit?

Yes. Qube Money: Bank & Budget is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 206 Qube Money: Bank & Budget User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Qube Money: Bank & Budget Is 50.2/100.

Is Qube Money: Bank & Budget not working?

Qube Money: Bank & Budget works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Qube Money: Bank & Budget customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Qube Money: Bank & Budget.

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