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Published by on 2024-05-17

About: Jacquie Lawson ecards are renowned for the quality of their art, animation and
music. Download our app and send our free ecards, or purchase a membership to
send our entire range of over 400 greeting cards.

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Reported Issues: 45 Comments

4.9 out of 5

By Barbara Keene

3 months ago

I have been trying for 2 days to get help downloading an Advent calendar I just bought....but no help!!! HELP!~!!! Need to talk to someone on the phone.

By William (Bill) Jukes

4 months ago

Please cancel my subscription for 2024-2025 for my Jackie account for $ 45.20 and return the amount to my Visa card Thank you Bill Jukes Phone-604-404-9559

By Venetia Glavin

4 months ago

I’ve just paid a subscription by Apple Pay and have sent out a few cards already. All I had to do was send my chosen card I wasn’t asked to make a password And now when I try to choose a card and send it - it automatically comes up with my email address and password - it but says one of them is wrong so I can’t log in - a while ago I had an account with a password which lapsed a long time ago and it’s coming up with this - so I’m stuck. With the cards I have just send there was no log in and password - all I had to do was send the card. Would be very grateful if you get me out of this pickle so that normal service can be resumed asap

By Henry W Gosselin

4 months ago

Please cancel my 2024-2025 subscription to Jackie and refund the $45. amount charged to my visa card. Thank You Henry Gosselin 603-381-4031

By jean johnson

5 months ago

Do you ever give a response in person? I have been trying to download the Edwardian Advent Calendar since Day One. No real help. Too many hoops to jump through. confusing. I’m not a computer expert. Do you even care?

By carol Levin

8 months ago

Your site does not allow me to log in. I requested a new password with no response. I tried to log in with my old password which seems to take but after many "match the pictures" so many it's annoying, I still can't log in. please respond with a new password for me as I requested, or activate my account on your end somehow! The comments above are concerning as your response to those seems to be lacking. Please respond to Me.

By Lila E Trachtenberg

8 months ago

I have a new email address (listed above) I need to change the email on my account, but can't find a way to do so.

By Janet Baldinger

8 months ago

I have had a Jacque Lawson subscription for many years. I now cannot send cards. I paid $1 fee for chat but nothing happened. Very annoyed. Please advise.

By Shirley Gremmels

9 months ago

Cancel my subscription. This is my third request.

By Jan Bertens

9 months ago

Earlier i could send cards in Dutch. Now I only can use English cards. I want to change the language in Dutch. Can you tell me how?

By Elisabeth Erna HAU

1 year ago

good morning, I would like to know why you did not send my Valentine greetings that I ordered on 2/13/23 . Except for 1 person no one received any of my greetings. I pay $30.-- per year for what? Please inform me why this happened. Family and friends wondered why I didn't think of them. Thank you Elisabeth Hau

By Jack W Hughes

1 year ago

Please delete my post.

By Jack W Hughes

1 year ago

Another message: cancel my wifes subscription. I have already disputed the charge on my citicard account. She never uses this system anymore and hasn't in years. Look for Jack or Linda Hughes 15618 Meadow Lane Excelsior spgs mo 64024 Phone 816 628-3975. She does not remember what email address she has listed. Her new one is : Lindabhughes1944@redacted.;

By Kahn Yvette

1 year ago

My visa shows Dec. 27 paid $47.86. Had been paying about $15/month. Please explain. What is now monthly?? My recent e-mail is Yvettegkahn@redacted but shouldn’t affect visa.

By Florenceen Rochester

1 year ago

Can't open to send cards Did my account expire?

By Shari

1 year ago

I'm trying to buy several Advent calendars for friends. Ordering on the website, when I try to "add another recipient" it deletes the one I previously entered. There's no phone number to call, the chat option disappeared in the middle of my exchange and the Help email says they'll get back to me in 24 hours. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!

By Ms Joan Macdonald

1 year ago

Although I'm a paid-up member of Jacquie Lawson Cards, I've been unable to send any for some time. I've had no such trouble in the past, and although I've reported my problem to Jacquie Lawson several times, nobody has got back to me. With Christmas not far away, I'd like to be able to send suitable e-cards to friends, but I can't do that as long as this situation prevails. Please DO something about it.


1 year ago

I have a 2-year subscription to Jacquie Lawson e-cards. My cards are not arriving and there is no way to get in touch with the company. My mother alerted me to the problem when she sent a card to me and my husband and those didn't arrive either.

By Ann Tozer

1 year ago

I have contacted you several times but have received no reply. I have not been able to access my membership since you changed the site, I do receive messages from your site. Now I want to purchase some advent calendars as I do every year but can't do that either. It would be nice to have a phone number that I can contact you on I enjoy your cards and games but this year has been a wasted subscription. I hope this can be resolved Thank you Ann Tozer Toronto Canada


1 year ago

I purchased Jacquie Lawson Ecards subscription June6,2022 for $21.40, it has never worked , I can look at cards but when I try to write or send it says I need to be a member to send cards. i finally got to this sight today. My card will automatically be renewed on June 6, 2023. I would like a refund of my money. the purchase was made from Microcourt Limited on Google Play. I have been trying to get in touch with someone since June, I am 82 years old and not all that computer savy, please help me

By Marion Scoular

1 year ago

Why can I NOT choose and send Birthday cards as I used to? Your new format is ridiculous. It used to be so simple. PLEASE return to the "old way".

By Arnold Koopman

1 year ago

I have enjoyed using your cards wordwide for many years You changed the web site. Now I cannot do anything (send cards, card history etc. etc) I guess I can no longer use your service..

By Gerry Feeley

2 years ago

I am unable to open my Country Cottage. I'm told to "run as Administrator" and do not know how. Always worked fine before this past week. Please help!

By Carolyn Kanaley

2 years ago

I am trying to log on. Won't accept email address or user name.

By Ann Cahill

2 years ago

For several years I have sent Jacquie Lawson Passover cards to Jewish friends. This year not only are there no new ones but the old ones have been removed. Why? I’ve never had any problem with Jacquie Lawson over many years, but the site has deteriorated terribly.

By Judy Edgar

2 years ago

It is IMPOSSIBLE to contact Jacquie Lawson ecards. I have not been able to send an ecard because the format changed & the new format is user-unfeiendly. I've sent JL ecards for years & now I can no longer send them. I tried to send a birthday card but it turned into a holiday card which I did not want & could not use. I don't care for classical music but the art work is superb, delightful & stellar. I sent a message asking for help but no one responded. Would someone please contact me & help this little old lady navigate the new format? PLEASE.

By Jack and Joanne Mawdsley

2 years ago

What is going on? I have been unable to do anything in this site since you made changes. It is most frustrating as I have been a member fir many years. HELP!

By Mike Sharp

2 years ago

Cannot open using icon on my ipad screen, being told there are ‘too many redirects’ by Safari. Don’t have a problem with any other websites. So think problem likely with your website. Can you fix it?


2 years ago


By Celia Honig

2 years ago

I downloaded the app and have tried to view message but I am not able to. Also, I able not able to send the card. What is your telephone number!

By Lorelei Kraft

2 years ago

I have been a member for many years, and this is the first time I've had this problem. I sent out about 30 Valentine cards, but many were not sent. The others aren't even listed as pending. What makes it strange is that the ones sent were not lumped together in my address book but were separated by other names that didn't go through.

By Edward McFarland

2 years ago

Membership #998664369 unable to log on, won't accept either email address. The old address was mcfarland35@redacted

By Susan Owens

2 years ago

I have tried to cancel my subscription. Unsuccessfully obviously because I see it on my transaction for credit card. I have tried every which way to get a hold of this company with no luck. PLEASE cancel my subscription and return my money. Thank you, Susan Owens

By Espi & Ian Walmsley

2 years ago

VERY DISAPPOINTING AND FRUSTRATING experience opening card from Sandy and Ron Plano (code: 17fe03bb) all we got is a photo of elephant and some sounds. I was directed to provide my credit card info which I am NOT comfortable doing to view CARD sent to us. If we can't view the card without providing credit info. It is OK, we charge it to bad experience with Jacquie Lawson e-cards.

By thomas e rys

2 years ago

I want to cancel my subscription to Jacquie lawson e-cards

By Yvonne Broadhead

2 years ago

I paid £15 membership fee which you accepted. You sent me the Advent calendar but I have been totally unable to send or receive any cards. I was informed that I would be removed from the ‘suppression list’ but I am still unable to send any cards. I am extremely disappointed and expect a refund of my money. Yvonne Broadhead

By Donna Lightfoot

2 years ago

The card The card "Christmas Lights" will not open for me, and the card "Hidden Pictures" doesn't go into the hidden pictures part for me. Thank you for all the other GREAT cards I get to see and choose! '

By Derek Jay

2 years ago

I recently received a note to say that my membership is due for renewal. I have tried several times to actually do this but each time I get the message that it has already been done previously to my attempt . Checking my bank account there has been no deduction of the $30 for a 2 year renewal. Please explain, or confirm that the renewal process. has been completed. Derek.


2 years ago

I have ordered and paid for 12 Advent Callendars but although I have activated them cannot download them to my email address lina.basu@redacted. I have been a regular subsriber for over 2 years. Lina Basu

By Yvonne Taylor

2 years ago

ADVENT CALENDAR successfully downloaded on MAC computer BUT when goes to video it keeps spooling and remains stuck, preventing further access. Nothing works to fix it. Please advise or send a completely NEW version. This was a gift. If no resolution possible I want you to refund the charges to crtwarner@redacted. Activation code is: E9549164D9FC4701

By Andrea Daneo

2 years ago

My problem is that nobody answers my email !!! I should like to phone ( from Italy where I live ) but I can't seem to find a phone number,

By Leslie Guth

2 years ago

Please need to talk to a live person call 802-236-2747

By minniebunny

WARNING!!! App does not work properly!

Problem with ecard display on Apple devices running iOS 15 or above We are aware of a problem with ecards not displaying correctly on Apple devices running iOS version 15 and above. On these devices the audio plays correctly but the video does not display at all. The card will play normally if you do one of the following: fast forward the video then replay the card skip to end, then replay the card Our technical team are working to find a solution. However we understand that this error is affecting many other websites which use video, and it appears to have been caused by the recent iOS update, so we are hopeful that a further iOS update will fix the error quickly. THIS PROBLEM FIRST APPEARED IN SEPTEMBER! Apple will not issue refunds if your app is over 3 months old! I purchased my app in May and this problem occurred 4 months later! DO NOT PURCHASE! Apple does not stand behind their apps!

By CafeNoir2020

Needs work

I installed this app on my Mini hoping that it would behave better than the web version, but ran into the same issues. The volume level I select while playing a card tends to set lower than the system volume, but is not stored in cookies or remembered for future cards, so that every card starts out BOOMing music at me as I scramble for the mute button and apologize to otheres nearby. Even worse is the app's ability to continue playing music long after the card is closed with the X button and the back arrow is clicked. No way to find the pause or stop button, if it still exists. I even tried to play another card, but the music would not stop until I closed the app. It's outta here!

By Ondaroadagin

A bit confusing

I signed up, paid for a subscription and when trying to use the app, I was asked to subscribe and then told I’d already done so. It was a merry-go-round type of experience. Next up was a choice to get full access for another $20USD. At that point I wasn’t so enthralled with the whole idea because I thought I was being suckered into paying an additional fee. I tried one more thing under Details, something like Refresh and then it started to work. I wonder if this is common or was I picked out as a test case to see how frustrated one would get before giving up.

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