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Published by on 2023-12-04

About: When searching for a new home, the more you know about the home and
neighborhood, the more you know it’s right. Trulia helps you discover the
perfect home AND neighborhood for your lifestyle to buy or rent.

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Reported Issues: 3 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By nabeards

Impossible to stop unwanted notifications

About 10 months ago, I was using Trulia to search for houses in two areas, let's call them A and B. Eight months ago, I stopped looking for houses in area B. However, I continued to receive notifications in the app for new listings in area B. This continued for months, so I finally contacted support and asked how I could disable notifications for area B when I was no longer interested in it. After two months of back-and-forth with their 'support' person along with mutliple pinkie-promises that it would be fixed as well as lots of "just wait seven more days!!!!", I was finally told it was my own fault and to wait another 30 days for it to clear. (Nevermind the insults!) I've wasted an incredible amount of time on an app that basically shows pretty pics and lots of inaccurate listing information. I am now using the MLS directly with my realtor, the information is 1000% more accurate, and I don't get unending empty promises from a company with useless customer support.

By raezup

App/Listings don’t follow filters

I used to really enjoy using Trulia. The interface was cleaner and more user friendly than some of the other apps (layout, ability to swipe through pictures). However, I’m assuming to some changes, searching for properties that fit my specifications has become annoying and cumbersome: 1) Lot size is very important to me but I can’t sort my search results by lot size. 2) I’m not interested in condos, apartments, lots/land, or auctions but those properties frequently show up in my results, no matter what filters I apply to my search. This wouldn’t have been a problem in the past, however 3) there is no longer an option to hide properties that I don’t care for. This was always a great option to have because I know that there are some properties that I won’t change my mind on, however I have to see them and scroll past a ton of them without the option to hide. I used to love what Trulia does, now I just get so frustrated with the fact that it’s not allowing a personalized search that I’m going to have to delete it.

By Kgintovt

I Used to Like This App

When this app sends you updates and recommendations for areas you are interested in buying in, it’s great. I’m searching for homes exclusively in the NH seacoast region and no where else. But somehow it started sending me recommendations for San Diego, CA claiming it’s based on my search history. I never searched for homes in San Diego, there is no way that I can find to disable that search location in the app, and I’ve sent two email requests to disable that search and both have gone unanswered. Now I’m getting emails and recommendations almost exclusively for homes in San Diego, which I could care less about, and my desired search area is virtually ignored. The app is now useless to me. Why can’t the developers allow you to disable search areas? How hard can that be? So be careful if you do a search for a friend or out of curiosity search in a location you’re only mildly interested in because then you’ll be inundated with results from those areas and not be able to turn it off!

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