Wholee - Online Shopping App Reviews

Wholee - Online Shopping App Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-08

Online shopping with wholesale prices shouldn’t feel like a risk. At Wholee it
doesn’t. With over 100,000 manufacturers supplying cheap shopping, we’ve
carefully selected the quality products and ensured the lowest prices. And our
cutting-edge 3D tech even offers you a brand new shopping...

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Reviews (21)


Scam App

Beware of this app... if you choose to purchase something from here, MAKE SURE to IMMEDIATELY take a screenshot of your order when the page pops up with your order confirmation number. If not, the item(s) in your purchase history will actually NOT reflect that you bought them, and so if you’re trying to return an item they’ll claim that there is no proof of the item(s) you purchased - EVEN WHEN YOU PROVIDE A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR BANK STATEMENT SHOWING THAT IT WAS PURCHASED FROM THEM....!!! There are multiple vendors from varying countries attached to this app, so just something to keep in mind too. Because “it makes it that much more difficult for them to pin point” apparently unless you provide them with a screenshot of your order ID number... THENNN all of a sudden they’ll claim to “oh yes, it appears we have now located your purchase”... 🤦🏻‍♀️ Oh please. This is how sellers on apps like this make their money - send you stuff that isn’t that great and then nearly make it impossible to return. And if you’re even able to return it, you’re fully responsible for shipping it back, or only get 50% back of your money and get to keep the item (which you didn’t want or can’t use anyways).... Such baloney. If you could, I would just try to stay away from this as much as possible.


Awful costumer service and poor material quality

I purchased 7 items for over 95 dollars several months ago. After waiting for three weeks, they were here and 4 of them were poor material quality and wrong sizes(much bigger than small) . I contacted costumer service and decide to return 4 of the items and they promised they will refund my 41 dollars of the those 4 items to my original payment and the refund me the shipping fee for the return on my PayPal account. I had to return them and pay for it on my end and also had to make a PayPal account for refunding of the return shipping fee( absurd why they won’t refund all of them to my original payment, specially when PayPal charge me 3 percent for all the transaction ) . After I refunded the items they just refund me 10 dollar shipping fee and they didn’t refund me for the four items for 41 dollars . And since then I ask for the refund, costumer service keep referring me to the 10 dollar shipping fee on the PayPal. So not only I went above and beyond to ship them back and put them in Usps box and pay for it, but also I haven’t been refunded. Too much hassle to do nuisances with them . Very disappointed and unsatisfied and lost money and time .


Not worth the wait

I ordered 24 small round mirrors back in Feb. It’s almost April and I still haven’t received my order. Shows my order has been in Orlando for almost 3 weeks. Every time I question “where’s my stuff”, all I get is the same answer with absolutely no updates. If you thought wish was bad, you ain’t seen nothing! They REFUSE to refund my money, they refuse to admit that I’ll NEVER GET MY STUFF. And there’s no way possible to get your credit card off their site, there’s no way possible to even cancel out the account. Update: another week has gone by and my stuff is still in “Orlando” with zero effort to deliver my stuff, still no refund, still won’t delete my credit card off their site. Such a shame I have to cancel my credit card to make sure these thieves don’t wipe my account out. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS, YOU CANT REMOVE ANYTHING!!


Good condition     ‍​

I have been using Wholee for several months now and every item has arrived in good condition, I have had some issues with a few items not being quite right, but as soon as I told Wholee I was issued a refund on the spot. Everything I have purchased is still working perfectly for now. I recommend this app to everyone but make sure you have looked over your order before you click on buy, just to make sure you are not choosing the wrong items, becasue there is no exchange policy for now.     


Don’t buy things from this app!

I didn’t like this app at all. I ordered a pair of shoes but the shoe size was too small. I sent it back because I didn't like the things I ordered last time, but they still haven't sent my money. And you have to make a request to have a conversation with customer service. How many hours after making the request they write to you and usually around 2 or 3 am. And this happened a lot of times. This not the first time. Do not purchase something from this app. UPDATE; I tried to get into the site you said but when put my email address it said that this is a incorrect email address which was not. I don’t what to do and I didn’t get my money back from the things I returned.



Will never EVER EVER order from this company!! Gives delivery dates then changes constantly to a later date with tracking numbers for USPS that don’t work. Placed my order on December 9,2021 delivered should have been December 23, 2021. Then date was changed 4 different times and they say you will be compensated $$. NEVER received ANY type of compensation. Dian ally, received my orderJanuary 9, 2022….SERIOUSLY A MONTH!! Then my boots come in a plastic bag with no padding and folded in half! Description said leather NOT, totally pleather(absolute garbage). All the reviews are fake and good luck trying to get a refund the policy is ridiculous. Not worth the savings I was expecting for leather boots. Definitely, over priced for pleather.


Great refund policy‌​  ‍   

I often buy some items but find it useless or not well fitted, in the end I have to send them back to the seller. The refund policy at Wholee makes me satisfied. Here, more than 40 categories goods could share the policy: “30 Days Return No Matter What Reason”, which I could get my money back if I am not satisified with the items. I really enjoy shopping at Wholee. ‍   ‌   


low prices  ‍       

I love this app and enjoy searching and going over the product catalogue just to admire the collection. I find the products unique and different and something that are must-haves for your home and lifestyle. There are lowest price zone like under $1.99,$3.99, $5.99 deals and the already low prices become incredibly cheap.  ‌‍     

Missing items

OMG what kind of website or App is this? I missed 5 items, I ordered 11 items and I paid for all of them but I received only 6 items. And I emailed them but they not respond. I don’t recommend to any one to order or buy staff on this app. Very annoying and they don’t have any respect and responsible for their costumers. And their app or website it doesn’t let you contact or get any help also they don’t have costumer support and phone numbers. Horrible app ever.!! I regret a lot Please ASAP I need my money back or send me the staff that I ordered. Thanks


Bad Fashion quality clothing

Clothing lines are very bad quality, don’t buy or you will regret it. They made them when you actually place an order and they made them in the rush with bad quality tissue. I received my order after a long wait and I wear them to go to sleep as pajamas. I am very upset and tired buying stuff from China. Nothing seems to be original. They even remove labels that’s supposed to be on the back neck of the T-shirts🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


Don’t buy anything not worth it

Waited a while for my order to arrive.. very disappointed. The quality of the clothes were very poorly made and look like it was falling apart at the seems. I guess I got what I paid for so with that being said feel like I got robbed couldn’t even return all the items either shoes were so badly made i was very disappointed all I have to say is don’t make the same mistake I did. Going to deactivate and delete this shopping sight that just basically robbed me!!!!


Strong smelling rubber

I bought 2 pairs of rubber flip flops that outgassed so bad on the strong smell, I threw them out into the garage before I threw up. They looked just “Vionic sandals. I even emailed Aaron in customer service 3 times. I didn’t get an email back, ever ! I was not a happy camper. I don’t know where to go from here. I told him I wanted a money refund, no credit. I sent the pictures and everything they asked. No response ever. This is the worst customer service ever. Can I get a refund ??? I didn’t even get an email from anyone !



I was satisfied with my experience shopping with wholleeee but I didn’t buy any clothes but I will this week and will have a review after I receive my thing but my only dispute is the time it took to get my things but other then that 👌🏿


Bad app

If I could give less than one star I would. Add for this app popped up for me. It looked interesting, so I downloaded it. I got as far as selecting my region. That part of the app works fine. Right after that on the main page nothing is there every time I click on something it says server error every time. I let it sit for a couple of days try it again still server or give it a few months still server nothing load skip biotin worst app I’ve ever downloaded.


Where is my order

I placed an order over a week ago, and my money was taken out of my account, but I never received shipping info and now it says I never placed an order! Took care of me right away! Clothes showed up on my doorstep!!


It’s great!

I actually like Wholee a lot! They tell you which items will arrive first and if there’s an item out of stock they’ll refund it! Plus the items come in one big shipment rather than many tiny ones. 5 Stars from me!


Cheap clothing and Fraud

I receive my order 3 weeks after shopping on this website. When I receive the items taking them out of the plastic, they had the worst smell not to mention sizing is bad. Having been trying to get a refund label and I was told I have 2 option to get a refund of 1/2 my purchase or return items. I am happy to return items but I will not pay to return as stated on the app first time purchase free return.



I ordered some items last August 22. The estimated arrival of my package is supposed to be last September 9, 2021. I let it go because maybe it's the pandemic. But it's been 7 days and I still don't have my package. The tracking info stopped updating me since August 31, 2021. Then they told me to contact my local post office. WHOLEE is responsible for every package to arrive in the address that were provided for. WHOLEE, I need answers, where exactly is my package? I need it now! NOW! This is crazy!


Have a good experience         

Had an incredible experience from this app. Garments were acceptable quality and their prices are so affordable. Over all I am happy with the shopping experience and items, will be orderring once more.‍     


Their sellers are not reliable

I placed two orders with them for some men’s shirt. The first order was wrong size and size tag was cut. I thought maybe it was a mistake. I asked for refund and they asked me to pay for shipping which was almost 70% of the shirt. Second order was the same issue. Two shirts. wrong size and the size tag was cut. Never trust companies that are located in the US because of their poor customer service



Subscription is needed you must pay monthly to use app nothing told me this until check out

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Wholee - Online Shopping App customer service directly
via Email using our new site - AppContacter.com

Contact Wholee - Online Shopping App directly

Is Wholee Safe?

No. Wholee - Online Shopping App does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,605 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Wholee - Online Shopping App Is 18.4/100.

Is Wholee Legit?

No. Wholee - Online Shopping App does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,605 Wholee - Online Shopping App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Wholee - Online Shopping App Is 18.4/100.

Is Wholee - Online Shopping App not working?

Wholee - Online Shopping App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 85 Comments

By Burt
Sep 13 2022

They sent me the wrong size shorts they were 34 I wear a 36 I ordered a 36 they cut the label out of it so I don't know what size they think they sent me.. there's no way on their app to return anything so whatever you buy is what you get you can't return it I tried calling them and they're answering me answering machine says that it's full and can't take any more messages.. I don't know the definition of a scam but this is very close to being a scam or it is a scam..

By Burt
Sep 13 2022

They sent me the wrong size shorts they were 34 I wear a 36 I ordered a 36 they cut the label out of it so I don't know what size they think they sent me.. there's no way on their app to return anything so whatever you buy is what you get you can't return it I tried calling them and they're answering me answering machine says that it's full and can't take any more messages.. I don't know the definition of a scam but this is very close to being a scam or it is a scam..

By Linda Lamp
Aug 17 2022

I ordered a pair of sandals. They came but they did not fit properly and were also not a good quality. I attempted to return them but the information I received was very confusing. I was not given an address to which to send the return. As well as instead of receiving a full refund for my purchase, all I was receiving was a "compensation coupon" worth two or three dollars on my next purchase from their company!
I will never do business with this company again!

By Jennifer Cox
Jul 28 2022

I ordered sandals one of every color. They are all way to small despite me ordering my size. They are so flimsy that you cannot wear them outside because you will end up stepping on something sharp and it going right through the soft foam they’re made of ! They’re not for outside wear. I will not recommend this company

By Patricia Johnson
Jul 24 2022

I order item number so29102837632436 one size came in a 11:5 and the other side came in large and wide

By Robert E. Bradford
Jul 23 2022

A rip off. I ordered a sport coat which never came and I filled a grievance with paypal ( item 89F44993PP2426049 ) on 7/5/22. I also ordered a sport coat which still hasn't arrived and never received a shipping number. transaction nu ( 97165777SY788463T ) I will give them a negative review on feedback. No idea why they can't honor sales. Robert E. Bradford

By PAT Wake
Jul 03 2022

I ordered TWO PAIRS OF
SEND ME THE BROWN ONES , OR REFUND MY MONEY FOR THE BLACK PAIR ALSO! ( I WILL RETURN THE BLACK PAIR IF YOU DON'T HAVE MY BROWN ONES!!!!! SCAM!!! I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I feel SCAMMED!!!!(The brown were really cute and probably NEVER EXISTED!!!ke

By C Menna
Jun 25 2022

Unable to return using your app. Restricted approach to shop online. You have my details. Please contact as you are preventing me to excercise my rights.

By Lide Saxon
Jun 22 2022

I wouldn't order anything from this "so called" company. I ordered a shirt three weeks ago and just got it today and that's not the real problem...I ordered a XXL and the one received has got to be for a child. I can't even tell what size it is, due to the label is all in Chinese. I know that I should probably try to return it, but it's not worth my time and effort. I hope this review of mine helps other people from wasting time with this company.

By Maritza Sanchez
Jun 21 2022

I think l lost me money because is time to recibe, ldon't know where call for complaint, if l not recibe this week l call me bank for take back me money and never Madera budines with they

By Bob E Davidson
Jun 19 2022

"these" sites are a total rip-off and joke. There are probably 10 or more so called stores which are all hooked into 1 warehouse in China. Forget about the easy refund policy. It doesn't exist. I tried to cancel an order of 2 shirts a day and a half after ordering. I have 17 emails from these clowns saying they couldn't allow my refund because the order had already left the warehouse. BS, I had numerous emails from them saying they were still in friggin China. They tried to charge me $17.00 sales tax on a $20.00 charge. When I called them on it, they were to return a percentage. When my shirt came, it looked nothing like the pic. They try to tell you it will cost way to much to return the product because you have to pay the return shipping charges, which they say are more than the product was. It is just bullshit, this whole company is bullshit!!!!

By Grace Madzvamuse
Jun 19 2022

I will never buy from them again, they sell rubbish, waste of my hard earned money

By Bill Wheeler
May 21 2022

I ordered a mechanical brush to clean bathrooms, etc., it was shipped from China and took forever to arrive. The package looked like it had been through WW2 and, no surprise, didn't work when I hooked it up. @ $60, too much trouble to try to return. I'd stay away from Wholee.

May 20 2022

Everything looks good until it never arrives. I’ve gotten more emails on delays, than I have on deliveries. Please tell why I have to download an app just to track my order, are you kidding me. You will try and force me into your method of sales, your product is not that good, and your customer service, is surely not great. Hey, refund my money and keep your poor quality of whatever you sale or represent to yourself. 😡👎🏻👎🏼👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

By Michaelchong
May 17 2022

Wholee is a pretty cool site, you can find some nice cheap clothes because I was looking for some nice cheap clothes and I found this site, and it was good, and now I'm pretty happy with my new clothes. It would even much better if they could deliver fast, I mean I'm overall satisfied with what I got.

By Emily Ester Collins
May 17 2022

FANTASTIC App! Don't know why so many people called it a scam or something. I received my stuff within 2 weeks and it's good. Love their slippers and t-shirts, comfy and stylish.

By Jewett J Dowdy
May 05 2022

Where is my order. My order was placed on 04/21/2022 and I haven’t seen or heard anything about it.

By Dong
Apr 03 2022

I have ordered an item from wholle with S and the long pan. So I received short pan and Size XL. I’m so sad. I hope so this is first and last time I bought it. Don’t do that with others. Thank you so much

By Dong
Apr 03 2022

I bought two clothes with size S. Why did you send me with size XL. I don’t think it is mistake because it is mistake both of them.

By darrell smallwood
Mar 30 2022

I order an item 4 months ago and did not arrive. They said refund three weeks ago. To this day no refund and no product. They simply just Rob me. Never order from here

By gurjant singh
Jan 21 2022

hi not coming my parcel why ?

By Pamela Johnson
Jan 08 2022

Saying boots delivered I haven't received anything post office here can't track with out shipping number from here hope u get this resolved soon been waiting over a month now

By Jayapirapakaran
Dec 30 2021

I have ordered around 200£ stuffs from them. But the quality not exactly same as in the app & sizes they sent different from what I have ordered, I'm totally disappointed by their service. Better I don't order anything from next time. I don't suggest to anyone. Thanks.

By sheryl lynn
Dec 26 2021

I wish I would have read the reviews before ordering, I placed the order Dec. 6,2021. It is Dec. 26th, and still have not received my merchandise. I had a very disappointed young girl for Christmas. This was my first time ordering from this joke of a company, and NEVER again. Now, if it ever arrives I am worried that the quality will be S__t also..

By Nakia Pearson
Dec 17 2021

Order 7 days late. They paid me a dollar for late delivery. What a joke. My order number is SO29082034552594. I would like the items I paid for. I'm am very excited about receiving and wearing them.

By Xohán Dios
Dec 11 2021

After a long wait just received my order, I think it was the worse money expended ever. The quality is rubbish and nothing is like advertised.
Never again...

By Marvin Phillips
Dec 10 2021

my order was place Oct 31st 2021 I still have not received it order# TSl371288

By Edisemi Ologidi
Dec 10 2021

This is more than a month that I ordered from Wholee, Goods have been paid but no delivery. It keeps saying goods have been shipped for more than a month now. This is absolutely bad. That ‘shipped’ has been static for a month now. Wholee please refund my money. Thank you

By Georg Mitov
Nov 18 2021

Fraud company !! ...I ordered 2 pairs of shoes - bad qualtiy ! , wrong sizes (China standard) ..I sent the goods back ..I did not get my money back, They insisted to closes the case through Paypal, but did not send the money back !

By Elsa Thomas
Oct 31 2021

Never received my order. Supposed to be shipped 10-2-21.

By Bacar Fati
Oct 29 2021

Hi everyone, be aware with product of this company, they show you very highly quality product in pictures, but when you purchase, you will receive very poor quality Chinese products, i do purchase 2 sandals brown and black, supposed to be an genuine leather, but I only receive in post office shit material, I never will buy anything from this stupid site anymore, I don’t know what to do with those 2 sandals, may wife tell me to throw in bin , it’s very hard to sheeting peoples like this , I’m truly made of this company, I guess I got weapons to shots them …

By Mumtaz
Oct 16 2021

I ordered few items, and they're not responding

By Muna Fatule
Oct 16 2021

My order number is #M-CA4258
I'm still waiting for my package

By Linda Anderson
Oct 08 2021

I did not receive my Order on September 24 like Wholee said. I want my money back or resend my Order!!!

Oct 03 2021

Be very aware, and I am talking about (Wholee M NA), this Company I ordered 3 sweaters/cardigan's from on my first order, one of the cardigans the "Pockets" were sewn shut, although overall quality was good (I would suggest ordering one size larger than their guide suggests? I was offered a $1.00 credit on my next order, I wanted it replaced, No, they do not cover return shipping? that's on you! So you have to mail it back first, then maybe ? a replacement will be sent!

I had ordered separately 3 Golf shirts, one the collar was off center of garment, so when put on, it sat off set! to my neck by about 1-1/4"(3mm's), once again the quality was "reasonable", but the sizes were all smaller than the "large" I had ordered? The PJ's were not adult sized
but were for a 9-11 child?
My suggestion, stick to Amazon Prime, buy local or from a Web sit you can trust?

By Juliet
Sep 26 2021

There is an order that I didn’t get but it’s showing delivered. What do I do?

By Isaac
Sep 25 2021

Thank you guys for these honest reviews. I had already placed four items in my cart and was just about to pay when I was suddenly prompted to read reviews. Now I have changed my mind. Thank you guys for saving the day

By Ojo-ibukun Oluwakemi
Sep 16 2021

My order number is

By Ojo-ibukun Oluwakemi
Sep 16 2021

Can someone please explain what is happening?
I ordered 14 items which cost 260cad.
Only 6 items of poor quality was delivered and only 3 items was declared "out of stock" which was said that the money will be refunded.
How will I get the money to or the 8 items , including the 3 items that was said to be out of stock?

By Manpreet Kaur
Sep 10 2021

I ordered a item this is item no of it is SWS021266934N
I accidentally typed wrong email my correct email is [email protected] but I accidentally typed [email protected]

By Paul clarke
Sep 02 2021

I've paid for the order Ive made and it keeps saying unpaid

By Funmilayo
Aug 28 2021

Very good to stopped with
I got my orders 26/8/21 bought for my son he likes them and all are the right sizes good quality.

They also emailed me to checked if my orders had arrived and sent me tracking number.

I will definitely shop again.

By Irene Cowan
Aug 27 2021

Ordered shoes 2 days ago, no order number or confirmation. Concerned, I tried to cancel but hit dead ends. Not sure if I'll receive goods but they keep the money already taken from my account.

By Irene Cowan
Aug 27 2021

Ordered slip on shoes 2 days ago no confirmation of order or order number but the money has been debited from my account. Tried to cancel but hit dead ends. I'm now worried that they will take money from my account and I don't receive my goods. Help!

By Songul Durmaz
Aug 27 2021

Order number
Order number
My number 0481315763

I ordered 2 items from your website some time ago.
I am still waiting........ please tell me you are not another scam, out to fleece money from those that trust in your product.

By Olu Ak
Aug 16 2021

Your company has a bad reputation so sorry I will take my business to wish or geek.

By Alberto
Aug 08 2021

Hice un pedido desde 23 juniosdias estimado en llegat 20
Y hoy nada ni una explicacion porfavor aclararme al respecto

By Gillian Williams
Jul 25 2021

I ordered two t-shirts yesterday with elephant motives. Which looked lovely as I love elephants. I ordered these for my holiday (I am 81 yrs old) I am looking forward to receiving them. Reading the previews I hope I won't be disappointed and I receive them before my holiday on the 15 August. I do realise for the price they won't be Monsoon quality but will be ok for one summer season. I have ordered from another similar site at the same prices and they have been fine. Thanks

By Karen Ankh
Jul 18 2021

In a sea of complaints I have to say I'm very surprised because I've had really good experiences using this app. While the quality isn't top notch you get what you pay for. It's silly to expect the best at those prices. It's like going to a Dollar store and expecting designer products. The products are worth exactly what they cost and the quality is not all bad either.

By Debra jane Yardley
Jul 14 2021

I need to cancel this as I don't remember signing up to this site you are taking money out of my bank account every month I want it cancel but I don't know who to contact how to do this so if anyone can guide me in the right direction I would be grateful thank you.

By NaeNae Hills
Jul 13 2021

Thank you everybody I was just about to order 6 items but reading these comments I think not.... THANKS

By Tracy Mandel
Jun 26 2021

Bought Clark's sandals, received poorly made knockoffs that I couldn't wear. Could not get refund

By Firdaus Sode
Jun 21 2021

I ordered several items and only received half, wholee just sent me 1 tracking number. Does anyone know a telephone number I can follow-up?

By Pam
Jun 16 2021

I received an order today but received XXL size dress when I ordered M size in this style. I want my money back or M size dress in this style. My order 1195245907573219578

By Georgeta Mabruk
Jun 10 2021

I'm disable person in wheelchair and I ordered but I'm afraid about this Company anyone if read this comments it will do like me
I want to cancel my order and no body help me .
Please I need help I'm in low income.
Thank you
Best regards

May 20 2021


By Helen Lewis
May 19 2021

I ordered two items ,a dress and boys sandals to be delivered to 6 Pinchbeck Road Orpington Kent UK for £18 +, the amount was taken from my account on the 17th of May and on the 18th of May £11.48 was taken from my account without ordering anything from your company. Can you please refund my money back ASAP to account before I take further action against your company. Please return my money now thanks

By Beverly Hartig
May 15 2021

I didn't order this I don't shop online.
I would like to get my. Money back.

By Brenda
Apr 24 2021

I did not but in a order look at your record

By Ali
Apr 17 2021

Dear I want to buy something from your company so I chucked wholee review 81 percent is bad why your company hasn't joined to paypal so meny people have been trust paypal.kind regards Ali

By mohammad Ibrahim
Apr 06 2021

I have ordered shoes and shirt very poor quality and size wrong they agreed to pay refund but still not received this is a big fraud company

By Mary Munro
Mar 12 2021

You have taken £9.99 out of my account without my permission you put it all back at once or i will report you

By Olive Thorpe
Mar 11 2021

I received an order and totally dissatisfied with either quality or size and wholee have completely ignored my return request

Mar 06 2021

Wholee Prime is SCAM SCAM SCAM !!!
wholee prime is a looting site. they loot you without your concern. I was cheated by the online wholee prime. we have no option to unsubscribe too. they deducting CAD10 each month from my account without any order.
don't trust this site, if you pay by your card or any online method definitely they will loot you.
wholee is scam scam scam..........

By Ron Dhrona
Mar 01 2021

Very arrogant people
Received wrong sizes of shirts. SMALL
Refuse to accept and blamed me for ordering wrong size even after producing all the proof/evidence to them. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

By Marie McAleer
Feb 18 2021

I have no recollection of subscribing to this web page and cannot cancel subscription

By kenneth houston
Feb 14 2021

why are you taking 99p from my bank account every month?

By Azzeddin Zaroug
Feb 12 2021

I wasnt aware they are charging 99p per month prime fee even if you dont use their service. They make it really difficult to cancel membership through the app

By Serita Bell
Jan 19 2021

Never received my order and just read the reviews hope this don’t happen to me

By Haedar ali
Jan 15 2021

My name is Haedar ali I’ll buy item I don’t receive it I cancel it by mistake And you been take my money from my account My debit card When I receive my item
Please I want my item how he give me my refund

By Valencia Brown
Jan 06 2021

I don't have a problem yet, I don't plan on having one. Your reviews are awful. I should have read reviews before I order. My order needs to be correct, if not I will report your company to the better business bureau and paypal. I work to hard to be decieved and cheated out of my money. I expect to receive my order in a timely matter and the correct item I ordered. Thank you in advance for making me happy with my purchase. Valencia Brown

By Patricia McClain
Dec 30 2020

I've ordered stuff from here and there is no contact number

By Jawed
Dec 22 2020

Please keep safe and secure your money. I have paid for nothing. I have not received my stuff which I paid for and tried to contact them no one has helped me in regards.

By Samah
Dec 14 2020

After i ordered an item from wholee, paypal blocked my account. Can anyone help me to free the account in paypal again?

By Marilyn PARRY
Dec 07 2020

Received my order today ,unfortunately its to small and it will not let me on to returns thanks marilyn

By Ali
Nov 30 2020

Absolutely scammer,
I ordered for £70 ,all items come like kids size .I try to contact them for return but to reach them it's harder than Australia Visa.
All items come with no label on it..bit for return they want label number .its just migraine. If u dont want any problem on ur life stay away from this shit scammers

By Miriam J Lizalda
Nov 27 2020

I would like to know, what happens with my shopping, I did Wednesday 21 of October.
Please thanks

By Darling
Nov 24 2020

Wholee is not is not using PayPal again am scared of purchasing with my card⁰

By Yesenia Beltran
Nov 18 2020

La desinstalé y ahora no me deja entrar

By Bharath
Nov 07 2020

FRAUD COMPANY, There is No Address, No Website, No Reviews, Nothing on Google.

FRAUD COMPANY Sent me damaged products, Shirts have a big holes in it and other products are about to rip off condition, these guys are selling C grade Company rejected clothes with defects for cheaper prices. When i requested for the returns and refund they offered me 10% money back and asking me to keep the product, what i am do with a shirts with big holes in it and why should i pay 90% for you for that? Customer support is the worst they reply you After 3-4 days for every single message. Check all other negative comments, All they reply is contact on our email address, other than that they dont provide any sort of explanations.

RETURNS we have to bear all the costs they gonna not take on them even though its their fault. FRAUD COMPANY. When They bring products into the country in bulk its gonna cost cheaper for them, but when we have to send returns we have to do in individual package and postage gonna be 10 times more than product price, so basically we cant pay that postage price and we have to keep the product. thats their business technique. They are benifiting and we are losing money, such companies must be not encouraged in Australia and must be reported to consumer authorities. This app must be banned in Australia.

By Yaz
Nov 04 2020

Absolutly bad quality!!!!!

By Paul Bowler
Oct 27 2020

Cannot log into my account.

By Morgan
Sep 29 2020

I need to cancel my subscription but I dont know how to and I cant find it anywhere

By Mr James S Preston
Sep 28 2020

extremely poor quality. Goods do not match the descriptions.no way to get a refund.

Please save your money

By Sandra Hood
Sep 25 2020

I have just received my order, I'm not pleased with the items and don't know how to return them

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