Amazon Halo Reviews

Amazon Halo Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-26

This app requires the Halo Band. Amazon Halo measures your movement, sleep
quality, body composition, and even the tone of your voice, to provide a more
complete picture of your overall health and help you build better habits for
life. Key features: ACTIVITY • Informed by guidelines...

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Amazon Halo Reviews

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    Some kinks need to be worked out

    I have several issues with this band. The main one being that the sleep portion is entirely inaccurate. The app keeps telling me I’m in either a deep or light sleep when I’m on the couch watching tv then it says I wale up (when I’m cleaning or getting ready for bed) and shows me that I didn't sleep well because I had numerous “awake” times. This obviously makes me question whether the sleep graph of deep, light, and rem sleep is entirely false. It appears as if it shows you all these sleep cycles but they’re entirely random and not actually your sleep- the only way it reads your sleep if when you go to bed and how long you sleep, everything in between is just a generic graph. The other thing is the voice recognition. I don’t personally see the point of this at all. Yes when my child fell and hit his head my tone did in fact sound worried and concerned.. I don’t see what this gives me. I turned the feature off because I don’t personally see the benefit and it feels intrusive and I worry about why this feature exists at all. It didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. On the positive side it’s helping me get in shape- of course having any kind of tracker helps motivate you to move. I’m also liking the body fat scan- it’a good to see yourself from the side and monitor progress.

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    Bio-JACKED, not Bio-hacked!

    The science based, innovative functionality of Amazon’s Halo fitness wristband represents a major paradigm shift in AI wearables for personal fitness, wellness, and self-actualualization. If you can handle a little AI “tough love” scrutiny and constructive feedback ( including personalized,multidiscipline self-improvement plans or “labs”), then this is the next must have wearable for you! That is, given the additional proviso, you can check your over-inflated, paranoid ego at the door. No one (except you) cares about your random bio-physiological and tonal sampling the device uses to help you become a better you. Ergo, to get the most out of this mildly invasive, cutting edge technology, I’d advise you “let go, and let god” in the Halo Cloud work it's mojo on your data!

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    Halo band- pretty great

    Positives: I am quite pleased with band. I find the sleep tracking very helpful as well as all the labs to help meet small goals. The body scan seems pretty accurate; it matches my body fat scale. The setup is really user friendly and motivating. And the workouts are top notch, if not a little hard to do off the phone. Could be better: I got the pink band, and its pretty much trashed after a couple of days. I wish it was silicone. Also, a watch really would be helpful and probably heart rate too for exercise. I don’t want to have to check my phone while exercising. If it had meal tracking, you wouldn't need any other health apps. But overall, two of my friends have gotten one, because I wouldn't stop talking about how good it is. It’s worth the money and the subscription for what you get.

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    So far so good!

    I have only had the halo for a few days but I really love it. I am gathering information on my habits better than any device I have used previously (Fitbit, knock off fitbits, my phone). It’s beneficial if you are trying to monitor your health habits. But as someone who deals with mental illness, it immensely helps to understand and track my moods to be able to give quantitative information to my doctors. And with not having a screen to look at, it is very easy to forget I am wearing it which provides less distraction throughout the day. I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand their physical and mental health better.

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    Worked fine until update

    I love using the halo. It helps me track my weight and calories but it’s also extremely comfortable and not bulky. It’s not a device that stresses you out like other devices that is constantly bugging you to move. Why do you want a device that stresses you out? The only issue is the body scan. The first scan worked when I got it less than a month ago. I have to do another scan but it gets stuck at the countdown at the number 1 and nothing happens. I tried reinstalling the app, factory resetting, and it’s still not working. I have version 14.2 for iPhone so I’m not sure if it’s just not compatible or what. But please fix! Overall everything is great and the price you can’t beat. Love the classes as well!

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    Interesting app

    I wanted to get a band that I could wear comfortably at night to help with sleep tracking and so far so good. The body scan feature is quite interesting as well. No issues so far and have not run into an issue with my scan not looking like me. Honestly it looks exactly like me so not sure why other people are saying it’s not them. The tone feature is nice but without actually hearing what I said at that moment in time makes it difficult to gauge exactly what I said for the feedback. Maybe create a feature where you can opt in to have the snippet of conversation saved for your review would be more insightful. Overall great product from out of the gate.

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    Love this fitness tracker

    I had a Fitbit and really liked it. I had an earlier model so it didn’t provide a lot of details when tracking sleep, etc. The Halo fitness band provides a LOT of details and tracks your sleep, work outs, moods, etc. it also provides great details in these areas. As well, there are a lot of options for work outs and so much more. Track your health, scan your body fat. It’s super easy to use and to navigate. I LOVE it!

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    Love the app, but the point system has a flaw

    I love the app and the Halo. It has been very helpful to understand how to improve my life style (sleep, body fat, activity, etc). i like the point system except for the 8hours+ sedentary points reduction. I generally sleep between 4-5 hours at night, therefore, i try to get some rest during the day to make up (e.g. just lying down an hour or a power nap). Since im awake 20 hours a day, its not unusual to have 8 hours+ sitting or resting, but I do tons of sport and other activities most of the day. I am deducted points for these sedentary hours. I wonder if there is a way of giving extra sedentary hours for us that dont sleep 8 hours a day?

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    Update: not really the best health tracker out there (Oct 2020)

    ****Update: after using these a few weeks, I’ve realized there’s nothing special here. The different insights are boring and don’t provide much motivation. This app is still on version 1.0. Needs more features. I’ve stopped wearing the device until it does more. I do not recommend this device until then.**** This provides a lot of new insights and builds on what other fitness trackers have done in the past. I’ve had just about every tracker over the years. Right now, I’m using Apple Watch (series 6), Oura ring, and this to compare the results. So far this device is providing me many new insights that the other don’t. A great 1.0 app. Looking forward to see this evolve. Giving it 5 stars based on the starting point and potential. Some nitpicks: -Would like to see integration with Apple Health. -The charging system is a bit silly. It’s a clamp that clips around the device to charge it. In 2020, we shouldn’t need proprietary chargers. Maybe in the next generation we can go with USB or a wireless solution, like Qi.

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    Game changer if you could set goals

    I am currently comparing it to the Fitbit Inspire2 Pros: For the Halo band the sleep and activity tracking have been great. I really love the body scan portion and body fat percentage estimate. A real game changer for the industry as well as an eye opener. Cons: A huge miss is the lack of goal setting. This is literally just tracking your activity, sleep, etc. I think most would agree that the whole point of a fitness device is to help understand yourself better and achieve goals. I would highly suggest to add the ability to set goals and add suggestions from the app on how to achieve them. I am also not a big fan of the voice portion. I kind of get the point of it but to take the battery life from 7 days to 2 is totally not worth it. It actually killed my battery in less than a day with it on. Another big miss that I like from the Fitbit inspire2 is not only the interface, but they also track mindfulness and have a ton of resources to help meditate etc. Would love to see this feature added as well

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    “Estimate Body Changes”- Not My Body

    I’m disappointed that this feature that was advertised so heavily before launch isn’t as expected. It’s not my body from the scan being used to show potential changes based on different body fat changes. You’ve got my body scan - why not show off your technology and give me something more meaningful. This is irrelevant to me. Otherwise the design, features and functionality seem good. The device itself it way too thick and bulky for my petite wrist - not liking that either. Feel HUGE compared to my Apple Watch and other wearables.

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    A great app and wearable with one exception

    So far I am pleased with the Halo and its app. I like the body tracking so I can compare and see progress. The big problem I have is with the sleep tracking. I work nights so I sleep during the day. Halo only tracks sleep during the hours of 5pm and 6 am, so my sleep only gets caught on the the weekend when I sleep like regular people do. Sleep tracking is important to me since I get so little I like to see the quality and if habit changes make a difference in sleep quality. Hopefully it’s something that changes in the near future, my Fitbit tracks no matter what time it is.

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    More Labs Active?

    It would be great to have more than five active labs. I love the wide variety of labs available; it is easy to find ones that fit my individual needs. The ease with which the Tone function can be turned on/off and that specific areas of conversations can highlighted is a big plus. The app is easy to navigate and understand; information is easy to find. I love the detailed SLEEP tracking. I have a seizure disorder and poor sleep is a seizure trigger. Use of the feature will increase my safety.

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    Decent - hope software improves

    Like the Halo but don’t love it I bought it for the fitness and voice analysis but both aren’t great yet. Cons - 1~ I think the voice assessment tends towards the negative when I’m speaking in an even tone to my kids (not yelling). For it to go positive, I feel like I have to be in FULL cheerleader mode, which isn’t realistic. Eg Please do your homework woo hoo! 2- voice assessments really drains the batteries. 3- I think the HR isn’t syncing with the app. I can do a full workout watching my HR on The app, only to finish and it’s only synced with 1/2 my workout. 4- wish I could pop off the watch and put in a POCKET if I’m on a walking workstation and not swinging my arms. I guess popping onto my ankle is next best. Good things: 1- I like the challenges set-up. I think they are worlds ahead of other apps. 2- doesnt poke you all day to breathe/ stand/ relax/ texts which is good. 3- hardware seems very sturdy

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    So far so good!!

    I just got the Halo yesterday, (through early access) I also wear a Fitbit so kind of comparing the two, only been wearing it for about a day and a half, so far I really like it. I’m wearing the halo on my right wrist, (which takes some getting used to) because I’m not giving up my Fitbit to a band with no screen, but I like the different features that Halo has. I will update my review as I continue to wear it.

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Is Amazon Halo Safe?

Yes. Amazon Halo is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 12,770 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Amazon Halo Is 33.1/100.

Is Amazon Halo Legit?

Yes. Amazon Halo is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 12,770 Amazon Halo User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Amazon Halo Is 33.1/100.

Is Amazon Halo not working?

Amazon Halo works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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