Gyroscope Reviews

Gyroscope Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-13

Gyroscope is your personal health coach. Use your Apple Watch and other data to
understand what is happening inside your body and have full control over your
health. Gyroscope syncs with Apple Health to provide the best health dashboard
and coaching features. FREE Start with tracking y...

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Gyroscope Reviews

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    Whole picture app of your health

    Great app to get a complete picture of your health with data and the support of health coaches with various backgrounds!

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    The customer-hostile App Store obsession with subscription pricing is at its 100% worst here.

    Gorgeous data aggregator. I’m a huge fan of life tracking and obsessing over data and this app has that in spades. It is also gorgeously presented (even if very tiny). I am having a very hard time finding enough value to justify a hefty subscription though... Especially trying to justify paying monthly to give the developers massive amounts of personal data. Update: after a couple weeks of use I’m still loving it. I am cancelling the Pro subscription plan. I can’t even justify dropping $80 one time on a full-fledged powerhouse app of any kind (desktop or mobile) better yet a passive data aggregator. Even worse would be $120/year on a monthly plan. $10 a year maybe, a month? Hard pass. The customer hostile App Store obsession with subscription pricing is at its 100% worst here.

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    It’s great if you had nothing

    To start Out this app is pretty decent. If you get all the apps that integrates with this app then your off to a go start ,.... but if you already have other apps that do what this apps does.. like tells you what your heart rate is or was at a certain part of the day ( apples health app, under Armour record), or tells you where you were through out the day ( google maps, Facebook, yada yada yada) , or even take selfie pictures ( instagram, Flickr, Facebook) then you might want to hold off on getting this one. I’ve had it for about two weeks trying to get into a swing of things with it but just can’t. If I want to see where I was I have to go to another app that is supposed to work well with this app” moves” but if you didn’t save a location on that app this app don’t know where you went. If you didn’t record a work out then this app doesn’t know you worked out unless the other apps you save a workout in recorded a workout which then saves it to the health app then tells this app that you worked out ... and the list goes on. As I said this app is decent but not great. It missing so much of what I’d like to see this app have so I could use it as an ALL IN ONE app. Maybe down the road if this app and Company use the license or permissions to use other apps like apples health app or UA’s record app then maybe this would be a great warm almost perfect app to use but not till then. Is missing a lot of links.

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    Way too many bugs

    I really want this app to be great, but it simply has too many bugs. The app freezes up on a daily basis. It has trouble importing data from Apple Health. At the moment, I’m still waiting for step counts to update from yesterday even though I see the total in Apple Health and Garmin. Pull to refresh, and nothing happens. The sleep tracking is poor as well. I wear a device that tracks sleep, but for some reason, Gyroscope thinks it knows better and modifies that data with its “Sleep AI” making it incorrect. Location tracking is horrible too. I am connected to Foursquare as well as Gyroscope’s own location tracking, but if Gyroscope’s location tracking is turned on, it completely ignores the Foursquare data. Oh, and it has the same problem refreshing data. At the end of the day, it will often still show that I’ve only been at home in the morning. I could go on, but the bottom line is that I have to babysit this app to make sure the captured data is correct. Otherwise, what’s the point? But the worst part is if I notice the data is incorrect or not updating, there is nothing I can do to correct that. No doubt, they great a good looking app, but don’t fall for the looks because functionality is lacking severely. I paid for the annual subscription, and I regret it. It’s a waste of money. Pay close attention to the data before subscribing. You’ll undoubtably see the problems.

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    Bad business w/ no integrity

    I had this app for at least a year and really liked it. It didn't exactly have mind blowing features or anything, but still, it was nice to use. Just a few minutes ago I got a notification telling me that, after at least a year of using, I now need to pay them to keep using it. At all. So stupid. Apparently, they couldn't give two craps about their customers. Now, just like all the other idiot app devs, they are jumping on that seriously dimwitted subscription service, not even offering a limited free version. And even though they make it look like it's so fancy and does all these neat things, here on the app store, don't be fooled. Honestly, it's just a data and location tracker wrapped up in fake fancy packaging. So unless you like paying your hard earned money to a bad company that has no integrity and couldn't care less about you, just about how much they can get you to give them out of your wallet, and for an app that basically does and tells you the same things other actually FREE apps do and tell you, no less, then go ahead. Break out your wallet. You enjoy handing over your money for a useless app that does nothing for you except aggravate the heck out of you and frustrate you to no end. Me? I'm deleting this ASAP.

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    My Personal Dashboard

    Gyroscope is a simple, beautiful interface that helps me quantify my health -- without the hassle of manually entering in data. I'm not a health nut by any means... but over the past several weeks, i've noticed that checking Gyroscope is quickly becoming a daily habit of mine. As a result, I'm taking more steps, monitoring my heart rate, and am more mindful of how much sleep I get. The app does a great job of simplifying the key variables that are important for your health, and making it easy to spot any anomolies. Some aspects of the product still needs some work (a broader set of integrations, better onboarding experience, etc.) but i'm sure that'll improve with time. For now, definitely worth trying out.

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    The cost x benefit is nothing interesting

    Just in a time of crisis, not offering a free version anymore, is almost begging for a negative review. I've been a subscriber twice, and I haven't really found a plausible justification for renewing. The data seems to be more useful for the owner of the application than for the users, as it is not possible to take personal notes to learn from the mistakes and successes that the data point out. The cost x benefit is nothing interesting. I suppose the app had 1 paid user for every 10,000 free users and the decision seems to have been to get rid of free users, instead of trying to practice more affordable prices on a larger basis. Anyway, despite being the best-designed app among thousands I've ever seen, it failed to make the complete transition from superfluous, to something essential in the day-to-day life of a person looking for improvement. Nobody is forced to work for free, but a more affordable price would be very welcome

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    Much Improvement Needed

    With Facebook shutting down Moves, I’m looking for an alternative movement tracker app. I’ve been using Gyroscope for almost half a year. I downloaded it at first to analyze my Moves data. However, the free version of it didn’t seem to offer too much insight of my daily movement. It has nice graphics, though. Now that Gyroscope does what Moves does, however of a lesser quality. For example, it thinks I travelled from London to Paris in 15 minutes on foot. Identifying places in it is not as easy as it is in Moves. It suggests that the place to where you travel a few minutes is the same place from where you leave. Map will not automatically zoom to street level when you try to identify a place. More importantly, it consumes too much energy in background. While Moves normally takes only 1% to run for an entire day, Gyroscope takes 22%. This prohibitive amount basically yields the app unusable unless you can keep your phone on constant charge. I’ll have to disable its background location activity until the developer make it more energy efficient. I’m happy to subscribe to the paid version of the app if these issues can be addressed. Until then, I don’t think it’s worth a few dollars a month.

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    I’m very impressed

    The customer service is excellent. Very fast and patient. Before I linked my other apps and devices I was not impressed. But I have it talking with Apple Health, Oura Ring, QardioArm blood pressure, My Fitness Pal and others. Now, I can’t say enough how much I love the app. I’ve not experienced this with any other app but there are so many features that seem to appear every time I open the app. It’s very rich in content. It’s expensive, but so far I think it’s worth it. I was about to subscribe to Sleep Cycle for $30 a year but that’s just sleep. Gyroscope logs my meditation, work outs, food with pictures and breakdowns of each food. My life in one place. I’m recommending it to friends

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    Timecapsule for Data Geeks

    I am a data geek, particularly about travels, foods and fitness. I have been consistently tracking multiple aspects of my life for years now and seeing them all come together and presented in a beautiful and practical way by gyroscope is highly satisfying. I can point to certain months in the past and gain insights about my state of mind at that time; having all the data in one place also makes me able to plan my day and week in a balanced manner (e.g. sleep, work, food, fitness, meditation, travels). Gyroscope is also one of the most beautiful apps I have ever used - which make using it an addiction.

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    Beautiful Analytics

    At first I was struggling to see the point of this app beyond a nicer-looking Health app, but it is a lot more than that. I like the goals you can set, and the UI is aesthetically pleasing. However, sometime I feel like I should be able to scroll down on the card view, but I can't. I think it's great that you can enter injuries and emotions. I wish it tracked location within the app instead of using Moves. Sometimes the UI is a little slow/unresponsive and requires a couple taps before it goes through, and as I mentioned above, there's a couple design flaws where the interface doesn't move and flow like you'd expect. I also don't know if the Pro features are worth $9.99 a month. But other than that, the app works great.

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    App is getting much worse

    It's been really sad to experience the changes in the app lately. Gyroscope used to be an easy to use app that gave you easy and extensive insight into all parts of your health / life, with multiple views / setup to choose from and consistent navigation. Today however, almost everything is worse. There is only one way to view data, navigation into insights is convoluted, data is loading slower, you have to use the slow, new timetravel thingy to go back in history, the app nags about notifications all the time and is not happy unless you allow it to send lots of notifications (it even blocks the view of some of your data until you allow it notifications). Maybe worst of all is that instead of being an open view into your data, it is now strongly opinionated. You don't follow a 16/8 diet? Then you are doing something wrong! Red colors for you. You don't check your mood two times daily? Then you are doing something wrong! Red colors and notifications to you - you might be stressed! Hurry and check your mood! If I wasn't stressed before opening Gyroscope / receiving notifications from it, I sure will be if I dare to open the app or don't follow their scheme of how your life should be lived.

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    Awful without Moves data

    I subscribed to the pro version as I knew that my favorite location tracking app, Moves, was going away. I’m very disappointed in Gyroscope- many times it doesn’t even record that I have left my house even when I have gone 25 miles across town and stayed for over an hour. As far as my sleep tracking - it is ridiculously off as well. Bedtimes are incorrect as are times I get up. Frequently it recorded me still being in bed when I had been up and around with my phone in my pocket for a couple of hours. It doesn’t do a good job for what I wanted it to do and I wish I had not subscribed or could get my money back. Unfortunately the things that I wanted to track were not available in the free version so I had to subscribe. Frankly I would not even keep the free version for all the errors the app has - it is certainly not worth the subscription price.

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    The app is OK but not worth all that money

    Yeah I get it. No one likes working for free. Closing the app for people who want to burn their money on an app that hardly gets the job done is an insult. I remember purchasing a month and I wasn’t convinced that it was worth even getting the years rate which is what I normally do when an app covers all the grounds necessary. Here’s some advice, instead of a testimonial, give people the chance to experience the pro version before they purchase it. And second, bring something to the table that will smack your competition to the ground if you guys want to charge so much. I give 2 stars because I enjoyed the Apple Watch feature. That was literally the only reason I kept the app on my phone. Anyhow, let me know when you guys can lower the rate or actually give me my moneys worth. Good luck

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    Not much to see without paying

    I pay for a lot of services and don't mind paying for another but there's really no way to tell what Gyroscope can tell me that my Fitbit app can't. The free version certainly doesn't tell me anything different. The barrier to entry to pro level is quite steep. The interface is really nice, mostly. Indeed, first impression is it looks great. But it's hard to really get perspective on your day when there are tiny little icons and unidentifiable symbols. Simply put, I don't understand what's going on, and I'm a pretty young tech nerd. Mobile app design seems whimsical. Too much effort to get colors right, not enough attention to practical use and experience. The second issue is I'm not super hot on their app integrations. Moves is not a good app unless you're moving around with an iPhone connected to a power source -- that app takes way too much power and data. Also it'd be nice if they didn't wed to RescueTime. For an app that clearly cares about how things look, Gyroscope can do better. I've tried Rescue Time multiple times and always quit within a day or two -- ironically, unlike Gyroscope, setting up and using Rescue Time takes way too much time and the reward is a clunky interface.

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Is Gyroscope Safe?

No. Gyroscope does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 92 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Gyroscope Is 14.1/100.

Is Gyroscope Legit?

No. Gyroscope does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 92 Gyroscope User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Gyroscope Is 14.1/100.

Is Gyroscope not working?

Gyroscope works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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