Spec's Wine, Liquor & Beer Reviews

Spec's Wine, Liquor & Beer Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-22

About: Explore Spec’s Wines Spirits and Finer Foods with our new app! Easily look
through our outstanding selection of products, find your nearest Spec’s
location, shop, and enjoy daily and weekly deals. Discover Page Started from a
dream to work for himself, Spec Jackson and his wife opened the first tiny store
in 1962.

About Spec s Wine Liquor Beer

What is Spec s Wine Liquor Beer?

The Spec's Wines Spirits and Finer Foods app is designed to help customers easily browse through their selection of products, find nearby stores, and enjoy daily and weekly deals. The app also provides information about the history of the company and their commitment to customer service.



- Discover Page: Learn about the history of Spec's and their commitment to customer service.

- Products: Browse through their selection of products, which are divided into three main categories: Eat, Drink, and Finer Things. Each category is further divided into subcategories for easy browsing. Refine your search based on size, origin, price, and more. Use the search bar and barcode scanner for specific product searching.

- Find Us: Locate nearby stores using your location and set up your preferred store for easy ordering and shopping.

- Profile: After logging in, set up your shipping and billing address, create a favorites list, and view past orders. Enjoy a personalized shopping experience with the Spec's app.

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Key Benefits of Spec s Wine Liquor Beer

- Easy to use for shopping

- Text messages keeping status on the order's progress

- Reasonable prices, tax, and tip included in total

- Quick order fulfillment

- Courteous about following virus protocols

20 Spec s Wine Liquor Beer Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Double Charge

I placed an order and at the payment screen it appeared that the order didn't go through. It went back to the actual cart, no confirmation. I tried it again, same thing. I decided to go check my card for charges and it was on there, twice, still no confirmation on SpecsWineLiquorBeer . I got two emails though. I'm guessing one will drop off, but it's an inconvenience. Not sure why the order never confirmed but I'll follow up when I pick up.


A Life Saver, but app needs refinement

It is a great service to be able to shop on line and get home delivery. I am really grateful that Spec’s has SpecsWineLiquorBeer and service.

But, SpecsWineLiquorBeer is very cumbersome to use and would benefit greatly by introducing simple features which are standard on other stores’ shopping sites. Examples of such features include: sorting, filters on searched items, not having to start searches from scratch every time you “go back” from detailed view on an item, etc. In addition, the tags on individual items need to be cleaned up and standardized to make the searches more useful.


Easy to shop the app

Easy app to use for shopping. And I really appreciate the text messages keeping status on the order’s progress. I do wish they had a search function for the cocktail recipes. SpecsWineLiquorBeer has a wonderful table of possible drinks, but finding one for the moment is a bit of a chore.


Bait and switch

I was excited to see reasonable prices, tax, & tip included in total. After choosing the date and time for delivery, about one second before I submitted the $10 delivery fee popped up and suddenly my one bottle didn’t seem worth $45 when I could pick it up for $30. It all looked great until they got greedy. Take the sale, pay the delivery drivers like you would store associates and give the drivers all of the tip. You’ll make more money when you provide convenience. No delivery fee because I didn’t stand in your store. Heck, even offer a specs membership with free delivery I’d pay for that.


Great Service, easier website than big competitor

Spec’s has been great. You all fill orders way quicker than many places and are always courteous about following virus protocols. I started to give Total Wine a shot but their website had no easy Search feature. Not smart on their part. Thank you very much


Local store is available now!

When I first downloaded they only had stores in Houston. I checked back last weekend and my local store was there! I’ve ordered twice now and both times my orders were delivered on time!!!


OK, a bit annoying, not much functionality

It’s OK - it will show what is in stock at a particular store. It can’t easily check inventory at other stores (you have to switch store and then search, there is no “search nearby stores.” There is also no wishlist, or any list functionality. It is annoying in how it keeps pushing a particular product with each store switch.


Great app, BUT Crashes on Key Club

SpecsWineLiquorBeer does wonders and perks my interest whenever I want to see something before I buy. However, it keeps crashing as of late and it crashes whenever you select “Key Club”.

I want to know my information on there but it’s not working.

Could someone please help with this?


Getting better all the time

SpecsWineLiquorBeer is developing nicely. As I use it, either I’m getting better or it’s getting better. I’m OK with either one. Right now my only problem is when I put in one category to browse, it disappears completely after a pic on one item. I have to go back and re-enter.


App saves me a lot of time!

My store is right around the corner from me and SpecsWineLiquorBeer makes things even faster and easier! Love my store and love SpecsWineLiquorBeer !


Needs a wallet pass.

Pretty good app for ordering booze for pick up or delivery in Texas. It would be great if there was a pass for Apple wallet that showed your remember number, barcode and current points level though. So much easier to get to at check out.


Website works better and that’s not saying much

I set up an account on the website and made a pickup order. Then I downloaded SpecsWineLiquorBeer . I logged on using the account I set up online. It had all my profile data but it did not have a record of my order and it wouldn’t let me select my local store. It defaults to a store over a 100 miles away. So I can’t use this for anything.


Why can’t I add receipt for key club?

Not sure why you’re unable to add a receipt # to your key club on SpecsWineLiquorBeer . Just visited a specs and got several things and forgot to do the key club entry at checkout. Thought I could save the receipt and it later for the points but I guess not? That seems intentionally un helpful because I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t be a feature. Good app besides that though.


Needs a lot of work

The store in app does not have half of the items that are actually in the physical store and there is no way so manually scan in items, and there is also no way to scan the barcode on receipt to redeem points. Massive flaw and I would use SpecsWineLiquorBeer so much more if the store was accurate and I can redeem points from cash purchases


Just crashes every time

Haven’t even been able to use SpecsWineLiquorBeer yet. Downloaded it 12 days ago and it’s still crashing on startup. I’ve done all the basic troubleshooting (ie. Restarting my phone, uninstalling and re-installing SpecsWineLiquorBeer , updating my phone…) and just nothing. Hope SpecsWineLiquorBeer developers see this, its obviously not something fixable on my end 😔


Crashes often. Tons of notifications

Love the store. But the website works better than SpecsWineLiquorBeer . So frustrating when you’re just trying to find inventory at a given store and SpecsWineLiquorBeer just crashes every search. Just Kept crashing. So I stopped using SpecsWineLiquorBeer but still receive 2 to 3 notifications a day. Just not a well developed app yet.


Local Store Not Available

Just downloaded your app because who doesn’t need alcohol during this apocalypse and if I can get it delivered even better. I am noticing that my local store that is not more than two miles from me is not available. Is there a reason for this?


Great store, terrible app

SpecsWineLiquorBeer crashes about 50% of the time I search. It has less functionality than the website (why can’t you search multiple stores in your area at once or see stock amounts?). And you can’t save searches or get notified when stock becomes available. Overall, pretty useless.


Failing registering address

I’ve been trying to order using SpecsWineLiquorBeer but every time I am in address section SpecsWineLiquorBeer just close it by itself and I am not able to order, is been this this for at least 3 weeks, this is happening in iphone with iOs 14 … and still continue on 15


The app needs work

The search feature does not work well. If you have a barcode you can find the product you’re looking for, if they carry it. It won’t except American Express, so you’re limited on your payment type.


Log-in problems

I continue to get message stating that log-in info is incorrect. Try the same credentials online and you get access. Also the key club feature does not work whenever you are able to access SpecsWineLiquorBeer .


App doesn’t work

Can’t get past store list closest store is apparently almost 200 miles away even though there is one about five miles away.



I live in Dallas and the only stores it pulls up are Houston. I just saw where they offer “curbside pickup”. There is no such thing since I can’t type in my location. Fail



Stuck on the “switch stores page” and can’t sign in. Trash.



I live in Austin. SpecsWineLiquorBeer says the closest specs is in HOUSTON. I can’t change stores. SpecsWineLiquorBeer does NOTHING. Can’t see inventory, can’t order. What exactly is the purpose of this??????



Does absolutely nothing


No love for Dallas??

Not sure why there aren’t any stores showing up for the DFW area... guess I’m going to Total Wine


Gets stuck in loop




I love the LeChemin du Roi & Branson Cognac

Is Spec s Wine Liquor Beer Safe?

Yes. Spec's Wine, Liquor & Beer is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,132 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Spec s Wine Liquor Beer Is 65.1/100.

Is Spec s Wine Liquor Beer Legit?

Yes. Spec's Wine, Liquor & Beer is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,132 Spec's Wine, Liquor & Beer User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Spec s Wine Liquor Beer Is 78.2/100..

Is Spec's Wine, Liquor & Beer not working?

Spec's Wine, Liquor & Beer works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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