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1. Most convenient money app for sending and spending money on everyday things.

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Product Details and Description of Bitsika - Send and Spend

Most convenient money app for sending and spending money on everyday things.

1. Send money between African countries.

2. Deposit assets and liquidate to local money.

3. Issue and top-up instant shopping cards.

Top Bitsika - Send and Spend Reviews

  • By K200p12

    Very Useful

    This app is very useful. I have used it in all my transactions and I haven’t experienced any bug. My problem is that they should increase the daily limit for verified users to at least $2000. I love the app but they should consider helping the verified users as well because they make a lot of transactions and $500 as a daily limit isn’t going to help.

  • By elvisxxs

    It’s the best

    I don’t usually rate apps but here I am. Those giving it low ratings probably haven’t verified their accounts. It’s been a month now and my in app purchases and subscriptions have been smooth. I had no patience for PayPal funds withdrawal delays and switched to bitsika, now bitcoin is transferred to my wallet and withdrawn via momo within minutes. I highly recommend

  • By Adadze

    App issues

    The app is very useful, but the inconveniences created by their frequent maintenance are too much. And when they were transitioning from Visa to MasterCard, I lost all the money on my Visa card, so please do something about it

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