North Lane Reviews

North Lane Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-01

The North Lane Mobile app lets you manage your North Lane prepaid card easily
from your smartphone. The app provides you with important and useful functions
such as: - Activate your card - Display your card balance - View your
transaction history - Locate in-network ATMs The simple way...

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Fix glitches !!!!

I’ve been using NorthLane for quite a while now and didn’t have any issues. It’s fairly basic app and I just login to check my balance that’s it. Recently I kept getting an error that my password is invalid or I’ve been locked out of my account. I have my passwords save and just use facial recognition. There should be no reason app is telling me password is wrong lol


Zero stars, but they won’t let me give fewer than 1…

This is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. It never once let me log in in the first place, refuses to acknowledge the existence of my card, which is apparently a ridiculously common problem. Just call the phone number, it’ll save you a ton of headaches, and you’ll actually be able to access your information.


Website and app are worthless. Just call the number on back of card.

Tried to activate a refund on MC via the website and app. No success on either. Ended up calling the number to activate and that worked as it should. In a day of technology possibilities, it’s disappointing that they got this so wrong. Complete waste of time. I spent more in labor to activate than the $1.17 refund on the card.


I would give zero stars if I could.

I received a refund from ATT on a debit card through north lane. I followed the directions to activate the card and only received error message. I tried 4 times each time the error message said to try later. I tried the phone number to activate and it said they were busy. Definitely not a good app, website, or service.


Doesn’t Work

I got a refund from ATT on a card from NL. I tried to activate it on their website and that didn’t work. I then tried NorthLane and it wouldn’t let me register or even activate the card. Don’t know if the number will work due to them being busy/closed. This company needs serious help. I hope I don’t have to deal with them again.


Worth it

Idk why people have trouble with this.. i just needed NorthLane to be checking my balance other than that it works



Got a pre-paid card and figured I would use NorthLane instead of calling to activate it……well NorthLane is completely useless and all it does is give you an error when you try to register it. Same with their website. I just called and got mine activated, but what waste of the apps store and your clients time


Can’t register an account

As the titles suggest, literally 2 hours of trying to register my card to an account, only see “sorry,there’s been an error trying to process your request please try again later”over and over again, NorthLane is a joke.



NorthLane is very basic you cannot transfer money to another account using NorthLane you have to login to a computer. Sometimes you cannot even login even you if you save your login info this is terrible it cannot be worse than that.


Bad app

On top of all the things other reviewers have complained about the balance is also never accurate. If you call you will get your real balance, the balance in NorthLane is never right if you have any pending transactions. Needs to be fixed.



I’m trying to register my card and somehow when I input the info, it keeps saying error. Don’t know what’s the issue, but after reading other reviews I realize that this isn’t just happening to me.


ATM Locator

ATM locator list appears good. The map option didn’t work but is stamped 2020. Hope this helps.


Just got card and set up doesn’t work

NorthLane doesn’t work don’t download or try until fixed. I will be telling the plasma place next as no one has answered or answering on why it is not working.


Worthless app!

Could never register card; kept getting errors. The developer should be embarrassed. I wanted to Transfer funds to my bank account but CAN’T because I can’t register the flipping card! Unbelievable!


Missing key functionality

If you only used NorthLane and never used the website, you’d never know you can do an ACH bank wire transfer to your bank or credit Union account which does not accrue any fees.


This app deserves negative stars

Neither NorthLane nor the website work. Trying to set up an account is broken. Really ATT, why do you give customers refunds this way?Why do you want your company associated with such incompetence.


Why so frustrating?

Just got NorthLane , and I can’t log on because the login button is hidden under the keypad! How does anyone get into NorthLane, and how is this still an issue in this day and age!?


The worst!!!

I can’t get logged in. I keep getting an error message. The message then says to call but when I call the machine literally says it can’t help me and hangs up!!! I’ve gotten an overdraft fee because I LITERALLY CAN’T LOOK UP MY BALANCE. ITS A RACKET!!!


nothing works

Both app and website don’t work. These cards are such a headache. Would suggest using anything but then if possible


App won’t open

I have downloaded and deleted NorthLane several time and it still won’t open. So annoyed


Real life person Tampa FL

I don’t really understand why there’s so many people giving NorthLane such bad reviews. I donate plasma often and use NorthLane to keep up with my balance because calling the card costs .50 cents every time. NorthLane works great for this purpose. If you want to check your card balance and see your purchases so far then NorthLane does exactly that. So don’t listen to these 1 Star negative Nancy’s. I like it and it does what it says. Edit: it is not currently working though idk why but it says network error when I’m connected to WiFi and data no issues for everything else.



The network is currently unavailable. Please try again later.... ...3 days later..... The network is currently unavailable. Please try again later


What’s going on WIRECARD??

I’m not sure why it stopped working. I only had NorthLane for about 5-6 months I believe but lately it’s been saying “it cannot connect to server” in a red box at the top of the screen when you open NorthLane . NorthLane didn’t do much but i liked the way you could view your balance in seconds. It does nothing more really. Now I just have the website added to my home page😩..which requires sign in and proof your not a robot 😑.


You can’t register or log in.

I tried registering my card in NorthLane and kept getting a something went wrong try again later message. I registered online and when I try to log into NorthLane , I keep getting notices say wrong credentials. I even tried using the forgot my username/password and same thing, something went wrong, try again later. You’re better off just using the website, NorthLane will not do anything.


Wow. Just wow. 😒

5 minutes after downloading and I already see why it has gotten all the 1 star ratings, and that’s being generous. I’ve registered before but there was an error that said I wasn’t, so I tried two things: to register, and it gives me a grammatically incorrect error so I tried the “forgot username/password” and it has me put my info in and then these blue dots in a circle start and then NOTHING! I’ll just keep calling to get my balance. Absolutely the worst app. Smh


Bug Issues

NorthLane is very spartan and word fine for a time but since the new year (2020), NorthLane continues to have issues retrieving recent transactions or says “there is an error processing your request”, does not display ANY transactions, and shows an old account balance from last year. The only way for me to check my balance and transactions now is online or calling. So basically NorthLane is useless.


Unfulfilling App

Haven’t been able to review my account via NorthLane for weeks now. With it concerning my earned finances, I find it very concerning that I cannot review my account. This leads to the belief that I cannot trust NorthLane nor the card itself. In this new era of sophisticated scammers, this company has proven itself to be completely unreliable and calls into question it’s commitment to it’s customers. I will no longer be using it’s services entirely.


Stop working

After using NorthLane a few times it’s no longer working says network error. On computer and on phone haven’t been able to use NorthLane for a few weeks now. Thought it would be a good app to use rather then calling or doing it online. If it wasn’t for my job I would’ve never downloaded NorthLane not worth the download.


Doesn’t work

I’ve had NorthLane for only about 2 months when it stopped working. Keep getting a message at the top of login screen that says “Can’t connect to server; please try again”. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled NorthLane to no avail. So annoying. It’s easier to just call the 800# on the back of my card and getting my balance that way.


No issues at all

Downloaded NorthLane , followed the instructions to register. No issues at all, opened and displayed my balance, etc.



It did work now it don’t ,it hasn’t for weeks and it’s frustrating because this was easier to use just log on instead of calling now half the time I don’t know how much I have on my card please fix soon mine says network error I’ve tried uninstall and reinstall, I’ve turned my phone off and on nothing is working


Never works

Had NorthLane for a few months now and I’m constantly getting “network error” when I try to sign in and check my balance. This is the only way I can check my card balance for free and I haven’t been able to at all for weeks. There have been no updates. Terrible app. Would give 0 stars if I could.


App doesn’t work. Don’t bother

I have money on the card. But NorthLane doesn’t work. It say it’s unavailable. So I can use the card but have no idea how much money I have. Unless I call the number on the card.. the people that made this has no idea what they are doing. I would of gave NorthLane less but it won’t let me... people that made NorthLane this is for you🖕🏻


Problems from day 1

You would think after months of “unexpected problems occurring” that the creators of the application would attempt to fix it. Instead not only do I have to call any time I want to check my balance. You guys need to pick up the slack and fix NorthLane or just take NorthLane down completely.


Fix this, please.

Registering was a pain, and NorthLane only worked for a month. Now it just gives network errors and never lets me see what my balance is on my card. You haven’t even sent an update in 5 months, it’s pretty obvious not much is going on with development to fix these problems.

Is North Lane Safe?

No. North Lane does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 200 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 1.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for North Lane Is 15.2/100.

Is North Lane Legit?

No. North Lane does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 200 North Lane User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for North Lane Is 15.2/100.

Is North Lane not working?

North Lane works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 22 Comments

By Brandon
Nov 06 2022

Literally the worst prepaid account service I've ever seen. I was given a sizeable refund from an overpayment when I paid off my vehicle. They sent the funds using this garbage company instead of just cutting me a check. Long story short, every transaction I tried with this card was deemed fraudulent by the northlane and my card was declined. I called them and they didn't even attempt an excuse. Just "we're calling it fraudulent and stopping the transaction". They're supposedly sending me a check for the funds. I'm not holding my breath. I'm going to be calling the lender who was supposed to cut the refund and complain to them as well. This is a trash company and would be sued into non- existence.

By Brandon
Nov 06 2022

Literally the worst prepaid account service I've ever seen. I was given a sizeable refund from an overpayment when I paid off my vehicle. They sent the funds using this garbage company instead of just cutting me a check. Long story short, every transaction I tried with this card was deemed fraudulent by the northlane and my card was declined. I called them and they didn't even attempt an excuse. Just "we're calling it fraudulent and stopping the transaction". They're supposedly sending me a check for the funds. I'm not holding my breath. I'm going to be calling the lender who was supposed to cut the refund and complain to them as well. This is a trash company and would be sued into non- existence.

By Customer
Nov 04 2022

I received this card as a "refund" for phone that was processed as lost in transfer from ATT. Spent all day on phone with them an no one knew anything about card. You can reach a live agent by pressing Option 2. One guy hung up on me and hesitant about answering questions. This is a horrible way to send a refund.

By Angela Smith
Nov 01 2022

I keep trying to use the app and it tells me error system network unavailable. This has been going on for 3 days now

By Larry
Oct 09 2022

I have NEVER come across a bank as fkd up as this POS bank. Got a tiny refund from ATT and one from Spectrum. When I call the number on the cards to activate my cards guess what-THE NUMBER WILL NOT RING/WILL NOT GO THRU ON MY IPHONE. I had to do a workaround-turn on the airplane mode and then turn it off and the number will then go thru. When I got thru to the fkwits IT DIDN'T RECOGNIZED THE CARD NUMBER AND SAID IT COULD NOT HELP ME AND DISCONNECTED. When I finally got the cards activated and tried to use them at Krogers and Walmart THE CARDS WOULDN'T GO THRU. I finally gave up on the gdmnd cards. FKEM. What a trash POS bank.

By J
Oct 04 2022

I can’t believe the frustration I’ve gone through only using the card twice…. There are fees for every transaction. Depending on who you speak with, you get different outcomes. I keep having to wait 30 minutes every time they adjust something, that still doesn’t work. Marked as fraud for no reason, then you have to wait 1-2 days to get your money cause you can’t speak with the risk department. This whole card and system is the worst I’ve ever came across. Don’t even start with them!

By Patrick Turner
Sep 28 2022

These cards are useless! They say that the cards can be used anywhere Master Card is accepted but the cards continue to get turned down when I try to use them. Customer Service is no help whatsoever. Stay away from this company!

By Jason Donald
Sep 18 2022

I have been forced to use this card for almost 2 years as it is but the company pays with during the first year alone I have lost over $100 in denied charges when the money was available even though I used the card correctly as a point of sale card like it was told I would call and talk to customer service and they would fix it for one charge and then as soon as I use it after that denied again the past 5 months 6 months I have already had over 50 to $60 in denied charges and customer service will not do anything to give it back they think we're all stupid and have no clue how to use the point of sale card this is the worst card company I've ever used and I'm getting ready to quit because the amount of money I lose is enough to feed a family for a quarter of the year and for the company to be as prestigious as it is for them to use such a low grade company as North Lane it is ridiculous if you ever are told you're getting paid with this company find somewhere else because you're going to lose money for doing nothing it's a scam the company is a scam and they do not care that you know it because they know you have no control over how and when they get paid use that to their advantage 👎👎🤥👎👎

By Kimberly Behan
Sep 15 2022

Your app is a dismal failure. I've repeatedly tried to register my new card. Your company should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission.

By Sandra Lowery
Aug 23 2022

Has anyone ever received a refund check from them? If so have u had any problems cashing it? Thanks for ur help.

By Thomas Harris
Aug 11 2022

Received refund Mastercard debit card from Spectrum. I can't activate the card. I've tried by website and telephone. They do not provide any way of talking to a real person about the issue.

By JoAnn
Jul 14 2022

Worst place ever tried using every method of activating my refund on computer phone etc for over an hour with no success so I called spectrum and their employee got the card activated. This bank should be arrested based on its fees alone

By Dave LeClere
Jul 05 2022

Why in the world would Tmobile, or any company for that matter, send their customers a 'REBATE" card that is so hard to use? It's ridiculous that you need to SET UP AN ACCOUNT, after you set a 4 digit code, just to use a card that was refunding me money they overcharged me? I've wasted 25 minutes on North Lanes website and have yet to be able to set up my account. For a company that has such lousy customer service scores Tmobile had complete a FAILURE to understand their customers when they decided to do this instead of simply crediting someones account.

By Keith maiden
May 17 2022

U tried to use my card on Amazon once. It was declined and then all my funds were drained. North Lane was Zero help. They have someone stealing your money or their system is so broken it just dissappears. Just add up your transactions. I had $359 spent $150 and had $1 left. How's that?

By Demetrius Brown
May 03 2022

The worst Customer service EVER. They lie right through their teeth and have no remorse for it. Best thing to do is take your money off as soon as it's put on

By Holly Mullinax
Apr 07 2022

Can't log on. Called customer service. She reset and told me to uninstall/reinstall and try again. I did and it still won't let me on.

By unknown
Dec 02 2021

Wirecard/ Nortlane is the worst bank to allow payment to flow through, makes me question the people who work there.There seems to be an inside problem.

By Customer
Nov 08 2021

The worse Prepaid card service ever. I had the card for a week, and I have already lost $12 in cash. Not much as others have lost, but considering you look at the transaction history, and the numbers don't add up to your should be balance, its very suspicious, Take your money out and shred the card. Get your direct deposit set up with an official bank. You will lose money, without ever getting an answer why.

Aug 05 2021

money missing from account. over $2000.00 . i was told by north lane that my account was hacked when i down loaded the app. money was wire transferred to another account, I called again to check fraud status, waited over an hour to speak to someone. i was told that a wire transfer was done on 06/28/21. reversed and retransferred again on 07/05/21. my question was , when i used my card or call in to check balance I have to give name , address for security purposes. but someone can just hack in and to a wire transfer, no once but twice if the first one does go through. what sucky security they have here. Now to try to get my money back due to fraud has been a pain in the ass. No one there can or will give you a direct answer. and you can never speak to the same person twice. or nobody knows the person you had spoken to before.
don't use this app. and take your funds out of the debit card account and use your bank to deposit in

By Douglas G. Hall
Aug 02 2021

No text response when texting "Bal". Try to register card to check bal with northland app, doesn't work. Basically this is a POS.

May 02 2021

can not activate my card from verizon I have tried many times please help

Mar 11 2021

Sorry for being so blatant but why should I care! North Lane is the worse I have ever experienced. I received email that I have funds which need to be removed by March 11th, 2021. They assigned me a temporary card but could not use because they kept locking my account so every time I enter I need to send email to them to open my account and they never reply in a timely manner for days I will check my emails for their reply and nothing. Eventually they responded I tried different ways to transfer the money and due to their expiry date which is 02/26 on the new card which was way ahead of the deadline they gave me, I was not able to do any transaction. I emailed back and forth literally begging them to adjust so I can either make a transfer or western union and still they refused. In the last email they told me to purchase something online or check Western Union because I may have went over my limit for transfer, I did all of this got back to them and still no reply to adjust the expiry date which I believe is preventing the transaction. I keep getting emails that north lane is declining the transaction. Why are they doing this I have no idea. This is horrible service and an American company worse yet. I was told that my money will be handed over to the state of Florida....I am not even an American! So people and companies do not use this company they are not owning up to their responsibility. Cruise lines are making a big mistake to use you all to process crew salary. Worse ever and I rate you all -0/minus zero.

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