Noto - Elegant Note Reviews

Noto - Elegant Note Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-04

Features: - Powerful text editing tools - Bold / Italic / Underline
/ Strikethrough / Highlight - Number list / Bullet list / Check list
- Unlimited attachments (Pro): - Image / Video / Scan / Drawing / File
- Table / Block quote / Code / Math Equa...

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3. Is it Legit?
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Noto - Elegant Note Reviews

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    The best app I came across

    The design is amazing, so useful and simple, I purchased the life time version after 10 minutes using the app it’s just awesome! I love that it has iPad, iPhone and Mac versions! I looked for the app like this forever. Soooo many features! Perfect for business and personal stuff! Thanks to the creators!!! If these features could be added, the app would be priceless: - change color of the text, being able to apply highlight but keep the text black, more highlight colors.. - add more forlder colors, maybe custom colors, backgrounds... - if i could import my table to excel (or excel file not just pdf) with one piece or copy info from excel and fill out the table in noto - if I can see the table more far away on the iPad - if I could view what folders I have inside my main folders on the home page instead of opening them all to get to the document - if I could change the background of the page itself or when I look at my files so I know the categories without folders like in Google Notes - create a project, reminder and a due date like in Asana It’s a little baggy but it syncs everything so fast and perfectly so when it shots down I’m not worried

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    Almost Perfect!

    It makes me extremely uncomfortable that if I were to not have my Apple device, I would not be able to access my notes because there is not desktop version of Noto. Also, email linking is primal where syncing is concerned. I like that my notes sync back and forth between my iPad and iPhone. But what if I needed to access my notes from a friends phone? There’s no login feature which kind of makes the app useless to me. I was so pleased with the interface that I jumped the gun paid the $10 yearly fee without researching thoroughly. Now I am regretting it big time. Tags are not crucial, but would be a nice additional add on to organize notes more thoroughly! Other than the three things I mentioned, Noto rocks and is a major upgrade from Apple notes, especially UI wise!

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    Arabic RTL support ❤️

    This app is made by great developer, I have been using this app since early releases on my iPad Pro 11 inch, and as far as I can tell, I’ve never been so satisfied like this before, the app is well designed and developed, I can barely find bugs, and most of all, and I do appreciate the recent 2 major updates, especially the last one for supporting RTL typing. This app is highly recommended to take notes using professional type formats. Thanks you so much and please, keep up the great work 👌

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    Lots of potential, please update developers!

    Nice clean writing app with great iCloud sync. Please please add more features and I'll be happy to pay the annual subscription: 1) variable line width and margin width. This is important for larger iPads. 2) variable line spacing please. This is important for smaller iphone. Single spacing means more text on the screen. 3) force sync button for when I'm going to a place with no internet and I want to be sure it's in the cloud before I leave. 4) compact list view of notes. I just want to see title, not snippets of the note. This way the list can be longer and I don't have to scroll so much. Thank you for a great app. Please update. I want to commit to this app and pay my share, please!!

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    Nice app with good features

    Trying this note app out and so far I am liking it. It has some nice editing features that the others I have used don’t have so I am enjoying that. Things like being able to reorder a list by drag and drop are surprisingly helpful. Making folders by simply dragging one or more notes on top of each other is a great idea. So far so good.

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    Love this so far

    I prefer this to PenCake, Bear, and Evernote. This app is much more sleek and modern. I just bought the premium version which has more features and I like it so far. Evernote costs more and is very clunky. The sync between my MacBook and phone is smooth. I just need a few things: font colors, ability to change fonts within the notes, ability to change the size of the notes (I want to be able to drag the corners and size them myself), and Face ID! These features would propel this app to the top of all notes apps.

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    Amazing app but its missing 1 thing

    I love using noto for all my school and work needs. It works seamlessly between all of my Apple devices which I love. The only issue not only I have, with this app is that I can not use my Apple Pencil with it, which is a limitation to anyone using an iPad, now that all iPads are Apple Pencil compatible. There are many note taking apps out there but this one aesthetically I enjoy so I wanna stick with it, but if Apple Pencil compatibility doesn’t get added eventually imma have to move on to a different app.

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    Great experience, and promising updates

    Great App & Design. Many bugs and issues were fixed with the 2.0 release and there have been steady updates since then. UI design and core features are really good. It’s a really solid productivity app. Saying it’s a “notes app” is an understatement since there’s so many features. By the way, the math equation tool uses KaTeX to display the math equations. Look up the documentation on KaTeX and you can unlock a lot of really amazing things with this app on that alone.

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    My favorite app

    This is currently my favorite app, period. It’s almost perfect, but there are two things that I wish would be addressed: 1. Make it easier to indent checklists by dragging the entry to the right or left, like Google Keep. I make a lot of lists and having to access the menu to indent every time I want to create a subcategory is tedious. 2. Moving notes into folders is very finicky and the folders constantly jump around. It’s frustrating to say the least.

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    This is definitely the best notes app on phone (cause I haven't tried Noto on my iPad yet). Loooove the simple and clean UI and the motion anime. My favorite is the smooth moving sentences around and the highliThe only thing I can ask for would be enabling on the checklist drop for completed items. Pleeeese make an update on this feature and I can say goodbye to my default Notes XD

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    Amazing UI. Simple. Powerful. Best note app available?

    Noto will be replacing Evernote and Apple Notes. Noto provides everything I need for not and file management. And it’s gorgeous. Plus, incredible value!! Really impressive solution considering it’s new.

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    Not up there with Google Docs yet...

    You can’t add photos or videos without Pro?! And neither can you export as a PDF without Pro. I mean seriously? Those are like the two things that you need to take good notes! i would rather use Google Docs or notability. Also, when you scroll, its kinda’ annoying when the text does the springs action. I wish that it would just scroll normally instead of acting like jello...

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    Spell checker

    Stunning UX and animations. But it doesn’t have the system spell checker and Look Up features. How’s that? I don’t need a custom sleek menu if it comes to the system-wise features. Please put it back. Another thing, I’m a little suspicious when it comes to the Privacy. Website says not much about what kind of data is used and how exactly. All those standard phrases don’t add a lot.

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    Cute but crashes

    Very cute! There are a few limitations, but my main problem with this app is that it frequently crashes. Aesthetically, it looks nice and is easy to type in. For some reason though, it crashes a LOT. I have sent in crash logs, but it’s not super convenient. Will still probably keep using but might look for something more stable l as well.

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    Love the idea and the detail of this app, it does enough for all sorts of ideas, projects, and reminders for your goals, daily life and it’s very easy on the eyes. Lastly it’s cross platform for all of your iPhone devices.

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Is Noto - Elegant Note Safe?

Yes. Noto - Elegant Note is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 652 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Noto - Elegant Note Is 63.9/100.

Is Noto - Elegant Note Legit?

Yes. Noto - Elegant Note is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 652 Noto - Elegant Note User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Noto - Elegant Note Is 63.9/100.

Is Noto - Elegant Note not working?

Noto - Elegant Note works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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