Portal: Escape Into Nature Reviews

Portal: Escape Into Nature Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-03

Imagine being able to transport yourself to some of the most peaceful and
awe-inspiring places on the planet, whenever you need to focus, sleep or
unwind. That’s the experience we’ve set out to create with Portal,
combining immersive 3D sounds, ultra-high definition motion visuals and P...

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Portal: Escape Into Nature Reviews

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    Worth it

    This app is amazing. Some background: I am ADHD and so I can always find distractions even when there aren’t any. I once caught myself admiring a table instead of reading my textbook. My way to minimize this had been music, but I hadn’t found ambiance that wasn’t distracting and lasted for a while. Portal fixes both of these problems. Especially once you open up the full library, the sounds it provides are amazing and perfect for helping you focus or escape. All of it’s sounds are amazing and I’ve gotten a real boost in efficiency thanks to the app. My only wish is for more sounds. The 14 they provide are all very effective and neat, but I’m very tempted to ask for more. For instance: they provide mainly nature sounds form around the world. Maybe one or two city (I’m a suburb boy) soundscapes would be interesting. Also, maybe another synthesized sound scape like the whale or jellyfish would be nice. But I absolutely love the app and I recommend it much more than the others that charge a subscription fee

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    It's good, but need some voiceover accessibility improvements.

    The sounds are really awesome in this app, good job. Also good job for implementing airplay support to HomePods at Cetera, that just makes things sound a lot more realistic. I like that when you open the app, the app plays the last sound you were listening to, no need to select from a list. I also like the background activity, and the mix with other apps feature, because I can listen to audio books or meditations from another app while listening to this app as well. The only thing I would ask for is better VoiceOver support. I am able to navigate through the list of sounds, and figure out basic things in the app, but I can't use other features like the timer, the breathing exercises you provided in the app, and the sleep alarm function. Other than that, good app for listening to relaxing sounds while I am listening to a book, or other meditations, etc.

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    Amazing features: exactly what I wanted

    I almost never write reviews, but after the most recent 2.0 update I just feel the need to. This app is perfect. The last two things it needed was Siri Shortcuts and the promised syncing with Hue lights, and the developers have delivered. I haven’t been so happy to update an app in a while, and just getting my shortcuts and automations exactly how I want them has been a dream. Thank you so much to the whole Portals team, I can’t wait to see what you do next. I also can’t wait until my alarm goes off tomorrow morning to hear the sound of a Thai beach and have my lights all come on at just the right color. Seems way better than waking up to music, I’ll tell you that.

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    Beautiful app!!!! In sound, design, and videos!!

    I love this app, and I literally just opened it for the first time. I immediately bought the premium sounds, because how could I not?? The one thing I works really, really need though is other breathing exercise options, and not just the 1:1 ratio. For my vocal chord dysfunction, my speech therapist instructed me specifically to avoid 1:1 as it's inefficient and to use 1:3 or 2:6. It would be nice to have serval options or the ability to choose. Basically for what I've learned in speech therapy and also yoga is that the exhale always has to be longer than the inhale. I hope it's possible to add this feature! Thank you so much for making such an aesthetically pleasing and sounding app.

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    Absolutely Marvelous!!

    It is very difficult to find a good meditation app that will help you relax. This app gives you very soothing sounds from all over the globe, and to get the full version, you only have to pay 3.99$. Other apps make you pay from 60$-120$ each year! I really enjoyed using this app and I recommend it to everyone across the globe. This app helps me relax when I’m anxious, calm down when I’m angry, and when I’m on any type of transportation, I use this app. It is overall an amazing app and I wish they had more apps like these on the App Store.

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    A must-have app!

    I love listening to nature soundscapes and I have several apps for this already. But since I discovered Portal, it’s the only one of its kind that I use. The free soundscapes are great - and paying a few bucks for additional soundscapes is a no-brainer. Portal has a setting that lets you mix their sounds with other apps and so lately I’ve been mixing nature sounds with music, audiobooks, and podcasts. I love adding this additional depth to my listening experience - especially to audiobooks or quiet, ambient music. I love this app!

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    Wonderful App... But One Suggestion

    Perhaps most importantly, this app *works* very well. The Hue integration is seamless and it is very intuitive. The idea is solid and has a lot of room to grow in the future with more portals. The one time payment model is far favorable to a subscription. That said, it would be very useful to be able to control multiple rooms’ lights simultaneously, like Living Room and Bedroom, to spread the ambiance, especially in smaller living spaces. Otherwise, great app and lots of room to grow!

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    Such a wonderful app!

    The developers didn’t such a great job with the app! Even just scrolling through menus and options is a joy to use, the interface is extremely well designed! So many apps have boring blank interfaces and this one balances simplicity with a sleek futuristic design that’s not overwhelming. The sounds and clips are very high quality and nice to watch. The integration with Hue is so cool and a great idea. I love using this app for mediation and background sounds while working. The only thing I would add is more color/brightness effects with hue lights when you use this feature. I would love to see my lights react to changing scenery (maybe even add an apple tv version). Nevertheless this app absolutely worth keeping on your phone. Can’t wait to see what else they add, well done!

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    Surreal Soundscapes

    While there may be a ton of apps like this on the App Store, I’ll go ahead and say that this one is by far my favorite. The soundscapes are so detailed and have so much movement that it actually seems like you’re surrounded by the scene. I can put on my headphones and become completely engulfed by the sounds. The app itself is very beautifully designed as well, something a lot of other apps fall short on. I hope the Hue integration comes shortly!

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    Fantastic as a nightstand

    This app is just plain awesome! Great functionality, wonderful options....and superb customer service. I couldn’t find the auto lock feature (look for the gear icon and you’ll find it), so I sent them some feedback with that as a suggestion. They reached out to me within hours, showed me where to find it and couldn’t have been more helpful. I plan to use this app for a long time! Thank you!

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    Excellent app. Loaded with features. Huge file size though

    Love it. Only problem is it’s file size. It’s 500mgs. If space is a issue for you then you may want to seriously consider uninstalling a few things first as this is a must have. Wish the developers could’ve done something about the file size but considering how beautiful the app is and how crispy the UI runs, looks and feels it all makes sense.

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    Wonderful visual design and aural experience.

    As a fan of nature recordings and ambient music, it is pleasing to use this app, especially with a mix option. I will just leave a few feedback. Adding a few more breathing exercises options on the ESCAPE tab would be great. like Box breathing, 478 breathing. this could be personal preference, also adding interval chimes would be a great option for users who love mindfulness meditation. Keep up good work!

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    Love this app

    I happened to stumble on this app in the “Apps for Working from Home and Staying at Home” editors story, and am I glad I did!!! I’ve always loved sounds to fall asleep to or calm me, and this does exactly that. Quality sound (I love listening on my headphones) and lots of choices. I bought the in app purchase for more, and it was well worth the money (only 4.99 I think?). Absolutely love the Philips Hue integration.

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    The Best of iOS

    This is the experience that iOS apps should deliver. This app feels so polished and smooth both in UI and intuitiveness. The Philips Hue integration is perfect and I hope you take this even further. The only thing that is missing is an Apple TV app which would really help with the immersion. I hope you create more iOS experiences like this because this is truly what makes this device magical.

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    Great for relaxing!

    This app is well worth the cost! Of the 14 “portals”...I have enjoyed them all! I look forward to whatever new ones may be coming in the future! I will say that the two that are more music based than just sound...are quickly becoming two of my favorites! I hope to see more music ones as time goes on!

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Is Portal: Escape Into Nature Safe?

Yes. Portal: Escape Into Nature is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,743 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Portal: Escape Into Nature Is 91.5/100.

Is Portal: Escape Into Nature Legit?

Yes. Portal: Escape Into Nature is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,743 Portal: Escape Into Nature User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Portal: Escape Into Nature Is 91.5/100.

Is Portal: Escape Into Nature not working?

Portal: Escape Into Nature works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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