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Whether you’re a residential or a business customer, the Southwest Gas app enables you to effortlessly pay your bill, receive outage updates and review statements on the go.

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Self-service has never been easier. With new features that are easy to navigate, you’ll easily stay in control of your account. Manage your gas usage, costs and manage payments, whether you’re a residential or a business customer. You’ll be able to: • Start, Stop or Transfer service • Save debit/credit card information for quick and easy one-time payments • View and export gas usage and billing history • Compare current and previous year usage • Link multiple accounts including residential and business • Manage Automatic Payment Plan (APP) and Equal Payment Plan (EPP) • Receive outage notifications and get the latest restoration updates

Top Reviews

By Mrsdmr

Customer service

I had a payment returned by my bank. As a result I had a deposit billed to my account. I couldn’t afford to pay it. I called southwest gas and talked with an agent. She was one of the nicest people. I’ve never been late on a bill or had one returned. She waved the deposit fee. I am endlessly grateful to this woman for showing compassion to me. Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU.

By Mojavegreen1

Recmended improvemens

Over all the app is good. It could be better. The addition of receiving a status on any service call would be nice so we can tell the eta’s the status of a service request etc. but for basic needs and billing its good.

By Glendolph

Easy Peasy. So much better than “Passy Gassy”.

Who doesn’t like easy? Well, unless we’re talking about women. A little mystery is good there. Then again, who is so bored with there life that they actually take time to write a review about a utility app? I am!!!

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