Southwest Gas Reviews

Southwest Gas Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-31

About: Self-service has never been easier. With new features that are easy to navigate,
you’ll easily stay in control of your account.

About Southwest Gas

Manage your gas usage, costs and manage payments, whether you’re a residential or a business customer.

With new features that are easy to navigate, you’ll easily stay in control of your account.

Self-service has never been easier.


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Key Benefits of Southwest Gas

- Easy to use

- Convenient

- Amazing customer service

- Quick response time

- Notified of things to expect during COVID-19

20 Southwest Gas Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Great service/ App

I love the SWG app it is easy to use and extremely convenient. Also their customer service is amazing they are friendly and patient. My issue was explained to me and handled very quickly and the gentleman I spoke to was super nice and also notified me of things to be expected during this covid-19 mess! Thank you SWG for taking care of your customers in this scary time.


Needs Work

So SWG, like so many other corporate money-worshippers today, didn’t invest in beta testing to make SouthwestGas more friendly. They changed my id number with little notification and they don’t have a separate tech support for problems. I’m finally using SouthwestGas and My Account and noticed that they try to trick you into paperless billing. I unchecked that box, because I like to control the date money is taken out of MY bank account. My monthly bill went up $8. during the summer, without honest information. I assume the Utilities Commission let them raise so drastically to cover the new app, plus the usual punishment of Americans who dare to use energy resources meant for the environmentalists with their private jets. Also, impossible to erase the notification button after reading message.


Southwest Gas App / conversion to new system

Tried to change the amount, could NOT do it.
#2 On your online payment, I deleted a previously erroneous account and continued on thru the payment system. The payment was made to the account that I just deleted, not the one that was input by me. LOOK into that - IT problem.
#3 with your new conversion back in June, an erroneous bank account was added to my account. Caused many problems for me because I did not notice it until I received non-payment notice. Not sure how this happened to my account.
Thank you.


Broken meter

Their meter was broken for 3 months and tells me that i had to pay an outrageous amount for usage that i didnt even use.
The rep said that they compared it to last years usage. But i barely moved in 7 months ago. And they are charging me for usage that i never used. I have a small 2+1 house with electric heaters in each room.
Totally ridiculous.
They should at least go off the current weekly usage and then multiply by 4 weeks to get their payment. At least that would be somewhat fair.
I disputed this, but did no good. Southwest gas co is a rip off. Reps are also inconsiderate. Only one person out the whole company tried to help me. But still, couldn't gain any triumph.



I would like for it to be a little more user friendly & visually easy to read. The breakdown of the balance owed & any past due amount is not easy to identify separately. If the common phrase “past due” was referenced & the amount colored coded red, it would be better to decipher. Also, when selecting your saved payment method, you must swipe through screens before the information is displayed. It would save time if that that selection was up front on the payment screen.
Thank you


I’ve loved it until this last update

This is a great way to pay, love SouthwestGas . EXCEPT with the new update, when I go to pay and select the payment form, they don’t let you see the last 4 digits of your bank account. I have 2 different accounts with BofA saved so I can’t use SouthwestGas to pay because I don’t know which account it will actually come out of. So SouthwestGas is mostly useless to me now. If you only have one account, this would be great.


Customer service

I had a payment returned by my bank. As a result I had a deposit billed to my account. I couldn’t afford to pay it. I called southwest gas and talked with an agent. She was one of the nicest people. I’ve never been late on a bill or had one returned. She waved the deposit fee. I am endlessly grateful to this woman for showing compassion to me. Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU.



Every single time I simply try to set up my account the system errors a ton of times and completely stops working!!!!!!!!!! Before I downloaded SouthwestGas I couldn’t even press the “create account” button because your app was down for weeks!!!!! Now I’m redoing it and to verify my account the email link doesn’t even work! It says error and now I still cannot log on. The amount of time I’ve wasted on just trying to make an account is absolutely absurd I cannot believe this even has any ratings because SouthwestGas NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER WORKS


Sw gas app is great!

They have done very well in making SouthwestGas extremely easy to use, Paying your bill takes less than 5 minutes now. I Wish all the other utility companies would do the same.


Billing info is inconsistent

I’ve logged in several weeks ago to make my payment and was showing that I had a credit of $134 for an over payment that I made and then a week later it showed I had a bill due of over $254 and now after almost 2 weeks of trying to get in touch with an associate to find out what happened to my credit I see my bill is $154! very inaccurate and misleading billing information it makes me question the integrity of my bills accuracy. I have screen shots of everything!


Terrible app

I have never had so many problems with SW Gas until I moved into my new house. I’ve been enrolled in APP on the second day of living here. The first payment was never automatically debited. I called and after 75 minutes of hold time, the person said it wasn’t set up in time despite that it was clearly labeled on SouthwestGas that I set it up. Once again, the payment wasn’t deducted on the due date. I log in and it says I’m not enrolled in SouthwestGas . It’s beyond infuriating that I’ve had nothing but trouble.


Easy Peasy. So much better than “Passy Gassy”.

Who doesn’t like easy? Well, unless we’re talking about women. A little mystery is good there.

Then again, who is so bored with there life that they actually take time to write a review about a utility app?

I am!!!



When you pay with other apps they do not charge you but when you use your own app to make a payment they charge this is horrible absolutely ridiculous any time when you pay utility bill you shouldn’t be charged a fee but then again you guys are greedy and your app is horrible it’s too hard to navigate took me 45 minutes to figure it out you should make your app more friendly.


Poor Service

The customer service is terrible on the phone. The girl I talked to sounded about 12 years old and was so unhelpful. She was curt and rude. Maybe your company should be more diligent in finding better employees


It’s still buggy, but improved

The UI has improved vastly and it’s easy to use and understand, however SouthwestGas freezes or lags constantly. It took me several attempts to login, it’s getting there!


Poor co service

I came from another state and the gas service there was so easy all bills were paid on the same day of your choice not like this co. This is so unfair having payday on the 5 or 20 I could have auto pay set to one of those days but this co will not do that because of how bad it’s run all other power co will happy set up so they get paid monthly on a day that won’t cause a bounced check


Retracted my DEPOSIT???

I have had this service for 2 yrs. I received notice that my deposit was refunded to me be but then reversed??!! That I need to pay 12 consecutive on time payments before I get my deposit back. I have paid on time since the start..Even paid twice a month to have credit just so I would never be late!! I still have credit and paid 16 payments in a row “on time” since November 2019. Seriously??!!


We’re living in the Millennium step down from that buggy!

Why on Earth are we still paying by phone or check, and being charged a convenience fee if we use a credit card? NOBODY on earth under age 70 has any use for checks. And I pay every bill I have even medical and dental with my credit card and have for 20 something years now. Come on guys get with the program, really!


New app version

The payment flow is cumbersome. To select a stored payment you have to select stored payment then it goes to a new screen then select a stored payment then go back to the payment flow then the “agreement disclaimer” select check box is below the fold so you are not aware until you hit submit then it alerts you to select it.


Would give 5 stars but…

SouthwestGas constantly tells me I have a notification. I DO NOT have a notification. Never would have thought that stupid red dot on my app would annoy me so much, but it does! Update SouthwestGas to make it go away!!!!


Recmended improvemens

Over all SouthwestGas is good. It could be better. The addition of receiving a status on any service call would be nice so we can tell the eta’s the status of a service request etc. but for basic needs and billing its good.


Horrible App Don’t waste your time

The asks for the account holder’s name and account number, but when it’s entered an error message pops up saying that the account information could not be validated in their system. A toll free number is given to call on for help, however when you call there is no option to speak to anyone about issues with SouthwestGas , and the normal customer service agent are also unable to help. Total waste of time!



Glad to finally see an app. So far no complaints. Able to make payments and see bill history. Pretty basic but that’s really all I need.


Fast and efficient.

I loved seeing my bill and paying it on my desktop computer before, but now it is even faster on my iPhone! Very nice.


Great site

So fast and easy to find payment due and make payment, wish it was this easy with my water company. Thank you


I love this option!

I’m great full to have the option to immediately on line as well as to receive txt alerts


Mr Bohn

Their professionalism and willingness to help is a big plus when your dealing with a one check family thanks for realizing that kindness goes a long ways.


Completely useless now.

IDK what happened but now I can’t pay my bill through SouthwestGas . It tells me to update SouthwestGas to the most current version but it IS updated and it takes me to another app called “test flight”. That app won’t even open, I tried deleting and reinstalling SouthwestGas and it’s still prompting me to update.


Thank you thank you!

Easy to get account info and see and pay bill.


Easiest way to pay and fast/secure

Is there an easier way to pay your gas bill? Oh, no.



Are used my app to make a payment to Southwest gas company. It was very easy and quick to do. Thank you


First time S.W. Gas customer

SouthwestGas is easy to use stays up to date accurate information

Is Southwest Gas Safe?

No. Southwest Gas does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 62,932 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Southwest Gas Is 13.7/100.

Is Southwest Gas Legit?

No. Southwest Gas does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 62,932 Southwest Gas User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Southwest Gas Is 57.3/100..

Is Southwest Gas not working?

Southwest Gas works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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