Lysn Reviews

Lysn Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-07

About: Make your day more special with a message like a gift from your favorite
idol! Start bubble right now and don't miss out on special private messages
between you and your favorite idol! -------------- [Service Overview] 01.
Favorite Idol's Everyday Story Receive a special everyday message from the
artist who calls your name.

About Lysn

What is Lysn? The app is called "Bubble" and it allows users to receive special messages from their favorite idols. Users can receive everyday messages, dedicated content, and even reply to their idols with messages filled with encouragement and love. The app also features special anniversary dates between users and their idols, as well as the ability to chat in different languages. The app offers optional access to contacts, photo gallery, camera, and mic. There are also subscription products available for users to select artists to receive bubble messages from.



- Receive special everyday messages from favorite idols

- See dedicated content sent directly from artists

- Reply to artists with messages filled with encouragement and love

- See special anniversary dates between users and their idols

- Chat in different languages

- Optional access to contacts, photo gallery, camera, and mic

- Subscription products available to select artists to receive bubble messages from

- Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts for Bubble

- Terms of Use and Privacy Policy available for users to read

- Questions and suggestions can be sent to [email protected].

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Key Benefits of Lysn

• Allows fans to communicate with their favorite idols

• Cute way to interact with artists

• Company policy states they will not tolerate offensive comments or bullying

20 Lysn Reviews

2.8 out of 5


LYSN allows unchecked bullying & harassment

When I originally joined the this app app I expected to have a good time interacting with my fav kpop group, EXO. this app CLAIMS that bullying and harassment of artists will not be tolerated on their app, but they are not enforcing their own policies. In the last few months since Kim Jongdae announced his engagement, antis have relentlessly spammed EXO’s community board petitioning for him to leave the group. These toxic people have left violent threats for him and his family members. Yet, this app has allowed these people who spew their toxic words on the board to remain for months now. Star chatting with another EXO member, Kai, was recently announced and a person who has been repeatedly posting toxic posts aimed at Chen is now boasting on Twitter that they’ve been approved to be one of the people chatting with Kai. This is absolutely ridiculous. this app should be BANNING all of the people who are harassing artists on Lysn . The majority of those posting toxic content are ‘ACE’ members who have paid for extra content which means y’all know their information.


Filled with toxic and abusive comments

Even though the company’s policy states they will not tolerate offensive comments or bullying— Lysn is FILLED with harassment of artists, along with toxic and abusive comments. More specifically, harassment targeting EXO’s Chen. In January of this year, he announced he’s getting married to his girlfriend, and they’re having a baby. Most of the EXO-Ls were happy to hear the news! But, the few fans that were not happy started harassing Chen through the this app app. Commenting the most disrespectful things: Like how Chen should leave EXO because he’s getting married, how they won’t support EXO as long as Chen’s in the group, or how that he disrespected the other members of EXO and the EXO-L by getting married (um... WHAT...?), etc..
And, despite all this hate, this app has done NOTHING to remove those comments or those hateful people from Lysn ...
So, me and the rest of the (real) fans are downright confused by this, and disappointed beyond words... Please, listen. Seriously, FIX YOUR APP AND POLICIES.


Toxic communities

At first, I was excited about downloading Lysn because I support several artists. But I found that one of the communities is being flooded with death threats, racism, bullying, and degrading comments not only towards the artist but to the fans who support the artist. I have personally reported these individuals multiple times, but I have seen no actions taken to prevent them from remaining in Lysn . Lysn promised that these behaviors would not be tolerated, but yet I keep seeing the same individuals continuing to leave such awful and corrupted comments. It has been months and no action has been taken to provide a healthy fan community. I had to stop opening Lysn because it damaged my mental and physical health. Please go through your own policies and deny these individuals from using your app. Actual fans of the artist are unable to connect and communicate because of these individuals.



I see a lot of 5 star reviews of people saying they’re only doing it bc Jisung said to “show love” to Lysn but if I’m being honest, it’s not very good for international fans. There’s still a character limit for texts (I can’t even type half a sentence before I hit the limit) and obviously the screenshot disabling function is a bit annoying. I understand that all message content from artists are paid content but I mean paying for bubble in general is already a bit ridiculous. Lysn basically is like free platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Weibo just disguised as a messaging app. Not to mention some community boards are just straight up toxic and sometimes have bullying and harassment comments on there. I mean if we’re gonna rate Lysn at least be honest about it.


Despicable, toxic community for artist and fans

I expected Lysn to be a good time for me to share with my favorite group EXO and the exols who love them. Instead, it has been used to not only demean the actual EXO members, Kim Jongdae specifically, and to ostracize those in the fandom who are not ace members (which is the majority, since we are international fans and have no need for the ace membership perks). The fact that Lysn has been a breeding ground for the toxic fans to discuss and carry out their harassment strategies on Kim Jongdae of EXO, even so far as defaming him in his hometown, and those in charge of Lysn have done nothing to assuage this behavior proves to me Lysn needs to be taken down. This is a man’s life, the lives of his wife and child are at stake, and it’s unacceptable.


You have guidelines. Please enforce them

An artist on your platform has been receiving death threats, sexual harassment, target of false information, and even has had his personal info leaked on your platform. Last I checked, this platform has rules and guidelines, as well as the personal information of its consumers. Use it.
Your consumers are committing a crime every day, yet you have failed to implement your own guidelines by putting them on suspension or even cancelling their account.
If I could give Lysn a truthful rating it would be at a zero for it’s management’s negligence in protecting their consumer’s rights, as well as refusing to take action when faced with actual crimes that violate a private citizen’s privacy (the artist’s fiancée)


Isn’t it a bit inconsiderate?

Well you know, you have English speaking fans of idols too, not just KOR / CHN / JPN. Which means 30 characters doesn’t do sh... for us anglophones. It’s bad enough that any of us can only send 3 messages no matter how long it’s been since the idol texted, but the fact that you haven’t adapted the character limit to account for the fact that 30 characters in an east Asian language is a LOT more than 30 characters in Roman alphabet. Take the time to do the math and increase the character limit to FAIRLY accommodate foreigners by making romanized limit proportionate to what it is for Kfans. Our money is precious too.



its been glitching alot lately…its normally pretty good and kind of just like a regular social media wld be but recently its been weird? sending community notifs VERY late and often times it says theres a bubble message from an artists in a notification, but then it just isn't there?


Comments - Community Guidelines

While this is a great app for many to interact with their artists and many do use it, I am appalled by how hate comments are still allowed within the community. This should be a safe space for both artists and fans. Yet when it is brought to the forefront nothing is being handled. By doing nothing to stop this it shows me that hate speech, racism, slander, death threats and so much more are allowed within this community and I cannot nor will I stand by that. I deleted Lysn and will continuing giving bad ratings until something is done about this very serious issue.


Jisung Bestie If You See This Let Me Know

Hi everyone make sure to stream Hello Future, the title track off of NCT Dream’s first repackage by the same name. Jisung told me to show this app some love even though Lysn has literally no business being so poo poo towards international fans who pay the same subscription 💚 Jisung these 5 stars are for you, I hope you’re thriving right now 😌✨


Lysn is not a safe environment

when I first downloaded Lysn, I thought it was a safe place for me to connect with my community. But that was the furthest thing from the truth. I have seen too many malicious posts and comments, spreading hate and sending death threats. I don’t think a public app for people’s everyday use and enjoyment should allow bullying and putting people’s lives in danger. I hope this app knows that we will not stop standing up for what is right and be silenced until they resolve this really important issue. Take action and protect your artists.


Admins get paid for this?

How is it possible to let hate and filth run rampant in the posts, which is clearly against the terms and conditions? Anyone leaving hateful comments should be kicked out and IP banned. We are constantly reporting and nothing is done. It’s really disgusting and harmful to both fans and idols who have to see this kind of harassment. Not to mention international fans don’t truly have any benefit by becoming ace members, but that’s a story for another day. I’m an ace member but I don’t see myself renewing if the moderators and creators of Lysn do not fix what has become a toxic waste hole.


does not uphold its community guidelines

It’s rules clearly state not to disrespect idols however Lysn itself takes no action to uphold these rules. A countless number of profiles that continually insult, ridicule, spread malicious rumors and even threaten and leak private information of idols are still allowed to still post. One such profile that has done such acts even was allowed to take part of a specula chatting event with an idol. Why should fans pay for something that continuously allows their idols to be ridiculed and threatened on a platform without retaliation or consequences for breaking the community guidelines.


Artist x Fan reply

I love being able to communicate to the idol and I think they feel it’s nice too.
Many of our idols have said they wish they could respond to fans individually through bubble so I wish that some sort of arrangement would be done
*since the prices for bubble have also risen


Character Limit

Lysn is wonderful, but it would be even better if the character limit could be increased. I know a lot of fans have a lot to say to their idols, and the character limit given doesn’t really allow for that. Other than that, I give a A+ !


A cute idea

It’s a cute way to interact with artists just find better ways to protect them from hateful comments. Although some things involving the ace subscription is annoying but i already pay for bubble so it’s ok.


LYSN bubble deceives consumers

this app bubble automatically charged me 3.99 USD every months since September 2021, however I haven’t gotten any bubble messages from SM artist Lucas Wong since then. There are also no words regarding when he will return. Why Lysn keeps charging me ?

What’s more, Racism, Abuse, Harassment are seen on WayV community page while this app & SM entertainment let it all happen. Lysn was supposed to be a place to communicate with idols and fans, but it's been misused by some against Lucas of WayV


Notifications always off

Whenever an artist comments on a post, my notifications are always late and I can’t even get a notification when an artist comments under my own post. I had to find out through other fans?

Please fix this since i see a lot of people complaining. Be considerate of your users please!


Needs to allow more characters when interacting with the idols

We’re paying to talk to our idols but with little characters, it’s hard to talk to them. Adding a few more characters would be beneficial similar to at least a tweet


Toxic & unsafe environment

Lysn continues to allow targeted harassment & bullying. It hosts a toxic & unsafe environment, without any consequences or actions to correct said behavior. It continues to allow users who engage in such behavior to use its platform & there are no signs of it getting any better. Aside from this, I can never get Lysn to open & stay open. It’s so slow. It always times out & I'm never able to send any comments or posts in. Absolutely do not recommend the use of this app.


delayed notifications

I have my notifications on but I receive them like ten minutes after a post?


Profile pic and verification

Lysn is really good except it won't let me have profile pictures and is not sending me a verification email for my account. :(


U.S shipping

Do you guys ship to the U.S because I want to purchase an ACE membership? Also is it too late to get the ACE membership? If I order the ACE membership can I still get the welcome kit? How long will it take to get the welcome kit?


Here for EXO

pretty good, didn’t encounter much problems. using Lysn only for the EXO community but i wish it wasn’t so slow. other than that it’s an okay app.


I can’t post a profile photo

Why can’t I?


I love red velvet!!

the first official Red velvet fan club register app through this app!! it better be good


Works very slowly

It doesn’t work instantly and always gets hang. I have to shut down and open it many times why it does like that *FIX IT* 😡😡😡


stan nct and wayv

apparently the registration doesn’t work for some people but it worked for me and i love it! i mainly got this for wayv so i could see their interactions 🥺


Verification code

Need to fix the problem about the verification code because I haven’t gotten one


ACE membership?

How do you become an ACE member? They don’t provide clear instructions on how to and it’s very annoying. Other than that, it’s pretty ok.


Stream moonwalk

I just want to talk to wayv but uh stream moonwalk


just for wayv

i’m coming hendery



Lysn won’t even open for me
That’s a big problem!


리슨 진짜 미쳤냐?

이게 어플이야? 이게 팬클럽 어플이냐고 유료 회원 가입했는데 왜 가입한 커뮤니티가 없대? 진짜 돌았냐?



일단 알림이 잘 안오구요.. 멤버들 글만 보고 싶은데 사용자별 글 모아보기나 알림 설정할 수 있게 해주시고 올라온 사진이랑 영상 저장 가능하게 해주시면 안될까요...?

Is Lysn Safe?

Yes. Lysn is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,015 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Lysn Is 52.5/100.

Is Lysn Legit?

Yes. Lysn is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,015 Lysn User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Lysn Is 100/100..

Is Lysn not working?

Lysn works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

Lysn benefits

- Price: Varies depending on the number of artist subscriptions purchased

- Period: Monthly, automatically renewed

- Features:

1. Select artists to receive bubble messages from according to the number of artist subscription coupons purchased

2. Receive bubbles sent directly from the artist of your choice.

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