Quadpay: Buy Now, Pay Later Reviews

Quadpay: Buy Now, Pay Later Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-17

Quadpay gives savvy shoppers more freedom and flexibility with our buy now, pay
later platform. It’s a smarter way to stretch your funds. SPLIT ANY PURCHASE
IN 4 Shop your favorite brands and pay with your linked account in 4
installments over 6 weeks. Get approved instantly, with no ap...

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Quadpay: Buy Now, Pay Later Reviews

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    Easy & effective payment method

    I am a huge fan of all of these alternative method options (afterpay, sezzle & now quadpay) in today’s world, the primary consumer is burdened by overwhelming student loans and often times pays more towards that balance per month than they do for a mortgage or car payment, so it’s a relief to have options for large purchases. I like that quadpay has a vast variety of top retailers available to use their program with, but it does not come without a cost (hence the 4 stars) the only reason that QP didn’t get 5 stars is due to the $1 fee on each scheduled payment. Afterpay/sezzle does not do this, but they link directly to ones credit or debit card vs. quad pay which utilizes an interim unique credit card number specific to your account/transaction & QP has a lot more “mainstream” retailers than its competitors, so I can see how the $1 would be justified but it does seem a bit steep. I’d recommend trying to get the retailers to foot some of that $1/scheduled payment as they will almost certainly see some incremental sales volume, as a direct result of being listed on QPs site, especially as QP grows in popularity. Even $.50/scheduled payment seems much more reasonable. Just a thought! Either way- very efficient and effective, quick - easy to use and little information collected. Great job overall!

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    Fraudulent App

    I’ve spent around $1000 total this year through this app, so far, and have been enjoying its flexibility up until now. I tried to order through Sephora 5 days ago and kept receiving an error message after submitting the order - then quadpay charged me for my first payment of $48 - normally you can cancel a transaction however the app has very limited options and it wasn’t appearing. It’s been 5 days and I have only received automated responses and two times they sent the same response - proving you can’t talk to an actual person. Therefore no one is reading what I’m actually saying in my message. So now I am currently stuck with paying $200 for items that I will not be receiving as they were never properly ordered or processed through Sephora. I have recently received a message stating that I need to go through Sephora to resolve this however neither my beauty insider account or their info proves that an order was processed because of the error with payment - and since quadpay does not have actual people responding to you - I don’t see this being resolved unless I cancel my card and claim fraudulent on their part because that’s what this is beginning to feel like. BEWARE THIS APP. If something goes wrong or there is a glitch on their part they will NOT help you - and keep your money! Check the better business bureaus website as there are many other people struggling with their complete lack of customer service!!

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    Poor service

    This app would be great if it worked the way it was intended to. I initially use QuadPay for a purchase with primitive and everything went great. I downloaded the app signed up for the card and was on the waiting list. While on the list I used QuadPay through primitive again with no issues. I was able to pay both off no problems. Once I was approved for the QuadPay card I had issues tried to make a purchase at Under Armour and the payment only processed for part of the purchase amount. I couldn’t get the QuadPay app to work so I called Under Armour and canceled the order. They said they will issue the refund. The 3 days Under Armour said it would take for the refund to issue passed and I got an email saying it was issued successfully. QuadPay hasn’t issued my refund for the initial payment, my card was taken away and I was put back on the waiting list. I tried to use the automated messaging system to solve the issue but that didn’t happen. I was prompted to send an email for further support, so I did. It has been almost a week with no response, or refund. Also the QuadPay app now says I’m denied the card and must try again In 30 days. This is unbelievable 4 payed off purchases through this company and one currently open, but they take the card and say I’m denied? I don’t get it. I really did like this company and the app the ability to use it anywhere is great, but now I don’t know if I will even try to use it again.

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    Guys...Come on...

    READ BEFORE YOU SIGN UP!! Found this app and from the reviews and info supplied above it seemed like it could be a good thing to try, especially with the holidays around the corner. I downloaded and signed up with my personal info in the most recent version of the app. Even went so far as to add a payment method and awaited the “you’re account is ready to use now shop!” Like it exclaims above...simple...easy...shopping with payments. But, I received instead a message saying, “due to the popularity of the app, we can’t accept you currently, but keep an eye out and we’ll send you an email when you can join...or feel free to try and retry in a month or so.” First reaction is “whaaaa? ok” then more like “okay so you enticed me to simply sign up and get started today” only to slap me with a “hey! Isn’t it great?! were super popular at the moment so we can’t have you in the club but thanks for signing up with your details...maybe soon we’ll have a spot..maybe a month. Up to you to check back. Yay us!” Guys...come on. I get the trending join or waitlist for early access marketing and even the classic old Facebook invite only tactics that some are still clinging to..but, not disclosing anything in the details above saying something about it? Even the same semi pompous gloat message would do. Well hopefully this will reach a few would be applicants ahead of time to save them the dumbfounded expression I had moments ago.

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    So I downloaded this app and used it when they first got started. So here was my experience I went online to purchase some Ugg’s that were about $250 I went directly to the UGG site upon checkout it asked if I wanted to use quad pay at the time I knew nothing about the app but what I did know was that I would be able to break my payments up into 4 installments. Now I was like surly there’s a catch or watch I end up getting charged something extra down the road it just seemed too good to be true. Well my purchase came in the mail and I was able to do the four installment payments. It was smooth and easy. So recently I wanted to order some items for pick up at Walmart and I noticed quad pay has expanded to a bunch of stores and Walmart was one so I tried it again! I really like this app and it is smooth easy and convenient. I’m still learning it but they have it where you can use it in the store they have it like a Visa card attached to it (I’m sure I didn’t explain that part right but you have your own Visa card with the account when using it in the store) if I could give this a 10 I would. Don’t just take my word for it give it a try!

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    Amazing APP!! 👏🏽👏🏽

    I first used QuadPay when I was going to order some Silicon rings for my husband and I on Enso Rings and it gave me the option to do installment payments. My total wasn’t much (about $80) but I thought to myself that doing 4 payments of $20 every paycheck, since they charge biweekly, was barely going to be noticeable coming out of my account. I did have doubts though. Like if my order would wait to ship until after the installments where all made and how well QuadPay communicated with the merchant but my order came so quickly and I had no issues. Not to mention that if QuadPay hadn’t sent me reminders through text and email a few days before each payment, I wouldn’t have even noticed they charged my account! It’s wonderful. I’ve placed two different orders since then. I did notice that if I spend too long on a website before putting in the payment information, I get an error message when I check out. That’s the only thing I could complain about but it’s really such a small inconvenience compared to how great this app is overall. It’s like a much safer credit card with no interest. I’m very impressed.

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    I have been using QuadPay now for months. It has really helped me get items that I didn’t have money for right away. It helped me get presents for my fiancé’s birthday when I couldn’t afford to buy a gift. I am really happy with this app and I continue to use it all of the time. It’s super easy and divides the payments into 4 and every two weeks you make a payment towards it. I actually don’t even have to do anything it sends me a text always before the payment date to remind me and then when the payment date comes it automatically takes it from my account. So if you spend 100 dollars it’s gonna take 25 dollars that day and then another 25 dollars every two weeks. Super easy and makes everything super affordable. I have used it for bunch of things like buying furniture, buying gifts, buying clothing and shoes, buying a luggage set. I mean QuadPay saved me and made my life easier. I recommend it to everybody give it a try and you’ll see it’s awesome :). Just make sure you read the steps that are in the app before you make a purchase so that you do it correctly. Thanks QuadPay for everything you guys are awesome.

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    How do they approve?

    They give no info. I’ve used Afterpay and Sezzle (and even Sezzle at bass pro for 6 month financing) for quite some time with no issue and thousand repaid. Quadpay in the original model never had stores I was interested in so perhaps that is why, I didn’t use them for a purchase through Ugg so cannot use them for a smallish purchase with their new system unlike how I could use Sezzle at bass pro no problemo. They will not disclose how they pick and choose which is obviously not credit based since they ask for zero info, no last 4 (Sezzle does for the 6 month financing), don’t even ask for bank or card info before denial (which I have enough flow to show easy repayment). I rate 1 star for lack of transparency here. Afterpay and sezzle let you start off small and increase unknown limits over time, which was no problem over the past year, I always am approved. I can drop 200$ and usually pay off early. The option for these types of services is quite nice when there is a sale and your check is due 2 weeks later anyways or you have an event/holiday/occasion requiring gift buying and are watching budgeting. Interest free and not using credit cards is also preferred. I’d request quadpay be more transparent on the denials, I’d reckon not having used prior to the change but since they aren’t an actual creditor they don’t seem to tell you why.

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    Ok I gave a little time to learn the structure of this new app before writing my review. I loveeeeeee QuadPay. This is the first time I can literally say an app saves my life. There’s things I want but can’t get because I don’t have traditional direct deposit, and/or I have multiple cards and it’s just too complicated to just purchase things the traditional way. It’s so transparent! The interface is easy and user-friendly, the least tech savvy person could figure this out. The money comes out when they say it will, how much they say it will, the method they say it will. You always know what to expect. I have yet to learn the dynamics of a return using QuadPay (ie, purchasing a product from eBay, receiving it, then sending it back for a refund) but I mostly use the app to pay my phone bill or buy things for my kiddos! I love you QuadPay. I can breathe easy knowing if a card declines and I’m already at the register (can’t get to atm) I can just pop out QuadPay from my Apple Pay wallet and I’m good! BOOm Pay it back later.

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    Too good to be true

    This used to be an amazing app, unfortunately things seems to have changed. I have purchase multiple items from QuadPay, and never made one late payment. The first mishap happened with a refund I received from merchant, it took QuadPay weeks to refund me and remove the installments from my account. No big deal though, I figured it was more than likely due to how quickly the merchant communicated the refund to them so I disregarded it. Anyway, I had more than enough funds in my available credit balance to make purchase. I submitted the order a usual and immediately received an error message in the app telling me my account was on hold. I figured it might be a glitch and attempted the order again, same message. I reached out to the support team via email and received the most generic response ever. I was told that the message was in response to me attempting to make a purchase that exceeded my limit. I emailed back and told the person that the purchase was not even near my limit so that obviously makes no sense. I’m still waiting for a response, but you would think their customer services reps would be more in sync with exactly what each error messages means rather than giving general, generic responses that are not specific to the situation.

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    Easy to use online but the store is a different story

    I have used quadpay several times online but wanted to try using it in the store so I looked at the website to see which retailers accepted quadpay in store and found that finish line did, I proceeded to the store and picked out the item I wanted to purchase and made sure I was allowed to spend the amount which was $100; I was pre approved for up to $300. I went to the cashier and showed them the card number that quadpay had given me since there was no internet in the store available to add the card to Apple Pay, the Finish Line associate said that quadpay was only to be used online and not in stores even though I could show them on the app that it was eligible for in store use at finish line. Needless to say it was a failed transaction, I left upset. Maybe there needs to be some communication between quadpay and retailers and also there needs to be availability to download to Apple Pay prior to having to enter and amount so the download can occur before actually going in store because most retailers have sucky internet capabilities so download isn’t possible in store.

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    Exceptional Customer Service

    The service that I received although it was by chat was excellent. The app itself needs tweaking as the situation I had when buying the item did not go as planned. I had requested a lower amount by 10 cents. I needed to request just a bit more obviously and it was not intuitive as I had expected. I use another similar app with another organization and it is very easy to re-request a different amount with their app. I had to drill down to different screens to find the cancel card button with QuadPay. Another issue is that a hold is placed on the pay account for the first payment before the requested amount can be used. That was the only reason I had to call in to have the hold removed so I can start over again. I believe that QuadPay is excellent and their fee is absolutely fair for this offer of convenience!!! I like QuadPay and have referred the service to others. The greatest aspect of QUADPAY is that you can use it at any I mean ANY online store!!

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    Darn Near Perfection

    The fact that you can use this anywhere is awesome! It’s not as easy to use the first time but once you get the hang of it i can see me using this often, especially with Christmas coming up. I only have 2 cons but after you make these mistakes you won’t make them again. First, this is better used on internet and not in stores. I had a devil of a time trying to make this work at a store til I finally just gave up. Second, you gotta know what you’re going to spend first so go through the motions all the way til tax and delivery THEN go back into the QuadPay app to start the process so you won’t mess the “money” up. I made a purchase and was done but the product was taken back (no fault of QP) so my whole purchase ended up being less than my first installment payment. It takes quite a few days but it did adjust itself so don’t get in a tizzy...it don’t matter if you do because there isn’t a way to call anybody for help anyways. Lol. Other than those I will be using it and have already recommended it to my friends.

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    Simple and Effective

    I downloaded QuadPay when I first realized it was an option to pay with on Fur’s website. It really piqued my interest so I gave it a shot. I instantly got approved for $200 and everything processed so so quickly! I was able to easily pay it off and even purchased Nike’s last week, I already received them! I’ve been super happy with the great service so far and I love how quickly everything is processed! With this being said, I haven’t tried using it in person yet. I’ve seen a couple of others having issues with in-person encounters or one off “bad experiences”. My advice for anyone considering getting this app: do it!! you have nothing to lose and it’s honestly so nice to have another sort of paying option without having to worry about applying for a credit card. Just keep in mind that this is a fairly new app so glitches and bugs happen!! it can only get better from here honestly (and it’s already pretty great).

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    Pretty genius idea but flawed.

    I’ve used the app once — in store. I misunderstood how to use it, probably because the common questions and answers weren’t available on the app. I recommend going to the actual website and reading all the information so you’re not stuck at a register with angry people behind you waiting for you to figure out your payment. You have to make a new request, even if you didn’t use the full amount you agreed to spend/pay back. Example: I requested $150, agreed to $31 over four payments, it preauthed $31 to my debit, but I only spent $87...my mistake was thinking the rest of the amount I didn’t spend ($63) was still readily available to use...NOPE! And that amount will not fall off preauth and available on Quadpay until days later. HMPH. Know exactly what you want to spend before you request because you can only have three open orders at a time. All in all, genius app! The flexibility of four payments is sweet! Just gotta figure out the kinks and how to clear what is actually spend a lot sooner than 2-3 days later.

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Is Quadpay: Buy Now, Pay Later Safe?

Yes. Quadpay: Buy Now, Pay Later is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 184,409 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Quadpay: Buy Now, Pay Later Is 42.7/100.

Is Quadpay: Buy Now, Pay Later Legit?

Yes. Quadpay: Buy Now, Pay Later is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 184,409 Quadpay: Buy Now, Pay Later User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Quadpay: Buy Now, Pay Later Is 42.7/100.

Is Quadpay: Buy Now, Pay Later not working?

Quadpay: Buy Now, Pay Later works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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