Mercedes me connect (USA) Reviews

Mercedes me connect (USA) Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

For owners with model year 2019 or newer vehicles*, the Mercedes me connect app
gives you access to your vehicle from anywhere. With the Mercedes me connect
app on your device, you have direct access to your vehicle at all times. View
data like mileage, fuel level and more, find your ve...

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Mercedes me connect (USA) Reviews

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    Disappointed Benz Owner

    Update: I’ve been contacted by folks from Mercedes Benz USA; however, I’m not sure if they have access to the Mercedes Me Connect app. Every question I had for them ended with “we can’t answer that question”, that’s another department and we can’t talk to them. Why bother contacting me if you can’t help me. Trash this app and start over. I can’t use remote start. Other options such as retrieving documents refers me to the first version of the Mercedes Me app. You have to be kidding! There are some things you’re supposed to be able to do with the app but it doesn’t work and other things you have to login to the portal on the Mercedes Me Connect website. Both are difficult to use and if you can get passed logging in on the portal, good luck! I’ve had to change my password numerous times when I log in to the portal. What a dumpster fire of an app you have here Mercedes Benz! If I had to depend on this app to drive my vehicle, I have to walk everything I go! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 I used the last version of the app on my 2017 Mercedes Benz and it always worked. This version is giving an error message: remote start failed; within a couple of minutes I receive another message: vehicle engine was turned off after running for ten minutes. I constantly see the wheel of death as I wait for remote start to do ??? That’s my initial view of this app. I hope it gets better.

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    Worst vehicle app ever used

    I have had the privilege of moving up to owning a Mercedes last year and I cannot believe how terrible this app is and the features that are to be used by the app only. The auto start doesn’t always work and when it does it’s not like the app or auto smart will heat or cool the vehicle based on the rest of the diagnostics. The app is borderline useless. I had 2 Lincolns prior to the Mercedes and both of those vehicles had auto start on the key fob and were waaaayyy more advanced and effective than this app. When the auto start actually does work on this Mercedes app it’s not like it’s warming or cooking the interior of the vehicle which is the ONLY reason for auto start since new cars engines and oil do not need to be warmed up like older vehicles. And nevermind getting into the Lincoln app which had great features and all the features actually synced and worked all the time. It is an absolute shame that I own a world class vehicle in Mercedes E53 with an absolutely terrible vehicle sync application with this garbage app. Mercedes should be ashamed.

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    Complete Garbage of an App

    If I could give zero stars I could. I just purchased a 2020 GLB and was told instead of the remote start on the keyfob that Mercedes uses this app. I’ve had the car less then a week (love the car by the way) and I the app is completely useless. I try to start my car in my garage 100 feet away so it’s warmed up to leave (Indiana winter) and it takes it forever to start the vehicle or it times out and does not start. It does not make for much luxury getting into a freezing cold car when my Honda I just traded in has this feature on the keyfob! The same goes for the unlocking and locking feature, I cannot even unlock the car from the app in my garage. Please fix this app, you have a crap app with a very expensive car, it doesn’t make sense, and takes away from the overall satisfaction of the vehicle. If apps aren’t there yet, just put the remote start back on the keyfob, it’s not rocket science.

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    I used to work for Ford...

    I used to work for Ford corporate, not a dealership, and understand the challenges of creating an app that can connect with a car, but wow Mercedes has really dropped the ball with this one. I’ve always wanted to drive a Benz, especially being a huge F1 fan and looked forward to the day of finally getting one after I left Ford. While the car is nice, the functionality of this app and some of the drive conveniences severely lag the tech that I was used to in my Ford. I was actually quite shocked when the Remote Start feature didn’t automatically sense the outside temperature and turn on my seat warmers, or even rear window defrost. The Ford Fusion does that! And it takes sooo long for the cabin to warm up. Some other things I had to get used to as well was the engine shutting off as soon as you grab the door handle for “security measures”. Quite annoying when again, this didn’t happen in the Fords. Other annoyances are the fact that the app isn’t reliable and often isn’t able to communicate with the car, which defeats the whole dang purpose of have remote start. These little things add up and it’s so frustrating to see a luxury car manufacturer like Mercedes be outclassed by a mainstream OEM like Ford. Fix this please!

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    Cannot be trusted!

    When I first started using this app with my 2019 one year ago I thought it was great. Seemed to work fine except a little slow with the auto start. In the last week I have had several alerts that my starter battery was low, and to drive the car for at least 30 minutes, which I did, about 6 times and still getting alert! Even worse I have received 4 alerts in the last 24 hrs that my car was unlocked and a door was open. I obviously panicked at first that someone was breaking into my car, causing me to leave my office and run into the parking lot to find my car perfectly fine and locked. After reading all the similar reviews I feel like an idiot for that. Horrible app simply because it can’t be trusted! Fix the app and do not send me a message to contact you directly!

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    Size of app is enormous

    This has the be the worst, most convoluted, and poorly engineered service of any auto manufacturer. As a sidebar, whoever thought it was a good idea to remove all the radio control buttons (and presets) from the car should be fired. This app rarely works and the main Mercedes me website is even worse. All I want to do is personalize my vehicle which doesn’t seem to be asking for too much but apparently it is. If anyone knows how to clear radio presets in the 2019 vehicle without resetting the entire car Id like to hear it. This is my 4th and last Mercedes I buy because of the over promise and under delivery of vehicle electronics. It’s pathetic that Ford has been on the cutting edge and Mercedes can’t even maintain a connection between the app and the vehicle. I feel like I’m entitled to some refund for this bs.

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    The key is to get Mercedes Connect Me to activate

    I have a 2019 Mercedes ... It took longer than 2 weeks after picking up the car, constant calls & emails to Customer Care, escalating the issue to a Customer Care manager, leaving the car at the dealership for 1 day for their service manager to work on it, and activating the AT&T data - then it activated & connected... Now that it’s all connected, the App works like a charm as described & is wonderful! You can see all information & remote start & track your it now but the journey to activate it was a long & winding road ...

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    Worst app...joke for a Mercedes

    If I could give negative stars I would. The app constantly crashes. It sends notifications that the car is unlocked when it is locked constantly. What a joke. Complete waste of time...makes you second guess yourself. Have been in the middle of a work out & run out to check after receiving the unlocked notification only to find out it is locked. Not very reassuring when you have valuables in the car. The remote start doesn’t work if the car has less than a half tank of gas. Completely impractical. The car only runs for 10 min. Not to mention that if you do have enough gas if fails the majority of time. My husbands Ford has better functionality. Will make me look at different options when my lease is up.

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    Very disappointing app.

    I don’t think I ever written a review. This is that bad where I have to vent. I can’t help but feel like a 2019 car of this cost should have an app and remote services that actually work. Some of the remote services have never worked, and the ones that occasionally work like the remote start and door unlocking/locking only work maybe 1 out of 10 times, and that’s only after repeatedly trying and getting error messages to “try again later” or that they’re not available for “technical reasons”. The app has an option in it for “app support” and that doesn’t even work. Constantly telling you that you didn’t type in the correct 5 digit CAPTCHA. Still waiting for a response from the Mercedes me portal to also try to troubleshoot.

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    Worst App Ever!!!

    This app is so worthless it RARELY works but boy when it does it tells me my car is unlocked when it’s not, my doors & trunk are all open when their clearly not or my personal favorite “your engine has been started” in the middle of the night!!!! It’s so embarrassing that I have this extremely expensive vehicle and can’t even remote start like every other car owner can! If I get past the spinning wheel I’m fortunate I guess. I’ve never screamed more at an app than I have at this one....and to think Mercedes has the audacity to think they can charge for this sh*t. The last version worked well and I rarely had issues. This app needs to be revised and ASAP! How many negative reviews do you need in order to make some necessary changes????

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    Terrible App

    I got my Mercedes only a couple of months ago. For a week now the app has either been crashing every time I try to use remote start or just not working. I updated my phone, I deleted and re-downloaded the app. Nothing is working! Now I can’t even access the app because every time I try to open it it says “connection could not be established”. Doing the same thing on either wi-fi or LTE. Honestly the app has a million bad reviews I don’t know why Mercedes has done nothing about it yet. They are supposed to have a certain standard to meet and this app isn’t meeting it. It makes it ten times worse that remote start is dependent on the app. Put it back on your key fob if you aren’t going to fix your app.

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    Car unlocked notifications

    The majority of this app works just fine for car info etc. The thing that irks me is getting “vehicle unlocked” notifications when the car is indeed locked. Today I even had “door open” show up too despite the fact that I was standing next to the car with all doors closed and locked. I can however “lock” the car just fine when this happens, so there’s that. But seriously, is the unlocked notification really so hard to fix? Not worth the panic attack. Also, seems like it’s gotten worse not better with subsequent updates.

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    This is potentially the worst and most frustrating thing about owning a Merc

    Can’t tell you how many time this app gives me a “timed out message” every time I try to use remote start and lock/unlock. All of the other features on it is just gimmicky extra fluff. Now that I don’t work for Mercedes anymore I can talk about how bad it is. Ive seen other cars with mobile apps and none work quite as bad as this. I can stand 10 feet away from my car, have a full bars on my service and a strong wifi connection and it always seems to never work. Also, when scheduling my service appointment, the dealership had no record of me in their system that I had made the appointment through the app.

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    Great in concept, but risky glitches makes me nervous.

    As a new Mercedes-Benz owner, was very excited to be dialed in to the technological perks i.e. access to my vehicle via this app. Conceptually it’s great, but realistically...let’s just say I had a near heart attack just now seeing my engine was “on” as I was casually browsing this app...ran down to the garage, panicked, only to find out the engine was not running after all. Big sigh of relief but this will most likely be the last time I rely on this app for accuracy. I hesitated downloading due to the poor reviews; unfortunately it appears the negative call-outs have merit.

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    Horrible app, nice car

    The app works about 50% of the time. Ive tried cell service and wifi (thinking it was my connection) - it just spins the blue circle. I close the app, restart my phone- the whole protocol we’re all familiar. No go. Trying to change your settings? Good luck. It takes you to the web portal and once again, spins. If you can log in, the menu is not intuitive. All im trying to do is change my notifications and add my pictures. Ive been at this for 30m and still havent solved it. I’m tech savvy- but this app isnt. Mercedes- figure out how to write an app, while youre at it can you remove the knob/mouse contraption and put in a touch screen? Its the 21st century.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Mercedes me connect (USA) customer service directly
via Email using our new site -

Contact Mercedes me connect (USA) directly

Is Mercedes me connect (USA) Safe?

No. Mercedes me connect (USA) does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 185 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Mercedes me connect (USA) Is 13.5/100.

Is Mercedes me connect (USA) Legit?

No. Mercedes me connect (USA) does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 185 Mercedes me connect (USA) User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Mercedes me connect (USA) Is 13.5/100.

Is Mercedes me connect (USA) not working?

Mercedes me connect (USA) works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Melba James
Feb 14 2021

this is my second and possibly LAST Mercedes! My first GLE350 (2017) was great but the app left much to be desired! One of my biggest complaints, and almost deal breakers to getting a new GLE, was the shoddiness of the app and the inconsistency. But, I was reassured that the new app was much improved and that Mercedes "took the negative feedback and stepped up their game." HA! I find it beyond frustrating when I am unable to connect or start my vehicle in 3 degree weather! It's even more irritating than anything when I pass hunks of junk that are started and nicely heating on my way to my VERY expensive, VERY cold vehicle! I would give the app a negative if I could. Once again I am displeased without any hope of resolution. Just put the start feature back on the key fob until your engineers can figure out how to really "step up their game" and get on board with the lesser expensive vehicles that have!

By Darlene
Jan 28 2021

This app is so inconsistent! Living in the North East I expect the remote start to work every time however it does not. The error messate "Remote Start for your GLE350W4 is unable to initiate because of a technical issue on our end. Please wait a few moments and try again." Well that's pointless.... Additionally text alerts are inconsistently sent to my phone.. My 3 Week activity log documents 12 requests 6 were successful 6 unsuccessful. A 50% success rate isn't acceptable.
My app is due for renewal in April (2021). I'm questioning if I should pay a the high price ($$$$) for 50% of a service I expect to work 100% of the time

By Marco Clochiatti
Dec 23 2020

On my 2020 c63 the app reports trunk open when it is closed. Cannot start car remotely. Removsl and reinstallation of app fid not solve the problem.

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