Arby's - Fast Food Sandwiches Reviews

Arby's - Fast Food Sandwiches Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-19

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4.8 out of 5



UPDATED REVIEW: Restaurant added mobile ordering which was a big improvement BUT… COUPONS and DEALS PLEASE and actually have them and not an empty deals page! Once you add those it will be a very good app. ALSO, please follow the example of other restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s that have unlockable food rewards. For example for every so much you spend you get points which can unlock free food. If you want me to eat at Arby’s more then do this otherwise I’ll eat at these other places which value me as a customer more than you do.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: The restaurant is fine as I love the food. But 3 Major Issues: 1:) No option for mobile ordering - This is a must for a restaurant app and without it Arbys is useless. 2:) No Coupons / Deals - Your Arby’s app hasn’t had any coupons for a long while now rendering Arbys useless. Most other places have coupons / rewards. Why don’t you? Stop being greedy. 3:) No Rewards Program - The more you spend the more points you can accumulate to get free food. I suggest Arby’s Corporate study the apps from Wendy’s and Burger King to see how a restaurant app should be done. Because your current app is pathetic.


App seems to break if no nearby locations support online ordering

Open app for first time, then look at menu. Can’t customize sandwich toppings. Anything that offers a choice (side item, drink, 2 for $6) fails to load the choices; selection screen is blank.

Only after further poking around in frustration, did I finally discover how to search for a location, and learned that apparently no locations in Colorado support online ordering. Maybe that’s why the menu is broken, but you’d think Arbys would be smart enough to either make the menu function by itself since it doesn’t prompt you to choose a location first, or else force you to choose a location first before being able to access the menu.

It also would be much more helpful if the list of locations indicated which ones support online ordering. Currently you have to select a location just to see what happens, then go all the way through the ‘find a location’ process again just to pick another one, over and over until you run out of nearby locations without having found one that accepts orders, then delete Arbys out of spite for wasting so much of your time.



I’m actually doing a short paper on mobile marketing for my college. I’m picking Arbys because it’s just a menu. It’s way behind in terms of competitors online ordering options and coupon availability. I wish you guys would take note of this, great food but get with the times. Arbys is lackluster and leaves much to be desired. The Facebook option to sign in doesn’t even work. This company still relies on coupon mailers to attract customers. I throw those things away and always forget them if I were to go to this fast food place. While I enjoy your food you’re losing valuable revenue dollars. You could be achieving greatness through mobile advertising such as that of McDonald’s. Anyways I wish you the best, but Arbys is too bad to pass up for critiquing in class by providing examples of business practices in advertising.


No iPhone 6 Facebook login support?

Tried twice to create account on iPhone 6 by clicking the Facebook login and the choose restaurant does not allow a selection during signup. Tapping the field anywhere across that section has no response. So the signup button never enables. Can not go past it. Who designed this? Frustrating

Tried again using just email and not the easier Facebook login route. This time I was able to select a location but it would not allow me to create the account because it said my email was already in use. Most likely from the Facebook login attempts which never actually completed. Dumb

Created a new email to login to Arbys and got all the way in just to see a screen that says no offers available at this time check back later. What is the actual point of Arbys? Most people get some kind of signup reward or at least access to some money saving coupons. This was a waste of time.


Incorrect Info

I’ve been trying to use your app to narrow down restaurants where I can purchase your limited time country ribs sandwich. It seems as though all of your Arby’s stores do not offer the sandwich at this time. However when I walk in and talked with your staff at three different locations, they say they’ve always had the sandwich and it’s been available. I asked him if they had any shortages due to supply issues and they’ve said no.
Arbys is very lacking in keeping track of information and making it available to your customer base. It would be nice to be able to use Arbys to track where we could purchase special order items as well as purchase orders online prior to going to the store similar to McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, or even Jack in the box.


The app is crap

Arbys allowed me to order at a restaurant that was closed at 6 pm… made me pay with CC for a pickup order… when I got to the store at the scheduled 8:20 pm time, the store was closed… found out the next day that the store closed at 6 pm (I created the order after 6 pm)… then the next day I ordered from an Arby’s about 5 miles away instead of the one closest to me, the order then cost an extra dollar and 40 cents… but it gets better, the order I didn’t receive the day before was paid by my bank “I NEVER RECIEVED THE FIRST ORDER”… When I called Arby’s to complain, the customer service agent threw up an apology but didn’t have any real concern doing it, like reading a script. As I was telling her the issue she repeatedly interrupted me, then said my money would be refunded in a few days… I WILL NEVER USE Arbys, NOR WILL I SHOP AT ARBY’S… THEY DONT CARE, THEY BARELY FIX THE ISSUE AND FROM THE ATTITUDE OF THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE THEY DON’T REALLY GAF ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS


People, rate the app not the food!

When something is good I believe in sharing that. When something is bad I’ll share that too. Is Arby’s food good? Absolutely! Does Arbys open and display without issue? Yes. Does Arbys do anything I can’t accomplish using Google or my browser? The answer is a resounding NO! I might as well use Yahoo search. Oh, wait. That’s useless too! I can’t order on Arbys. I can’t see what’s available at my local Arby’s either. To add insult to injury, Arby’s is what I might politely call stingy with offers. So what (besides eat up space) does Arbys do? I can locate an Arby’s. I can look at the corporate menu and the nutrition. I can also do that on my browser. So why, people, is there all the love for Arbys??? You don’t love Arbys . You (as do I) love the food. Stick to the facts: Arbys is useless. Arby’s: You might have the meats but you don’t have the offers.


Gonna lose me as a long time customer

Arbys is almost akin to a 2010 app in that it doesn’t have really anything but a static page showing a menu. No deals are EVER posted in Arbys itself, you have to wait for an email, sign in multiple times just to get the deal added and it’s only good for a short time. ::thumbs down x 2:: McDonalds and Burger King always have deals posted within Arbys and doesn’t require you to constantly sign in every time you want to do something; this is a food app, not my bank. I always first look at the 2 above mentioned apps for deals and 90% of the time will go spend my money there. Oh and did I mention the lack of a rewards campaign? McD’s and B.K. have them and I’ve already taken advantage of them; def makes me feel like I’m a valued customer.


John Churlik

I love Arby’s! You guys are by far my favorite fast food restaurant. I’m a huge fan of the bacon cheddar roast beef with horsey sauce. I also utilize your mid day specials. I work for myself an don’t normally take lunch often an never right at exactly at 12 so they work out perfect for me. I even go out of my way to find an Arby’s. I will say I’ve had problems with Arbys . I haven’t got any offers in a few weeks. I’m not sure what’s wrong so if anyone reading this can help out an fix this or let me know why that would be great. Finally keep up the great work offering the best sandwiches around at a reasonable price in a short time. Thank you


Horrible app

Arbys isn’t horrible, but it’s not good either. I’d put it at Eh at best.

• It doesn’t save your card info so you have to constantly put it in.

• It doesn’t automatically go to the nearest store or even let you set your home or favorite store.

• It doesn’t let you cancel an order if you make a mistake like say putting an order in at the wrong location because Arbys didn’t put you at the nearest location. You have to take the time and call a number, go through prompts, wait for an operator, and then answer multiple questions to get the order canceled and your money returned. For as expensive as the food is at Arby’s, it’s a massive hassle. Especially when you’re in a time frame like a 30 min lunch.

• And the worst of all is that it automatically charges your card the moment you place the order instead of waiting for you to arrive like most other apps. And since you can’t cancel an order without jumping through tedious hoops, you pretty much HAVE to go get it.

Fix those problems with your app Arby’s and Arbys will be as awesome as your food and service.


Mike, a loyal and long time fan.


We love Arby’s

We visit Arby’s at least once a week or more. My husband loves the fish well I should say he loves it all. My mother in-law loves to go during your happy hour 2-5. But I noticed you have stopped. She loved the sliders and having a small shake. She is on a fixed income. Myself I love everything but the fries. Sorry something about the seasoning on them. I have tried everything on your menu and have never had anything I didn’t like😋 And the customer service is the Best!!!


DO NOT DOWNLOAD (Honestly a wast of data)

Honestly the food is great at Arby’s. But I just can not understand how people are rating Arbys 5 Stars.
I wanted to order through Arbys , and found that I couldn’t.
Upon further inspection I looked through the other reviews and everyone is having the same problem.
People can’t customize items, people can’t view prices and only because each location you choose says that it won’t support online ordering in that location, even if you wanted to order through Arbys you can’t.
It was honestly a let down and I hope they update it soon but all I can say for now is I’m deleting Arbys , don’t download it.. Or I mean I guess you can, but you’ll see that it’s basically just an Arby’s locator app and menu … nothing more


“No locations” but there are 31

So apparently Arbys doesn’t work in Oregon or Colorado (from another reviewer). I wonder how many more places it doesn’t work. There was zero verbiage on Arbys that lets you know the locations nearby don’t accept mobile ordering, it just says there are no restaurants in that area. The menu is laid out nicely so I’ll give you that. But your marketing and developing team seriously needs to read their reviews and take them into account to continue getting the business you want. I know it’s a chain but still, you could be bringing in so many more customers or returning customers with the ease of being able to order online, especially in these COVID times.


App needs a lot of work!!

I’m writing this as I love Arby’s and hoping they see what needs to be fixed. Their app development partner has produced a useless app.

The previous app was just a menu and they’d fallen behind every other fast food chain offering online ordering and deals. This was a welcome update… except it does none of the things it’s advertised as doing.

- No locations around me for miles and miles offer online ordering. Their franchises apparently are not ready for this.
- The login/signup do not work. Every time you “log In” it shows you the same login/signup button and you’re never actually logged into your account.
- Before I selected a location I tried their online ordering selection and I couldn’t even change the curly fries to crinkle cut fries when building a meal. It simply showed me a blank select screen. The same issue was experienced when choosing a drink. The basics of selecting a meal are broken.
- There is no section for deals or coupons as any competitor has and as Arbys claimed would have.

Arbys is in a sense a prettier version of the previous app where it was only used as a menu.


Great food, sad app

The Arby’s app is disappointing to say the least and the info in Arbys Store is misleading. You can’t order through Arbys like virtually every other fast food. They claim you will get access to deals but there are never any available.

If you want to find an Arby’s google works better. There is a new restaurant near me that had been open a couple of months and it still doesn’t exist according to Arbys . The only thing Arbys is useful for is it gives nutritional information on the food and lists a fairly accurate menu. If there are special local or regional offerings I wouldn’t trust Arbys to have them listed. I am uninstalling for a second time.


Useless app

Unlike every other fast food app, you can’t actually order from it. Arbys will only show you the menu, locations, nutrition, and the non-existent deals. All of which can be done on their website, which begs the question... why does Arbys even exist?

The main reason other restaurants have apps is to streamline ordering, but Arby’s doesn’t want to do this either because they think it won’t be useful (which it would be) or because they’re cheap and don’t want to spend the money to allow mobile ordering. And since there’s no mobile ordering system, you may as well use the website with the exact same information, rather than having Arbys be a waste of space.


Can’t order from it!

All the 5 Star reviews here sing praises of ARBY’s food, which I love, but is not the point of Arbys rating. That makes those well-crafted “ad” ratings suspicious. App problems: First, Arbys requires you to create an account, which is impossible unless you exit the setup routine after getting frustrated with your first attempt, then renter setup which somehow finally recognizes your favorite restaurant choice (naming your fav store should NOT be needed to setup an account). Second, once you set up an account, you can’t place a mobile order!! What?! Why have an app, so we can peruse your menu? With Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and on and in...even Dunkin’ Donuts having mobile ordering capability, this was a giant and surprising letdown.


Limited features

In my opinion, this application is of little value when compared to its competition. The payment options are limited. It doesn’t offer PayPal or Apple Pay.. it doesn’t offer a loyalty program or offers. Since Arby’s paper coupons are widely available, customers end up incurring a higher total cost than customers not using the application and using coupons. The application requires customers to pickup the order inside the restaurant. It doesn’t provide for drive through or in car pickup options. In my opinion, this application offers little customer value. Competing fast food restaurant applications offer far more feature functionality.


No online ordering?

I love Arby’s. I get Arbys to add alongside my other fast food apps. I work nights and always order before I head out to whichever restaurant I plan to eat at so when I pull in to the drive-thru it’s ready. So I download and login to the Arby’s app and look for where I enter payment method info and nothing. I look around and pretty much all Arbys does is show pics of the food and nutrition information. Yeah I know you have roast beef sandwiches and I don’t care about how many calories or how much sodium is in them. I’d just like to order them online and pick up when I arrive.

Arbys is pointless. Hopefully they hire a company to do a real app where you can order. If I want to look at a picture of a 1/2 pound roast beef sandwich then Arbys is great. Ugh.


Offers never open

Seems to have lots of bugs or either they have settled for a very cumbersome way to get things that should be very obvious to use in an app without errors and requiring the user to troubleshoot. It should be a very basic app with very few features but even those 3 features don’t work right. I occasionally open Arbys to see if they have fixed the issues but as long as I’ve had Arbys it’s basically worthless which is almost a year now. I feel like I have given Arby’s plenty of time before leaving this review. Get your act together! Honestly love Arby’s but Arbys experience has me going to other places more often just because of Arbys not working.


Can’t Stay Away

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Arby’s. I LOVE the food, the variety, most of all taste. There is my FAVORITE Arby’s, 8753 Roswell Rd, Dunwoody, GA. It is always clean and inviting. I can’t say enough about the service, it is TOP NOTCH! Mr. Marshall is a great manager. I watch his interactions with the employees. It appears, he’s a great person to work with. Furthermore, Mr. Marshall is welcoming to his customers and I for one, is very thankful for his warm personality and service. I’m confident, corporate would do well with this gentleman as a lead representative. There is another Manager there, unfortunately, I don’t know his name, however, he is great too. Well, I must say, at this Roswell location, you have an EXCELLENT Team. I’ll try to come into this location during the day. I’m sure, I’ll feel the same.
Thank you Arby’s, you do great!


Fast Food w/ perks

I won’t deny how Arby’s restaurants do offer some of the best tasting fast food. However, something that would make a much easier choice is if they offered a few Organic choices!! For those who love better Fast Food joints such as Arby’s! Just a suggestion that I know is agreed with by many more than those that do say. Because, it’s pretty much guaranteed that there are soo many that doubt there’s enough complaints or suggestions that may lead to it being offered. I’m just doing my part in making best effort for it to happen! Thank you to whoever may read this!!!!


Bourbon brisket sandwich

Wow! I could not believe how far Arby’s has come since the 80s. One sandwich would of been enough. But this sandwich gets a 5 star+. Gourmet at its best. I just can’t get over the taste of this great sandwich. I was so surprised at the quality and mixtures spices. This is the best of the best. First time I’ve ate at Arby’s since the 80s. I could of ate 3. Unbelievable a must get. Didn’t need any added sauce. Yummy Thanks Arby’s for sharing this unique sandwich. Hope you keep this one on the menu forever. Kudos


Coupons in the mail but NOT on the app?? This is ridiculous!

Coupons in the mail but NOT on Arbys ??Okay since Arby’s started and originated in Ohio it is an AWFUL shame that their are NO coupons in Arbys ! What is the issue Arby’s’?? It would save paper and I can guarantee you that more people would use your App to buy Arby’s!!
WAKE UP ARBY’S!! Get with technology and use Arbys instead of clipping coupons!! Burger King uses both and it’s pretty sad to see an Ohio based company like Arby’s (I’m a PROUD born and raised female in Ohio!) that does NOT utilize Arbys and special offers more often!
Use Arbys for more deals/discounts Arby’s!!!!
I do like searching and browsing through the menu to see what’s new and the nutritional labels are a FUN time when we see how much sodium is in everything!


Needs mobile order option.

Needs mobile order option. I have CAPD, Central Auditory Processing Disorder & I am involved in the Deaf Community. We love mobile order because it is so accessible to us. — It doesn’t have to be a “pick up.” It can be ordered on your phone and you have the option of drive through or walk up inside & you show them the order number on your phone & they pull it up & make it. This way there is no miscommunication about the order. Burger King has there app set up like this & I love it! I don’t have to hear if they got my order right. — I know they did, because I rang it up myself!



He’s been gone for 11 years and I’m freaking 50 and was a late baby. But how else could you explain a company that has completely ignored the reason for having an app in the first place. ordering. But noooooo....instead they give you the opportunity to “sign up” for their “email offers”. Wow. So avant garde. Really cutting edge. I just wish they could “fax” their offers to, you get the point. Make no mistake: unlike the millennial idiots that are posting about the food to Arbys review, I’m quite in agreement that Arby’s rocks in that regard. But their savvy as it relates to technology is lacking. Savagely. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take a movie back to Blockbuster and stop by Tower Records to get the latest Brittany Spears CD.


Least useful app I have ever seen

You can only view the menu and nutritional info. You can’t order with Arbys like many, many other fast food restaurants already have. It always give me and error message when I try to add my local Arby’s as a favorite, as if that would be somehow beneficial to me without even being able to order online. In the profile section, the birthday field won’t even let you enter anything in. But it doesn’t matter because of the worst part of the whole app.

The worst part is that even though there is an “offers” tab, there are NEVER any offers.

The many, many people that have given Arbys high reviews are likely Arby’s employees that were instructed to do so.



I was introduced to Arby’s restaurant at about 12 yo.
I loved the original roast beef sandwich and the old French fries.
Some may not be old enough to recall the instant mashed potatoes that were dropped out of the device directly into the fryer. They were the best fries of any fast food provider.
I still go back for the original beef sandwich or sometimes the old style turkey sandwich. I think it was called the Deluxe maybe.
I’m 60 yo now, still stopping in for sustenance.


We Have The Meat

I love most of all the items on your menu. However with so many others putting out great discounts and special with coupons and apps, it means unfortunately I get less Arby’s than I would prefer. BOGO is a great way to get people in the door with app specials. In closing because I am a guy and have never said this to anyone, I Love Your Meat!!!


App is fairly useless

I re-downloaded Arbys to insure I had the latest version. My low rating is due to app not showing pricing for products, no reference to my favorites store specials or area 2for specials. No ability to order through Arbys
I tried to use the customer service portion of Arbys and Arbys wouldn’t let me complete the information I am now forced to leave here in hopes someone may read it and discuss fixing these issues. I like Arby’s but I don’t want to drive 15 minutes to find out a special has ended nor do I wish to miss a special that would inspire me to make the drive. Let’s get up to the same level as all your competition!


Amazing restaurant, useless app

I LOVE Arby’s. One of my favorite fast food chains by far, high quality and relatively good pricing. The problem with Arbys is that no price information is shown, there are no details about the promotions (2/$4 Gyros, etc.), and there is no way to actually order through Arbys . Also, as long as I’ve had Arbys , I’ve never actually had any coupons pop up, and I check frequently. Arby’s, please give me the same functionality as my other fast food apps, where I can order, customize, and see the newest and best food and promotions.


Easy Easy

This is the easiest app I have ever used! I have never said that about any other app! It’s funny how they describe each item, it makes me smile 😃! I wish the developer of Arbys would grab Walmart by the shoulders & tell them how to do their app correctly!!!! You Rock!


Does not work at my local Arby’s

Arbys is good for getting ideas of specials being offered but useless in just about every other way for me. The two local Arby’s don’t take orders on Arbys and that pretty much defeats the purpose. It is very useful when I travel allowing me to order and pick up then. But having local service would be a great advantage

Wayne   8 months ago

Needs tartar sauce for fish then it would be excellent

Lorrie Ellis   2 years ago

Ordered a fish sandwich with no lettuce and xtra tartar sauce. Sandwich was smothered in tartar sauce that the paper wrapper was falling apart before I even took a bite. So I took it back and went inside, gave the person in charge the sandwich still in the wrapper w/ specialty receipt attached. He was nice said he would make me a new one and he did. But he left lettuce on it and put tartar on side and supplied me with a knife. Well that was my 1st and last time at this location..

Cathy Ondesko   2 years ago

I went to store 8786, cashier Emily was one of the RUDEST people yet at fast food!! Didnt talk at all, had to ask for sauces. Still didnt get one for jalapeno bites!! Needs an attitude adjustment

Norma dahlin   3 years ago

I reset my password and I still have no special offers?

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