Lorex Cloud Reviews

Lorex Cloud Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-30

With Lorex Cloud, you can: • Enjoy easy setup and control of your
system • View live video from multiple cameras remotely • Playback recorded
video to review events • Record videos or take snapshots directly from your
iOS device • Configure system settings and push notifications • Enjo...

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Lorex Cloud Reviews

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    The app is slow, the video stream is “squeezed” and app rotation is awkward

    Lorex secure wasn’t great, but this new app, Lorex Cloud is so much worse. On my iPhone XS Max, the app is really slow to connect to my camera live feed and the aspect ratio is distorted. On my iPad Pro 11 inch (2019 model), the picture aspect ratio is also distorted. When viewing the video, the picture is “squeezed”. Switching the video from vertical to horizontal viewing is awkward and I constantly have to tilt my iPad to get it to change. Even worse, when entering settings, it doesn’t rotate at all forcing you to hold your iPad vertically to enter the information. If you are using the Apple Smart Keyboard which holds your iPad horizontally, the settings won’t display horizontally forcing you look at the screen sideways as you type in settings. The menu bar auto hides and disappears before you have a chance to look at all the icons and make a selection. It would be nice if this was user configurable so you could keep the menu bar always viewable while use in the app. The bottom line, I absolutely hate this new app but have no choice now that they have killed the old Lorex Secure app. Lorex needs to do a better job with application quality control and fully test all of their screens when holding iOS devices in both vertical and horizontal positions.

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    Extremely poor quality app with no signs of improvement.

    Lorex Cloud was forced upon Lorex users to replace a perfectly well functioning app. This app is barely functional, full of glitches, and not at all intuitive. The picture is distorted and does not have the clarity you would expect with a 4K camera with HD playback set in the app (*see below for how to). The lag time in getting a live feed is unacceptable even when on the same wifi network as the system. For playback, it is often impossible to go back and look at a specific time frame to see what happened. Even when set to continous playback (alarm and motion off) it will get to the point you want to see then jump back 40 or 50 seconds. Then I tried moving to a couple seconds into the desired spot and it jumps forward. The app will not synchronize the play back of multiple cameras. They’ve had months to improve the app and no updates have been issued. Because of this app I truly regret buying a Lorex system. *There is a way to change the settings to HD playback for each camera. When viewing a camera’s playback hold your device upright and a different menu appears at the bottom. Scroll across to Video Quality and select it. Select HD. This has to be done with each camera separately.

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    Total Non-Support on Tech Issues

    I have been a Lorex customer for a long time; back to the days when a tech support call was rapidly answered by a Canadian who knew the hardware from the inside out. Then they “progressed” to off-shore services that have no clue except to read from a card that obviously says: “If they ask this question, then give this answer.” If you get your useless answers within a couple of hours, then you are lucky. They will then pass you to a supervisor after another couple of hours for higher level useless ramblings. The hardware is good but is also slowly getting more problematic. I’m on my 4th right camera switch. After about 6 months, the cooling fan fails and the unit slowly melts down. This time on #4, I put my own cooling fan on it and it’s still working. Yes, I got the extended warranty, but you still need to go through telephone hell to get the replacement. The hardware and support are one system that should work seamlessly, but it certainly doesn’t at Lorex. Some corporate heads should roll over this, because it is costing them customers. I’m done with them! The only reason I don’t give them a ZERO is because there is no option. I’ll will give them a “splat.” You can probably figure out the substance I’m throwing at them! Goodbye Lorex!

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    Cumbersome and Confusing

    This app is needlessly complex and cumbersome and needs some polish on the UI/UX. I miss the Lorex Secure app that this replaces, which was simple, intuitive, and designed for the average user. It seems that this app puts the items that you would rarely use front and center, appealing to the edge use cases (commercial users?) and making the simple tasks onerous. The application should remember where I left off, and should not make me select a NVR when I have only one. Also I have 8 cameras (I imagine many people have 8 or 16, due to the number of ports on their NVRs) and I miss Lorex Secure’s 2x4 grid which fit well on the iPhone screen or the 2 large, 6 small grid which fit well on the iPad screen. (I doubt many people have 9 cameras). Also, for heaven’s sake, do not distort the image to make it fit in a square. One thing that this application does better is pan tilt zoom. I felt like I had mittens on when I tried to control the camera in the Lorex Secure app. I think a usability study would benefit this app immensely and I would love to sit down with a product manager and help out. As it stands today, it seems like features were hastily bolted on to make a deadline. I’m hoping for some improvements in the future because I love my camera system.

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    The worst app ever made! Terrible! Sends all of your video to Lorex first!!!

    When we were forced to move to this app by Lorex, it not only rendered all of our Lorex camera systems completely useless but it began routing all of our private video feeds through Lorex’s relatively unsecured facilities. It would not surprise me if they were selling access to the highest bidder to make more money just like the Ring front door camera!!! First, it was relatively difficult to get it working compared to the original app. Now that we have it installed, it’s very rare that we can ever see any of the video feeds. And when we can it is VERY slow (yes even on a 200Mbs symmetric dedicated fiberoptic connection). Both our home and business are basically completely blind when we’re not there. Totally Unacceptable. Furthermore, when we can actually see the super slow and laggy video, the aspect ratio is totally distorted, making everything be either extremely stretched vertically or horizontally. Whomever chose to force this app on us is either mentally challenged or has serious ulterior motives. It is highly likely that we will be returning our Lorex camera systems and moving to another brand. Bottom line: DO NOT BUY LOREX/FLIR CAMERA SYSTEMS. They are the worst!!!

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    Terrible App!

    Since the last update in July 2019 which “broke” this app ([email protected]&$) it now takes virtually 3-5 minutes, if not more, to connect to your Lorex system to “Live View “ over a cellular connection (T-Mobile in my case). Works fine over WiFi (most of the times as long as Lorex server isn’t down which happens way too often, especially over holidays and their IT staff just seems oblivious to reboot/fix it on a timely basis- sometimes for DAYS! but that is a whole another complaint...). I can’t believe such a large security systems company like FLIR/ Lorex can’t get their operations in line to reflect their alleged market leader position! It’s no wonder commercial and end users are dumping their Lorex surveillance systems with their crappy software and technical support. Apparently management is too cheap to invest in the “ proper” support staff (not offshore!!), software development and other resources to make them world class company. Instead all Lorex wants to do is sell lots of “boxes” and everything else after the sale is mostly lip service and nonexistent. Take the hint Lorex and wise up:)

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    App works great!

    The new app works great for me. Just received the notice to download the newest app today when I opened Flir Cloud on my phone. I had major reluctance to download because of the low star rating/negative reviews. It seamlessly transferred all settings from the old app to my Xs Max and iPad Air 2. I held my breath upon pressing connect to the NVR. Am very pleased to report there were no issues whatsoever. Great resolution and quick loading. We’ve had Lorex for several years and have been very pleased with the cameras overall; this year we upgraded our ip cameras to 2K. However, if you have little to no tech savvy you will be frustrated when issues arise because while tech support may have the patience of saints they don’t appear to be sufficiently versed with Apple products. Lorex tech support was unable to resolve an issue we had with the NVR failing to detect the IP cameras. I continued to troubleshoot on my own and found the issue was the Apple Time Capsule port settings.

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    Recently did the migration from Lorex Secure app which also required the NVR firmware update. Had one glitch in the app switch, but after it took I’ve had zero issues. The feeds are faster than before, and it’s nice to see all cameras feeding live at once from my phone. As for people saying you can’t do the “enhance” feature anymore to boost resolution, you can. While holding the phone normally and viewing a single camera or having one highlighted, slide the features bar on the bottom over to “video quality” and select “hd”. This will permanently change the feed for that channel to HD unless you change it back. This feature does not show up in the features bar on the bottom if you are holding the phone in landscape mode (which I would assume is a glitch that needs fixing). All in all, great app with less issues than before. Take the negative views with a grain of salt.

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    Don’t buy any lorex product

    Approximately two weeks ago I could no longer view the mobile app on my phone so I called my installer and he told me to called the lorex technology support and gave me a phone number for it. I called the number and after 3 1/2 hours the tech said my supervisor will call you back which never happened. So I called them back the next day and went through the same thing but this time was 4 1/2 hours and than they told me to wait 72 hours to see if it had worked it self out. Well as of 90 hours later it still hasn’t worked it self out and I called back and spoke to a tech again and he told me they upgraded the system and it crashed and he would walk me through the system and it would be fixed. That didn’t work either so he transferred me to advanced tech support and after being on hold for over an hour the guy tells we to wait some more till they can figure it out on there end and to call back on Monday. Are they kidding me enough is enough never buy any lorex products.

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    Return to Costco

    I had a previous generation 4K camera system I purchased at Costco. Everything worked, app wasn’t the best but it worked. Fast forward to the mandatory migration to Lorex Cloud and everything went to hell. I tried to no avail to get tech support to remedy issues as many of you have. Lorex clearly doesn’t care about making functioning produces anymore. I bought the cameras to monitor a vacation property and now we have no access to the live feed unless I am on the same local wireless network. Since Lorex doesn’t care to help or address my issues, or anyone else’s, I decided to return my 2 year old system to Costco with no box. They happily took the return and fully refunded my purchase price. The woman I spoke with said they have had an onslaught of returns recently and that Costco was considering ceasing their relationship with Lorex due to poor member experience. I invite you all to join me in abandoning Lorex and of you purchased at Costco rest assured they will make things right as they always do.

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    Update. My NVR has been trying to update its firmware unsuccessfully until today. It finally updated and voila, many of my complaints with the lorex cloud have dissolved. Funny that I am still getting push notifications for the defunct FLIR app. I was using the FLIR Cloud. It was very good. This lorex cloud seems similar but is slow as molasses. Unfortunately Lorex disabled my FLIR Cloud on my iPhone. Not only is it slow, very slow to load, when I get an alert , On the FLIR app, it would load the event video immediately. this terrible Lorex app, it will not load the event and after eons go by, it will unfreeze and let me go to the event list and select the event video which takes forever to load . Heck a thief will have time to Break in, steal stuff and leave before I ever see what's happening. The other crazy thing is I changed some cam channel names on the NPR and this app still has the old names in it. It is not picking up the new names. This app really needs a bunch of work. They should have just taken the FLIR app and renamed it to Lorex cloud.

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    Needs some work

    Update: the latest update has made the app worse rather than better. Since my last review I’ve upgraded to an iPhone XR w/128 GB of space so I shouldn’t have any “out of memory” issues but that issue still persists. Since the app updated a few weeks ago it is painfully slow (20-30 seconds) to bring up a live view while even on the same wifi network. Please fix this app. The Lorex equipment is top notch, but the app is such a let down. I really wanted to like this camera system. I came from a Night Owl system and really wish I would have sticked with them since the software on the Lorex system doesn’t work half the time. I keep getting an “Out of Memory” error on my Iphone 8. Another complaint I have is during playback, there are phantom record points. I scroll the bar to a yellow motion detection area and it skips forward to a non-yellow area. I can’t get back to the yellow areas. It just jumps to this random recording. This happens on all the camera views. Frustrating app.

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    Totally disgusted with Lorex cloud!

    The changes that have been made are terrible! I can no longer find the enhance tool, therefore the details are hard to distinguish. Doing a playback is now so tedious. The playback starts at midnight and it is nearly impossible to find out what happened in the afternoon or evening. The video replays the same segment and often won’t allow advancing forward. Colors are distorted...flesh tones are now green. The tool bar disappears, and I constantly have to switch between portrait and landscape views on my iPad. I have to use portrait to access controls which distorts the view, so then I switch to landscape so things are not distorted. Then to check a camera in another room, I have to switch back to portrait mode, then back to landscape! WHY WOULD THIS PASS APPROVAL?!? Whoever approved this horrible change obviously didn’t spend any time evaluating it or just does not care. I am extremely frustrated with this forced update! PLEASE MAKE SOME HUGE IMPROVEMENTS!

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    Needs Improvement Please

    So my husband and I just installed this system last night and so far it’s decent. The lag on the system could use some work, but its bearable. Sometimes is takes to long for the camera’s to show up, but if I shut down the app and reopen, it usually comes back up. The biggest issue I have is the AUDIO feature. The two way audio is great. However, I just want to be able to listen in on our store without them knowing we are checking in on them. So if the one way audio would get fixed, this could easily be a 4.5 review. I haven’t checked much of the other functions. Also, a better manual would have been nice. My husband has been tinkering with the other functions. We are kind of learning on the go. Im hoping when I get home on my computer, maybe the lag and audio will be better there. However, that wont be as convienant as the App.

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    Horrible in every which way

    Where do I start the customer service that is our source to another country. Where the people on the other end of the fountain I understand you and you do not understand them. I can’t even get them to transfer me to someone who speaks fluent English. Since the update in the migration on the 15th my Mobile application does not work. I have been on the phone with them several times keep giving me excuses and troubleshooting things that I’ve already done. They’ve already had me delete and download the Lorex Cloud app five times. Try to re-update my NVR when I go to their site my brand new NVR of six months is not listed in their firmware list. And I cannot get no real answers to why my system does not work. I have been on the phone with them today for over three hours and still on hold currently for an hour and 11 minutes now with no answering my call.

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Is Lorex Cloud Safe?

No. Lorex Cloud does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 24 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 1.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Lorex Cloud Is 16.3/100.

Is Lorex Cloud Legit?

No. Lorex Cloud does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 24 Lorex Cloud User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Lorex Cloud Is 16.3/100.

Is Lorex Cloud not working?

Lorex Cloud works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Lorex Cloud to your problem using the strength of crowds.
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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Lorex Cloud customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Lorex Cloud.

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