Blink Fitness Reviews

Blink Fitness Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

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Reviews (34)


A mess

Since reopening during the Covid pandemic we’ve been able to use BlinkFitness to make appts. Then a month or so after the reopen making an appt became mandatory. The only thing is that making an appt is nearly impossible. BlinkFitness is horrendous at taking the reservation. Either the right times don’t show up at first, then when they do and you choose and appt time, there’s almost always and error message, which may or may not mean the reservation was taken. Then other times, past reservations you’ve already secured just won’t show up without constant refreshing. And it’s clear Blink isn’t taking it seriously. It’s only gotten worse. So all you can do is suffer through it until a reservation is magically made.


Horrible-App will not load past the privacy agmt screen

I’ve re download BlinkFitness about three times in the past 48 hours. Every time I start it and enter my membership information, BlinkFitness freezes on the loading screen which displays a check box to accept the user privacy agreement, which isn’t even functional because the page is just stuck on loading. At the Blink Grand Central, NYC, the associate erroneously informed that a reservation was required, which was impossible due to the inoperable glitch-full app. Luckily a manager clarified that a reservation is recommended, not required, to avoid any admission issues when the gym reaches capacity. If you are going to create a reservation system and strongly lean on customers to use it, at least ensure that BlinkFitness is fully functional.


What happened?

I started going to this gym after they reopened after the pandemic. At first, BlinkFitness was working fine. I was really sold on the sign-in achievement aspect, but after a couple of days not getting the credit for signing in, I lost interest in it. Now, after Daylights Saving, BlinkFitness makes it significantly harder to make appointments. I can’t make an appointment without getting an error message first. An employee told me that deleting BlinkFitness and redownloading it usually helps, but now I can’t even sign into BlinkFitness . It’s frustrating because BlinkFitness has potential, but it just doesn’t work. Please fix these problems soon...


Gym capacity function never works

Main reason I have BlinkFitness is to see the gym capacity and yet it has worked once since I’ve had BlinkFitness . I’ve mentioned it at the gym and I sent support an email that they didn’t answer let for two weeks. It worked today after deleting BlinkFitness and downloading and when I checked an hour later it was down again? The function is actually for Covid purposes so you don’t attend at peak times and the protocol for Covid in a largely unmasked space never works?? Health and safety hello?? Other parts of BlinkFitness are well thought out but useless to me.


Disconnect with Gym Information

While the workout videos are fine in BlinkFitness, navigating around to get specific gym information and book sessions is confusing and difficult. It is much better to just call or speak with someone at the gym. After booking a session, I called to confirm the time with my trainer and they said it didn’t come up on their system because you have to book 24 hrs in advance. This is very frustrating as well as other issues communicating through BlinkFitness to the actual gym. The systems need to be better connected and instructions clear so that I don’t miss sessions and book un-available trainers.


First time

For my first time it was challenging experience but a great one at the same time. I haven’t work out at a gym in over 10 years so the workout pain was a bit much but I did my first training section with Chris he was amazing very motivating which is something I need so yes I look forward to coming back and Chris being my workout trainer it will be worth it pushing myself to do something I know I need thank you


Gym capacity viewing problems

Ever since I upgraded my membership I go to gym capacity to see which nearby gyms are at low capacity I can’t view anything it just pops up as a blank screen. I end up having to download BlinkFitness all over again but the gym capacity page only last for like five minutes. After that it just goes blank and it never ends up loading and it frustrates me because I don’t want to keep going through this constant process of deleting and reinstalling BlinkFitness just to see how full my gym is before I step out my house. What’s the point of using that feature if it’s not available to use?? It actually gets really frustrating.


App quits Immediately while trying to reserve

I have been trying for five days to reserve a spot to work out tomorrow. At first BlinkFitness wouldn’t my membership number. After3 days, CS give me an entirely different number to use. That worked but as soon aa i hit the button to make a reservation BlinkFitness INSTANTLY quits. I have not heard from cs. This is supremely frustrating as no one answers the phone. I understand that blink is an economy gym but they are still a huge, money making, for profit corporation and should at least be capable of implementing basic procedures for any members wanting to go back when their gyms open. This level of incompetence is ridiculous and unnecessary in already trying time.


Making a reservation is a nightmare

This one star is strictly for BlinkFitness . It’s physically impossible to make a reservation through BlinkFitness . An Error message always pops up whenever you have the perfect time for your reservation. Even at 12 midnight when the 3rd day of the reservation is open it’s still impossible. The thing I don’t get is, BlinkFitness wont allow you to reserve a spot, for whatever reason but most of the time I head to the gym its empty. Meaning people probably reserve spots and don’t show. They should seriously work on BlinkFitness. It’s so frustrating and annoying. And they should also have penalties for people who reserve and don’t show. BLINK FIX YOUR APP. !!!!!



Just signed up via BlinkFitness . went to my local location and they told me I would start getting charged the first of every month. I signed up on the 30th so waste of a month. Asked them if I can cancel and sign up again on the first. They said no. What a rip off Make sure you don’t sign up until the first or you’ll waste your money.


2 years+ member

I joined this gym because it was a step up from PF. But when it come to transparency, app complications, and customer service accessibility, this gym is one of the worst. To reserve a spot for the gym you need to do it through BlinkFitness no other way. Their app, however, is in a constant state of malfunctioning. It won’t show the reservations you already made talk less of making a new one. Their solution: call the gym every time you want to go. Fine. You call the gym no one is available to answer the phone for about an hour. At this point I’m exploring other options. Even PF seems to have a bit more of a handle on the situation


Great app for additional information!

BlinkFitness is very helpful and informative! I found the preset work outs to be of inspiration coming into the gym for the first time in years. Scanning your phone at the front is convenient and cool! I especially like how BlinkFitness checks you in to show your attendance record. Just another tool to inspire fitness!



Like a lot of people, I got BlinkFitness for one reason and one reason only: I need it to schedule appointments to work out. But as quickly as the time slots fill up, the only way to get one is to schedule as soon as the ones three days out open up after midnight. And for some reason, BlinkFitness doesn’t function after midnight. Every time I try to schedule an appointment I get an error message, and the next morning all the slots have been snapped up. If I can’t get an appointment, I can’t work out. And if I can’t work out, there’s no reason for me to continue my Blink membership.


This app is a mess

The only way to work out at Blink Gym currently is by making a reservation through BlinkFitness (or directly over the phone which doesn’t work if they don’t answer or are closed). It’s got a huge lag when loading pages, will show you don’t have reservations but not let you book because you already have a reservation and almost permanently gives you an error message instead of confirming you for anything. Yes I’ve updated to the newest version and closed it out/restarted. Just another frustration of dealing with Blink during Covid.



Seems to have a lot of data loading issues on iOS 14.1. I have to show the person at the door my reservation so when I open BlinkFitness , the cell with time reservation doesn't appear and Im standing there really awkwardly. I have to load this screen far in advance before leaving for the gym and I even screenshot my reservation just in case. Also, I experience a long wait time when I try to reserve the time slot and then I get the error alert. My advice is to strengthen existing features rather than making new ones.


App often FAILS

Blink wants you to use BlinkFitness instead of the key tag but BlinkFitness often fails. Today I wasn’t able to use BlinkFitness to check in because BlinkFitness instead of showing the barcode was asking me for the barcode. They no longer give you the tag with the barcode. The person at the gym asked me to refer to the email I received upon signing up over a year ago to retrieve the barcode. That’s ridiculous. Blink has long had issues with their app and needs to step up it technology.


Horrible app

So the Blink gym I go too requires a reservation, which I have absolutely no problem doing, however when I go do my reservation, I constantly get the “Uh-oh! Something went wrong.” Message. I spend sometimes a whole hour trying to get my reservation done, which is promoted to be an easy process, however a WHOLE HOUR to get a reservation to go through??? C’mon this is so frustrating and ridiculous!!! The best part is that blink won’t answer via phone nor emails, I am sick and tried of trying to contact them and will be cancelling my membership with them. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED!!!


My experience

The customer service was pleasant how ever the quest list is not convenient.I would prefer to scan my card and check in my quest with out having to have to get them to redeem a member card being that I am planning to bring multiple guests..But otherwise I am looking forward to experience your gym .Sincerely Laura Alvarez .


The app won’t even let me get past the terms and conditions

BlinkFitness needs some serious updates, I’ve redone loaded it a total of 10 times at this point, enter my barcode #, and can’t get past the terms and conditions page :/. I’m just trying to go back to the gym and this is highly inconvenient considering as well as we have to reserve spots which at this point are few and very far between because we’re in the middle of a PANDEMIC. This is suppose to be an easier and more convenient process yet it’s more difficult and becoming a nuisance.


App does not work

I spent 3 and a half hours constantly getting an error message when trying to book last night on a wide open schedule. I wake up this morning and of course there are no bookings available. Please fix BlinkFitness. How can you expect people to pay to use a gym and be impeded by an app? Up a to a few days ago enough retries and app restarts would finally let something go through (on top of all the disappearing bookings nonsense). Now it just flat out won’t go through. For about 3 hours of nonstop attempts. This is absurd.


Great app!

BlinkFitness is really nice. It tracks your checkins which is nice to see how much you have or haven’t been going. Also, something I recently discovered, there’s videos you can use to exercise at home. In light of the recent Coronavirus update, this will be very helpful for me and others who won’t be able to get to the gym.


App shuts down

Was so excited to download app after learning about it from staff—especially since I’ve had the membership tag replaced a number of times! However, the current version downloaded with iOS 13.2.3. It tries to open and then just disappears. It’s still “running” as when I double tap the home button, I can see the blue Blink app screen. When I try to access, it just disappears as well. It sounds promising. Hope to update this review when this big is corrected!


Not Bad;Great Gym, still needs work.

Finally put out the locations. Doesn't list future openings. Blink books everywhere. Makes NYSC scared. We're The 1st gym they talk about. Still can't get my pic. Weird. But lots of workout 411, new ideas always helpful. Payment & other features easy access. Can't go wrong with AppWallet. Always check in with my watch.😉


Bad costumer service and bad policies about charging a costumer

I downloaded BlinkFitness because i have a gym near my house and I registered without knowing I am now a costumer. They charged me without ever steping there and when I call them to cancel my membership they tell me I have to do it personally at the blink fitness location. So they charge me online without ever seeing me but to cancel because of course they know we are busy, they want to meet us. This is awful!!!!


Our first session

Aaron our blink trainer was very friendly, patient and understanding. He answered all of our questions and shared his knowledge with us. We are looking forward to our next session with Aaron.


User friendly

Can’t c the time when I enter the gym?! And please make it available for Apple Watch too... otherwise app is amazing very user friendly


Too slow to open

BlinkFitness takes over 30 seconds to open. It is not a particularly taxing app there is no reason it should be this bad on an iPhone XR. The content is great!



Great app! Super easy to use, manage my membership and find workout content for those times I can get to the gym! Love the recipes too!


Check in doesn’t always work

I check in at my gym and about 2-3 x a month it doesn’t register on app. You should be able to manually enter a day you went if this happens


Love it!

Super easy to use! It’s my go-to for finding a quick workout to squeeze in when I can’t make it to the gym.


Works now...

Thanks for fixing BlinkFitness crash issue. Seems to work fine now.


Unable to use the app anymore

Unable to use BlinkFitness anymore, it now says: Unable to connect to my account, credentials invalid or expired. That is not correct. I went to the gym today and used my barcode from the key tag so my account is up to date and paid for, so now BlinkFitness is nonfunctional for me.


Love it

BlinkFitness is great at helping me keep record of my workouts and my daily goals.


App keeps crashing

Doesn’t even load completely to sign in with it

Is Blink Fitness Safe?

Yes. Blink Fitness is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 18,286 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Blink Fitness Is 47.6/100.

Is Blink Fitness Legit?

Yes. Blink Fitness is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 18,286 Blink Fitness User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Blink Fitness Is 47.6/100.

Is Blink Fitness not working?

Blink Fitness works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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