S'moresUp - Best Chores App Reviews

S'moresUp - Best Chores App Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

S'moresUp simplifies household management by helping families stay organized,
connected, and engaged via one easy-to-use mobile app. You are downloading the
free version of the app, which gives you 45-day access to the premium
features. About the creators: S'moresUp was developed by l...

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SmoresUp is perfect for giving your children responsibilities and teaching them about taking care of their business which leads to rewards! They can earn money and it encourages them to create goals! It also helps them to learn time and money management. Oh and yes...points can be taken away too! So, if the job isn’t done correctly then you don’t get paid in real life and this also helps them learn this concept as well. This type of responsibility also helps children self manage and cultivate a sense of independence! And my two sons ages 9 & 11 absolutely love SmoresUp! We all have iPhones and it works great!! Side note: SmoresUp can be a little glitchy like my one of my sons couldn’t log in after successfully using SmoresUp on the first day it was installed. So, I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it and it has been working fine ever since! Also when you are trying to add a reward like “dining out” if you create the reward and then decide to edit it SmoresUp will keep closing, but if you just delete the reward and recreate it it will work. The boys have the iPhone 8’s and us parents have the 11 pro max if that helps any.


Good for what it is, we just don’t need all the extras

I tried SmoresUp to see if it would help motivate my daughter (she’s 8) to track her chores since she was gifted a tablet for Christmas. At first she was engaged with it at and loved seeing her S’mores add up, but she’s honestly lost interest in it already. I’m not sure if we’ll keep using it or not. We personally do not need the extras like the calendar, or connecting with family with the Family Circle or Campfire, and I don’t list my own household tasks on SmoresUp . I just needed something basic to help my daughter want to do her chores and keep track of them. SmoresUp works great for that. I have her chores listed by time to keep them organized and have included a few bonus things a day like when she tracks her screen time or helps makes dinner. My only complaint is that the as needed chores are not checked off like the daily chores in the Weekly Chore Progress. There are chores for us like put away laundry, unload dishwasher, etc. that are not an everyday chore. Without having a checkmark for those, I’m not entirely sure she gets credit for them and I don’t know what day they were done. So changing that would be a nice feature. I will say that the admin team is fantastic and do seem engaged with users to continue making SmoresUp better. Even though we don’t have use for many of the features, overall I think it’s a very good app.


Love this!

I have never written a review before, but I am so impressed with SmoresUp that I felt compelled to let others know! We’ve been using this for about two weeks and am thoroughly overwhelmed by the amount information this will track while also giving so much flexibility to customize it for my family. The community page for all app users is a beautiful concept! We are able to share ideas and get feedback from the developers well within 24 hours! The developers post frequently regarding the updates on which they are working and respond to users questions and ideas well within 24 hours! Other chore apps we have used will not sync between our devices; SmoresUp syncs seamlessly. Each of my boys has it on their phones & my husband and I have SmoresUp on our phones as well. The only time a device was missing info was due to an iOS update delay. Easily fixed and back up and running! I HIGHLY recommend SmoresUp!


BEST chores app hands down!

I've looked at and tried several different 'chore' apps but this one far surpasses the others. I love that it is totally customizable and I'm able to tailor it for each of my kids. I have an autistic child. She is what some would call high-functioning but her autistic characteristics are definitely there and makes life difficult for her. When I tell you SmoresUp has changed everything it really has! Most autistic kids are very goal oriented and SmoresUp fills that need...at the same time it helps reduce communication issues and expectation problems are almost non-existent. For me it goes beyond 'chores'...I give rewards for 'keeping a good attitude' to 'not interrupting others while they are talking'. You can plug in any desired behavior for your child and they can earn points for it. And since it is customizable, you can even key in those really sensitive/difficult problems that an autistic child might have that most others wouldn't. Not only that, but all of my children can't seem to remember to do the everyday routines without me asking. Since we've had SmoresUp, I haven't had to ask even one time! 😳😁 Happy mom here. And just as an added bonus: Customer service rocks! I was a corporate trainer for several years and I'm telling you they have what I taught... 1. Be there 2. Listen 3. Be kind 4. Resolve 5. Do more than expected 6. Have fun They nailed it! - Sonja


Password reset? Support?

For whatever reason, I was booted out of SmoresUp . Had to re-login. Annoying, but it happens. So I try to login, but iCloud didn't save the password and I don't remember it. Fine, then I'll reset it. Provided my email via SmoresUp , but never received an email in return so there's no link for me to follow. Can I reset it from the website? No. Doesn't provide a way. Can I email support through the website? No, the form errors. Can I get support thorough SmoresUp ? No, need to login which I can't do. Can I use the developer support link that's on SmoresUp 's app store page? No, 404 didn't exist error. No phone number. No address. W. T. F. Absolutely horrible experience. I have a subscription too. So I can't even cancel it. Finally i just found a buried link to ask a question on the site. At the bottom in a site map? Nope. In the site menu at the top? Nope. Just lost in the middle of the extremely long vertical scroll. And it leads me to yet another form, different than the one that errors. Why is it so hard to do this?! It should be dead simple and wildly obvious. All these broken paths to get support are ridiculous.


Perfect for our family needs

As the caregiver and live in aunt of one autistic child and their sibling, I can say without a doubt that SmoresUp has helped make our lives a bit simpler. We can add chores and points for various activities for the kids. We can reward them with badges and bonus points. We can set them on a routine schedule by setting the times on items they are supposed to do, and teach them both responsibility skills and monetary skills. The development team has taken a great amount of time and care with SmoresUp and truly listen to what their users want to see to better it. They are quick to respond and very helpful. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends and family as an option for organizing things within the family as well because you can also use it to add “chores” to the adults as well to help them stay on track too! Thanks for such a useful app!


So far great, looking forward to more

So far SmoresUp does everything it needs to, which is great! It has been surprisingly hard for us to find an app that fits our needs, and FINALLY we found this one! It seems to function a tad slow, which really isn’t a huge problem, it doesn’t much affect functionality, but it can be very mildly frustrating at times. But it’s a very small downside. The only real issue I see is that my “kid” can’t see the calendar. I had read that this issue had been addressed from a review I read before downloading but I may have misunderstood. I have seen that as a developer you keep up to date and keep adding useful features and fixing issues like this one, so I’m pleased to know that such things are possible in the future and I look forward to using SmoresUp more!


A lot of issues with layout on iPhone XS Max

Update: Great support from the development team. Hopefully the concerns below will be resolved soon, nonetheless 5 stars for your attention to these comments! I’ve been playing around with SmoresUp for a few hours and it looks like it’ll fit my family needs. However I’m having lots of issues with SmoresUp layout on an iPhone XS Max; all options at the top on several views are almost laying on top of the iOS icons for clock and battery... and they’re unresponsive. Also, the profile pictures get cut off at the top, and I have three kids added and the main page cuts the pictures as well. Also the Gmail calendar doesn’t seem to sync. I tried reporting these issues on the developer’s page for SmoresUp, but I get errors there too when trying to submit feedback.


Great app! Thank you!

I love SmoresUp! For one it is FREE no hidden fees! My kids love it! I have 3 kids ages 10, 8 and 6. I took me about 2 hours one night to set it all but. I put in all the chores I wanted each of them to do. I was able to leave chores as optional so anyone could claim like fold laundry. There are preset chores already in here. I could change the “s’mores” amount. I set up rewards. Extra one hour of screen time. Spending the night at cousins house. I have never seen my kids do chores fast enough. They love it. I waited to write a review for 6 weeks Because I thought the “newness” would wear off or there would be a glitch etc. I can’t say in this house I have found one. My kids ask me to add more chores all the time. I can’t say enough!!!! Thank you for making this amazing app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great Motivator!

My kids have really bought into this token reward system. It’s a well thought out app. Using technology to track and to manage chores is perfect for today’s youth. To help the kids buy in, we assigned chores to my husband and myself too. It makes it more of a team effort. We made sure to have rewards that were bigger so we can all pool our s’mores together to redeem as a family. We also of course have smaller ones they can achieve individually. It’s a good idea to be very generous with the s’more you give out at firs so the kids can get immediate satisfaction. Give your kids a little grace at first when starting this. Both with them remember and the quality to which they complete the chores. Great app!


Great idea, needs a little work though.

We’ve been using this for a couple of days and what I do like about it is the kids are motivated to get things done. What I don’t like is it can be difficult figuring out how to navigate SmoresUp . SmoresUp also has a really bad lag so when you approve the kids chores sometimes it takes up to 30 minutes or so to show up as approved. At first it seemed the approve button didn’t work so it was a little frustrating. Now we know it takes a little bit to see changes. I’ve also assigned chores but they don’t seem to show up as a chore on the assigned list for the parents every time. With that being said I think it’s all small things that can be fixed with time. Should be a pretty cool app once they get things nailed down and running smoothly.


Like it so far but...

I like it and like that I can add new chores and assign them to the kids but I wish there was a way to just have a no time limit option too. So they can do extra work without me giving it a specific day. I also wish the kids could see the calendar. I got this thinking that they could and thought I could use this as a family calendar at the same time so she can input her own events like softball practice or games, school events. Unless I’m not doing it right I don’t think there is a way for her to use the calendar or even look at it. But it’s great for my younger daughter who is 3. She can’t read but she can look at the pictures and learn what each picture means and then go in and collect her s’mores.


Love it!

Takes a little getting use to it and setting it up! It can lag a little but definitely worth it! They also are on top of customer support if you have a issue or have suggestions! I wonder if it be possible to ad a widget for the kids to do on their end because they loved that part of chore monster being able to build up their monster and play a game for an award how I think it’s setup for the parent to be in complete control! It just took my 2nd oldest a few days to like it over my dry erase board on the frig bc he misses chore monster but he’s been earning rewards and I added a few more today geared to his age (12) but definitely as a parent love it!! Completely in control as a parent and motivation X100 for my 8 yr old and 10 yr old!!


Great app!

this app is a great app to help you to remember what to do and when. I’m not a parent, but I can still say that this app has helped my whole family-even my mom and dad- to keep track of what we do. It’s also great because of all of the options- What to do with Smores, sharing, placing rewards. I also love the Family Campfire, my parents don’t really like group chats but respond to the Family Campfire. I know that not very many people would take me seriously because I’m only ten, but this app is an app that everyone should have handy- in my opinion. Thank you SO much this app makers, you have made my family and my own life so much easier! EVERYONE DOWNLOAD!


More direction needed

I like SmoresUp a lot and our family has tried several. There is a community function for users to chat and it appears the developers used to answer questions, but no longer do so. Some of the functions are confusing and could use clarification or a tutorial. Parents should be able to share/spend/save as well and there doesn’t appear to be a way for the family to work toward goals together. Could be a stellar app with a little more attention to detail.



I know that SmoresUp is aimed for families with children. I do not have children but thought SmoresUp would be amazing for me (especially because neurodivergent and for apps to be successful for me, I need it to be aesthically pleasing, rewards, etc) thought I hit the jackpot with this. I couldn’t finish signing up because it wouldn’t allow me to continue without having at least one child. Again, I understand apps being aimed towards certain people, or even to seeking to maintain that environment..but if it would really help out another community or person then I don’t think this is so necessary. When I tried to contact the company privately (I’ve never done a review and REALLY didn’t want to give a “bad” review just to get contact but I wasn’t sure what else to do :( So yes anyways, is there anyway the company can consider this change or no?


Very thorough, a lot of options

We’ve been using SmoresUp for several years, and have seen how it’s grown to accommodate many family dynamics. We have three neuro-atypical kiddos (12, 15, and 17) with vast differences in learning styles, strengths, and challenges. SmoresUp is thorough, dynamic, and, most of all, customizable to each family and family member’s needs. It’s a lot to learn BUT don’t fret- the steps to to learn it all are provided in bite sized portions, allowing any family to dip their toes in and implement at their own pace. And, like all good things, it seems to grow and change as its community’s needs do.


This is perfect for your ADHD teen and to keep family organized

I have a child that needs constant prompts for everything. It’s just the way it is. He’s glued to his phone and so having SmoresUp create reminders for him for every little thing is God send. Incentive is huge for adhd kids so being able to reward and also give appreciation badges and turn the s’mores into money is huge. Thank you for so much detailed work in SmoresUp. Keep it coming! Maybe add material that you can access for a teenager to help prepare and transition to college and adult life. (So SmoresUp doesn’t look so babyish.)


Who are these children?!?!

I can’t believe how transformational this has been for my children. Besides assigning points for chores which they are now doing completely without prompting, I have assigned points for playing outside for an hour uninterrupted, 30 minutes of daily reading, brushing their teeth, and a whole bunch of other little things that I want them to do besides just playing video games and complaining about everything I ask them to do. They have had the most positive attitude and are super excited about earning their rewards! I can’t believe how awesome SmoresUp is!


App wishlist

SmoresUp isn't as intuitive as I would have liked. There is a learning curve and calculating reasonable s'mores values is a thought process. I would like the ability to have one chore assigned to more than one child so the child that selects to do it, it will ghost out so the other child will not be able to select it once it's been completed. I would also like to assign tasks that need to be done more than one time a day (like take the dog out to potty) without having to assign it many times. I would love to have SmoresUp have a full blown iPad version as opposed to an enlarged iPhone version. The aspect ratio is off and not landscape mode friendly.


SAHM of 4

I absolutely love SmoresUp. We just started using it. But I love everything about it. The main reason for downloading it was for chore tracking. But I love the calendar option and that my kids basically have their own access/profile. It teaches them to be responsible on their own. The developers are so quick with responses to questions and request ideas for SmoresUp . Great for responsibility, time management, and reenforcing desired behavior. Update: I’m a bit of a softy when it comes to my kids and the goal portion of SmoresUp is helping me to keep them and myself accountable when things get taken away and they have to earn it back instead of me just giving in. SmoresUp is seriously making my parenting better. So thank you. We’ve used it for almost a month now. I know there are still some quirks the developers are working on. But I’m bumping my rating up to 5 stars, SmoresUp is truly amazing.


Pretty good app if some bugs can be fixed

Other than it being really slow sometimes and seem to freeze for a bit, it’s a pretty good app. Second day using it and my daughter seem to like it. I’ll update the review after using this longer. So far it’s mostly user friendly and if you’re stuck you can ask the community for help.


You nailed it!

I just needed an easy way to keep track of points for my kids. I LOVE everything about SmoresUp so far! I love that I can take points away if necessary and can just make a note rather than having a list of punishments and their deduction values. I also love the badges and that my kids can easily see how they stack up to each other! The layout is appealing and simple, and my kids are really loving it too! Thank you for making such an awesome app!

Is S moresUp Safe?

Yes. S'moresUp - Best Chores App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 744 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for S'moresUp - Best Chores App Is 61.3/100.

Is S moresUp Legit?

Yes. S'moresUp - Best Chores App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 744 S'moresUp - Best Chores App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for S'moresUp - Best Chores App Is 61.3/100.

Is S'moresUp - Best Chores App not working?

S'moresUp - Best Chores App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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