Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store Reviews

Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-18

About: Start your ecommerce business and manage it from anywhere, with no coding or
design skills needed. Run your ecommerce business from your mobile device.

About Shopify

What is Shopify? The Shopify ecommerce app allows users to start and manage their ecommerce business from anywhere, without requiring coding or design skills. Users can process orders, manage products, track sales, run marketing campaigns, and more from their mobile device. The app also allows users to sell on multiple sales channels, manage customer segments, and power their store with apps and themes.



- Manage products in-app: upload product photos, set product and pricing details, add products to collections, and adjust inventory by scanning barcodes

- Process orders in a few taps: fulfill, refund, or archive orders, buy and print shipping labels, and see conversion details

- Respond to real-time information: see live sales and visitor traffic, get new order notifications, and communicate with staff

- Sell on more sales channels: reach customers online, in-store, and on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger, and sync inventory and orders across each channel

- Run marketing campaigns: set up Google Smart Shopping campaigns, create Facebook and Instagram ads on the go, and track results to optimize the next campaign

- Follow up with customers: view and manage customer segments, add and edit customer details, contact customers, and add timeline comments to customer orders

- Power your store with apps and themes: access Shopify apps for easy use, browse a catalog of free themes, and change your online store's appearance

- Edit ecommerce store theme: add announcement banners, post blog posts, and more, all from your smartphone

- Fast-paced ecommerce: Shopify's ecommerce app can keep your business moving quickly, allowing users to start, run, and grow their business on one platform with ecommerce and point of sale features.

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Negative experience


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Key Benefits of Shopify

- Easy to use

- Takes time to get used to but gets easier over time

- Excellent user experience and interface design

- Printing (labels) now works perfectly

- Can run a business and make modifications to your site from a mobile device

- Offers many tools to make sales in person with no website

- App Store offers endless ways to drive traffic and help manage the online store

- Many plugins to banks like Novo, QuickBooks, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

- Community is a great reason to choose Shopify over square space

20 Shopify Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Customer Service is Trash

If I can give this company zero stars I would. I’ve tried to ask for help in retrieving my store that seem like as though it was deleted. The trial hasn’t even ended yet and I already have build my store website and was set to go. I tried to pay for the monthly subscription and boom and the site got shut down and I couldn’t enter my this app account anymore!!! I’ve tried to look up their customer service number and they don’t have one. this app have some weird email/text messages system to “seemingly” help their customers and owners. Well I’ve tried to ask for help regarding my problem and someone under the name of Viral B said he will refer someone to me in that the span of an hour of texting trying to verify my indentity🙄. Not to mention I was waiting for about 20 mins to reach someone from this app customer service! That was a waste of my time. Viral B stated it would take up to 72 hours for someone from The Risk Operational team to reach out to me... welp it’s been over a week and a half and no one has reach out to me. Well when I returned a email asking for someone to reach out to me... well u guess it, no one replied to me. All I can say is if you trying to build ur business and just now what can happen. this app customer Service is absolutely trash 🗑!


Love Shopify However....

I truly do mean it when I say I love this app! It’s easy to use and it takes a lot of time to get used to but it gets easier through time. The only problem that I have is that this app does not allow you to set up multiple stores in one account. This is a problem because people sell item(s) depending on their niche. Which means you can’t sell different products from the same store. You can set up multiple stores through different accounts however it is very messy and if you are not organized it can be a hassle setting up a new account and buying monthly subscriptions as well. I know this will allow them to get more revenue but if they allow customers to set up multiple stores in one account they’ll triple their revenue from those same customers as well. this app please listen to your customers! We want the feature to be able to set up multiple stores in one account!


Nothing but great!

I have been using the this app app since the beginning, and it is constantly being updated with new improvements. For me, it provides an excellent user experience and interface design (regardless of your mobile platform). Printing (labels) after a recent iOS update now works perfectly! It’s so efficient and convenient to be able to run a business and make modifications to your site, or upload a new product image to your store, all from your mobile device. this app is a conscientious company and I support everything they stand for. I don’t understand the negative reviews. Try running a business without Shopify (or their platform) and you’ll really see what you’re missing.


It’s not the app, it’s Shopify.

Use this service at your own risk. I’ve been running a website through this app for over a year now, and out of nowhere they froze my money and are refusing to give it back. It’s been a month to the day, they owe me over $3,000, and there’s no sign of the money being moved despite the fact that they said they removed any and all holds from my account days ago.

Additionally, new users should be very aware of what they’re selling through this app. It’s incredibly easy to accidentally stock an item that doesn’t seem like it could possibly be legally copyrighted, and then have this app break your door down for it. They do not like to tell you their rules outright, they like to let you drown a bit before telling you that if you mess up again they’ll shove your head back underwater.

Additionally, it would appear that the majority of the recent reviews left on here were left by their admins in an attempt to make themselves look better. A bunch of the reviews are almost identical, apart from the fact that they all have crazy names.


Why you no savey save my changes?!!

Reasonably accessible app, granted. The actual use of Shopify is not, at all, time saving, reliable, or consistently operable. If I work for 1 hour in this app app I will restart at least 50 times. Ya, that’s once every other minute. All I am trying to do is crop out portion of pictures, taken within app, that are undesirable. I get all the way to clicking done, and then the altered photo returns to the original. Usually closing Shopify and restarting works for 1 maybe 2 products before it needs to be restarted. Sometimes this issue happens on a product and no matter what you do it will never save your alterations. Even if you close app, restart, delete pics, save, close app, reopen take a brand new pic, still will not save my alterations. I thought updating would help, but there are way more problems now. Will report on that stuff when I collect the experiences to report on.

Update: this update is trash like the last couple. Spend the money for good coders!!! It’s worth it!


Great for small business owners

If your looking to start your own businesses. this app should be one of your first stops, they offer so much and make it extremely easy to use their platform. With their own App Store there are endless ways to drive traffic and help manage the online store. They also have many tools to make sales in person with no website if needed for pop up shops pick up orders etc. they offer so many plugins to banks like Novo, QuickBooks, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The community is the main reason I choose to go with this app over square space. Yes they have a nice layout but they don’t offer as much to help your small business grow


The perfect eComm platform

I wish I could explain how amazing this app has been for our business in a way that wouldn’t make it sound like a fake review. There is NO better platform for someone to build their store, and we know because we tried variations of several others before we moved over. There is definitely a learning curve because it does more than other online storefronts can do, but it is more than worth it. The integrations with other apps and tech are endless. Keep making it happen this app! We will be putting our trust in you to help keep our business growing with your awesome innovation. 💗



I always recommend this platform to everyone in the retail business around me and have had 2 stores. This time I started a new store and as my trial was about to expire and I was ready to launch my website I added my business payment information, 2 seconds later my shop was closed and I was unable to log in. Confused and nervous that my websites launch date was in 2 days I waited 2 hours to chat with a this app rep. Only for them to tell me they will not be allowing me to use their platform because I am “high risk”. They also stated they will not be telling me the reason they are denying me. Angry and confused I googled around to see this has happened to MANY people. Most of which were successful sites with 1,000 of revenue on hold when this app came and closed there shop with no warning. DO NOT USE THIS PLATFORM. THEY WILL SHUT YOU DOWN WITHOUT WARNING FOR HAVING A COMPLETELY LEGAL CLOTHING BRAND.


Great, it’s ok with me

It’s really great in theory and it does so so so much. I am pretty intelligent and can figure out quite a bit so it’s easy enough to build a site. People who really know computers would be able to do even more. It’s as expensive as anywhere, not super expensive or really inexpensive.. I believe it to be financially manageable for a start up small business.

The only thing that would be helpful is a support live person. I know you can buy a helper and a Facebook/instagram “kit” is free but he is not able to find out why certain things happen. Most I can figure out so written support is abundant but a live voice to check in would be really nice .


New “live view” is not helpful

This has been a great app for getting tons of dynamic data about my shop. The “live view” was always interesting to see exactly where my visitors were located at any given time. I say “was” because a few weeks ago someone decided to replace the flat world map with a 3D globe. (Thus Shopify goes from 5 to 3 stars)To see where visitors are, I have to swipe/spin the globe... up...down...right...left and hunt for the visitors. I imagine some designer thought it would be so cool to have an artsy “NASA-based” globe element on the screen that store owners could interact with. It’s not cool. It’s annoying and useless. Please bring back the simple flat world map, that allows users to easily see the location of every visitor- with no gimmicks, just solid UI and UX. Thanks.


It’s a great way to start for a beginner.

I find that using this app makes it easier to manage multiple parts of your business compacted within one app, however I do feel that there are some areas that need to be a bit more accessible for example; online store management: creating and editing webpage content within your store— the options are very general and limited. To my knowledge —I’ve searched everywhere I possibly could— but you aren’t able to create form fields (for the customers to interact/input information into) and the mobile page content editing section is glitchy.

Overall, everything else is very generous with business setup. I would recommend it to my peers and/or anyone else.


Saving me from Etsy

I was so afraid to go out on my own but this app gave me a place to have full control of my brand, content and profit. As a vintage dealer or any one of a kind seller it felt like Etsy is stacked against you. I don’t have items that are wildly popular and sell over and over which is a big part of how items rank in Etsy search. This year I will sell more on my own site using my own advertising techniques than I will on Etsy. It is not always easy but I have never once had a problem that this app support didn’t help me figure out almost immediately. Independence and control feel good!


Came over from Volusion

I can't even express how I love this app! I had volusion since 2015 and they are the worst! So outdated, buggy, horrible customer service, html all screwed up! For instance you try to change a font and the size would change, or vice versa. Google hated it! Never could get my volusion website to abide by the Google seo. So I moved over to this app in August 2021 and have never been happier! I like how I can install apps that make my website better. They offer capital which is nice! Their customer service is 👍 great! And I could go on. this app is the way of the future and to sell online! Thank you


First Time Small Business Owner, Love the App

I’m 7 months in to owning and running a small business online. I went with this app after researching pros and cons of its competitors, including Etsy. Never regretted my decision, business is doing great. There is a learning curve, I needed to pace myself and prioritize with what I could learn and implement. Shopify itself has been like a business coach to me, recommending new features or pointing out data for me to focus on that helps improve my business, for my business and my customers. I’m looking forward to learning, selling and doing more with this app as my sales platform.


New to Shopify So Far I

I kept putting off owning my own business since 2007. I am ashamed to confess that. I have not launched yet I had to delay launching 2x’s because I had some issues, but now things are looking up! I am so excited about exploring all possible marketing options. There are plans to integrate another store and this is still not the original store i was supposed to open in ‘07. this app provides a lot of support, but you still have to do it yourself or pay professionals. I am finding Shopify for IOS is a little different to navigate. I don’t thing going back and forth to my product source will be a problem. Shrugs. I will come back with an update after I am good and settled.


Love using this platform!

Easy to use with so many additional apps, features and not to mention resources to help you start and scale your really can't go wrong. The choice is simple so in case you were on the fence take it from a real person who has had some failures and success with e-commerce and I would hands down not go through any of those experiences using another platform. this app is hands down the most user friendly, technical say and easily accessible platform to choose. FYI, I never leave comments but I had to with these guys, thanks!


Data won’t refresh

There’s a little t to like about Shopify but it’s all overshadowed for me by the fact that it’s near impossible to get it to display up-to-the minute information. Isn’t the whole point of having an app like this on your phone so that you can get a quick snapshot of where things stand at the moment?

It exacerbated my frustration that Shopify appears to have a pull down to refresh function that goes through the motions but then just goes on displaying old data. And then randomly - maybe after you’ve been looking at the screen for 6 minutes- boom, you current information just pops in there unceremoniously.

It’s a weird miss for an app that otherwise was clearly very thoughtfully developed.


Just a really solid app

this app does a lot of things right, but one of my favorites is Shopify. I have experience with other e-commerce platforms as well, and none of their apps even come close to the depth and breadth of features available on Shopify—all paired with a wonderfully easy to use interface. Sure, it’s not 100% perfect and there are some things you’ll always want to do on an actual computer (like designing your site), but for day-to-day management of your store (which is what you want an app like this for), Shopify can’t be beat!



Don't. Just run. Shopify never works. It has issues with literally EVERY integration. It freezes, pulls my cost prices to the Collection pages instead of selling prices, drops apps like Facebook repeatedly. And then when I asked for a refund for the month that my shop has been improperly working because you should not be paying for a product that does not work, they threaten to close my store. They hold your store hostage, don't fix ANY of their multitude of bugs and glitches, all the while trying to ring you into working for them for free to try to solve their software problems. Don’t even get me started on the faux phone app that offers no means of fulfilling your orders. It’s a joke or the cruelest order. This is a scam of the worst kind preying on small businesses. They should be in jail. Just wait. A class action law suit is bound to happen.


Fix your Facebook connection.

It’s absurd that after almost 2 years with this app I’m having the same issues not being able to tag some products on Instagram posts. When I go into the Facebook store and try to view the unapproved items the page almost never loads and when it does sometimes the product isn’t even there to tell me what is wrong with it. I’ve tried duplicating products, changing everything, and even making all new products and it still doesn’t show up sometimes.

Small businesses rely on social media to promote items and especially seasonal businesses that try to sell online in the off season. I’m tired of hearing that it’s a Facebook issue and you guys can’t do anything to improve this. I wish I started on another platform.



this app is amazing. They have an incredible platform and in the past few years they have done such a good job with Shopify. You can really do so much with your shop when not in front of the computer. It’s great being able to access all of my sales data whenever I need it I love seeing sales come through immediately. The new purple layout is beautiful, and Shopify is so easy to use and find everything that you need. This is one the apps that I use every single day and very very happy with it. Thanks shop a phi, keep up the great work!!


The worst

They use Facebooks servers to host and store your data. Everytime you login to the admin page on your computer connections are made to Facebooks servers wether you have connected your store to FB or not. Facebook has shown a clear disregard for privacy and this app, by using their servers, opens us all up to that very same level of disregard. Facebooks stock has recently been hit on these privacy concerns and once the investment community catches wind of what SHOP is doing they’re next. Look out below this app your stock is about to get destroyed and you deserve it for allowing your company to be joined at the hip with Facebook.

In addition to that these guys keep updating Shopify almost every week to purge all the negative reviews. Then they have members of their dev team write a couple of positive reviews so when u see the new update all u see are positive reviews and u think “oh this looks good” but its terrible.


Great, but would be better with a couple additions.

I love using the this app app for my shop, but I think it could be even better with the addition of two features. First, I’d love to be able to add variant photos from my phone. I sometimes add variants to a product while I’m mobile, and while I can add product photos, I can’t assign specific photos to its corresponding variant. The addition of this capability would make a world of difference for me. Also, I often invoice customers from my phone. Sometimes, I need to waive the shipping fee, but I can’t do that through Shopify . This additional capability would be a huge time saver for me as well. Thank you!


Good but could use some improvements

I’m happy with it for everything I’m able to do with it for my shop , but there are some things that I must log in on safari to do than using Shopify . Editing any text or adding text the response is slow and lagging and causes me to have to wait and then re edit things. It should show the type as fast as I can write it.

One major thing would be the ability to select multiple products to select the dropdown to make them available at the set time for my shop updates. If I’m missing something for this I would love to know how to do so.
Thank you!


Love the concept...PLS fix the bugs!

Love Shopify and am a HUGE this app fan. You guys are crushing it.

I have to admit, I am super annoyed with the bugs when creating blog posts and new pages on my app. They do not adjust for your mobile screen, so the text runs off the page (and out of view). This makes it nearly impossible to make edits to text that expands beyond the view. Please make this responsive on mobile devices so we can work on the go! ALSO check into the weird little bugs of not being able to hyperlink on mobile...every other try. I highly recommend going through as a consumer and creating a complex new page on your mobile device. Then create a blog post. Add images, try using the normal functions, like bold/italics/underline (which is super annoying because you have to click them twice) and adding photos and bullet points.

You guys are amazing overall! I’m a huge fan of the product. Just really need these fixed (it’s been like this for years) because we are all super busy and need efficiency in our work!

Thanks guys!


Overall very useful

Shopify is super helpful. I run a this app store that does $7M in annual revenue and I appreciate the features and improvements. Some of the reports are less helpful. For example, the report about blog posts that convert to sales is useless. It says the same two posts have 2 and 1 conversions which we know not to be true. The report about revenue from email campaigns is, for some reason equally useless. Those reports aside this is one of the best ecommerce analytics and reporting apps. Would like to see them fix those reports and improve on the attribution reporting. Great app.


Good and organized but..

Hey this app, I just want to say I have tested out Shopify a few times, it was great! But also a little bit confusing... but I have a problem with the age range. So, I look up the name of Shopify which is this app. And I look it up and it says it’s for 4+ which is available for minors. But when I look up the REAL age range, it says it’s for 18 yrs or OLDER. CAN YOU MAKE THE AGE RANGE FOR MINORS??? Please!! There are kids trying to start a business and they can’t because they have to do extra bs just to get everything started! It’s crazy! The world needs to hear this because I am 13 yrs old and if anyone agrees with me and even YOU this app, then please make the age range for 12+ that would be nice THANK YOU!!!


Love the NEW design and features

The jerk that wrote the nasty review before me is very frustrated with sales and is taking it out own the purple themed app. I quite enjoy Shopify and love the cash register sound when I make a sale. I would ask for something in the next update, which I just learned will only be a week away according to the idiot who left that very unhelpful review. I’d like to see my sales with a custom timeframe. Or just add year or lifetime. The week and month statistic are good but would like to see total sales for this year and previous years.


A great app, good job taking the iPad seriously

I’m an ecommerce marketer who uses an iPad Pro almost exclusively, and so many SaaS’s either don’t make an iPad app, or make a poor one with virtually no feature parity. The this app app is, in a lot of ways, more efficient to use than a desktop or browser! I only dinged it a star because SEO options for products and collections don’t seem to be a thing in Shopify , which means not full feature parity, but it’s so close that I really appreciate it. Thanks guys for taking the iPad Pro seriously, something that’s going to continue to distinguish SaaS’s in the near future as iPads replace clunky laptops.


The EASIEST way to get your business online.

I had my first sale within three weeks of downloading the free trial. And that’s because I had literally ZERO experience in sales or business... this app makes it super easy to sell your product worldwide. Making the website wasn’t too difficult either. I wish there were more marketing strategies highlighted in, or through, Shopify . It would make it easier for the super newbies. But all the info is out there online for how to sell on through this app. All in all I am VERY happy with this app!

Is Shopify Safe?

Yes. Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 13,498 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Shopify Is 68.3/100.

Is Shopify Legit?

Yes. Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 13,498 Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Shopify Is 96.4/100..

Is Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store not working?

Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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