Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN Reviews

Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-12

Norton Secure VPN is a security app from a consumer brand trusted by millions of
consumers. Protection for your device against cybercriminals, browse more
anonymously, change your location, and helps block advertisers from tracking
your online activities! Turn any public Wi-Fi into your...

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Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN Reviews

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    Better than most

    I’ve tried several VPN’s and this one like most will disguise your IP and block trackers but it also switches on independently meaning I turn it off it turns itself on, I turn it off it turns itself on - and so it goes unless you block its access. If it was auto protecting because it felt your Internet access was unsafe that would be one thing - but that isn’t the case. It can, I assume unintentionally, interfere with cellular data when wireless internet is not available and there is a large amount of pages that won’t display not because there blocked by the VPN but because there denying access due to the way the IP was masked and the “signal” as it were was routed. For example when accessing Google with the VPN on you might have to make several attempts to establish that connection and use Google. I don’t know if they have corrected this with the new update or this is simply inherent in all VPN’s only time will tell as tech improves. Oh and it is rumored that although - and I actually I like Norton - your personal history etc. is masked/hid Norton itself can ultimately track it - but that’s only if you believe some of the guys working in Military Intelligence- and no that’s not an oxymoron. So if you have to have one form or another of big brother watching I guess I don’t mind Norton. Ok got to go 5G is on the way and pervasive AI is right behind it - so to all a good night

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    Needs work

    I was asked if I wanted to update my dissatisfaction with is product. I thought why not, sense the programmers had there chance to correct all problems. Maybe I should reevaluate this for them. So I did! I tried to turn it on, and it did turn on, it hung up after about an hour but it did get nearly a full hour of operation before it took a dump. This product needs someone to test it before they release it...still garbage! This app needs a lot of work. The only thing really consistent with it is that it consistently locks up. It not only the app, the same problem exists in the Norton WIFI program for you PC. They both stink! Somebody needs to have a chance to excel at another vocation because programming doesn't seem to be their forte and I'm sure they are getting paid an exorbitant amount of money to produce this garbage. The one nice thing is that you can turn it off...thank god for that one! This app seems to work better but still has issues when launching certain apps. I know HBO Now has a problem downloading data when the VPN is on. Also Hospital apps don't work and pandora has issues. Why these programmers can't fix it is unknown. You would think they would of had enough time even coming to work at 930 and leaving at 1pm and going on vacation every 3rd day.

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    Doesn’t work, limits phone usability

    This app is a giant pain in the neck. It does not maintain a VPN connection on my iPhone 8, so I have to try to reconnect EACH time I want to use my phone, whether I’m in a WiFi zone or just using cellular data. Reconnecting can take 2, 5, 7, or endless attempts, sometimes not connecting at all. Without connecting, I can’t use my map app, my weather doesn’t refresh, and so on. This makes my phone usability total garbage. For instance, yesterday I got caught in a construction zone and needed a quick detour. I tried to open my map app and it couldn’t refresh with my location until the VPN connected. I tried to connect over and over, but it didn’t work and I couldn’t get a route. This has been happening the entire first month of my subscription, although the app worked much better during the trial period. I do not recommend this app. I really love the idea of a VPN, particularly when I’m using a public WiFi, but being required to wait a few minutes or more each time I lift my phone to use it in my own home or when I’m out on the road is a huge headache. I wish I would have cancelled before I got trapped in a full year’s subscription.

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    Norton Secure VPN & Norton Services

    Norton Secure VPN is a must have for any avid smart phone user. My iPhone is now more secure than ever, and has the latest encryption on the market thanks to Norton Services (Norton Secure VPN, Norton Security, Norton VIP Access, Norton Ad Blocker, and Norton Privacy Manager). I can now do more on my iPhone than ever before, with less worry. Before subscribing to Norton Services my iPhone had weak security, and I was opposed to doing financial work, sending and receiving secure and classified emails, and storing passwords on my iPhone. Nevertheless, I never worry anymore thanks to Norton Services, and I now do all financial transactions, send and receive secure and classified emails, and store passwords on my iPhone without hesitation. I even invest on my iPhone, thanks to Norton Services! There's no other computer security company that I would trust, like I do Norton Symantec Corporation. Thank you, Norton Symantec Corporation for everything!

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    VPN Configurations Problem

    Downloaded the app maybe around six months ago. Worked great and was speedy in the beginning. After sometime it began to slow down my updates. Also, it used to two two locations with Japan and Singapore. Now it only gives the Singapore location. Suddenly, within the last month, the app won’t turn on and wants me to allow VPN Configurations. I allow it but it does nothing but gives me an error and won’t turn back on. I contacted tech support who really tried to help but couldn’t. Seems like their only solution (one I did before I contacted them) was to delete the app, restart my iPhone, then reinstall the app. Doesn’t work no how many times you do it. So now I have a VPN app that I paid for and doesn’t work. I want to give this app 5 stars from the beginning but with the slowing down of updates, only one location, and now inoperable, I give it three stars in the hope that somehow they’ll fix the issue. I reside in South Korea.

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    Just don’t even bother to download it

    Yo so at first I was going to download this because I got a message saying I have 2 viruses from visiting “adult websites” and lets keep in mind I’m a young teen just trying to play my lemon game which is really fun so I looked up cheats for it you know. Cause I couldn’t get passed this one level so when I opened safari and looked up cheats and clicked the website the dumb notification came up. I’m the only person who uses this devise so there’s no way in the world that there’s adult websites on it. I’ve seen other people with the same complaint and the company just says something stupid about how it’s a 3rd party seller and all but if this was an actual legit great working app then they would have taken down the scam by now. So dont even try to blame the 3rd party seller. Plus it’s takes all of your money if you put your credit card number in. I’ve seen a bunch of people say that too! I personally think apple should remove it from the App Store! But if you want your money stolen and to be scammed then this is the app for you!!!

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    Not Happy.

    I downloaded the program and it worked as far as installing the program but it did not add the Icon to my screen. You cannot get into the program without going online when you do not have an icon. I have gone onto the chat with Norton five times, I have called them Three times and no one can help me find out how to get the icon added to my screen. One told me to uninstall the program and reinstall it. Well you cannot uninstall without the icon. Don’t assume that the support people know their product. That do not. I tried to cancel my subscription and delete the program another way. Can’t do that either because I paid it for a year. So I’m stuck with a program that no one can help with. I still have to go to the App Store search for the Norton Secure VPN program and click open to get into the program to make changes or turn it off. Besides that it seems as thought the program has slowed my internet down considerably. Wish there was someone that I could talk to about this. Therefore, count me as Not Happy.

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    Slowness has been addressed

    Update There have been two updates since my original post. The updates have corrected the slowness issue as I am now getting in the neighborhood of 200 Mbps consistently which is acceptable for going through the VPN. Original Post Using a VPN I would expect to take a small hit with my speed. However, I never would have imagined how much my speed would be impacted. I can do a speed test while on my home WiFi without the VPN and get 250+ Mbps consistently. When I turn on the VPN my speed drops to at most 50Mbps! It does not matter what region I select the VPN to connect to. This is unacceptable as I cannot justify paying for such a performance degradation. I have been a Norton customer for many years, but unless this is addressed I will be canceling my Norton VPN subscription.

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    Functional, but has its quirks

    I’ve only been using it a couple days, and for the most part it seems pretty reliable. Sometimes it drops the VPN connection after establishing and initial connection, but it usually recovers. I’m not sure if this is a problem with the app or the WiFi network I’m connecting to. After installing the app, for reasons unknown, I could never connect to a server after accepting the terms and conditions. This went on for several hours even though I could access several other Norton sites. For whatever reason it finally started working. I was about to give up on it and try another app. One minor annoyance that should be an easy enhancement would be to support landscape mode. This is especially needed for iPad users as it makes multitasking more cumbersome without it. The application stays in portrait mode even when the device is oriented in landscape mode.

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    A tad frustrated with ability to control the app

    I have been a fan and huge supporter of Norton products, for many years. I have even used this app (through all its iterations) in other countries, and highly recommend it for such use. HOWEVER, the app should allow SOME control over whether to turn it on or off. Switching the button to “off” in iPhone settings does absolutely nothing. The app will continually try to ignore the request to turn it off. Why would someone want to turn off the app? Because at certain times, one would like to show his/her true location (some apps require location, and while using those, I do not want to show my location as elsewhere in the country). At other times, since my home is not within WiFi range of anyone else, I would like to decide whether to run the app, not be given no other option, with the (very) persistent “ON.” If Norton fixes this flaw, I will certainly improve my rating of their app.

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    Downloaded this app and didn't do it for me. Closed my account and deleted the app. Surprise surprise, wells later they charged $32 from my debit card. I called Apple because I was confused why I was charged. They told me it was the app the be that had charged a membership fee, it was so hard to find a phone number for Norton! Turns out they do not have Customer Service..? No wonder why! I had to call technical support, asked to be directed to someone else for some customer service. He was rude and asked if he could know what I was calling about, I explained and he's telling me to call Apple, that they do not have an app for iPhones... what? I explained I already spoke to them and that I needed to talk to someone from Norton because I did not approved that transaction. He just stayed quite. I asked for a phone number amor be transfer and he told me NO. I wouldn't trust this app if I was you. Not even to see if it works for you. Because if it doesn't, they are gonna charge you anyways for trying the thing out! Good luck!

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    Awful VPN

    I wish there was a way to give 0 stars. This is the worst VPN guaranteed on the market. Why? If any other VPN connects it is automatically better than this one. I really tried using this. I’m in Africa and a VPN is a must. But I have spent literally 45 minutes trying to get this to connect to any server and it fails every time. Doesn’t connect. I close the app out, pull it back up try again and nothing. This is nothing but a scam. Do yourself a favor and absolutely do not buy this app. If you want a way to waste time and be aggravated trying to get this app to connect then maybe this is for you! If you are like every other human being in the world and just want the app to work like it says it will, don’t get it. It doesn’t work. Biggest waste of money in my opinion. Never connects. And on the rare. And I mean RARE occasion it does (maybe once every few days) make sure to not close your phone or the VPN will shut off as well. Allow me to give you some other things that are better to spend your money on. 1) Paying for a fishing trip to the Dead Sea where there are no fish 2) Paying for a sky diving trip and not being provided a parachute. 3) Paying for the experience of using a fork to eat soup. 4) Paying for a new water bottle that has a hole in it. Any one of those purchases would be better than this garbage app. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time or money on this.

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    Not bad. Better than Kaspersky.

    I dumped Kaspersky Total Security 2018 for Norton because it had the same features. So far, I have not had a problem with either the Windows 10 X64 program nor any iOS programs for the internet security. That makes me happy. The only thing I would discuss is that the password program doesn’t always do what you ask or completely ignores when you enter in new information. There is sync option and I assume it automatic upon login but not sure. Otherwise, this has not been a problem like the last program. The last thing is, (I know the answer, this is rhetorical) why in the hell can we not US based customer service. Culturally, we understand our problems and needs better than xxxxxxistan, Phillipines, India, where ever I end up.

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    AUPDATE: App Quit working & will Not connect to vpn servers

    Seems problem may have been with Norton VPN servers net. Problem seems to have been resolved overnight. VPN now functioning again. Worked as expected for months then lost ability to connect. Excellent WiFi signal. Running auto connect (was connected to a California server when everything quit). iPhone XS, 512gb memory, iOS 13.1.2. Deleted app and did complete reinstall. No effect. Still no connection (just dancing blue circles). Tried support chat but more than 30 minute wait. Extremely poor performance. Not what I expected from norton product. Not recommended as long as this problem persists. Essentially paying for non functioning app and reduced capability to use phone.

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    VPN issues

    I just installed this on my iPhone after the VPN stopped working from another Norton email account which expired and was not told about the VPN expired. After contacting Norton antivirus and waited for about 20 minutes for support. Support was somewhat helpful except never told me why my account didn't work until my second call when I realized, I was being forced into another upgrade and that my second email account was only for three Pc's and not for iPhones. By this time, I had to contact Norton again and find out that I couldn't add my iPhone to an existing account/ email. Finally, I was able to get a new agreement and now, I have 5 devices, two pcs and one iPhone. After updating both my pcs and iPhone it worked but with a new issue. My iPhone kept looping and would restart the Apple screen. I did some research and after, uninstalling apps, resetting the app, pulled the SIM card, it still kept looping. Finally, I found out that Norton Antivirus had a Time bug, I had to change my date and time back to December 1, 2017 @ 5:42 PM and than reset my iPhone. Now my iPhone is working without interruptions. VPN is good at times but I have at times manually have to set the VPN, daily and if I logout I have to re connect it manually. Thanks for listening, Marty McCafferty

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Is Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN Safe?

No. Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 51,184 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN Is 15.2/100.

Is Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN Legit?

No. Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 51,184 Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN Is 15.2/100.

Is Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN not working?

Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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