Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share Reviews

Published by on 2020-01-09

Create, edit, and collaborate on the go with the Google Docs app. Work together in real time * Share documents with your team * Edit, comment and add action items in real time * Never lose changes or previous versions of your document with version history Create anywhere, anytime—even offline...

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Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share Reviews

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    Better for Personal Use

    I’ve been a longtime user of Google Docs—around three or four years—and it’s been great for storing important documents. I’ve also used it a lot for jotting down ideas, writing creative stories, and other personal uses. I feel that these are what the app is best for. I’ve tried to use it several times for academic essays, and the current format does not support certain basic functions, especially with indentation, adding page numbers in MLA or APA, and so on. The spell check for Google Docs is also flawed, and frequently marks everyday words as misspelled, and then other words not in the regular dictionary as perfectly correct. The syncing is also kind of finicky sometimes, and you can lose work or have to restart the app multiple times in one sitting, if you’re somewhere that there is no ideal connection. So if you’re a student or a professional, you are also going to want Microsoft Word, which has more features and is easier to use. However, the syncing generally works very well, and I love being able to back up all my documents. The aesthetic appearance of the documents are also very appealing, and most of the basic writing functions are easy to access. Keyboard shortcuts still work, and those shortcuts match to whichever model of computer you are using, so you don’t have to learn anything terribly new to use the app competently. It’s super easy to add other contributors, and to restrict privacy/use settings. All in all it has served me very ell.

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    Highly recommended, but definitely room for improvement

    Google Docs is very, very useful as a whole, providing services that allow seamless collaboration and that solve many past horrors of word-processors (like the classic “I didn’t save my doc and now it’s gone foreverrrrr!!”). As great as it is on desktop, I personally found the transfer to mobile devices a little, well, less great. It’s obviously difficult to find an intuitive way to lay out all the functions of Docs on desktop onto a smaller screen, but it’s honestly such a huge hassle navigating comments and suggestions, even when I’m on my iPad. It’s also kind of annoying that I can’t zoom out more on a doc—basically, once the width of the page fills the screen, I can no longer zoom out. This doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but it makes for a lot of tedious scrolling when an already long document has relatively large text. Additionally, there are these small annoying glitches that occasionally occur. For example, when I was editing a doc, I kept trying to delete a space, but it would always delete the space and the letter behind it. I tried over and over again to no avail... sigh.... It also seems to me that Docs can get kind of slow? I’m on a new device, so the hardware should be working fine, but there’s a huge lag when I’m trying to type in the app. Other than these few problems, everything else has been working fine and going smoothly.

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    I use this app a lot

    I write original works and fan fics, and this app lets me work on them at any point. Just waking up and I have an idea, just hopping out of the shower, in the line at the store, lunch break, moments of clarity while gardening, you get the point. Since the first time I’ve used this app, to the many years later, I have stopped worrying about forgetting some idea I had before I get to my computer. Even if my phone is offline, I have been able to work on my stories. I think it really is my most used app on my phone. Also, because it auto saves, I HAVE NEVER HAD MY STORIES DISAPPEAR! Unlike other writing programs, that have lost me hours of work because of a blue screen, freezing, or other issues, I have never had the pain of opening a Google Doc and finding all my work gone. I do wish it had a better way to organize your files, as what it does have seems “meh.” But, at least, it has some form of organization. Lastly, I love that I can share the doc in various ways. This has been so helpful for me when I comes to sharing my stories. It lets those who are my beta reader comment and make suggestions, those who I wrote for have full access, and those who I want to let just read all have their own set of restrictions.

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    Essential Tool!! A Must-Have

    Google Docs is a comprehensive cloud document service that let’s me share and create just about anything I could ever want or need. I’ve used it to polish up my resume, capture notes and ideas, record song lyrics, journal my dreams, create schedules, write stories, and more! The sharing features are fantastic; my sister and I co-authored a novel using Google Docs! We can edit and read each other’s work in real time, leave comments and suggestions, and use the chat to stay on the same page. Google Docs is THE essential writing tool for creative and practical uses — plus it has cloud storage that makes it seamless to work on your projects from any device! I’ll often be working on a story on my computer and move to my phone for edits, or pull it up to add an idea quickly while on-the-go. There’s also free templates to chose from that helped me format my resume and other official documents. I love Google Docs, and it definitely earned those 5 stars. I suggest it to anyone looking for a modern word processing application that is catered to usability and will exceed your expectations.

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    Great, except...

    Like most people of Generation Z, the later years of my education (8th grade-present) have greatly benefited from using Google applications such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Google Docs’s amazing accessibility, collaboration tools, storage, and auto-save have always been what’s made it better than competing office tools. The app itself is great, and once you get the hand of using it on a hand held device, it makes working from almost anywhere possible. I’ve found myself using these Google applications for more than just essays and presentations now a days, as I begin to need work resumés and finance budgets. So really, Docs (and other Google applications) are great! Except, I’ve encountered an issue when using this Docs app. Now, this could be because of several reasons, however, I’ve found that after prolonged used, when typing, the keyboard begins to lag a bunch, making working on documents so frustrating. At first I thought that the keyboard could be lagging because my iPad might’ve over heated? But, the keyboard has lagged even when the iPad doesn’t feel warm. I’m not sure if internet connection might have something to do with it, but my Wifi is pretty strong, and I rarely encounter issues with it. That’s my only complaint, but other than that I really do love the app.

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    Love Google docs

    I absolutely love google docs, especially since I’m in college and it saves your work automatically when your up at 2:00am trying to finish an essay that is due that same day and you fall asleep. There probably is away to do this, but if not I wish there would be away to categorize documents into different folders for different projects or classes and or poor year. I think this would be very helpful for me since one day I would love to show my kids that hard work does pay off. The slide shows are excellent and great for presenting history projects to make them at least semi fun and very easy to use once you learn to switch over from PowerPoint... but the basic outline I personally feel is similar yet differently. The docs were it is like Microsoft Word is very identical just a few extra perks of not having to save, having all of your work in one place, and very easy usage. The only reason for a 4 star was the fact is that if it doesn’t have the filing system “ I would be surprised if it didn’t” again probably haven’t figured it out, but have been using this program since 2015 at-least so I think I would have found it, but things fly over everybody's head sometimes “am I right or am I right?”

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    Google did me wrong at the worst possible moment

    You know how we all rely on google for turning in class assignments? Well... IT DID ME WRONG AT THE WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT!!! I take AP World History and had something due today and couldn’t get on it until this weekend but this week it was updated for a big fix that has going on for weeks now that is still going on!!! The app crashes at random times whether it’s long or short periods of time, and this week it’s gotten worse to the point I can’t even see my cursor when I type on my phone anymore and whenever I try to exit out of the page to refresh, I suddenly see two icons of my own account that was recently on the doc and and still see the cursor I recently used on my doc. I was copying and pasting my work from one box onto another but suddenly no matter how many times I double tapped on my screen, I couldn’t paste, forcing me to restart my phone and try again and once I got back on my doc, I realized I never pasted my paragraph back on the doc and now my work is lost until I can get on a computer tomorrow and search my version history and revive my lost work!! Sad to say, google can’t be relied on for everything especially when it’s been having a problem that gone unnoticed and unsolved for over 2 months now.

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    The only reason I use Google Docs over programs like Pages and Word is that my school system uses it and I have unlimited storage for Google Docs in my drive (which by the way is great). But the app is just sooooo s l o w. I don’t know if this is an issue with my iPad (which has plenty of performance issues itself) or with the app, but it’s nearly unusable for me. When I use my bluetooth keyboard with it the text is very laggy (or with the onscreen keyboard for that matter) and text editing is an iOS 12-style nightmare. You can’t drag your finger over text to select it like in iOS 13, you have to tap on the cursor, select “Select,” and then drag over all the text you want to select (which is very slow and laggy). I would really appreciate a couple of features, like viewing the same app in multiple spaces in iPadOS (because I find myself needing to look at multiple docs at once more and more these days) or at least some kind of similar system and a better Explore feature like on desktop. And as several other people have mentioned the text correction is nowhere near perfect. It always marks weird things as grammatically incorrect that are perfectly fine. Google please please please please listen and thanks for reading

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    Great for writing, but hard to insert equations

    Google’s Docs is fantastic! It is nice to have your document constantly backed up without hassle. I have grown to prefer using this app over Microsoft’s Word and Apple’s Pages. I use this app mostly on an iPad and keyboard. One thing that stand out for google docs over the other word processing apps is its ease to format using keyboard shortcuts. In iOS this is HUGE!!! The ability to use keyboard shortcuts drastically improves productivity when working in a touch based operating system! With that being said, I cannot do all my work on this app. I can type up most of my documents using this app, but I need to switch to a different device to do some finishing touches before publishing my documents. For example, it would be nice to change a documents margin’s while using this app. It also would be nice to insert equations using this app. As it stands, those features remain on the web based version of docs and not on the iOS version. That being said, google docs is my go to app for any word processing on an iOS device. It is clear the team at google have put a lot of work into developing this app, perhaps even more than its competitors.

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    Fantastic with some suggestions

    I love the way docs works because it saves your data constantly and it doesn’t glitch on you and it provides you with so many ways to type notes for school, writing, and much more. I do have some suggestions to make the work flow for taking notes easier though. When it comes to fonts, there are specific ones I like to use for notes, but it becomes a pain to have to go back and switch it to the font you like instead of the default Ariel. The same goes for the headings and other text variations. They default to Ariel instead of the font that you were using before hand. Another suggestion I have is to make a keyboard short cut for the horizontal line. That would make dividing sections of writing way easier. The last suggestion I have is to also make a key board short cut for the list option styles. For example, I don’t like using the default dot style for the list. I like using the star one because it makes the list more interesting to look at. So instead of defaulting to the dot style it could default to the style of list that you were using before hand. For example, I would be using the star style of list and then I would section that list off with a horizontal line and then begin to start a new list that would then default to the star style. In general, maybe you guys could make google docs more customizable or at least have let it have the option to be more customizable with custom keyboard commands for different things.

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    Google Docs is OK but painful on iPad

    I think if I used an external keyboard it might be better, but formatting and getting spreadsheets to function like excel is really not an option. I find that trying to select text to cut and paste or copy or for formatting font size or color is very frustrating. You have to grab and roll your finger just right or you select too much. Also, when backspacing, use caution. I couldn't stop it from deleting far more than i wanted. Make sure you select what you want to delete instead of relying on bkspc to stop when you want it to. I am happy I found a way to do my budget on my iPad since my laptop is tedious to start up just to work on my finances, but i do wish it wasn't so painful to toggle into edit mode. Google should talk to more end users, and I am also not a fan of the company being that I have a 35 yr Career in Technology and I am I am sure they will wake up and come into the 21st century soon with their treatment of women, and get more women managing projects and holding positions of power. Their tolerance for misogyny is incredibly sickening. I wish someone from a more progressive company would invent a better alternative since I don't trust or like Google.

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    Good for the most part

    Google docs is a fantastic website to use to get work done. It auto saves, allows collaboration, and has so many other features. The app, however, lags so much when typing that you can type a sentence or phrase and reasonably expect to wait another 10+ seconds before it finishes typing. And this is on a doc with only one person on it. Imagine the frustration when multiple people are on it! And if you think it’s done typing and go to fix an error earlier in the sentence, it will continue typing in the middle of the sentence (even though you finished typing several seconds prior). Another problem with it is the inability to copy and paste MLA citations in it. If I’m working on an essay and need to make a bibliography, I’ll copy the formatted citation from an online citation maker, paste it into google docs, then have to manually readjust the spacing to make it correct. While you can just paste it into Word and go, you can’t with google docs, which is frustrating, especially when you’ve got 15 sources to format manually. (This is a problem with the website on a computer, too.)

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    I ❤️ Google Docs but...

    Well, honestly, Google Docs is AMAZING! I love all the features and it just has this very nice atmosphere and it’s just...AWESOME!!! But there is just ONE little problem. You see, before I had an iPhone, I had an LG phone. Specifically, the LG Fortune. And when I had that phone, you could put emojis in the text. But NOW I can’t even add an emoji! I bet you’re thinking this is useless, but what about when I’m writing a story or something? Like for example, I add a texting part to my story. Then, I do it like someone adds an emoji to their text. It WOULDN’T appear! It kinda get’s me a little disappointed because it ruins the whole book. I don’t care if whoever’s reading this thinks I’m dumb or stupid, but hey! I’m saying MY opinion! Isn’t that what a review is for? To share your opinion about a thing (in this case, an app)? Anyway, I just think that Google Inc. should consider this and improve it or fix it. But overall, Google Docs is an extraordinary app that I recommend to everyone. 😄

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    Deletes data

    I use google docs to type up reports, nearly everyday. I type my notes on a variety of apple devices, and usually it works well enough. But occasionally it will pull up an old version of the document, sometimes a few weeks old, and it’ll delete all the previous weeks worth of notes I’ve written. Today I typed up my daily note on my ipad, all my notes were on there (I had used a MacBook Air earlier that week with no problem either). Afterwards I went onto an iPad mini to add to my note and it pulled up a version from over 2 weeks prior, showing none of my notes that I had recently written. I quickly pulled out my phone and checked the doc and it was the exact same on there, both completely sync’d up. I tried to check the history of the notes to see if I could see my deleted notes, but it didn’t have anything recent to show. The only was I was able to save my doc was by turning on airplane mode on my iPad and then opening the doc so that it wouldn’t update, and then turning the WiFi back on so it could make the others sync to it. This is extremely worrisome to use a service that is supposed to sync your notes across devices, but may actually delete all your data.

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    Don’t bother using Doc’s spellcheck, as it is almost as good as having a third grader edit your paper. Sometimes it catches a few mistakes, but it doesn’t catch but a small fraction of what Microsoft Word finds (and will fix automatically, or at least notify you immediately that something is jacked up). Also, sometimes it seems not to work at all. I’m not sure if it’s a “lagging” issue, a glitch, like one person mentioned in a previous post, or otherwise. I also dislike the ability to format, as all features (in general) seem harder to use and are more problematic than Word. Am I biased because I used Word for a decade or so before Docs arrived on the scene? Probably, but I still think there are many fixes needed before this is a reliable and user friendly platform. I’ve spoken to people who believe several of my gripes are due to a connectivity problem, as we use Docs in my school to write essays etc., but I don’t seems pretty frequent and we have issues often enough for me to complain to random strangers on this platform. Sooo, General Google, get on this please.

Is Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share Safe?

Yes. Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,128,629 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share Is 70/100.

Is Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share Legit?

Yes. Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,128,629 Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share Is 50/100.

Is Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share not working?

Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share

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@TedTurnau free voice-to-text stuff. The most accessible is @Google voice-to-type for Google docs. You can only use it on Chrome, though. The reviews said about 90% accurate. This is not so. I've found it coming in at less than 50%. Kinda sucks, but correcting tons of missed text is (2/9)

@TrueNewsNG [email protected] has further banned 24 apps from its Play Store for the same problem, with worries that the apps were clogging phones up with annoying hardware.

@Bennett_DataSci A new project called #Keen launched from @Google’s in-house incubator for new ideas to help users track their interests. The app is like a modern rethinking of the Google Alerts service, which allows users to monitor the web for specific content: #AI

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@MARMOT_Shukla @Google from last 2 years I'm not able to remove two topics, after remove it appears again in seconds automatically

@AJSchroder @Google why is your mobile app crashing? It’s now day three I’ve had to find a more reliable search engine. #heygoogle

@NavinPokala @Hujini5 @tomaspueyo @Twitter @Facebook @Google Agree w/ all that (though many other data analysts mess up massively about epidemiology!) All I'm saying his day job as VP of Growth at a tech company suggests he is more qualified to discuss doing business in China than he is talking about coronavirus, not whether he's accurate.

@wajadxb2020 @Kotsmanish @gmail @Google Were you able to restore access? I'm facing the same issue, and no help from Google

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@CCriadoPerez And by the way, the worst response to this is to simply not have the AI do the labelling @Google. That’s the equivalent of saying “I don’t see race” or “I don’t see gender” in a racist and misogynist world. You do and so will the algorithm. Hiding it serves no one.

@FreeBlackTX @DanImmergluck @Google Thank you so much for suggesting those @DanImmergluck They do take a while to review and are really competitive but thank you.

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@ayrawath @Google Isn't it time we had an emoji to show our respect and honour with a salute to our martyrs and defence service. So why not have one emoji with a salute and one in a hand gesture? Hope Google team attends to this pl.

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@prakash68158417 @Google dm not enabled to ur account how to send direct messages

@afirstenberg @chatasweetie @VoiceFirstAI @HandNF @dabblelab @ActionsOnGoogle @MandyChanNYC @Google @jovotech Hrm.... @DenisValasek pointed out this note to me at "Note: Actions project creation is not supported in the gactions CLI."

@bonesandomens @JohanNohr @PathsPeculiar @Google I’m gonna go ahead and just give a big ol’ recommendation to not use it. 🙂 It’s unfortunate the dictionary would have such an unsuspecting definition for the term.

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@KayJebelli @Geordie__Wilson @1Br0wn @UGambini @kostasrossoglou @EU_Competition @DSMeu @JavierespFT @SamuelStolton @MetteDyrskjot @CC_Antitrust @Andreas_Schwab @Sally_Hubbard @chopraftc @FairSearch @OpenInternetPro @lewis_crofts @Google @CMAgovUK I'm not much of a structuralist with tech. I still believe in dynamic Schumpterian creative destruction. Search is moving to voice, retail is moving to social, and social is moving to niche. I don't have a problem with existing companies pushing the boundaries of innovation.

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@OcadoTechnology Our CEO James Matthews @Google’s Solving Together summit on his pride in our teams' rapid shift to both remote working and operational oversight. Plus a sneak peek at our #robotics #AI and #VisionSystems helping ready clients for online's new normal.

@Th3BlueRose @Google Wow y'all are slow to respond. This post is a monthish old and I already fixed my problem

@1Br0wn @KayJebelli @Geordie__Wilson @UGambini @kostasrossoglou @EU_Competition @DSMeu @JavierespFT @SamuelStolton @MetteDyrskjot @CC_Antitrust @Andreas_Schwab @Sally_Hubbard @chopraftc @FairSearch @OpenInternetPro @lewis_crofts @Google @CMAgovUK Again, the CMA report goes into great detail about the consumer harm happening across the UK economy while we wait. And Jean Tirole published an excellent working paper in April which (amongst other issues) explains that waiting for competition *for* markets to work is inadequate

@HunterMamba @GoogleAds @GoogleAds @GoogleIndia @YouTubeIndia @Google @YTCreatorsIndia Please take a note on this matter . people are taking wrong profit of bug / gitch / feature of Adwords . Due to which there subs count is increasing rapidly . This is a loss for YT / Adwords and also against policy.

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@crudotl @Google Yes I have. I've tried but I can't it says it can not verify that it belongs to me for either account.

@liberatetate Many cultural institutions use @Google Arts & Culture and partner with the Google Cultural Institute: Google may be decarbonising data centres, but the carbon impact of its cloud services and other support to Big Oil is a big problem #BigTechLovesBigOil


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@harcharansingh8 @Google any plans to fix a long lived issue with Google Home where bluetooth keeps disconnecting as frequent as 2-3 mins? really frustrating

@France24_en 💻 @Google, @Facebook and @Twitter have suspended processing requests from #HongKong authorities for access to user data, after a new, sweeping national security law was implemented. Chinese-owned video app #TikTok will exit the Hong Kong market within days ⤵️

@Omkar_Raii Initiatives like Build for #DigitalIndia Program by @GoI_MeitY & @Google to encourage students from India for building technology solutions for various problem areas pertinent to Indian context is a laudable step to rev up indigenous product development.

@JeromeTaylor Hong Kong police have been given “unfettered power” to compel internet companies to provide information in national security cases. That means companies like @Facebook, @Twitter and @Google are going to have to decide whether they cooperate or not

@TeamYouTube @GtmBwas @GoogleIndia @Google @sundarpichai @googledevs @GoogleAI @ThinkwithGoogle @GoogleForEdu Your activity on YouTube, Google, and Chrome may influence your YouTube search results. Also if you're not able to find the video/channel you're searching for, we recommend refining your search by using advanced filters. Hope this helps.

@ntrpokk @googlefiber Hi Gregory. I’ve already made a decision. Since day 1 I’ve been trying to give it a chance but never worked properly. Thanks for understanding and I’m so sorry but @Google is not good in all the services they provide. Like this one.

@iamrhitu @Google @gmail Iam unable to recover my gmail account. Recovery steps are not working properly. In the recovery process, I was supposed to get a notification in my device from Google, but I didnot receive any notifications. Kindly resolve it.