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Published by on 2022-09-21

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Reported Issues: 30 Comments

By Inge Ansvar
Oct 12 2022

I've been having problems communicating with the car/backend servers for 4 days.
Just getting the error message: "Network error. Please try again later."
So have not been able to retrieve the current status since Sunday afternoon, the car indicates that the charging hatch is open even though it is closed, etc.

I read on forums on the internet that there are several who experience the same problem globally, which confirms that it is a central problem with KIA's infrastructure for the service.

This is on the level of tragicomic, how can you build a technologically advanced car that is supposed to belong to the premium segment but cannot achieve a working and STABLE communication/app control?

Just read the user reviews on the App Store; a majority write that KIA Connect is the worst app they have ever used. There are no excuses for not taking this criticism to heart. Are you listening KIA?

KIA should throw the whole current setup in the trash, fire all responsible managers and start from scratch and build a solution that actually works.

The fact that KIA does not provide some kind of operating information page where you can see the status of the services is also under all criticism.

By Jimmy G Rose
Oct 07 2022

Invalid schema request every time I try to remote start 2022 EV6

By Greg Murphy
Sep 28 2022

When using the app to remote start the climate control, the controls always change from Fahrenheit to centigrade. This only occurs when using the Kia connect from my iphone.

By Greg Murphy
Sep 28 2022

When using the app to remote start the climate control, the controls always change from Fahrenheit to centigrade. This only occurs when using the Kia connect from my iphone.

By Mike Masters
Sep 28 2022

App is open and is reading the car but will not allow for auto start to work or any of the button on the app as far as start vehicle or lock doors. Vehicle recovery button is also not working so if the car should get stolen I will not be able to trace it. This is just the major issues with the app.

Sep 16 2022

I cannot get Remote Start to work from the App ever since Kia sent the system update

By Caren Breidenstein
Aug 19 2022

All 4 doors are locked but app says the driver door is unlocked.

By Beverly G
Aug 18 2022

When trying to open "start climate" the screen for entering the PIN does not respond to any taps (not even the cancel to get out of it.)

By Alan Sheridan
Aug 17 2022

Won’t connect at all. Blames network, flight mode anything. None of which are a problem to any other app

By Kwiekie
Aug 17 2022

My App says:
Network connection failed. Please check reception or turn off flight mode and try again.

Tried is several times including rebooting my phone.

By Adam Gibbins
Aug 17 2022

network connection failed. I have reset phone, tried different networks..
its the app can we have an update for repair so I can charge my car !

By Sam Musillami
Aug 07 2022

Remote start/lock has yet to work with my 2022 Sorrento. Kia access support says modem signal is too weak and I need to bring to dealer to have tech get logs when things fail. Anyone else experience this also?

By Sam Musillami
Aug 06 2022

Remote start/lock has yet to work with my 2022 Sorrento. Kia access support says modem signal is too weak and I need to bring to dealer to have tech get logs when things fail. Anyone else experience this also?

By Alexander S.
Aug 05 2022

Kia connect network problem [4017] on app only. My eniro send still notification on the phone 📱 like charging complete. It was working in Sweden 3 days ago. But now it doesn't anymore. It's seems like the kias servers are down.

By Giannis
Aug 05 2022

My trips are lost. And so far the time is wrong.

By christian fortin
Jul 23 2022

Kia Connect fonctionne mal il faut supprimer l’application puis la remettre pour voir ma Kia Sorento phev

By john Bool
Jul 13 2022

KIA App log in page has been over laid with the account page link, so the log in button will not work, have reloaded App a few times but no change

By Amy Carter
Jul 10 2022

Kia app is not working. Haven’t been able to remote start for months and now it won’t update info on dashboard. Not worth the cost! Will certainly keep me from getting another Kia since the tech support is non existent.

By Sean Heer
Jul 07 2022

I had to unchecked - Use Biometrics - to log in. Just kept spinning without unchecking.

By Sue Anderson
Jul 06 2022

It sounds as though it's the same problem for most people. It won't connect most of the time. It keeps spinning and says to try again. Oh well, I guess it's a piece of crap.

By Anna Duchene
Jul 05 2022

The Kia app's live "location" feature very rarely works. I either get an error message or the processing icon keeps spinning and never leads to results. So frustrating! Please send me step-by-step instructions on fixing this issue. And if the app was hacked, I expect to be notified immediately to change my password and user name. Thank you

By Ramie Acampora
Jul 05 2022

Invalid Schema Request error when I try to remote start via the app.

By Mitch Green
Jul 01 2022

the software installation was easy I purchased their sd disk (could not download a free one, no windows or apple machine). Here is where it gets frustrating after some functions are not there, and other outputs are missing. emails and calls, going to the dealer, all find nothing??? Tried everything but battery disconnect--never! Had it escalated, nothing but send info, that has been already sent. For almost a month looking at it, they just ask for more info, or its being looked at, well I now wonder did they send me the right software?

By Kyle
Jun 29 2022

Kia Connect app will not open. It just keeps spinning when a login attempt is made.

By Stephanie Walsh
Jun 29 2022

Just downloaded the app. Trying to log in and it just keeps spinning. Can’t connect to it.

By Duncan W Blanchard
Jun 22 2022

My trips is a joke

By Jim Naughton
Jun 13 2022

APP install is terrible, will not connect, get different messages, blind alleys in APP where you can't go back or exit the screen; I've been trying to set up charging management on my phone. Have deleted APP and reinstalled, still no progress.

By Vinny Capone
May 28 2022

Odometer reading is. It correct. The car has 204 miles and the app is still showing 155 although the est. rangers to empty is accurate

By janui
May 27 2022

During the last year the app has failed 4 times. Even reinstalling the app will not work. Eventually after re-registering an account with a different e-mail address, it worked. Old e-mail addresses cannot be modified.

It looks like KIA have been hacked (several times) and have needed to reset all user accounts.

Kia provides no information about problems or solutions. Basically, it looks like they have lost control over their IT environment again.

My big problem is that I get parking fines when my car is left fully charged on the street charger. When the app fails, I cannot receive notifications the charging has completed.

Last week the app failed again. Old accounts cannot be used (again). Luckily, I will be retuning my Kia shortly. I would not advise anyone to buy or lease a KIA.

By April Turner
May 02 2022

The Kia Access app is not working at all. Unable to sign in. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app and issue did not go away. Vehicle is great but app is not worth the headache.

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