Bitdefender Mobile Security Reviews

Bitdefender Mobile Security Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-05

Keep your digital assets and online presence private at any time and under any
circumstances with the newest app from worldwide security provider Bitdefender.
Bitdefender Mobile Security is a free application designed to keep your
sensitive data safe against prying eyes. Features at...

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Bitdefender Mobile Security Reviews

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    Good VPN but constant WiFi issues

    Bitdefender on PC works flawlessly for me, however, using it on iOS seems to be buggy. It’s nice to see it blocking ads in Apps that I never knew was reaching out to potentially malicious servers. The VPN also works well. My biggest issue is with the constant interference with WiFi connections. Sometimes WiFi would be working fine and then out of no where it stops resolving websites. The fix has always been to disable and then reenable WiFi. The problem is that there is no indication that WiFi is having issues until you try to open a web-based app or browse the web and notice it isn’t working. I honestly think the culprit is with the web protection feature in Bitdefender cutting off all web traffic inadvertently. I’ve been using the app with that feature disabled and haven’t had any issue in a few days now so I’m pretty convinced this was causing my issue. Hopefully this gets resolved in the near future as I really do like their security software overall, I just can’t recommend it to anyone in its current state.

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    Glad to have an extra layer of protection on iOS

    The addition of the web protection feature is a nice plus.I have gotten pages blocked while surfing the web. The sites blocked usually had something to do with ads and such. Didn’t realize how much tracking was being done on the site I visit. However, since I do not pay for the premium VPN just yet, on my T-Mobile LTE I can connect to the server for “Web Protection” but nothing is able to be pulled up so I have to disconnect it until I get on Wi-Fi. Now, if I have the trial Bitdefender VPN on with the web protection then my data works on T-Mobile LTE. It’s pretty strange because I was able to use this feature when I was on Consumer Cellular using T-Mobile towers. Every now and then, I have issues like others who have review the app. The VPN will become whack and I have to completely reinstall the app to get it working properly again. This issue is not as bad as when I first installed the app a few months ago. Also, I am considering switching to Bitdefender VPN when my NordVPN subscription ends. I would like to have the ability to choose if I want the VPN to connect all the time or just on Wi-Fi, and be able to choose Wi-Fi networks I trust where the VPN would not connect but the web protection would remain enabled. NordVPN has the option to choose when and in which data connection the VPN connects.

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    Most Frustrating App Ever

    If you need to raise your blood pressure or if you haven’t been frustrated to your peak potential in awhile, then by all means, purchase this product. After purchasing an Orbi Mesh system (first mistake), I was prompted relentlessly to purchase this garbage security software for $60. I already have free anti-virus through my internet provider, but thinking there was some connection between the Orbi dropping my WiFi signal 3 to 4 times per day, I caved and hit the purchase option. Now I have 2 products that provide endless frustration! There is no easy interface that I can find anywhere to protect my Orbi router on the Bitfinder app or website, you just go around and around. Also the 3 passwords, one for admin, router and WiFi is great fun for the home user, especially with two adult users trying simultaneously to manage this mostly dysfunctional system. Way to go Netgear. Sell, sell, sell with products that lead to other product purchases that continue to provide sub par performance. Buyer beware!!!

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    Bitdefender Mobile Conflicts With iOS

    I finally just deleted Bitdefender Mobile. I hope the inherent security of iPads is sufficient.😡🤬. Bitdefender Mobile has so many conflicts with iOS now that I frequently have to delete it on my iPhone XR and my iPad Pro 12.9 3rd generation. Periodic issues include: If any feature (viz., Web Protection) is turned on, the iOS mail app will not work across devices, iMessages will not work across devices, and my devices will no longer allow live view of my Ring Pro Doorbell. These issues periodically are corrected; however, they soon return with updates. Until these issues are permanently corrected, I cannot recommend Bitdefender Mobile for iOS devices. 👎😩 This continues to be a problem with the most recent iPadOS. In addition to the above problems, this app frequently causes Safari searches to lock up. The solution requires deleting the app because simply turning off web protection does not work; the app has a mind of its own and keeps turning web protection back on. The PC version is great, but the developers just can't get a bug free iOS version. Still cannot recommend this app for iOS devices. Also, their technical support is terrible. They don’t listen to complaints; they assume they know best independent of the problem you are having.

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    Unreasonable Terms & Conditions

    I attempted to use a 90-day trial of BitDefender Total Security. The downloaded version of BitDefender eliminated my previous installation of McAfee on my laptop computer and *then* told me that I couldn’t activate the BitDefender program (which left me with just the Windows Defender program to keep my laptop safe). When I then tried to use the Apple version of BitDefender on my iPad, the required terms and conditions had misspellings in it and stated the trial could be only 30 days, despite the 90-day trial period I was supposed to have been given. Furthermore, if one pays a subscription online for BitDefender, one is required to cancel it more than 30 days before the end of the subscription or risks being charged again! This is an unreasonable condition that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Since I wasn’t willing to consent to the terms and conditions, I could not try the BitDefender app on my iPad.

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    Mobile app prevents other apps from working, can’t get support

    The mobile security app for iPhone has been a very bad experience so far. If I have either the vpn or the web protection on, not even both, which I should be able to do, it messes with my ability to get and send emails on my iPhone, it doesn’t allow me to sign into my eBay app or receive 2-factor auth texts from eBay or a few other apps to my regular phone number, and it doesn’t allow me to receive texts or calls on my Burner app if either the vpn or the web protection feature is on. I have had continual problems with the mobile product and bitdefender is supposed to be well rated, just not for mobile devices it seems. I’m pretty upset about this. Also, I put in a support request 4 days ago and have not gotten an email reply back.

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    With Web Protection On it Stops FaceTime on iPad

    As the title says when I use the Web Protection feature it stops FaceTime calls from connecting on my iPad. I can answer the FaceTime call on my iPhone but not on the iPad. It comes to the iPad but accepting the call is impossible and it will not connect. Now this issue might be a problem also on the iPhone but I removed the Mobile Security app on my iPhone as it really pulled the battery down. I will not use this app on my phone. It didn’t seem to have the same battery drain on my iPad but now that I see that it kills FaceTime it has become less useful. I am a subscriber to the premium unlimited VPN plan and at the moment that is about all I might use. I haven’t used the VPN that much and now am wondering if it has issues that I have yet to encounter.

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    Worked Well until...

    This is a good VPN to use, and I have the premium package. The speed is quite fast and I can assure that it won’t leak your IP (dnsleaktest & etc). The only problem, which is why I rated it two stars is due to the fact that for some reason, it occasionally gives me an error 184 and constantly attempts to reconnect. This, in turn, makes it so I no longer have wifi connection on my phone. I could not fix this, I’ve tried disconnecting the attempts in the app, didn’t work. I’ve tried disconnecting it in the settings, didn’t work. I’ve even tried RESTARTING my phone, and that didn’t even work. So I ended up deleting the app and it has been fixed, problem solved. I’d really appreciate if this was fixed though, it’s a good app.

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    Update: VPN very slow from the last update but it has been resolved

    I like this app and i use it several months ago with the annual VPN package. BUT after the last update, my VPN is very slow and nearly impossible to connect to any web site! What happen? Hope Bitdefender will fix this issue very soon... Update: The speed is now good thru VPN. Hope it will last...

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    Doesn’t work on iPhone with VOIP (TextNow) phone service

    I purchased a 1 year subscription for bitdefender premium. It works great on both the laptop and PC that use Windows 10. For those I would give it 5 stars, but the app fails completely when installed on an iPhone 5 that uses TextNow, a VOIP, for cell phone and data. I can no longer make outgoing calls with the iPhone with Bitdefender installed. Also, it kept cutting off WIFI and showing a numerical error. I have tried some work arounds but all were unsuccessful. For IPhones with VOIP, I give the app 0 (zero) stars. I deleted it from the IPhone and will just use it on the laptop and PC that don’t use VOIP. Overall, 2 stars considering the full package.

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    Doesn’t automatically engage the VPN to previously used open networks.

    Dear developer, I like that this app doesn’t drain my battery as other apps I tried before. Also, the connections seem stable and with no visible downloading downgrade. However, there is a big security risk by using this app as it allows the phone to connect to previously used open wi-fi networks without VPN. At the time it alerts one is using an open network the phone is already using the network. I very much appreciate if you can make this app automatically engage the VPN when it knows the phone is using a unsafe hotspot. I will not be renewing my subscription unless this security hole is fixed.

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    Big bug. Lock my phone forever

    I have setup Bitdefender on my iPhone and face a big bug from Bitdefender when I try lock phone feature. Steps: 1. go to the Central site 2. select my iPhone device --> select Anti-Theft 3. Click on lock icon --> A popup displayed with content: "Lock your device when it is lost or stolen" and 2 buttons Cancel and Lock 4. I click on lock and see a message "A lock command has been sent to your phone" 5. Then I check my iphone. It locked. It only show lock screen. There is not passcode screen display to enter. I can not unlock my phone any more or event restart it. I come back central site to try to unlock, but there is no way. When I try to click on lock icon again. I show again as step 3. No way to unlock my phone. I think this is a big bug, a big issue of Bitdefender. and now I have broken my iPhone. My iPhone is 7 plus with lasted IOS 11.3 version. Nobody can contact me from now. I will never ever use Bitdefender on my phone again

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    Great when it works

    Great when it works. Previously had a problem where vpn would shut down and then not connect until delete and reinstall. That’s fixed. Now when I have web protection on and use vpn intermittently the app sometimes blocks all cellular data. Can’t connect to anything on internet. Turn off web protection so I can check email etc. what’s the point of web protection if you can’t get any internet when its on. Solid protection for sure. Just turn it all off! Uninstalling and trying again oh and vpn disconnection when no internet.

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    Suddenly disabled

    I have been using Bitdefender vpn for a couple of months now. It was working until i downloaded the latest update and suddenly it is disabled and i still have until June 2019 on my subscription. The reason for the suspension was that i changed my location where it is illegal to use the vpn service, but my location is the same as when downloaded the app. And the region am in is not listed as a restricted country. Hope this is just a temporary issue.

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    Very good overall with huge bug

    Love this app in general and use it every day. Today, however, I encountered something i hadn’t before. The buttons for functions on the app were in a state of limbo so to speak as in it wasn't on or off but i couldn't hit any buttons and they were greyed out. I wasn't able to access any internet during this time or change anything within the app until I deleted the app itself. Huge issue that needs to be fixed

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Is Bitdefender Mobile Security Safe?

Yes. Bitdefender Mobile Security is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,209 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Bitdefender Mobile Security Is 39.7/100.

Is Bitdefender Mobile Security Legit?

Yes. Bitdefender Mobile Security is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,209 Bitdefender Mobile Security User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Bitdefender Mobile Security Is 39.7/100.

Is Bitdefender Mobile Security not working?

Bitdefender Mobile Security works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Bitdefender Mobile Security customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Bitdefender Mobile Security.

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