Videoleap Video Editor & Maker Reviews

Videoleap Video Editor & Maker Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-28

Discover how fun and easy it is to create high quality videos with Videoleap by
Lightricks! Whether you want to make artistic, Hollywood-level films or simply
share memories and funny moments with friends, Videoleap is a breakthrough video
editor just for you. Movie making pros can tak...

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Videoleap Video Editor & Maker Reviews

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    Glitches after ios 13 update

    I have been a paid subscriber for this app for about two years, it is by far the most intuitive and versatile video editing app I have ever used. I use it daily. However after the ios 13 update there are some critical glitches that render some basic functions of video editing unusable: there is now an inability to mute volume on some clips without it causing audio failure for a project, thus rendering a project useless even after trying to reverse the edit. There is also a consistent “freezing” of video scrubbing which makes detailed editing impossible without constantly reloading the app. I have a 7+ and had no issues until the ios 13 update, however these are critical glitches that a paid video editor needs to correct in my opinion, especially the audio issues as detailed audio ability is not only a highlight of the app, it’s a basic function of video editing in general (the ability to successfully adjust volume of a clip and final product). Also, attempting to seek help from within the app itself in order to send error logs/etc does not currently work either, however customer support does respond by emailing them directly and that’s positive. Fixing the glitches is still needed however and is somewhat unacceptable for a paid app.

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    Tbh, when you use this as a free user, you’re really limited, so you can barely do much at all. Not very proficient for video making. However, the full version is honestly worth it! Ever since I paid, I could do all sorts of things! Specifically, add subtitles with more effects I couldn’t do with other subtitle apps I use (other than MojiMov, which doesn’t actually autosave so :p) & add pictures to create videos like croppy animations or color-coded videos! Videoleap DOES get laggy, though, if you add too many layers of stuff (which I wish wasn’t the case...). And all that for just $32 for one year of subscription? I think that’s plenty worth it! Other than the lagging-due-to-too-many-layers problem, I don’t have any other problem with this app. I mean, it COULD do a bit better with a few new things, like text transitions, but overall I’m pretty content with this app. Just, I do hope the developers somehow find a way to make Videoleap not as laggy with excessive layers eventually, if possible 😖

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    best video editing app ever

    this is the best app on the app store for video editing. i’ve tried a lot of apps, i’ve used imovie for a long time but this one is the best. at first it’s a little bit difficult to use but u get used to it. i have an iphone 7 and i edit a lot of videos, A LOT, because i do music videos and i can’t afford a laptop that costs $1000 and premiere pro, so i use this and a bunch of other apps to get the stuff done. i really love this app, it has helped me a lot but i’m noticing now that if i add too much in just one video (a lot of videos, 40+ min the whole project, effects, glitch, etc) it gets very slowly like iMovie. i know i have the iphone 7 and it’s 3 years old, but developers of the app please if you can fix this or make the app optimized for older devices for people that makes big projects like me would be amazing. thank you for developing this app, again, it has helped me a lot!

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    Liking it more and more

    The more I play with it, the more I like this app and its features. You have to learn how to get it to do what you want since it doesn’t always have the exact same features of some other programs I’m used to using, but once you figure it out, it can do a lot. When you do struggle with something, the support specialist are really great in getting back in touch quickly and helping out with specific instructions, which I found very encouraging and helpful. I use PhotoFox a ton to first edit my images, and then import those into my video projects. Using these apps have really upped the final version of the school book talks that I been doing with my students. After seeing what can be done, the students are becoming more creative with how they approach their presentations, which is ultimately getting more students interested in reading. How cool is that!!

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    Don’t use this app if you have an older phone!

    So I have an iPhone 6 and I edit videos to put on tik Tok (I use this app pretty casually but I like to make big projects sometimes). I was editing a video that had a bunch of images that needed to be edited in. I even purchased premium so that I could edit multiple images in. However, when I got to the third picture, Videoleap crashed. I went back into the app and started over as my progress had been completely forgotten. My app crashed again the second time I re did it. This was when I began to get frustrated, because I’m paying 35 dollars a month for an app that keeps crashing on me when I try and put any sort of strain on it. So I came here, to write this review. I’m not sure what the company can do about this. Or if they will do anything about this. The app itself is good for simple videos, such as putting text over clips. But doing anything that’s even slightly more difficult. I wouldn’t suggest using an iPhone 6 or older.

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    The Swiss Army Knife of Video Editing Apps

    (See my first review for the full extent of my Videoleap worship). But I forgot to ask for one improvement I’d love to see: When you go to add music from your own library there’s no option to click on a little magnifying glass and type in a search term for a specific title or artist. You have to scroll through your entire music library alphabetically and it’s just really time-consuming. It’d be really helpful if we could just type in a song title or an artist, etc. from our iTunes library. Lastly- The main thing I’ve found frustrating (and let me reiterate— I love this app almost more than biscuits w/butter) is when I’m mixing/blending videos, audio and/or photos, it can create a pretty complicated “top shelf” (so to speak). That’s all fine. But I need to split clips a lot and delete sections, etc. So if I delete a section on the “bottom shelf,” or shorten it, it screws up the entire timeline. There doesn’t seem to be any option to lock the mixed clips on the higher shelf to the clips on the lower one (the main timeline) and it just makes for a wholllllle lotta trouble. It winds up discouraging me from making certain editing choices I’d love to make because I know it might create a whole bunch of headaches in the timeline. Again- thank you thank you thank you for this app.

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    Completely Worthless for Hour-Long Videos

    This app is absolutely incredible for video making. However, with the videos that I am trying to make, which are more than an hour long, start to cause glitches and REPEATED CRASHES in this app. I am getting extremely annoyed by this problem, and it keeps resetting my projects to the previous point after it crashes! Whoever is developing Videoleap please find a way to fix this problem of working on videos more than an hour in length. I, as a YouTuber, need good apps to create these incredible videos. And I got this app and made it pro so I could do this. However, it doesn’t seem like this app can handle such videos of monumental length. Also, these premium clips you have, why must we have iCloud space in order to include them in our videos? This is also a problem. If you are able to fix these problems, please fix them! ASAP!!!!! I am very upset with the issues of crashes and other things. I want this to be a good app. Don’t let your loyal customers down. Good luck.

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    The best

    Best video editor hands down, but there are some things done wrong that make it lacking for the pro use. Transitions between clips should be able to be applied at any time, including with the mixer. The way it’s setup now is too limiting. Complex videos are made using the mixer and one cannot apply any transitions at all with using the mixer editing method. Just doesn’t make much sense. If we want to have an intro screen animation, and then have say ones logo intro smoothly transition into the clip, it’s not possible. Should be able to do the following. Animate logo in, animate logo out, then smoothly transition into the beginning of the video. We shouldn’t have to do hacks or workarounds to do this. Transitions should be able to be applied to anything 100% of the time with setting up clips next to clips with the mixer. Would be far more dynamic this way.

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    🙌 Excellent! 🙌

    I’m so glad I finally found this app. I spent day after day, seriously frustrated, trying to find a video editing app that did what I needed it to do. I needed to post more engaging content on my social media business profiles and I didn’t want something that take forever to create. I needed video editing with the capability of adding more to your video within the SAME APP & most importantly be user friendly. Hallelujah I’ve found it. It’s ridiculously user friendly. Without watching any sort of help video or howtos it’s easy to use. The interface works the way you think it should. The drag and drop is such a timesaver! I love it. Yes I paid to subscribe and it’s worth the $. I took the time to leave a review because I feel obligated to tell people like me; small business, boutique, online storefront type people that this is 100% worth it.

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    Love it

    I am not good with computers and certainly not good with my iMac, totally brand new world for me. I’ve purchased other video makers and of course there is the iMovie that comes with the iMac and they all had something to offer. But they all had something missing as well. This app fit my needs. It had brief tutorials that got me started and the rest I figured out. Now that they added voice over I am completely in love. Posted my first video made with this app on Facebook last night woke up to rave reviews from my friends. The most common comment was that it looked very professional. I posted two other videos before this and I think they were avoiding me because no one want to tell me how horrible they were. But this app really makes a difference in the quality and professional back of the product.

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    Good start, needs an update.

    This app has the potential to be amazing. They have the advanced features that set it apart. However, there are some basics that the app is still lacking which will hopefully be addressed in an update soon. 1) when you drop photos into the timeline, there is no option to scale or reposition them (you can if they are in a mixer layer, but this is not really how it should work) 2) there is no way to adjust the speed of a clip (slow it down or speed it up), this is something that most basic editors can do. That said, their support team has been very responsive and have acknowledged the shortcomings and said they are working on the (though it didn’t sound like they had the speed control on the immediate timeline). I love some of the powerful features, but am really looking forward to them implementing some of the more basic features which are holding the app back.

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    The Final Cut Pro X of iOS (almost)

    All I can say is that if Apple was working on a FCPX for iPad Lightricks just beat them to the punch. When photofox came out and actually while we had Enlight, I envisioned an app like this one that would use all your awesomeness that you do with photos but for video. I am not disappointed! This app is the best I’ve seen! not even apples mobile iMovie or Adobes clip video editing apps come close to Video Leap. I vlog and do videos for clients so I use Final Cut Pro X for editing and I forever been wanting something like FCPX on an iPhone or iPad. I have an iPad Pro and with a few more updates such as 4K and a way to cut multiple clips faster ala fcpx, this app will be my go to editor and then I can finally retire the MacBook Pro. Keep it up and keep it coming, Video Leap can be the golden video editor standard for mobile and beyond.

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    Hello video leap support. I would like you to address this issue I'm having with your app. I spent approximately 3 hours on editing a video! And the experience using your app was quite amazing, but when I was done editing I tried to export my video file to my camera roll. It kept saying "cancelled" so I tried a few other times and it did not do a dang thing. So then i thought it might just be my device? So then I proceeded to clear up some storage on my device to hope to resolve the issue. I also even restarted my device to see if I could resolve the issue! And to keep in mind I am a PRO MEMBER so I invested my own money into this app. Anyways so after I restarted my device I went into the app and I clicked on my project I was editing. Everything had a "!" On it saying if it were corrupt or something. If this is the case that it is corrupt I was wondering if you guys could recover some how or whatever process you guys do. I really wouldn't want my 3 hours of my time wasted and my money as well on this app for nothing, so PLEASE email me back ASAP!

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    Great idea horrible execution.

    Th Enlight app(original) has been my go to for photo editing, so I thought I’d give it a try. I won’t lie , it’s a decent app, but then even trying to tag a 60-70$ price time as a one time purchase it’s definitely not worth it. For the features it has, how the UI simply fails to handle several projects at once had been a horrible experience for me. I like how they allowed me to cycle through music tracks but not being able to see them side by side nor link new audio tracks to current clips is disappointing. I made my decision after to spent 25+ minuets editing one video project to not only at the end , have the project failing to export. Issues started when I realized the effects weren’t applying to the project .Closed the app, and opened it again to find out all my work was for nothing because I couldn’t even use the live preview function watch my project nor even export it. I will not be spending any money toward this app, and wish the best for the further development and reliability fore subscribed users.

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    Pro member... Freezing???

    Is there an update coming to fix the freezing glitch? It won’t play where I need it to... I have to start the whole video over to see one edit... also, scrolling frame by frame freezes as well. This has slowed down progress a lot. I must say though, this is an AWESOME APP. I was happy to fork over the $5 for a pro membership. Seriously, I’m really excited to have found it. A few more suggestions in addition to fixing the freezing glitch... 1) could more precise speed/slow down edits be added? Sort of in the way you allow filters to be split... it would be handy not having to split an entire clip to slow down or speed up one portion of it. 2) the audio mixer would be much more efficient to allow unlinked audio to be ‘voiceover’. I can edit audio tracks in a different app and import, but that becomes tedious and degrades quality. If there were a couple different options to add tracks as ‘background’, ‘foreground’ or voiceover that would be phenomenal. 3) more FX choices would be great, and a few more options of glitch effects to choose from. I LOVE how you can customize the effects and filters, though. Not many apps offer that. 4) is there foresight of allowing horizontal mode in editing? My sore hands would be grateful! :) Thanks! Keep up the great work!

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Is Videoleap Video Editor & Maker Safe?

Yes. Videoleap Video Editor & Maker is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 46,478 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Videoleap Video Editor & Maker Is 38.9/100.

Is Videoleap Video Editor & Maker Legit?

Yes. Videoleap Video Editor & Maker is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 46,478 Videoleap Video Editor & Maker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Videoleap Video Editor & Maker Is 38.9/100.

Is Videoleap Video Editor & Maker not working?

Videoleap Video Editor & Maker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Allison T
Feb 25 2021

I am very dissappointed with this APP. I only used it once and its music and ran into problem with Copyright. The song " joyful ride" got busted on Youtube for Copyright. This is bad! I won't use it this app again. Beware!

By Lenny
Feb 10 2021

Just purchased the app and it won't save my edits. It just says exporting, continuously

By LisaH
Jan 22 2021

The split feature on my app has disappeared. Has there been an update to the app that removed this feature ?

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