Videoleap Editor by Lightricks Reviews

Videoleap Editor by Lightricks Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Discover how fun and easy it is to create high quality videos with Videoleap by
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Needs More

VideoleapEditor is amazing to use, and very simple to understand. I’ve made multiple really cool special effect videos for my TikTok account, and it’s all because of VideoleapEditor. The only things that I can think of at the moment about what VideoleapEditor needs is a bigger resistance against crashing, something it does a lot of when handling too many tiny details at once, like zooming in on a clip with multiple editing points, as well as a custom masking feature. I often get annoyed by my limitations with the masking feature because I’ve used After Effects and Premier Pro before, but they’re just too expensive, but their masking feature is unbeatable. I would like to be able to work with a more flexible masking tool rather than having to figure out how I can get the line, or the mirror, or rectangle, or circle mask to work for me. If I could bend the line tool, I could definitely pull off SOOO many cooler effects. I don’t have all the (physical) recording space in the world, or the best recording equipment (An iPhone 8’s camera and microphone) and I can work with what I have. If I had better lighting tools, a dolly, an actual tripod, external microphones for secondary audio, and more space to record my videos, I could make some higher level videos, but I don’t have that and I’m still making some good videos. But that masking tool can be a real nightmare, but it’s also the only option I got. Also, if we could stretch/warp video shapes and sizes, that could be pretty cool.


This app fell off unbelievably hard

I edit videos every now and then for fun and have had VideoleapEditor for a good 2-3 years now (farthest back I remember using it was early 2019 for a school project.) It was excellent, at one point I even purchased premium for a short period to edit a whole video for a friend efficiently because I enjoyed VideoleapEditor so much and wanted to support the devs, I regret that so much. Over time I noticed not having premium just got worse and worse. First the developers began adding annoying ads for premium when you launch VideoleapEditor , which is understandable, I mean you need marketing. But then I noticed the layers they allow you to have on standard went from 4-5 to like 2, which is laughable because its a cheap way to annoy people into buying a premium subscription, but then they began taking away features from standard and making it premium only. Which is why I’m no longer using VideoleapEditor, because what I used it for is no longer available to me. I literally have no reason to have VideoleapEditor because the features I used it for (chrome key & animated text) are premium only now. Thats just incredibly lazy and a slap in the face to people that have been using, supporting, and recommendeing VideoleapEditor to others for so long. I understand what the developers are doing to promote their subscription but at the same time I feel cheated, and feel even worse for people who pay for features they could have been using 2 years ago for free. Be better please and good day.



I wanted to try the full version (premium version) of VideoleapEditor by trying out the free trial which lasts a week or so till they charge you $40. When you sign up for the free trial they also give you a notification option to remind you when the free trial would end (or at least that’s what they say) I happened to forget the expire date and never got a notification for it, so I got charged $40 without my acknowledgment or recollection. If I did want to keep using VideoleapEditor I wouldn’t have minded it, but VideoleapEditor doesn’t really seem to fit my use since it’s a very basic editing app for your phone even if you purchase the premium plans. The only feature that seems worth it are the mask and key frame key stone features. Everything else is just as basic as it gets, filters are boring, presets are basic (you’d have much better results using your own filters or light rooms). The effects could’ve been worth it if they also allowed you to mess with the effect options more but it won’t. It’s just pre made effects that basically let you change the opacity, nothing special. For the price VideoleapEditor is mediocre. I want my refund for taking my $40 without my knowledge. I haven’t even used VideoleapEditor either since I deleted it. If the developers are reading this, y’all seriously! need to update your webpage! or give legitimate customer support services or email for cases like this. It’s crazy how there’s not a single site for customer support for things like this.


It’s improved, but also gotten worse

I’m not a professional editor nor am I even close but I’ve always used VideoleapEditor to edit EVERYTHING and even with some slight issues every now and then it’s always been my go to. It’s been VideoleapEditor I always recommend to people but now I can’t edit a video over 2 minutes without paying for it. Before it was free and I could manage without the subscription but after this change either I’m forced to pay for it or I have to find a new app. Because of this I won’t be recommending it to friends who wanna get into simple and basic editing since no one likes to pay for an editing app when they don’t even know if they will edit as often as others but for me it’s definitely too short when most of the stuff I use it for is longer then 10 minutes. Regardless they do have a free trial so if you want a simple editing app and have some extra money laying around its great but if you just want something simple and free to use then unless you’re editing one minute videos for tiktok or Instagram I wouldn’t recommend it. There’s other apps you can use for free or better paid editing apps that are worth the extra money. Sure it’s not a “lot” of money but it’s still over $5 which I don’t blame VideoleapEditor developers for wanting some more money.


Glitches after ios 13 update

I have been a paid subscriber for VideoleapEditor for about two years, it is by far the most intuitive and versatile video editing app I have ever used. I use it daily. However after the ios 13 update there are some critical glitches that render some basic functions of video editing unusable: there is now an inability to mute volume on some clips without it causing audio failure for a project, thus rendering a project useless even after trying to reverse the edit. There is also a consistent “freezing” of video scrubbing which makes detailed editing impossible without constantly reloading VideoleapEditor . I have a 7+ and had no issues until the ios 13 update, however these are critical glitches that a paid video editor needs to correct in my opinion, especially the audio issues as detailed audio ability is not only a highlight of VideoleapEditor , it’s a basic function of video editing in general (the ability to successfully adjust volume of a clip and final product). Also, attempting to seek help from within VideoleapEditor itself in order to send error logs/etc does not currently work either, however customer support does respond by emailing them directly and that’s positive. Fixing the glitches is still needed however and is somewhat unacceptable for a paid app.


Good but....

Ok so I have had VideoleapEditor for a little over 1-2 years now and everything is fine. I love VideoleapEditor because the fonts and it has more than most other editing apps!! Con: Theres way too much pro stuff. I get that you do this for money but it isn’t fair at all. Only 2 overlapped layers?? I would think maybe change it to 4-5. Another thing is that you barely can make any gacha memes that I do because you can only fit 2 overlapping layers when I have 10. I was about to move to another app. I love VideoleapEditor and it’s just wonderful. The reason why I gave it a 3 star is because 1. Too much pro stuff. 2. You can’t flip it or do stuff like you can with cute cut. 3. The pro is WAYYYY TOOO MUCH!!! $70 or so for 1 time free purchase!! It’s outrages like make it 50 or 45. 70 in my opinions is way too much. Change the price from what it was a year ago, $32. You barely do anything by being a free user! Please change!Also, you cannot screen record and the only way to do it is the waste money and I am certainly NOT DOING THAT. Please go back to allowing sr. Soon, no one is going to use VideoleapEditor because later on, you’ll just pro everything!!! and I’m not up for it AT ALL! When you do screen record it makes it all bad forcing you to buy it! Outrageous!!


Absolutely AMAZING but, needs a few changes

I absolutely LOOOOVE VideoleapEditor. It’s very easy to use. VideoleapEditor gives you lots, and LOTS of freedom too. And it’s perfect for YT. But, a few changes need to be made. First change should be the time limit thing. Pretty much the “time limit thing” is where if the video is over like two minutes long, you need to buy the deluxe version. Buying deluxe wouldn’t be a problem but.... I’m super broke. Also, the masking tool could be upgraded, like you can make custom masking. You may be thinking, “Well how I supposed to make money from this??” well... you could have the deluxe version auto mask, like people, faces, animals, etc.. My last change is for the background, instead of just having blurred backgrounds, and colored backgrounds. You could have the same video next to the video, sorta like a grid of videos. The videos for the grid would be the same size as the original video, and would be fixed right next to the video. For the money making part of the grid, you would be able to make the grid videos blurry, or something like that.


BEST APP of its genus. BEST APP COMPANY period.

After using VideoleapEditor, I deleted all other IOS video editing apps taking up space on my device hard drives. This single app resources the collective functions & features previously provided by a collection of pricey apps. The interface is easy to learn. The outcomes are pleasing. The service is exemplary. On the heels of my Videoleap conversion, I downloaded every Lightricks app. I guess I “saw the light”. [ Yes, I see the low-hanging fruit…it’s too easy to harvest. I would be sinning to type, “I saw the Lightrick”! 😂 ] Each app was a revelation. As I can afford it, I’m purchasing every available lifetime membership. I fully trust high-praise is offered in countless other user reviews regarding VideoleapEditor ’s technical execution. There has to be tons of valuable feedback providing specific function assurances for those seeking such. Instead of doing a lesser job at such conveying such information, I simply add a hearty “YES!” I rarely do app reviews. After owning at least every other model sold by Apple since my first 4 GB iPhone in 2007, I’ve submitted less than a dozen app reviews. Lastly…when an app company substantially impacts the efficiency & effectiveness of one’s daily media function, it’s smart to seek out additional products/services offered by that company, integrate them into your worflow, and say “thank you” to the people who do/did the work to make all that good stuff happen.


Great! but there’s some problems.......

Hi, VideoleapEditor is great! It has a lot of effects and stock to work with and is easy to pick up and learn. Not only is it capable of editing great stuff for people who are more familiar with editing but also really easy to use for people who are still learning and who are beginning. Of course it still had its flaws or things I want out of it. Like a better keyframe system, so not everything gets effecting by keyframes. Like a switch which enables any edit to turn into a keyframe. And also issues with the timeline, it’s hard to see when all the layers are all mashed together. Sure it’s unique I guess but it’s hard to see or switch to something else in order to edit. Lastly, playing and reviewing footage is super SUPER buggy. Maybe it’s just my device or an issue with me but everytime I press play it either teleports to another location or takes forever to play or plays but doesn’t play music for a bit which makes it EXTREMELY hard to make cuts and time things. Overall, VideoleapEditor is great but these problems I feel like need to be fixed as it has effected my editing projects the most.


Top Fan To Top Disappointed

I’ve had VideoleapEditor since early 2019, I would want to say around January of 2019 and I absolutely loved it, it was something fun and easy to use but then in late January of this year a watermark had been added to VideoleapEditor which completely ruined all of my unreleased or unfinished projects due to a watermark hiding half of the screen, however I still used it hoping that it would go away soon and in (I want to say maybe April it did, the watermark was gone and I felt happy, I had started using VideoleapEditor more and had uninstalled Capcut however earlier this month(which is June) a time limit has been added and it’s safe to say I’m going to uninstall VideoleapEditor, it’s just time to let go of it. I’ve faced constant disappointment with these updates but this one just pushes it. How could you say it can make “Artistic Videos and Hollywood Films but make your time limit shorter than a movie trailer. Over half of the things in the description are with a premium that no one wants to buy, VideoleapEditor is started to get more and more restricted after every update, I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the summer you would have to pay to create a video.


It’s an awesome app for editing, but…

I usually use VideoleapEditor to edit together my medium length vlogs, and it was my favorite because it had a lot of features that most video editing apps do not! It has a really cool layer feature that comes in handy when wanting to insert a song of your choice, or even just to layer a video! Though, now that they have limited the length on how long your videos can be, I basically no longer have use for VideoleapEditor . I’m broke, so I don’t really have the option of buying the monthly subscription, especially because I don’t always have vlogs to edit every single week, so I wouldn’t really be getting my money’s worth. This feature used to be available for everyone and I don’t think it’s fair to basically force people to buy an unlimited length when they’re just trying to edit a video for their own personal use. I’m currently on the hunt for a good app that I could use instead to edit, but so far it’s been really hard to top this one. If the length limit was gone, I would definitely redownload VideoleapEditor and give it a full five star!


Great app, Premium is a mess

Update: So basically what it’s doing is that it’s switching from back to forth in the changes if VideoleapEditor . Now it’s doing the same thing and I think it’s a glitch but my videos aren’t able to go pass 50 seconds anymore. Please fix this, VideoleapEditor is really great and doing this kind or sort of update is making it worse. (Real post)I’m not gonna waste anybody’s time because this is straight off the bat. Video leap is one of the best editors I have ever used and I would give this a 5 star. Video leap has great transitions, quality, and everything you would need for a YouTube/Movie. But you have a time limit of 2 minutes and can’t really do anything but make shorts with low edits because apparently adding more than 1 text would need to buy premium. Please videoleap, if you can respond it would be great for me and every other user who cannot buy the premium version. Before it used to be premium if more than two texts, tried a premium setting, and had a unlimited time limit. Please change it back to its originality. Thank you!


Super good but..

VideoleapEditor is a really good editing app, and I was super proud that I found a good one. But...when I exported my video I found that the watermark was DIRECTLY IN THE CENTER!! I’m super disappointed...if you were going to put a watermark, first off, why directly in the middle?! And second I would’ve appreciated it if the watermark had shown while you were editing. Now, I have to fully restart my video and try to find an editing app without a watermark that’s really big and that doesn’t bother me much. I would’ve kept the watermark if it wasn’t in the center. Again, I’m super disappointed...I’ve just wasted about a week of editing. I know that the watermark and the screen recording thing is to prevent people from avoiding the watermark and/or cropping it out but putting it directly in the center is just absurd. Very, very disappointed. Again, if you’re putting a watermark at least not directly in the middle and if you’re putting it in the middle you should make it to where it shows the watermark is there rather then it just being there once you export/screen record. I honestly don’t even know what to do about my video.....


Beautifully well done app...Suggestions

First off all, VideoleapEditor has to be the most incredible, simple, easy editing app there is. It’s really easy to figure anything out, first day I got it it was so good I edited videos for 3-4 hours just on the first day of installation. However what I really would like for you to do is to update the animations for mixers, such as custom animations I see this as a way to do what you want when it comes to adding animations. Another thing I really want to see is, an option to stretch something like stretching an image out and being able to see an image progressively get longer and being able to make an animation like that. I know other apps can do this, but however I would love to see this happen for VideoleapEditor because if I switched editors (which I’ve tried) I would just come back here but with less animations. So please update the animations for the mixers! Another thing that I wish that you would add, literally all the features for Pixaloop into video style that’s what I honestly really really want and would be so helpful!


Not cooperative.

Out of all the editing apps I have used VideoleapEditor has so many added things that really make VideoleapEditor professional and very good. There are a lot of good things about VideoleapEditor but it has been the worst that I’ve used as well. Most of the time if the video is really long VideoleapEditor will start freezing and frames will go back and fourth if I want to go to a different frame and I just have to sit and wait there for a couple of seconds for VideoleapEditor to kick in and finally load. Sometimes VideoleapEditor will crash and it is very frustrating. I thought I would get a better experience paying monthly so I did. I don’t really regret paying monthly because it does come with good perks. Another thing that really just pisses me off is that sometimes the video will not export because “VideoleapEditor couldn’t load the last few frames on one of your clips.” And that is very frustrating. I have contacted them and they haven’t responded so hopefully they do soon. I hope they fix these problems because it really just ticks me off and takes away time. If you are going to be making long videos, I do not recommend VideoleapEditor for you. It does not cooperate with you at all.


Used To Love

I used VideoleapEditor a bunch to edit my videos. It had everything I wanted in an editing app and it was perfect. No watermark and lots of features. I thought it would stay that way forever but I was wrong. I tried to make a video over one minute and thirty seconds and it said it was pro only. My videos are always over that limit so this is very disappointing. Because of this, I thought that maybe I could screen record my project instead of exporting it. I tried and it showed a watermark once I did. This was also disappointing. I understand that these guys have to gain money out of VideoleapEditor but now it’s just too greedy. I would only buy pro if it were only one purchase and you’re done paying. Instead it’s monthly or yearly payment which I don’t like for app store apps. I would recommend downloading this before the update but not anymore. I’m going to switch video editing apps which is such a shame because this was the best editing app. I don’t think there’s going to be anything better than this used to be. I don’t like what Videoleap has become and I think everyone else does too. I’m sorry but I’m done with this. Goodbye.


Great but a couple issues...

This is the best video editor I think I have ever had. I got the membership for my Birthday and I will probably never change editing apps probably ever again, but, there is one major thing I would like for you to fix. My progress was deleted! I went into my video I edited previously and Where the video timeline should of been there was just a bunch of Caution signs with exclamation points in them. Also the preview box was black! I thought when I exported my video it would fix itself but it didn’t. The screen was just black and all that you could see was the text and special effects added on top of a black screen. Pleas fix . I’m going to have to export my edit and re-import every time I need to edit my video. I also would like the masking tool to be more flexible instead of just a line mirror box and circle. I would love to have a line that has several bendable points on it. I would also like a tool to add a shape where you can move the vertices around with options like opacity, outline, color, and animations. Thanks for reading and God bless!


It was good, but then...

I downloaded VideoleapEditor a few months ago and was amazed at how much it could do. With all the available tools, it was easily a 5-star rating. However, that changed a few days ago. I opened it today to see that videos over 50 seconds became paywalled, which is beyond ridiculous, considering that was never true before and is not a restricted feature on ANY other video editor app. I feel like this update was unnecessary, and it makes me want to delete VideoleapEditor right away unless it’s undone like all mistakes should be. I would be happy to change my review as soon as this is fixed. Adding this after reading several other reviews within the previous week which share my concerns, the new pro limits that were added in the most recent update were unnecessary and will most likely drive the reputation of VideoleapEditor underground if not fixed soon. Please revert it to the way it was before April 2021, as the new limits make VideoleapEditor basically a scam and a waste of space. Thanks for taking the time to read this review, and I hope you see through to undoing this horrible update.


Make The Keyframe Effect Feature Free!

I’ve been using VideoleapEditor since the start of 2020. Very clean, well designed and overall a great app to edit it on. Pro features were just at the right amount until this last update. I absolutely love editing with the Key Burns (key frames) feature of VideoleapEditor. It was actually one of the main reasons, for editing purposes, that I used it. However, I can not use it anymore due to the fact that VideoleapEditor now requires a subscription to use the feature. I’ve thought about getting the subscription, but I just don’t have the money right now to be paying an app at the moment and I still need time to use VideoleapEditor a bit further before making a purchase like that. I hate to give VideoleapEditor a 1 star review but i’m extremely disappointed because of this change. I’m also just wondering if you guys can maybe make the limit for the amount of Key Frames for a project more than 2. Maybe like 10-20 would be better if you guys want to really make this a pro feature. Hopefully Videoleap can see this because I love using the Key frames tool and it’s a shame to see it go to waste because of the need for a subscription.


Why would they do this?

Honestly thought this was a really video editing app until I tried to make 39 minute video. It was so slow and you know the little pink bar in the middle, it’s supposed to play the video from there when you press play but 95% of the time it’ll just play the video 15 seconds from where the bar is and it’ll take an extra 5 seconds for the audio to start working with it. But that’s not the biggest problem. They had an amazing freeze which was really helpful in multiple parts of me making the video. The only problem was when I was done making the video it said that I couldn’t export it because I used the freeze tool and apparently that’s a pro exclusive thing. And instead of just not giving you the tool to use because you don’t have pro, they give it to you to make your video and restrict your export unless you get pro. Why would they give me the tool to use it if I don’t have pro!? Honestly pretty frustrating. Instead maybe you could have in the bottom bar with all the other tools and instead of letting them use the tool when pressed, idk maybe put a message saying that this a pro exclusive tool.



Tbh, when you use this as a free user, you’re really limited, so you can barely do much at all. Not very proficient for video making. However, the full version is honestly worth it! Ever since I paid, I could do all sorts of things! Specifically, add subtitles with more effects I couldn’t do with other subtitle apps I use (other than MojiMov, which doesn’t actually autosave so :p) & add pictures to create videos like croppy animations or color-coded videos! Videoleap DOES get laggy, though, if you add too many layers of stuff (which I wish wasn’t the case...). And all that for just $32 for one year of subscription? I think that’s plenty worth it! Other than the lagging-due-to-too-many-layers problem, I don’t have any other problem with VideoleapEditor. I mean, it COULD do a bit better with a few new things, like text transitions, but overall I’m pretty content with VideoleapEditor. Just, I do hope the developers somehow find a way to make Videoleap not as laggy with excessive layers eventually, if possible 😖


best video editing app ever

this is the best app on VideoleapEditor store for video editing. i’ve tried a lot of apps, i’ve used imovie for a long time but this one is the best. at first it’s a little bit difficult to use but u get used to it. i have an iphone 7 and i edit a lot of videos, A LOT, because i do music videos and i can’t afford a laptop that costs $1000 and premiere pro, so i use this and a bunch of other apps to get the stuff done. i really love VideoleapEditor, it has helped me a lot but i’m noticing now that if i add too much in just one video (a lot of videos, 40+ min the whole project, effects, glitch, etc) it gets very slowly like iMovie. i know i have the iphone 7 and it’s 3 years old, but developers of VideoleapEditor please if you can fix this or make VideoleapEditor optimized for older devices for people that makes big projects like me would be amazing. thank you for developing VideoleapEditor, again, it has helped me a lot!


Liking it more and more

The more I play with it, the more I like VideoleapEditor and its features. You have to learn how to get it to do what you want since it doesn’t always have the exact same features of some other programs I’m used to using, but once you figure it out, it can do a lot. When you do struggle with something, the support specialist are really great in getting back in touch quickly and helping out with specific instructions, which I found very encouraging and helpful. I use PhotoFox a ton to first edit my images, and then import those into my video projects. Using these apps have really upped the final version of the school book talks that I been doing with my students. After seeing what can be done, the students are becoming more creative with how they approach their presentations, which is ultimately getting more students interested in reading. How cool is that!!


Don’t use this app if you have an older phone!

So I have an iPhone 6 and I edit videos to put on tik Tok (I use VideoleapEditor pretty casually but I like to make big projects sometimes). I was editing a video that had a bunch of images that needed to be edited in. I even purchased premium so that I could edit multiple images in. However, when I got to the third picture, Videoleap crashed. I went back into VideoleapEditor and started over as my progress had been completely forgotten. My app crashed again the second time I re did it. This was when I began to get frustrated, because I’m paying 35 dollars a month for an app that keeps crashing on me when I try and put any sort of strain on it. So I came here, to write this review. I’m not sure what the company can do about this. Or if they will do anything about this. VideoleapEditor itself is good for simple videos, such as putting text over clips. But doing anything that’s even slightly more difficult. I wouldn’t suggest using an iPhone 6 or older.


The Swiss Army Knife of Video Editing Apps

(See my first review for the full extent of my Videoleap worship). But I forgot to ask for one improvement I’d love to see: When you go to add music from your own library there’s no option to click on a little magnifying glass and type in a search term for a specific title or artist. You have to scroll through your entire music library alphabetically and it’s just really time-consuming. It’d be really helpful if we could just type in a song title or an artist, etc. from our iTunes library. Lastly- The main thing I’ve found frustrating (and let me reiterate— I love VideoleapEditor almost more than biscuits w/butter) is when I’m mixing/blending videos, audio and/or photos, it can create a pretty complicated “top shelf” (so to speak). That’s all fine. But I need to split clips a lot and delete sections, etc. So if I delete a section on the “bottom shelf,” or shorten it, it screws up the entire timeline. There doesn’t seem to be any option to lock the mixed clips on the higher shelf to the clips on the lower one (the main timeline) and it just makes for a wholllllle lotta trouble. It winds up discouraging me from making certain editing choices I’d love to make because I know it might create a whole bunch of headaches in the timeline. Again- thank you thank you thank you for VideoleapEditor.


Completely Worthless for Hour-Long Videos

VideoleapEditor is absolutely incredible for video making. However, with the videos that I am trying to make, which are more than an hour long, start to cause glitches and REPEATED CRASHES in VideoleapEditor. I am getting extremely annoyed by this problem, and it keeps resetting my projects to the previous point after it crashes! Whoever is developing Videoleap please find a way to fix this problem of working on videos more than an hour in length. I, as a YouTuber, need good apps to create these incredible videos. And I got VideoleapEditor and made it pro so I could do this. However, it doesn’t seem like VideoleapEditor can handle such videos of monumental length. Also, these premium clips you have, why must we have iCloud space in order to include them in our videos? This is also a problem. If you are able to fix these problems, please fix them! ASAP!!!!! I am very upset with the issues of crashes and other things. I want this to be a good app. Don’t let your loyal customers down. Good luck.


The best

Best video editor hands down, but there are some things done wrong that make it lacking for the pro use. Transitions between clips should be able to be applied at any time, including with the mixer. The way it’s setup now is too limiting. Complex videos are made using the mixer and one cannot apply any transitions at all with using the mixer editing method. Just doesn’t make much sense. If we want to have an intro screen animation, and then have say ones logo intro smoothly transition into the clip, it’s not possible. Should be able to do the following. Animate logo in, animate logo out, then smoothly transition into the beginning of the video. We shouldn’t have to do hacks or workarounds to do this. Transitions should be able to be applied to anything 100% of the time with setting up clips next to clips with the mixer. Would be far more dynamic this way.


🙌 Excellent! 🙌

I’m so glad I finally found VideoleapEditor. I spent day after day, seriously frustrated, trying to find a video editing app that did what I needed it to do. I needed to post more engaging content on my social media business profiles and I didn’t want something that take forever to create. I needed video editing with the capability of adding more to your video within the SAME APP & most importantly be user friendly. Hallelujah I’ve found it. It’s ridiculously user friendly. Without watching any sort of help video or howtos it’s easy to use. The interface works the way you think it should. The drag and drop is such a timesaver! I love it. Yes I paid to subscribe and it’s worth the $. I took the time to leave a review because I feel obligated to tell people like me; small business, boutique, online storefront type people that this is 100% worth it.


Love it

I am not good with computers and certainly not good with my iMac, totally brand new world for me. I’ve purchased other video makers and of course there is the iMovie that comes with the iMac and they all had something to offer. But they all had something missing as well. VideoleapEditor fit my needs. It had brief tutorials that got me started and the rest I figured out. Now that they added voice over I am completely in love. Posted my first video made with VideoleapEditor on Facebook last night woke up to rave reviews from my friends. The most common comment was that it looked very professional. I posted two other videos before this and I think they were avoiding me because no one want to tell me how horrible they were. But VideoleapEditor really makes a difference in the quality and professional back of the product.


Good start, needs an update.

VideoleapEditor has the potential to be amazing. They have the advanced features that set it apart. However, there are some basics that VideoleapEditor is still lacking which will hopefully be addressed in an update soon. 1) when you drop photos into the timeline, there is no option to scale or reposition them (you can if they are in a mixer layer, but this is not really how it should work) 2) there is no way to adjust the speed of a clip (slow it down or speed it up), this is something that most basic editors can do. That said, their support team has been very responsive and have acknowledged the shortcomings and said they are working on the (though it didn’t sound like they had the speed control on the immediate timeline). I love some of the powerful features, but am really looking forward to them implementing some of the more basic features which are holding VideoleapEditor back.


The Final Cut Pro X of iOS (almost)

All I can say is that if Apple was working on a FCPX for iPad Lightricks just beat them to the punch. When photofox came out and actually while we had Enlight, I envisioned an app like this one that would use all your awesomeness that you do with photos but for video. I am not disappointed! VideoleapEditor is the best I’ve seen! not even apples mobile iMovie or Adobes clip video editing apps come close to Video Leap. I vlog and do videos for clients so I use Final Cut Pro X for editing and I forever been wanting something like FCPX on an iPhone or iPad. I have an iPad Pro and with a few more updates such as 4K and a way to cut multiple clips faster ala fcpx, VideoleapEditor will be my go to editor and then I can finally retire the MacBook Pro. Keep it up and keep it coming, Video Leap can be the golden video editor standard for mobile and beyond.



Hello video leap support. I would like you to address this issue I'm having with your app. I spent approximately 3 hours on editing a video! And the experience using your app was quite amazing, but when I was done editing I tried to export my video file to my camera roll. It kept saying "cancelled" so I tried a few other times and it did not do a dang thing. So then i thought it might just be my device? So then I proceeded to clear up some storage on my device to hope to resolve the issue. I also even restarted my device to see if I could resolve the issue! And to keep in mind I am a PRO MEMBER so I invested my own money into VideoleapEditor. Anyways so after I restarted my device I went into VideoleapEditor and I clicked on my project I was editing. Everything had a "!" On it saying if it were corrupt or something. If this is the case that it is corrupt I was wondering if you guys could recover some how or whatever process you guys do. I really wouldn't want my 3 hours of my time wasted and my money as well on VideoleapEditor for nothing, so PLEASE email me back ASAP!


Great idea horrible execution.

Th Enlight app(original) has been my go to for photo editing, so I thought I’d give it a try. I won’t lie , it’s a decent app, but then even trying to tag a 60-70$ price time as a one time purchase it’s definitely not worth it. For the features it has, how the UI simply fails to handle several projects at once had been a horrible experience for me. I like how they allowed me to cycle through music tracks but not being able to see them side by side nor link new audio tracks to current clips is disappointing. I made my decision after to spent 25+ minuets editing one video project to not only at the end , have the project failing to export. Issues started when I realized the effects weren’t applying to the project .Closed VideoleapEditor , and opened it again to find out all my work was for nothing because I couldn’t even use the live preview function watch my project nor even export it. I will not be spending any money toward VideoleapEditor, and wish the best for the further development and reliability fore subscribed users.


Pro member... Freezing???

Is there an update coming to fix the freezing glitch? It won’t play where I need it to... I have to start the whole video over to see one edit... also, scrolling frame by frame freezes as well. This has slowed down progress a lot. I must say though, this is an AWESOME APP. I was happy to fork over the $5 for a pro membership. Seriously, I’m really excited to have found it. A few more suggestions in addition to fixing the freezing glitch... 1) could more precise speed/slow down edits be added? Sort of in the way you allow filters to be split... it would be handy not having to split an entire clip to slow down or speed up one portion of it. 2) the audio mixer would be much more efficient to allow unlinked audio to be ‘voiceover’. I can edit audio tracks in a different app and import, but that becomes tedious and degrades quality. If there were a couple different options to add tracks as ‘background’, ‘foreground’ or voiceover that would be phenomenal. 3) more FX choices would be great, and a few more options of glitch effects to choose from. I LOVE how you can customize the effects and filters, though. Not many apps offer that. 4) is there foresight of allowing horizontal mode in editing? My sore hands would be grateful! :) Thanks! Keep up the great work!

Is Videoleap Editor Safe?

Yes. Videoleap Editor by Lightricks is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 80,229 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Videoleap Editor by Lightricks Is 39.5/100.

Is Videoleap Editor Legit?

Yes. Videoleap Editor by Lightricks is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 80,229 Videoleap Editor by Lightricks User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Videoleap Editor by Lightricks Is 39.5/100.

Is Videoleap Editor by Lightricks not working?

Videoleap Editor by Lightricks works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 9 Comments

By Taylor
Jun 07 2022

This app has great features and video editing tricks but from the app I was told I would pay $2.99/ month but I checked my bank acct and I was charged $35.99 for a whole year. I don’t like the fact that it tells you your going to be charged monthly but don’t.

By TamiBishop
May 20 2022

I really like your application.

By Anne Marie Treger
Feb 22 2022

I’ve enjoyed making videos with your suite but the videos are black. Why? Why can’t I see them anymore? It’s not worth the effort if the videos have no images. What am I missing?

By Bincy Elsa George
Feb 16 2022

I was charged Rs 3049/- for a year. I did not intend to buy and it was a genuine rookie mistake. I want the plan to be cancelled and want my money back at the earliest. Please please please consider my request on top priority. I dont even know how and where to reach out to guys, I have tried messaging and commenting on your Instagram Page. Please give me a solution. Looking forward for some updates on this.

By Roberta Balbino
Nov 12 2021

Hello guys.
Today I realised I was charge in 35 pounds for 1 year plan. I did the subscription by mistake. I even never used this app. I’ve instal only to see how it works. I don’t usually by the apps on my phone and I’m really upset. Could you give my money back , please? You can check I didn’t used and I won’t do it. 😟

By Julianny Rakel Martins e Silva
May 19 2021

Telefone +55 87 988023402 Me chamo Julianny, uso o app vídeo leap na versão paga e preciso de orientação com urgência sobre o efeito máscara linear. Preciso usar o ♦️+ e o 📌 e não consigo. Fiz um vídeo da tela mas aqui não aparece a opção de anexar

By Allison T
Feb 25 2021

I am very dissappointed with this APP. I only used it once and its music and ran into problem with Copyright. The song " joyful ride" got busted on Youtube for Copyright. This is bad! I won't use it this app again. Beware!

By Lenny
Feb 10 2021

Just purchased the app and it won't save my edits. It just says exporting, continuously

By LisaH
Jan 22 2021

The split feature on my app has disappeared. Has there been an update to the app that removed this feature ?

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