Splice - Video Editor & Maker Reviews

Splice - Video Editor & Maker Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-23

Simple yet powerful, Splice makes it easy to create fully customized,
professional-looking videos on your iPhone or iPad. Imagine the performance of a
desktop editor, optimized for your mobile device. Just tap to trim clips, add
slow motion effects, and overlay multiple clips to create b...

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Splice - Video Editor & Maker Reviews

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    Nearly perfect video editor!

    This is a pretty amazing professional video editing app that has many of the features that you would expect from a professional video editing app! Even better, the app is so intuitive and so easy to use that you will feel like you are an expert of this app within just a few minutes of using it! It’s truly amazing! There is simply no comparison between this app and Apple’s iMovie. However, it could use a few small improvements, including more responsive technical support. We sent a few emails to technical support 4 or 5 days ago, and still haven’t heard back from them yet. Furthermore, the program makes some things more difficult than they need to be — for example, when you insert text onto a video clip, it ALWAYS makes the length of the text the ENTIRE LENGTH OF YOUR VIDEO CLIP with no quick way to change it. Other video editing apps insert text at just 5 seconds, and then you can quickly change it from there. There is also no way to pull the audio from a video clip and just use that audio as a narration track for other video clips. We also have continual difficulty trying to trim the end of a video clip by dragging the end of the video — this app often things that we are trying to MOVE the video clip. (We end up splitting and deleting to prevent this from happening.) Hopefully the team behind this app is listening and will continue to improve this app! It’s already an excellent app! :)

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    Absolutely great aside for a couple of minor inconveniences!

    I am absolutely LOVING all of the new features, especially the fact that I can now use the text to make subtitles!! The design is sleek and modern, the view screen is bigger, there are more sound effects, I can crop it down to square size for Instagram, etc. I’m loving it! My only issues thus far have been with editing the music. I’m working on my big ‘ol iPad, yet I nonetheless have a reeeeeeeally hard time finding the hit box for the slide bar that’s supposed to help me “crop” the music. I end up just awkwardly moving it to the side instead of shortening or lengthening the clip, and it gets very frustrating. I had to get out my Apple Pencil in order to get the job done. The other thing I’m struggling with is that, with my projects, I usually work with small music segments. In the most recent one, I’m using only five seconds of the provided music. To do that, I unfortunately have to go aaaaaaaaall the way to the end of the video and drag it down to size little by little. Then again, I’m not sure if that’s because this app was made for bigger videos. Thus far, those are the only things I would change! This app is the greatest video editing app I’ve found up to date. I’ve been using it for about two years now. Thank you so much for providing this app!

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    I just got this app a couple of hours ago and I rlly want to become a YouTuber and I was looking for apps to edit my videos but iMovie I need to pay for a lot of things and it was just too much. So I was looking for apps and found this......OMG it is the best and I just tried it right now, the music choice is great the transitions are great and the way u can put a filter on ur pictures and right whatever u wanna right and u have a choice of what font u want. I personally might use this a lot it’s a really easy quick way to edit a couple of pictures and turn it into a nice video and I made my first video like 6 min ago and it turned out so good. Everything is so easy to understand and use and that makes this app AMAZING. Anyone who likes to edit!!!, I suggest u get this app it is also free so u don’t have to pay to get this app and I love it already❤️keep it up guys! The only thing I would suggest is if u could put in music with the actually people singing and music that is in trend! But other than that this is a great app and I’m loving it a lot!!! Thank you guys for making this app simple, fun, cool, and quick, with many options (for free) and easy to make a really good video!!

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    Used to be great.

    The one thing I enjoyed about this app was its simplicity. The layout of editing tools was pretty straightforward and simple. With this app I was able to create amazing videos because of the tools it had. Some of my favorite were the transitions: Fade to black, Blur, Crossfade, Honeycomb among others. However the new update erased and replaced essential ones like Blur, and Honeycomb. Also, you were able to control default settings such as picture duration, background color, music, and transition duration so you could do it all at once (opposed to doing one by one). But this feature is also gone and it only lets you change project name and aspect ratio. Also, you could adjust the sound in the videos for instance: you could lower or mute the volume in a video if you didn’t want it to interfere with the background music. Sadly this feature is gone too. I prefer the last version of the app since it had more tools than any other app in the App Store. I dare say, this was the number one app out there before the last update. I liked it very much and I always enabled the water mark just as a thank you to the developers and so that others could use it too. But this new update made this app just like any other app in the App Store. Please bring back the tools. If it’s not broken please don’t fix it.

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    It’s great, but I do miss the old version

    As one of your previous users of the app, I quite liked the older version. It was simple and easy to use, especially for someone that doesn’t really like to put too much time and effort into figuring out how to simply adjust the crop of the video and all. In the old one, everything was easy to figure out, but all of these new features and this new format is a bit overwhelming. I mean, I swear I’m not as lazy as I sound, but the simplicity of the last version and its ability to still make high quality videos were probably the greatest things I loved about the app. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the new features and effects, but I also wish it was easier to maneuver around the app and whatnot. Maybe it’s just because I’m used to the old version, but maybe it isn’t ??? Also, I wish you guys would add a feature where you could detach audio from one video and put it under another. I can’t seem to figure out how to do that with this app, but I was able to do it with iMovie when iMovie was free a long time ago, so it would be cool if you add that feature. I soooo love your app though and will continue to use it because it’s still by far the best app I can find for video editing that’s free.

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    Thank you, Splice!

    I’ve had Splice for three years, and I can say with certainty that this is an amazing movie/video making app. It is so easy to choose the pictures and videos you want and arrange them. There are a good number of transitions as well, and if you choose to use Ken Burns on your pictures, you can select the start and finish positions. I also enjoy the ability to trim videos in the app instead of having to trim them in Photos. You can also apply filters to videos and pictures in the app, as well as add text. The sleek design and user-friendliness only add to the appeal. But of course, easily one of the best things about Splice is the audio options. To start, there is a HUGE selection of music and the option to fade in and out. You can play as many tracks at a time as you want and precisely edit how long you want the music to play. On top of this, you can also record audio for voiceovers and narration, which is great for making stop-motion movies. I have used Splice on multiple projects and it has yet to disappoint me. The best part is that it is FREE! I know that there is an extension, but even without it, this app is truly amazing. Thank you, Splice!

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    Sis has glowed up! Easy, free, and fun to use!

    This new and improved update/ version of splice is so much better! It’s way different from the last version but in a good way. I’m still trying to get used to it but so far is a BIG, FAT, thumbs 👍🏼 up 👆🏼. And I really like the layout out of it. The only thing is that the way you add text is kinda messed up. Whenever I try to add text or a title it allways adds a extra little clip to the front and I can’t find a way to remove it. But overall, this app is really good. I really recommend this app and personally I think it the best mobile editing app out there. Believe me, I’ve basically tried all the editing apps there is and all of them haven’t really “clicked” for me I guess. this one is really easy to use and always has been. Unlike the other editing apps, this app doesn’t need you to put any information of yours like your email and snap chat or stuff like that. Some of the apps I have tried before in the past have only let you use it unless you had like a snap chat or something and that’s really annoying!!! Like I have to get an app to use another app???? But anyways, I really like this app.

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    Best Editor on the App Store

    I love Splice. I’ve been using it for about a year, and I’m loving all the improvements they’ve been making. I remember the old version where I could see the sound waves for any audio I picked out (back when you could only use music available on the app or bought in iTunes... a worthy trade off imo). I don’t know when the update that requires payment for colored text backgrounds came out, but I do know I never had to pay for it previously. I didn’t have to until I upgraded my phone and had to download Splice again. For some reason, I think the devs graciously allowed me to use the paid upgrade for free because I’ve been using it for a long time... and I am very glad they did :) Thank You so much! Unfortunately, I haven’t connected any money to my account yet, so I don’t think I’ll be able to purchase the upgrade for a while. Hopefully it’ll be soon, but until then, thank you devs for continuing to make this app better and better. It never crashes like it used to, and I can do all kinds of neat stuff for free (more than any other app I’ve seen), and even more once I buy the upgrade!

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    Wow! New Design way More Efficient

    The time it took me to create a video is now cut in half. I made a 3 minute video a few days ago using the older version and it took me 8 hours. Tonight I made another 3 minute video and it took me about 4 hours. I use a combination of videos and images. The efficiency of an app is always half my battle. The only issue I had using the new version, which was also an issue with the old version is freezing. In the 4 hours that I was on the app, it froze 3 times. Just a minor annoyance. I usually just close the app and reopen it. It’s pretty good at preserving my work. I’ve never lost edits or a project even when it freezes and I have to close out the app. I also like that I can do a lot of my editing and preview edits in the same window. Adding music and SPX and editing these layers is so much easier now with the slide bar feature. I will update this review later after I’ve used the new version a few more times. For now, this is my primary app because It preserves the full size of my images. Other apps I use are to restrictive with image sizes.

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    Quite Useful

    I was scrolling through the App Store looking for a video editor that allowed me to piece together pictures into my own video. When I stumbled across this, I was a bit scared to try it out. Never the less, I downloaded it and gave it a shot. This app had everything I was looking for. I could piece together pictures as I created subtitles and tweaked how long it would be. Not only can photos be put together, but videos as well. You can also add sound effects, background music, and almost whatever noise you need to add that little something to your video. I did come across an issue with the subtitles where they don’t change the length at the same time as the photo or video, so you will have to do that yourself, but that isn’t a huge issue. I do wish the transitions between videos and/or photos were quicker, but overall this is a great app to use. It’s compatible with other editing apps, so if you want different transitions, subtitles or sounds, just download what you have so far to your device and input it into a different app. All in all, if your looking for an app that’ll allow you to do all of the above, I would suggest none other than Splice.

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    To be fair,

    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Splice. The interface is extremely complex, and without a solid grasp of editing skills, most of the features will go over a typical users head. There's also the shortcuts you have to take to achieve certain effects while editing. The long time users understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of this software, to realize that this app isn’t just for fun, it’s about creating content that gives a deeper understanding about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Splice truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the amazing way this app is coded. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as they try to work out how to trim and edit videos. What fools.. how I pity them. And yes, by the way, i DO have a GoPro logo tattoo And no, you cannot see it. It's for highly educated people only. and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own. Nothing personal kid. I’m sorry this is a joke review

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    Great app

    It’s a great app I’ve been looking for something I can make edits for Instagram on that’s free and this is the one it’s amazing I recommend this to anyone who needs something for pictures to video editing cuz it’s great you can use your own music and your own pics and it’s free what else could you want the transition selection is a little small but I don’t mind for how good it turned out I’m gonna recommend this to my sister who also makes edit but ever since I got an iPhone I can’t transfer vids from my laptop so all my edits can’t be posted but this allows me to make save and post easily, edit: I've been using is for over a year now and i must say its my holy grail for editing apps this is the only one i use, i would like if there was more transportations and if u could make the pics or video less the a second long becuz i am still an editer amd some music beats are less then a second long so that would be cool it would be so cool if it had effects like a glitch and like effects kinda like the app crazy video maker 2 those are awesome but i sadly can't use that app

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    Best Mobile App for Video Editing!!!!

    This app is incredible. I have used it for so many things, and it allows for so much freedom-all for free! There are no in-app purchases (that I know of) that prevent you from full access, and no permanent watermark. You can add layers of audio, transitions, cut and trim video, and add text! A few limitations I've noticed is that you cannot edit the duration of text (it will stay for the remainder of the photo/video clip, and they have a free music library but anything else has to be uploaded from iTunes (so no file input or drive download- it has to be in iTunes on the device you're using), and you can only speed up a video to 2x (I use this a lot for speedpaints and Instagram videos), although you can save it and import it again to speed it up more, but you might see a bit of decrease in video quality. Other than that, this app is TOTALLY worth it, and if for some reason you don't like it there's nothing lost because it's free! 11/10 would reccomend.

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    Has some issues

    For some time I've been looking for a free app to make gacha videos and just regular videos. I was pretty excited when I saw this app that could work with my device. I decided to test it out by just trying to combine some short videos and adding some music and text to it. All went really smoothly and I really enjoyed it. The only thing that bothered me was that the video itself seemed to be really glitchy and kept stopping and going. I didn't think much of it and thought that I needed to adjust the speed of the video. I did just that but the glitchy quality didn't change. I deleted that project and decided to make a slideshow. At first everything was exported and everything was fine. Then I played it and it only showed the first clip and the rest of it was just a black screen. I tried again by deleting the project and exporting the files again. Then no matter how much I tried it kept telling me that something went wrong. Even though that's an issue that I had the first time I used Splice I was really impressed with how simple it was to use and the amazing choices of music it had. I hope you don't take this as "hate" but I still hope you look into this issue, thank you and have a great day!

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    Don’t like the new format—but my problem is solved

    Okay, I upped rating to four stars because I managed to figure out the new way to cut part of the video, but it always feels like I accessed the hidden edit bottom section by accident, there is no icon to make it appear, I just kind of hold my stylus down on it. NOTE—Developer was nice enough to send me an email and said that all you have to do is tap on the timeline, which explains why it eventually comes up when I tap on different areas. I still think this new version is a little too streamlined but I do appreciate the response. Original review: I absolutely loved Splice. It was intuitive, and I appreciated that you could use it for free to do basic video editing. I usually only use it to cut out part of a video, or to connect videos together. With this new version I could barely figure out how to cut out half of my video. There is no longer an edit window, or a cut choice. I managed to get it done by splitting the video, then dragged the part right after the split down to a trash icon and it worked. Ridiculous way to have to do it though.

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Is Splice - Video Editor & Maker Safe?

Yes. Splice - Video Editor & Maker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 239,624 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Splice - Video Editor & Maker Is 51.1/100.

Is Splice - Video Editor & Maker Legit?

Yes. Splice - Video Editor & Maker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 239,624 Splice - Video Editor & Maker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Splice - Video Editor & Maker Is 51.1/100.

Is Splice - Video Editor & Maker not working?

Splice - Video Editor & Maker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Amy
Apr 14 2021

App crashes when downloading. It’s been 2 days and customer service still hasn’t responded. I’m so frustrated. Definitely not an app worth using. I’m so sad because the features are great. It’s user friendly and It appears as if it is fabulous, but it just glitches so often when you try to export and this week, I have tried for 3 days to export and it still won’t work and no one from splice customer service will help me. So very disappointed!

By Kristie McKernan
Mar 23 2021

Purchase this app 3/22/21 and was soooo excited. Went to save and export and got the dreaded OH No! message saying something went wrong while exporting. Please Try again. (FV300) Went perusing the FAQ to find the suggestions of taking out each shot/video one at a time to determine which is the culprit. Ar you kidding me? Checked me storage and had TONS of space to accept the video. And now it's been almost 24 hrs with no response from "customer service" leading me to believe this is a fly by night operation. Can't find the inscribe button fast enough. Could have been an awesome tool. So utterly disappointed. Now I've wasted my time and my money. Severe buyer's remorse.

By Dan Martin
Jan 18 2021

Can you do Ken Burns panning anymore? I’ve been looking on the app for about 30 mins and Googling it but can’t find anyone that can answer it, very puzzling!

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