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Contact Videoleap Editor by Lightricks

Published by on 2022-09-22

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Common Videoleap Editor by Lightricks Issues

  • By Robdawg805

    This app fell off unbelievably hard

    I edit videos every now and then for fun and have had this app for a good 2-3 years now (farthest back I remember using it was early 2019 for a school project.) It was excellent, at one point I even purchased premium for a short period to edit a whole video for a friend efficiently because I enjoyed the app so much and wanted to support the devs, I regret that so much. Over time I noticed not having premium just got worse and worse. First the developers began adding annoying ads for premium when you launch the app, which is understandable, I mean you need marketing. But then I noticed the layers they allow you to have on standard went from 4-5 to like 2, which is laughable because its a cheap way to annoy people into buying a premium subscription, but then they began taking away features from standard and making it premium only. Which is why I’m no longer using this app, because what I used it for is no longer available to me. I literally have no reason to have this app because the features I used it for (chrome key & animated text) are premium only now. Thats just incredibly lazy and a slap in the face to people that have been using, supporting, and recommendeing this app to others for so long. I understand what the developers are doing to promote their subscription but at the same time I feel cheated, and feel even worse for people who pay for features they could have been using 2 years ago for free. Be better please and good day.

  • By Panda7-7


    I wanted to try the full version (premium version) of the app by trying out the free trial which lasts a week or so till they charge you $40. When you sign up for the free trial they also give you a notification option to remind you when the free trial would end (or at least that’s what they say) I happened to forget the expire date and never got a notification for it, so I got charged $40 without my acknowledgment or recollection. If I did want to keep using the app I wouldn’t have minded it, but the app doesn’t really seem to fit my use since it’s a very basic editing app for your phone even if you purchase the premium plans. The only feature that seems worth it are the mask and key frame key stone features. Everything else is just as basic as it gets, filters are boring, presets are basic (you’d have much better results using your own filters or light rooms). The effects could’ve been worth it if they also allowed you to mess with the effect options more but it won’t. It’s just pre made effects that basically let you change the opacity, nothing special. For the price the app is mediocre. I want my refund for taking my $40 without my knowledge. I haven’t even used the app either since I deleted it. If the developers are reading this, y’all seriously! need to update your webpage! or give legitimate customer support services or email for cases like this. It’s crazy how there’s not a single site for customer support for things like this.

  • By TJ 😂

    Make The Keyframe Effect Feature Free!

    I’ve been using this app since the start of 2020. Very clean, well designed and overall a great app to edit it on. Pro features were just at the right amount until this last update. I absolutely love editing with the Key Burns (key frames) feature of this app. It was actually one of the main reasons, for editing purposes, that I used it. However, I can not use it anymore due to the fact that the app now requires a subscription to use the feature. I’ve thought about getting the subscription, but I just don’t have the money right now to be paying an app at the moment and I still need time to use this app a bit further before making a purchase like that. I hate to give the app a 1 star review but i’m extremely disappointed because of this change. I’m also just wondering if you guys can maybe make the limit for the amount of Key Frames for a project more than 2. Maybe like 10-20 would be better if you guys want to really make this a pro feature. Hopefully Videoleap can see this because I love using the Key frames tool and it’s a shame to see it go to waste because of the need for a subscription.

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Reported Issues: 43 Comments

By Addie
Sep 18 2022

Hello, I tried the free 7 day trial and I cancelled the subscription or so I thought I did… and I’ve just been charged the yearly amount. Could you please kindly refund me this money? And cancel it on your end? I don’t know why my cancellation didn’t go through. I did not intend on using it ongoing or subscribing.

Thanks in advance


By Eric Moss
Aug 16 2022

After canceling my free trial for Videoleap I was still charged 70$ for a year subscription! Is there a way I can dispute this and get my refund

By Jalina Magdy
Aug 01 2022

Why do i have been charged on my 7 days trial??????? I filled the payment information to be charged at the end of the 7 days,, i want my money baaaaaack!!!!

By Zuzana Burdová
Jul 21 2022

Hello, I am making a video and the app shuts down everytime I come across one specific part. Could you please help me with that? I am a PRO member.

By bassira
Apr 28 2022

Hey there, I paid $49.99 for a set of 4 apps but I could only renew Videoleap. If I want the other three apps it’s asking me to pay again. Very disappointed. Can u please fix it.

By Adrian
Feb 04 2022

Hello, you guys should improve this. I make funny videos, as I’m doing what i love i notice some horrible things lately that i had to speak on. When i go to (Audio) , ( Music ) , ( Artist ) , then ( Files ) to add my funny sound effects to my funny video; videoleap sound is missing after export for some reason. Sometimes the audio that i added in is completely muted ( even though it isn’t l can’t hear anything when it plays). Some other parts of videos are muted as well. There’s no problem with audio on my end before this. but only after export from adding audio. I should be able to place my damn audio clips on top of each other & etc. please fix

By John Døe
Dec 27 2021

The original duplicate button & the delete button has been removed. Or it might be a bug please fix this. I can’t believe this, I'm in the middle of work with out these original features i won’t finish ever..

By Ilangeson Eswaran
Oct 21 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,

My son was using your software and wanted a month subscription and instead an yearly subscription has been charged to my Account.

Please advice how we are able to change the yearly subscription to monthly subscription with the refund.

By Stephen Cotter
Oct 14 2021

I got the new iphone 13 pro max and when I went into Videoleap all my previous videos show a yellow triangle with and exclamation point in the middle. This happened before but I cleared up space and they came back. Now I have plenty of space but none of them are showing up, wondering why?

By Edwin P Rosario
Sep 21 2021

Pixabay free videos, not showing videos . Showing color palette only. How do I fix that. Thanks

By Aofia
Aug 19 2021

I would like to cancel my subscription as soon as possible.. I don't like the service provided by you..

By Mark
May 31 2021

I’m having trouble downloading a video off videoleap ive had this app for 2 years now this is a first..

By RockSoul
May 13 2021

I've used Video leap most of my time and it has been wonderful the whole time, however I have taken break from editing due to unforseen circumstances. I need my monthly subscription cancelled for the moment then I'll renew it once I'm back

By Angel Henson
Apr 12 2021


I’ve been using Videoleap for the past year and I loved it but recently the renewal charged me twice. I only needed the Videoleap Premium Access which costs $45.99. But you guys charged me another $47.99 plus taxes and I only have one app. I am very disappointed. Please refund your 2nd charge.

By Favour
Apr 09 2021

My 5yrs old son downloaded the app and subscribe for Videoleap and I didn’t know about it and now you took £35.99 out of my account. I want a refund of my money. I have deleted the app because am not interested. I want a refund of my money now.

By Doreen
Feb 25 2021

Hi,Videoleap, I have just purchased this app, very very disappointed...I can’t save or export my show something went wrong export failed, hope you can help me up this problem ASAP.

By ruby eborde
Feb 22 2021

I thought the music from this app is not copyright, when I uploaded to YouTube it has copyright claim. I feel frustrated on this app I just waste money on it.

By Zahra
Feb 15 2021

I’ve spent approximately 3 hours editing my vlog and I tried to export but it failed. Now I can’t export my vid anywhere.. Please fix this

By Samantha G
Feb 10 2021

I downloaded the videoleap application on Sunday. On Tuesday I was going to cancel it because I didn't like it. However, videoleap went ahead and charged me for the full year, being that I had 2-3 days free trial.
I already cancelled the registration, and now I would like to please get my money back.
I have called many times to the 5 numbers listed on your page and all of them are always busy. Can someone please help me?

By Luc
Jan 16 2021

this is the worst application I've ever seen !!!! I spent my whole day editting video and now i cant export it anywhere.... burn in hell you motherfuckers !!!! i mean it

By Raptorblade
Jan 01 2021

I’m a content creator who used this app to edit videos for about almost a year. I never had this problem until now, which says something about recent updates. Every time I close the app, or the app closes itself, all of my video files inside the app become corrupted. By that, I mean the files I imported into the app. When I go back in, if I already closed it, or if it closed itself, I can no longer see and/or hear the main video I meant to edit. This is a very big problem, as it’s been causing me lots of pain as a content creator. Please, fix this problem.

By Jessica
Dec 09 2020

I just started adding music to the videos I post on YouTube, I thought my using the music from his app it was Unfortunately, I saw that most of the music I‘ve used have copyright claims. I thought your music is royalty free? However, the video I just uploaded to YouTube shows a copyright claim on one of the songs. Feeling frustrated as now I need to spend the evening re-editing my video and re-posting it to YouTube. Thought this would have been a great benefit to using this App.

By Adeel
Dec 07 2020

Its a great app but when i upload my video on YouTube it doesn’t go full screen if anyone knows how to fix this on iphone that would be great

By Sandy Serafini
Dec 02 2020

I have just purchased Video Leap and have spent hours videoing a project for students that I teach. I am experiencing technical glitches, and some of my tracks have exclamation marks, even though I have stored the videos on my new iPad pro. This is very disappointing and I am hoping you can guide me in the right direction, as the project is due soon!
Kind regards
Sandy Serafini

By Vincent
Nov 17 2020

Video won’t export! It says cancelled and won’t export! Absolute nightmare - now I’m stuck - I emailed several times and no response... no phone number to call either!

By Nia
Oct 27 2020

some of my videos and photos i added to one of my projects turned to caution sign ! Is there away someone can help me fix this !

By Rodrigo Monforte Jr
Oct 10 2020

I purchase the Pro Version of the Videoleap Via App store for 137 AED. It works fine after the purchase and then yesterday I update the 14.0.1 software version of my iPhone and then the videoleap app that I purchased set back to the regular/trial version.

By Angel
Sep 28 2020

Hi there,
Video leap is giving me issues showing the caution sign on every trimmed video, as well as showing that same sign on layers I add on whether I got it from another video I made or one that I got on the program. I’ve spend a long time on these videos and would like help please.

By Gary
Sep 17 2020

Videoleap not responding properly in iOS14. Any fixes?

By mianca
Sep 15 2020

why won't my videos export? they're only 5 minutes, and usually consist of only 2 clips. it keeps on canceling itself 5% in. it's very frustrating. is there any way i can get help??

By Queenie
Sep 13 2020

Hi! I’ve been a videoleap user for years and decided to build a youtube channel a week ago and of course wanting to get monetized asap. Unfortunately, I saw that most of the music I‘ve used have copyright claims. I thought your music are royalty free? Aren’t they?

By Helen Macfarlane
Sep 10 2020

I cannot download any music to Videoleap on my iPad - I have background App update switched on. I have been through all the settings also on my iPhone and made sure media and Apple Music is on green. My iPhone now sees only my music but not newly downloaded music. My iPad doesn't see any songs or albums. I am sharing the app on family share and my spouse (who is an with Apple expert) gets all music. We are stumped. Anyone got any suggestions?

By Rob Silva
Aug 30 2020

Made plenty of videos in this app. Usually there is no problem but with this one video it won’t even load up. It will stay at 0%. If I click cancel it will go up to 100% but won’t show majority of the clips. Never deleted the clips in my camera roll so idk what’s the issue.

By Lilly
Aug 30 2020

I just edited a 15min long video. And the app exits on its own when I export the video. I tried clearing my storage and restarted my phone as well. How can I fix this?

By Charlotte
Aug 27 2020

I cancelled the 3 day free trial and I was still charged for a whole year. This has caused a huge inconvenience as I’m currently in a restaurant about to pay for food and now I can’t pay. I am expecting a full refund as soon as possible.

By Zion
Aug 25 2020

Please help! I tried the free 3 day trial and then cancelled the second day to make sure it wouldn’t charge me and it still did! I’m not sure how it happened and i’m super stressed out about it because this isn’t a time we have a lot of money.

By Gia possemato
Aug 19 2020

It charged me for a whole year when I only paid for a month. I want a refund. Please someone take this charge off

By Bob Kowal
Aug 15 2020

Switched from iPhone X to iPhone 11. Backed up x to the cloud first. Then switched to 11 with no problems. But Videoleap has a big problem all my projects show the time line, but all the media is missing. I have all the files the make up the projects on the 11, but Videoleap shows me all missing files in my projects. Please help! Photofox and pixaloop transferred perfectly. Thank You 🙏 ✌️ Ps: I still have my old phone but need to erase it soon...

By hamras Kunnoth
Aug 14 2020

I have been using videoleap since December 2019, was doing great, unfortunately from yesterday things went wrong while editing And once edited am not able to export files, it shows something went wrong export failed, hope you will give me a solution ASAP, my works are pending

By Ed Brown
Aug 11 2020

Ed Brown here. I just purchased your 1 year subscription and the Videoleap app will not allow me to export my project. Is there anyway that this can be a one time fix for I cannot afford to have this kind of problem regularly. I think the app is amazing but I can’t deny that I’ve come across reviews that point out the exporting problems. I would love to have the problem fixed but if that’s not possible I would like a refund please.

Thank you for your time.

By Luis
Aug 10 2020

Chroma key is not working properly. It’s not removing the black, even I’m my previous projects where it was working fine is not working anymore. Why is that ?

By Amanda
Aug 08 2020

Some of my videos for the thing I’m editing have a yellow triangle with a ! In it. How do I get my videos back to normal (I do not have the original ones)

By Thomas Bowen
Aug 07 2020

The app has crashed. All my videos are coming up with a black screen and I can’t export anything.

Please could you fix this for me?

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