GoToWebinar Reviews

GoToWebinar Reviews

Published by on 2023-05-03

About: Being away from your computer doesn’t mean you have to miss out on online
events. The free GoToWebinar mobile app lets you not only see and hear webinars,
but take part in them as well.

About GoToWebinar

What is GoToWebinar?

The GoToWebinar mobile app allows users to attend and participate in online events from their mobile devices. The app is free and enables users to view presentations, ask questions, participate in polls, and more. Organizers can schedule and view webinars, panelists can share their webcam and documents, and attendees can join events easily through an invite email or calendar link.



- Attend and participate in online events from anywhere

- Join events easily through an invite email or calendar link

- Connect to audio using WiFi or 4G/3G

- View speaker presentations up close

- Participate in polls and ask questions

- View up to 6 webcams on any iOS device

- Organizers can schedule and view webinars, view registrants, and share registration links

- Panelists can share their webcam, documents, and chat with other panelists and organizers

- Access and present content stored on cloud services

- Connect to audio through internet connection or phone line

- See additional presenters using webcams

- Stream video over 4G/3G or WiFi (recommended)

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Positive experience

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~ from NLP analysis of 9,559 combined software reviews.

Key Benefits of GoToWebinar

- Easy registration process for webinars

- Option to have webinar info populated in the calendar

- Excellent audio and video quality on all devices

- User-friendly interface

- Many options for presenters and attendees

- Ability to control incoming and outgoing audio and video

- Simple and self-explanatory app

- Ability to watch the presenter and switch to the screen or visual aspects of the presentation

- Ability to provide full anonymity

- Quality content and ease of use

- Accessible on mobile devices

20 GoToWebinar Reviews

4.6 out of 5


A Must-Have App for Business Owners

Attending a webinar using GoToWebinar is so incredibly easy. Once registering via a link in an email for instance, the user is given an option to have webinar info populated in the calendar. Should the webinar be about to begin or is already in progress the attendee is taken automatically to the presentation. Both audio and video are excellent whether viewing on ones phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. The interface is very user-friendly. Whether a novice and using GoToWebinar for the first time or a seasoned user GoToWebinar is a must. I use it in my office and on the go. In fact after meeting with a colleague or client it is so enjoyable to not have to be in a rush to return to my office to attend a scheduled webinar. I can easily plug in my earbuds and attend the session without interfering with others around me. Do yourself a favor and download GoToWebinar!!!


Zoom is better

GoToWebinar used to be the only game in town and as a result they got a little full of themselves and are clearly too slow to adapt to needed changes in the way we now function. I’d say they really missed out on a great opportunity for growth. But they stuck with the same old plan. With GoToWebinar you simply have to jump through too many hoops to be able to set up a meeting, host, be a panelist, view all of the panelists. It’s ridiculous. With Zoom, you simply download GoToWebinar , set up a meeting or join the meeting and (snapping my finger) there everybody is! And you can share your screen. No headache. It couldn’t be any more user-friendly. But GoToWebinar? No, “you have to be administrator to set up a group meeting“ nonsense. What is that anyway?? Especially when it is almost impossible to become an “administrator.”I must’ve spent an hour trying to figure out how I become an administrator. Is that a paid feature or something? I’ll be happy if I never have to open this outdated dinosaur of an inconvenience again.


Easy and versatile

I love GoToWebinar and have attended many presentations this way. There are many options for presenters and attendees. Such as the ability to control both incoming and outgoing audio, and video. GoToWebinar is simple and self-explanatory, easy to quickly test and discover each feature. I like the ability to watch the presenter and switch to the screen or visual aspects of the presentation they are sharing. The ability to provide full anonymity is great! I didn’t know or see or hear anyone in a group webinar. But in a business meeting, am able to see and hear (and be seen and heard) as needed. Both presenter and attendees have control.


Generally easy to connect and a great education tool

I have "attended and "several go to webinars and appreciate both the quality of the content the relative ease of use, and the ability to also access it on my phone when on the go. The only glitch I have experienced is getting it connected from my iPhone to the car speaker, and being able to see the screen that accompanies the audio presentation. After losing the connection when I reconnected I could no longer seem to access the slide presentation that accompanied the audio.


Go to Webinar is Left in the dust by Zoom

First a perspective.
I am a analog guy in a digital world( some may even say a Flintstone mobile vs a Tesla).
Any way, due to Covid 19 I have been forced into conducting personal and organizational business in a virtual environment. ZOOM has been easy for me to learn, use, and be effective with communicating to the various audiences I serve or participate with. Even from Maui Hawaii I was able to set up and pull off a family reunion/ 100 th Birthday bash for my mother in Atlanta. About 80 family members from Boston, Denver, Atlanta, Miami, LA, Chicago, Metro Wash DC area, NYC. We were all able to share screens of photos, birthday cards, and other memorabilia.
The point is if this old dinosaur can do all this with ease, means that anybody can be successful using the product and ZOOM on to success.


On older iPad frozen at iOS 9 by Apple, get msg must upgrade to iOS 10 level

Help! App won't let me sign up for any new webinars, until I upgrade to latest app version requiring iOS 10 ... although my older iPad was frozen at iOS 9 by Apple, so CANNOT install iOS 10, and thus NOT able to run apps requiring iOS 10.

PLEASE LET THOSE OF US WITH OLDER DEVICES WHICH DON'T SUPPORT iOS 10, TO CONTINUE USING PREVIOUS VERSION OF APP (which is still working fine for webinars I'd registered for earlier).

(app support useless: I explained problem 4x over 20 minutes - but rep ignored everything I said, repeatedly telling me that I needed to upgrade to iOS 10 app anyway. I asked to speak to supervisor, was kept waiting 40 minutes while rep repeated same over & over, then told me supervisors too busy & one would call me back - that was a week ago, with no callback.)


Great way to network and disseminate information!!

First time I’ve tried GoToWebinar (for an aviation safety Webinar) and it was the easiest I’ve seen; to log in and connect to whatever webinar one is lookin for is easy even for technologically challenged people like myself. Extremely user friendly so that one can ask questions and be answered quickly, vote on a poll, comment via text, video or microphone, etc. One can be as involved as they choose. GoToWebinar is very nice and simple, yet effective and efficient!! Great app. (And for what it’s worth, I don’t rate things 5 stars often).


Great way to communicate.

I enjoyed the webinar from World Wide Travel. We could type questions and answered right away. Getting on was relatively easy. They tell you to do a test run and during that time you’re able to download their app. Then you go back to the e-mail and just hit join meeting and your on. It tells you if the host hasn’t come on yet and that she’ll be on momentarily. I would use this again, I was pleased listening and seeing pictures, it was almost like a live presentation.



This software is outstanding. I especially liked that they had a trial version that you could use to practice going to webinar the day before the event. I have never done a webinar and was afraid it would be too hard. They let me do a trial run, yesterday. I will never be afraid again. I first tried it on my older MAC. If you go to check system requirements, they will tell you if the webinar will run OK. They have good options for sound. I then tried it on my IPAD Pro. That worked flawlessly too.

This is the best implemented software I have ever tried.


A great way to learn...

The COPD Foundation had a webinar, this evening, on COVID19 that was my first. While this time it was slides and audio, it was most comprehensive and helpful, and very easy to use. I can see I’ll be attending more webinars, as I hear of them.

I didn’t need to worry over signing in for the event, as a link, especially for me, in the email confirmation for the webinar, took me right to where I needed to be. I still don’t know what all those little hearts are, but most of the features on the display panel were pretty intuitive.


Great experience

Are use a webinar for a vocational nursing class orientation. The meeting was at 8 o’clock in the morning when I went to click on the link I immediately was in the orientation the video quality was good I didn’t miss Any verbiage due to Internet quality. I like the tabs at the bottom where you were allowed to send questions there’s also a button on top are you raise your hand that you have something to say it’s a great first time experience for me definitely will keep GoToWebinar on my phone


Clear and simple

I use Zoom, MS Teams, Crowdcast and other apps for webinars. For the presentations I saw today this app was 100% adequate. I didn’t require visual interactivity and the questions function was very easy to use. I can’t say this is my go-to app now because each platform has its uses. When chosen thoughtfully, it’s a fine app that is worth trying. It’s certainly less complex than most of its peers, particularly for seniors or those who aren’t comfortable with technology generally.


Very inspirational and practical pep talks

I’ve been a member of the Aish Webinar series since 2017 and learned much spiritual and pragmatic knowledge from their various speakers. Although they are Chabad (Chassidim), they have a temperament of respecting every person, Jew or non Jew, as we all experience similar challenges: G-d’s presence in my life, dating & marriage, childhood traumas, financial concerns, self-esteem, etc. They give a Torah perspective on these issues and they explain Hebrew terms and Talmudic passages. My special shout out to the webinars by Dr. Miriam Adahan and Chaya Hinda Allen whose talks have so enhanced my religious commitment and interpersonal relationships.


GoToWebinar on the iPhone

Using the this app on my iPhone is fantastic!

It’s fine on my Desktop or Laptop and I would rate that experience at four stars [****] but when I rate the experience on my iPhone it pulls in the fifth star [*****]

No more - digging out the laptop and trying to get connected - just click the link on your iPhone and you are in business! Take screenshots that are saved to photos and they become your notes


Prevent meeting disturbance

I wish there was a way to test my connection and the webinar functions before joining a meeting because when I “put my hand up” and got called on by the speaker unmuting my microphone I inadvertently became disconnected from the meeting while stumbling to figure how to get my microphone to work. I missed the answer to my question while trying to reconnect. I was then scared to put up my hand again in fear of disconnection. Otherwise I found the experience and ease of use quite worthy of recommendation.


The BEST Webinar site

During my Pandemic Confinement, I’ve watched 1-5 webinars 6-7 days per week! I now believe that this app is the easiest, clutter free, responsive and logical way to watch a webinar. I can’t say enough about the beauty in simplicity of their site design. I’m not a computer person so my perspective is from the point of a reader who wants to dive into the subject and not waste time navigating through the obstructive technology to realize my learning goal. Cheers for this app‼️



Clearest picture and audio of any meeting platform I have participated in since schools shut down March 13. No blurriness or messed up sound. Like watching tv, very clear picture and sound. I attend a minimum of 7 meetings or webinars a week. Most of my meetings meet on a Google platform, which is horrible. A few on Zoom, not bad, some small issues occasionally. Only one company uses this platform. Far superior. No issues at all.


App represents the best of tech

This is how I always think apps should work, but they do rarely do. I was in the car, behind schedule, and thought I would take a pass at listening to my webinar as I drove. My car has wifi (as do many new cars) so I knew it was theoretically possible, but expected barriers within GoToWebinar . There were none. I clicked on the link in my email, my meeting popped up instantly, started playing via Bluetooth, and was flawless. Thank you.


Nice and Easy

I have used a few other type of webinars, this is the first time I have used particular app. It is very easy to use, just download and go. It is easy to figure out how to ask questions, get the attachments, etc. The sound and picture quality are great (remember to turn off your other notifications during the broadcast). I would definitely recommend GoToWebinar.


Perhaps it Wasn’t Written for Safari & a Mac

I have a Mac Air and I use Safari. I have the latest versions installed as soon as they are released, but I hate this app. Whenever I turn on GoToWebinar the sound from my computer starts popping and has a lot of static. The only way I can use it is to turn the sound off on my computer and then bring up GoToWebinar on my iPhone. Once my iPhone is turned on I can watch on my computer and listen through my iPhone. We’ve tried this several times and always get the same results.

If anyone has a better solution, I’d love to hear it.


Awesome Learning Platform

I love using this app for my PD for teaching, especially with SimpleK12 30 min webinars! I have always had a great experience using this app for learning new things to try in the classroom as well as just learning about new programs or projects to use for my students! Keep up the great communication tool and the simple connection once GoToWebinar is installed for getting into the webinar wanted! I would give you 10 stars if it were possible! 👍🏻😊


You can't get any easier than this, thank you GoToWebinar!

Easiest way to join a webinar ever. I was invited to the webinar a month ago through this app I downloaded GoToWebinar and it automatically linked to my calendar. Today an alarm on my phone started sounding 15 minutes before the webinar so that I could log into it. To login to the webinar all I had to do was click on the link on date on my calendar and I was automatically linked into the webinar.


Pretty good app

I joined as an organizer using GoToWebinar and it worked fairly well. I was able to switch presenters which was cool. The only feature I missed is the ability to monitor and respond to attendee questions. While it doesn’t make sense if you’re the presenter, when we use this for webinars in listen-only mode, we always have another organizer monitoring questions and posing them to the presenters. This avoids the clumsy or awkward moments when a presenter is trying to talk and sift through questions at the same time.


Regional Training Tool

I attend training meetings with attendees from around the country and leaders from various parts of the country in the same meet-up without leaving home or getting dressed up. The audio is mostly clear most of the time, 4 out of 5. Larger screens, larger devices make it easier to see both the presenter and slides or video simultaneously. It works any where you can get an internet connection, even while traveling.


Webnar Information

I’ve been in the auto business over 40 years and need to try to stay on top of all the changes and opportunities to sell vehicles! In the past, most dealers advertised in newspapers, tv, radio etc, and they are now probably the least effective means of advertising. Social media has taken over along with all the automotive services, Auto Trader, Cars Guru, Facebook etc. We no longer spend money in the newspapers!
MS in Baltimore


A great app

I very much like this app because it’s an easy to use platform with great audio; no hissing or such. I also like that once I’ve registered for a webinar, I’m automatically connected when I open GoToWebinar . I didn’t have any difficulty installing GoToWebinar and just a little fuss to figure out how to use it the 1st time, but I’m not very ‘techy’ so I think any problems were due to my lack of experience. I highly recommend GoToWebinar.


Do you need to catch up is life and money passing you by

Then don't even think about it download GoToWebinar I can change your life and maybe even get you back in the running give your life some opportunity and the possibility of not just making it in our new economy but dominating what ever field your getting information that uses GoToWebinar trust and believe you will not regret it . GOOD LUCK BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF and GoToWebinar will help you

Is GoToWebinar Safe?

Yes. GoToWebinar is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 9,559 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GoToWebinar Is 77.5/100.

Is GoToWebinar Legit?

Yes. GoToWebinar is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 9,559 GoToWebinar User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GoToWebinar Is 100/100..

Is GoToWebinar not working?

GoToWebinar works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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