ZOOM Cloud Meetings Reviews

ZOOM Cloud Meetings Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-02

Zoom is #1 in customer satisfaction and the best unified communication
experience on mobile. It's super easy! Install the free Zoom app, click on "New
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- Zoom helps kids to do school online during the pandemic

- Zoom helps to see family when not able to be there

- Mobile app is smooth and easy to use

- Declared official conference platform for remote teaching


- Can't disable notifications for certain times of the day

- Can't connect with AirPods on the fly

- Takes a long time to connect to meetings

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AMAZING APP! But a few recommendations

Zoom is an AMAZING app and right now during the pandemic it helps kids to do school but online! Zoom can also help me see my family when I can’t be there with them. Even if the pandemic that’s going on in the world. I would still use this amazing app. I have some recommendations for ZOOMCloudMeetings. I think when the teacher parent tutor etc, is sharing they should have something that can disable kids from writing on the screen. I think it’s kind of annoying that they can do that. The next recommendation I have is there should be a button that can say whether or not there can can be a co-host. I was doing a class and my teacher couldn’t sign a cohost he tapped on the person he wanted to sign cohost but it didn’t have that option. I soon did a zoom with my friends because Snapchat wasn’t working etc. I wanted to make one of my friends cohosts but I also didn’t have that option. Those are some things that I think zoom should fix, but other than that I love ZOOMCloudMeetings and recommend it to you! Have good day, thanks for reading!


Great app but one thing...

I like ZOOMCloudMeetings a lot! It is awesome for school or just simply talking to your friends. I love how you can present your screen on it. I have an iPod touch on it and it works well too. You can do this on a chrome book or iPad as well. Once I downloaded this I asked my friends if we could zoom. After a few meets I noticed I couldn’t create a meeting I can only join. This is a not a big problem but you get cool features on your side of the meet if you create the meet and they are really cool. Yeah, I know you can switch the host which I REALLY like but you still don’t get all of the features that you would if you actually created the meet. You can present like I said above but the presenting is a little glitchy. Other than those two things I love this game. I like how you can change your name. Also you can go into drivers mode which means that you hit a button to talk and if you don’t hit the button and talk than people won’t here you. Also it means nobody can see your camera so its great to prank your friends with or just use it like its supposed to be used. If you are a the host you can enable it or disable it. You can also slide the screen to show you certain people. One of the slides is drivers mode! I really like this and I HIGHLY recommend it if you are a student or a teacher or just someone who wants to talk to their friends.


Zoom is amazing!!!

ZOOMCloudMeetings is amazing! I totally recommend it. The part that I really like is that the host has control over many things. I like being able to control who comes in and out through the waiting room. It is also helpful to be able to lock the meeting. Being able to mute and turn off the video of you and others in the meeting is super helpful, especially as a teacher. The chat feature is great for people how do not want to unmute. Also you have a virtual background, you can raise your hand, make a reaction, share your screen and, so much more!

But, there are a few downsides to Zoom. One of them is people freeze and glitch, sometimes you can’t see or hear them at all. It may just be the internet but, I find this annoying. Second, when you exit ZOOMCloudMeetings and you are are still on the meeting your camera turns off. I find this annoying when you are sharing your screen or accidentally exit Zoom. Lastly when the host shares their screen people can draw or write on it. This is so annoying and distracting. I can not find a way to disable this.

Although there are problems, minor ones, I still enjoy Zoom. The problems don’t stop me from recommending zoom. Once those glitches are gone, Zoom will be perfect. I love Zoom!!!


Why no SMS?!?!?

Current annoyance: regular phone calls will let me connect with AirPods on the fly, but zoom calls won’t??? That’s just sloppy.

Previous review is still relevant:

I hate that I can’t disable notifications for certain times of the day. I use Zoom for work, not socializing, and I hate having to remember to log in and log out every day or else risk non-urgent client calls late at night or on the weekends. I also hate that Zoom requires so much bandwidth for voice calls, and has such a long lag during conversations. I can use competitors’ VOIP apps without lag from the same physical location/bandwidth, but zoom call quality is AWFUL. If you have excellent very high speed internet, it does the job, but for those of us in rural areas or relying on cellular data, we aren’t a priority for Zoom Inc. And what’s up with the lack of text messaging/SMS? We pay for zoom phone service and there’s no texting beyond the internal extensions? IT’S 2020: WHY ISN'T THIS A THING? There’s also a super annoying bug with Grasshopper: I use Zoom for one job and I use Grasshopper for another. After making a Zoom call, if I receive a Grasshopper call while still logged into the zoom app, it shows up as a Zoom call, and then disconnects as soon as I pick up. Then I’ve missed a call for my second job because my first job’s phone service is buggy. I AM DISAPPOINTED, ZOOM.


Pretty useful but need to be more controlled by users

For “everyday” practical purpose, it is fine. But there are few things that I would like to see. One is more “set up” feature like allow me to remove “pin” whatever it is. Also allow me to alert the host the problems quickly without have to look through the list of “participants” just today, I discover the glitch which somehow didn’t switch the view to activate participant screen on time it always delayed until someone else decided to participate the meeting. Maybe it is due to Apple, Inc just upgrade my ipad that cause some glitch. I don’t know for sure. It just happen today, in the past it went fine. Also look like there is mid-level curve-learning. And for some reason, I couldn’t consult the instruction manual to help me to figure how the Zoom app work.

Update information: there is something wrong with ZOOMCloudMeetings in dealing with “spotlight”. It used to be work great till last week where the appear of spotlight always “late” when the participant finished his or her saying for the zoom meeting. It seems to me it only affect iPad users. Need to be fix this. Right now, I’m stuck with gallery view mode to see the current spotlight to listen


This is gonna be for all the versions

So I’ve been using Zoom for school because of the pandemic, and it’s good compared to other programs yet I do have SOME complaints, none of which having to do with my hate of using it all the time now. It’s great for having the meetings, but it overheats my phone if I use the mobile app way more than other video call apps and programs. I’ve also had to use the Chromebook version because my school provided that, but it’s way more laggier than PC or mobile. Chromebook also has a lot less of the features such as backgrounds and recoding the meeting as a guest and doesn’t feel as professional I think. For the entire program, app, Chromebook, and all, I think it’s great. Covid is keeping me online until, with the rising cases here in the US, most likely March at soonest if my school allows me online that long, it’s amazing. My sibling uses two other programs, one of which I used last spring in 8th grade, and when I compare Zoom to the two he uses Zoom is automatically the best of the three. It’s super professional for most versions of it and I think that for the covid pandemic it’s one of the best options I think.


Zoom on iPad Today

Yesterday I spent almost 45 minutes working with a knowledgeable tech mentor who was helping me navigate Zoom on my hp laptop. We finally reached a point where I could get onto ZOOMCloudMeetings and up to the point of "Join a Meeting."

However, in trying to connect with my meeting today, after 3 failed attempts to get into my meeting on the laptop, a member of the group called me on my iPhone. He used his speaker so I could at least hear, if not see, the other meeting attendees. I then got my iPad, and was finally able to join the meeting - after having lost a full 45 minutes of the meeting! Not only did I miss a great deal of valuable conversation and information, I was lagging behind and trying to catch up the rest of the time!

This is untenable! It is frustrating and maddening to be unable to connect with the others through Zoom! It is my understanding that another avenue of connection is being sought. I can only hope that it will be more effective, because due to Covid restrictions, we are at the mercy of technology, and must meet virtually. I plan to try to speak to a Zoom representative today who can hopefully assist me to be prepared for next week's meeting - using my laptop. Who knows what will come of that, or even if I can make a personal connection? We shall see - Allegra Yancey


Zoom is awesome

Hi there! I was reading the comments and reviews the other day, and I was so surprised by what everyone was saying. I mean to say is ppl rated zoom by only 1 star when it deserves 1 MILLION stars!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE ZOOMCloudMeetings! Creating a waiting room was a brilliant idea and sharing screen is also brilliant!!! Me and my friends use zoom very often during the pandemic, we often lock the meeting so to those who had unwelcoming guest put a waiting room and lock the meeting. I know everyone has different experiences but I believe zoom is what so ever amazing !!!! Keep it up!! One thing I wanna say is I want to be able to request to the host to be unmuted, like when the host mutes everyone and I would like to say something and be unmuted, I would like to simply press a button that is called ‘request unmute’ and on the host’s screen a something pops up that says I wanna be unmuted. Thank you so much for keeping me entertained and busy and excited. Now I’m hooked onto my friends during coronavirus. Thank you so much!!!!!

Thank you,
Ur #1 fan!!!!


Zoom is great, but needs presentation features and note taking features updated to get full value

Hello! I am a college student that switched to online learning during the pandemic. All of my professors use zoom to present, for lectures and meetings, and for office hours. Zoom has made attending all of my classes more convenient. However, one improvement that I would like to see is the note taking feature. My professors tend to lecture on zoom and use its features to draw graphs and take notes. However, they have to cram things in because there is a limited area to write notes. Also, their notes tend to lag and come out messy. I think that if there was 1) a feature to automatically draw lines and shapes, like the features found on note taking apps such as onenotes, notability, and iCloud files, and 2) a wider writing area, then presenting and lectures wouldn’t be so difficult and copying notes would be more continent. Also, with these features being included, more professors would not be so hesitant with switching to modern and new styles of teaching. Their classes would become more enjoyable and comprehensible.


Updated: Continually needs deleted/reinstalled on iPad Pro

Updated review Sept. 5, 2020: I have figured out a workaround to my problem. ZOOMCloudMeetings does not handle “Sign in with Google” well when a corporate account is being used. The workaround is to remember to SIGN OUT of ZOOMCloudMeetings before you close it, then the next time ZOOMCloudMeetings is opened you go through the two-step sign in process again. ZOOMCloudMeetings always asks for permission to sign in with Google, so I’m thinking this is what ZOOMCloudMeetings is not handling correctly? Can’t ZOOMCloudMeetings be made to remember the prior authorization(s) when opened? -1 star for this inconvenience.

Two stars because it works as hoped when it works. New 2020 iPad Pro 12.9”, bought for use with teaching this fall and Zoom support. App will only work when first installed from App Store and signed into my district account. When a new Zoom meeting stopped and app closed, later opens to spinning wheel on iPad and will not allow joining a new Zoom meeting, etc. App needs deleted and reinstalled from App Store to open again correctly. Will update review if app fixed or iPadOS starts playing nice.


Our entire district uses Zoom

The mobile app gets 5 stars because it is smooth and easy to use. Sometimes I have to Zoom on my iPad when I teach so that I can free up my laptop. Also, my laptop tends to get a lot slower and sometimes glitchy when I use the desktop app on Windows. But that’s a different conversation.

Anyway, I teach in a huge school district that has declared Zoom its official conference platform for remote teaching. This started in March of 2020 when we returned to teaching during the initial Quarantine. I was concerned about security at first, but then the company really upped its game since the whole world turned to remote teaching with not just security measures (due to bad press), but they removed the time limits for educators. It also seems like updates continually happen, and I am pleasantly surprised when I log in and see the spiffy new look and features.

The only request I have is to create the ability to use breakout rooms in the mobile app. This is sometimes a necessary feature.


The great app

ZOOMCloudMeetings is awesome because I can chat with my friends when ever I want. And you can make someone else host if you don’t want to be host. But the part that I really like is that if you are host you can mute everyone and turn their video off! And you can have a virtual background, you can volunteer to be host, and if the host mutes you, you can unmute yourself. You can also write a message to everyone. And my personal favorite part is that you can see as many people as you want. You can also turn audio on and off when ever you want. But one thing is that sometimes people’s screens freeze or you can’t hear them very well or there voice stutters. Another one of my favorites is that you can change your zoom name. But one thing that confuses me is that ZOOMCloudMeetings is called zoom. Why is ZOOMCloudMeetings called zoom if ZOOMCloudMeetings is for video chatting. Anyways, those two issues certainly don’t stop me from giving ZOOMCloudMeetings a 5 ⭐️review. And all because of ZOOMCloudMeetings I can chat with my friends every day. So I definitely recommend getting ZOOMCloudMeetings!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Amzing! Suggestions though

ZOOMCloudMeetings is amazing! We use it for school, and it was my Grandma’s Birthday, So that was really cool we could talk to each other during this really hard time. I Have a few suggestions on how to make ZOOMCloudMeetings better though, when ever we share screens, my brother tends to draw and scribble all over it, is there a way you can add a “ Disable Drawing” button or something? And also, whenever you exit ZOOMCloudMeetings , The zoom meeting is still on, that’s great but you can’t see the person behind the camera, again, my brother takes advantage of this, and mutes himself, and uses the time to play! Could you please make it so, whenever you exit ZOOMCloudMeetings , like Disney+, It shows a little box with the video, and you can still see the person. I’m making these suggestion because I don’t want my brother to fail at school, And I’m sure that other people have this problem too, mabye not these exact problems, but mabye similar ones. Thank you in advance, ZOOMCloudMeetings is absolutely amazing!


Thank you!

Zoom has been a life saver for me during the stay at home order. Your video platform has allowed me to continue working from home, supporting teachers and students in our transition to remote learning. It has also kept me connected with friends and family. My brother has special needs and my parents are currently his caregivers due to regulations at his supported living home. He has had a very hard time the last several weeks because he just cannot comprehend why we have to stay away from other people right now. He misses his day program, his roommates, his bowling league, and even doctor appointments, not to mention our very large family gatherings. I created a schedule of daily Zoom sessions in a Google document with a recurring meeting Zoom link and shared it with family and friends, who use the document to sign up for times. Since starting the daily chats, he and my parents receive the social and emotional support the so desperately need. So again, I say “THANK YOU!”


Love it but Fix it please!!

I love how easy it is to use and its been a lifesaver for families and businesses during these difficult COVID days. However, I just used it on my computer this morning and it was fine. After my call, it said there was an update so I downloaded it and then tried to use it again this afternoon for another meeting and it wouldn’t give the sound!! What happened?! Overall, its truly been a great tool for our social distancing and perhaps it will be used more now that people are used to it. It is very easy to use, even for those who are technologically challenged. I ended up using my iPad for the afternoon meeting but had wanted to use my laptop so I could see everyone and on one page. With the iPad, you have to swipe to see whomever you can’t see from the first page of 9, but it is a little disconcerting because you always see 9 people on a page; not 9 on the first page and then the remaining on the next page, which I would prefer. But again, it does work overall for meetings and is very easy to use.



What a wonderful way to be together virtually with so many family members, friends and classmates! I love hearing their voices and seeing their faces and home projects, including knitting, cooking special dishes, gardening and children’s artwork. It’s especially uplifting to enjoy virtual parties and classes together. Thanks so much for enabling everyone with a smart phone, tablet or computer to connect so meaningfully with others during our stay-at-home isolation during this apocalyptic pandemic.

Your amazing free technology is a reminder for me to send more cards to sick friends, to telephone those who do not have smart phones or computers and to thank all those I meet who work in grocery stores and pharmacies to serve our needs basic needs. Also, I feel the need to send emails of appreciation to celebrate our brave medical workers, out diligent and truthful elected officials, scientists and journalists as well as emergency and civil service agencies and companies all working to protect our nation and fight COVID-19 and the economic havoc in its worldwide wake.



Jesse Took me on a beautiful and powerful adventure to recognize my inner child and what she wants which is joy and love and curiosity and learning. I feel so loved and so strong and powerful after this adventure with Jesse. I will step forward and talk to a particular man in the community and let him know what my dreams are.
They are to create a loving space as in a Humane Society to help all of the animals in this community who are not taken care of and loved. I want to create a no kill shelter and to aid me in doing this I will need to communicate with the community and let them know how powerful they can be to help these animals and to love them and care for them.
I will be able to communicate with our city Council as to why we need money to obtain the nurturing and care for these animals. We are the entities who have the responsibility and are in charge of all the animals on the earth and we need to do things in a very loving and humane way. This recode session was fabulous and I am so grateful.
Love and Light to ALL 🥰♥️🌞🌝💖


Grateful to Mid-Nite. New York

The Mid-Nite has helped me so much. Here in Massachusetts, nothing is totally open for Aa meeting. I can’t talk to friends and family. Just my 3 daughters. Thank God for them. Also the treatment center I went to in Delray Beach Florida. Reco. The best thing I ever did. Great support system there and with Mid-Nite. I have severe insomnia. I stay on for most of them all night. I feel very lonely. I live alone and have ptsd. I know I am not supposed to fear. I did my steps. I do meditation and other tools that Teco taught me. Being with you all stops my fear that someone will come in my apartment and attack me. After I am done with your meeting I feel back to safety. I don’t know what I would of done with out you. I have 10 months sober. Thank you so much for continuing your zoom meeting. 🙏🏻🕯🌻. I tell everyone at my zoom meeting at Reco about your meetings Incase at night they need to talk. I highly recommend it for everyone! All ages! I love it and very grateful to all the host, volunteers . Please never STOP! Your great Mid-nite


Your app has allowed us to keep serving God

ZOOMCloudMeetings has given our organization the opportunity to never miss a beat from day one of the quarantine we have met world wide to get our spiritual feeding through ZOOMCloudMeetings. Jehovah God has blessed us with so much spiritual food so I know God has guided us to your organization to keep the source of our spiritual meals flowing. Thank you for being the company you are and fir making the isolation bearable because of all the nuggets of nourishment about Jehovah God, His Kingdom and His son, Jesus Christ who died for all of faithful mankind. We have the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s death coming up so if you get a letter and you would like to attend just reach out to the person who sends you the invitation and they will give you the meeting information fir your area. Your app has allowed many of us to join meetings in other states and country’s we would not normally get to visit and hear the spiritual food. Thank you and keep striving to enabl people to come together.

La Vonne


Meadow S best friends with Lilly W

I think that zoom is great. Especially the new software update where you can for example have a slice of pizza on top of your head. Or 3-D goggles that aren’t really there but it is just a filter.
You can also have a red and white checkered pattern bow on top of your head and you can have a shark mouth. It is really cool. I only have one complaint about zoom. When I try to do a virtual background, my face goes into the background.
What I mean by that is when I had a solid purple background, my face was just a purple blob. You could still see my hair but you couldn’t see my face and the details.
I do appreciate zoom and how it has helped us in the viciously boring corona pandemic. I think zoom and Bing it it is awesome.
I also want you to understand if you are reading this review is that you can only have the pizza slice on top of your head and the red and white bow if you have the latest Apple software update on your iPad. iOS 14 or something like that.
I know that this is getting really long but I want to give every single detail. Zoom has a chat and you were able to raise your hand. You are also able to put a heart or clapping hands or a thumbs up or a surprised face or a crying face or a party popper on your screen. You can also do a virtual background even though it doesn’t always work perfectly and you can also which is the best part talk to your friends and or family. I think that zoom is awesome thank you.


Works well

I have been using it for a few years and it has always worked well. screen sharing, drawing on shared screen, audio only vs audio and video, etc all work well. The only thing I wish it does better is power consumption of Bluetooth earpieces like AirPods. Usually I can go for 4-5 hours on my AirPods when listening but if I am on zoom (or google hangout) even if I am on mute the whole time I drain the battery after about and a half. You would think ZOOMCloudMeetings can be a bit smarter about being on mute and switch to the listening-only mode and turnoff microphone. I understand the microphone can be draining the battery and it may cause temporary interruption or delay when switching mode but I think if you make it an option for the user then many of them such as myself would gladly accept this trade off for not having to replace our Bluetooth earpiece 1.5 hours into our conference call.


A disaster

I had to use ZOOMCloudMeetings for a job interview last week, and it did not work well. I had set everything up in advance, practicing with my iPad, my MacBook and my iPhone, just to be safe. The 20 minute call was supposed to be at 1:10, so I pressed the connect button at 1:09 and got a screen that said “launching”. Three minutes later it still said launching “. So I disconnected and tried again - and get “launching”. Now I’m five minutes late for the 20 minute interview. So I switch to my iPhone which makes the connection instantly, but I only see video for the first few seconds of the call, and the audio is only at the minimum level with no option to make it louder. The black screen kept switching back and forth to one with a green icon of a telephone, still with very minimal sound. So I spent the last 12 minutes of what was supposed to be a 20 minute interview across the country with no video and the need to keep repeating questions back to the search committee because I couldn’t hear them.

I may not have gotten this job anyway, but using the Zoom app certainly eliminated any possibility of me being considered for the job.


Horrible Audio... Horrible

I’m blown away at how many people say they think the audio is good. Technically, the audio is crap. If you look it up it is one-third the quality of a normal mp3. That is literally the same quality as a payphone. On top of that, they add effects to remove the background noise. This actually makes your voice sound worse, not better. By removing any noise, it also removes parts of your voice that make it sound clear. In fact, the only real time you want to remove background noise is when there’s lots of noise happening in the background. Like at a baseball game, or a crowded street. But if you’re having a conference in those environments, you shouldn’t be in a conference. Instead, Zoom places all the attention on that possible situation, killing the clarity for the situations where most people use Zoom: In a quiet office.

Zoom. Please, please, please improve the audio quality. You advertise HD Voice, but the quality is abhorrent and unlistenable. You are doing your customers a disservice.

Otherwise, it’s a great app.


Extremely reliable, consistent, never an issue during a webinar

I highly recommend ZOOM. I’m connected @ lightning speed- within 10 seconds. It’s the most reliable & user-friendly meeting platform I’ve utilized (I’ve utilized so many). It’s very user-friendly as a presenter & attendee. It’s very seamless to transfer your presentation from your iPad, laptop or computer.
The HD visual clarity, outstanding sound & volume are to be commended. I did note a few comments regarding issues with these aspects. It seems like those issues could possibly be related to something on the user’s system. I’m very impressed that ZOOM’s Developer Team responds to their user’s issues & reaches out directly to the end users to resolve the issue(s).


Poorly Executed

In theory ZOOMCloudMeetings and service is a great idea but in practice the execution horrible and is completely unreliable.

I’m a mobile developer and in many situations My colleagues and I are forced to use Zoom to run our product demos. Since we are demoing our apps we want to screen share ZOOMCloudMeetings as we would do with any Air Play technology.

That’s where this falls apart. As a straight Air Play replacement, this tech is a huge fail. Connections constantly drop and there is an unbearable amount of latency between the presenting and display devices. You’re way better off using a regular old Apple TV which is steady and reliable.

Trying to use the mobile app while joining a meeting is another nightmare. The mobile app cannot maintain connection as people are joining and leaving the call. We’ve tested in different rooms with above average network quality and the ceiling seems to be “average performance at best”.

So where does this leave us? With botched demos that frustrate developers and audience members. Nothing is worse than being unable to show off work you’re proud of because your presentation equipment is letting you down.

For our org it might be too late as our company has bought in 100% into this tech which is probably way more complicated and complex than a standard Apple TV set up and nowhere near as reliable. If you have a chance to avoid this, please do so.


Worst site ever

Zoom has deleted my account for so called violation of policy or use. I sent correspondence and have yet to get any response. I asked for some sort of evidence or proof and from what source(s) it was obtained. All contacts and files chat room history and information on the account is inaccessible and I assume has been deleted. This is an arbitrary way of cleaning up their act I suppose, however after reading the policy and rules of use I have to disagree with their findings until shown proof of exactly what violation and what rule. Where did they obtain it. Were my personal files and information reviewed? Is there any necessary permissions I gave when signing up and agreeing to said policy? Apparently this company or app developer can pick and choose freedom of choice speech and expression as they see fit and are going about forcing a standard or self interpreted level of freedom on their customers. Who do actually pay to use ZOOMCloudMeetings /site! Let’s see if I’ll get a response!


Zoom continues to perform

I am self-employed and work online with clients. I have been able to travel all over the world and keep my same client schedule because of Zoom. Their platform allows me to have remote access in order to help clients with tech or something project specific in their computer. I find the platform stable for large groups. I love all the details and thought put into how users have different needs to put participants into private side groups, share files, mark up the presentation screen. I am really happy with how Zoom thinks of user needs based on an ever-evolving online work environment. Fan for life!!!!


Good but needs some improvements

Overall this is a very useful tool. I have no issue with the audio or video quality during most meetings. I do think though that there are some areas where there could be some improvements. For example it is still not possible to initiate a audio only call without having to login to ZOOMCloudMeetings . Sometimes I just want to have a quick conference call I don’t want to go through the hassle of getting into ZOOMCloudMeetings to start a meeting and then waiting for people to join. Another thing that I found is that it is quite slow on my iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 11. Is this a known issue? Sometimes it takes forever to get the audio settings up so that I can dial in via phone and I’m just hanging there. Please help!


Worst presentation app ever.

Over 500K customers huh? Is that how many people downloaded ZOOMCloudMeetings and then uninstalled due to it restarting their phone or iPad or whatever device they are using, also, it not functioning right, crashing, making other apps crash while you try to present, etc? Also, if over 500K customers use it business-wise, why are there barely any ratings? I have a pretty good idea as to why there is less than 1K reviews. They were of the truth. Please do not waste your time with ZOOMCloudMeetings. Keep searching, because if you use ZOOMCloudMeetings, your device will most likely have some issues after using it.

Personal Experience: I downloaded ZOOMCloudMeetings yesterday to confer with some friends and they experienced issues with it, as well as I did. I experienced the issues above and they did as well. So, nice app if you’re looking for your device to be messed with by ZOOMCloudMeetings.


Wish it had better CarPlay support

I use ZOOMCloudMeetings all the time to take conference calls at home and the office. I often need to take these calls from the car as well. Zoom has a nice “safe driving mode” feature that lets you “tap to talk” if you dock your phone while you drive. I recently got a new car with CarPlay, and was surprised that the Zoom app icon in CarPlay doesn’t work the same way. Instead, when you launch Zoom from the dash, it launches a voice prompt asking who you want to call. It’s a worthless feature. I would much rather see a list of scheduled meetings. Once a meeting is launched, it should work just like the “safe driving mode” on the phone and let you mute, hang up, etc.


Far superior to the alternatives!

As a high-level software engineer at a large tech company (typically considered synonymous with databases) and a full-time remote worker for the last six-plus years, I have used all the players in the “online meeting/collaboration” space; and let me tell you: Zoom blows them ALL out of the water! We use it at my company for all scheduled meetings, plus for ad hoc meetings even when we are in the same building. It is just that much more convenient than walking over to someone’s office (or desk, in open-plan facilities). I can just IM someone (or DM, in Slack) saying “got a src to talk?” Followed by my personal Zoom URL; and boom, we are good to go!



I work as a distributed employee (read: remote) and have had a team of distributed staff for over 6 years. We have tried other major conference software and found Zoom to be superior in every way. Audio, video, screen sharing, remote access, etc.

With Zoom you feel a real part of a team and the ability to stay connected as if at the main physical location. Even is a person has a slower connection that makes the video signal uneven, the audio is always synced perfectly and allows for uninterrupted discussion.

We’re never going back to those other programs!


It’s good enough

I like the zoom app. I have to use it for class, but it’s pretty limited on iOS. Because I use my iPad to take notes for my class, I have to refer to them during my class meetings. However, I can’t do seem to do that (or, if I can, let me know how). There doesn’t seem to be a way to open something like OneNote without freezing Zoom and stopping my video. There’s an option to minimize video, and I thought this would create a kind of floating screen on the iPad as I moved from app to app, but that’s not the case. So, ZOOMCloudMeetings is fine if you’re just using ZOOMCloudMeetings and not others simultaneously. I will say that zoom on a desktop is a nice experience and functions the way that I want. I just wish I could be a little more mobile with it.


Worst TC platform from far flung locales

Zoom has great privacy settings and unambiguous labeling of buttons — unlike things like GoToMeeting, where you can’t actually tell if your camera is enabled or disabled, for example. But that aside, Zoom is an unfortunate bandwidth hog. If you are on a typical 3G or even LTE connection in many parts of the world, Zoom simply wont work. Your call will constantly be dropped and reconnected. And since the whole point of having a conference call is a discussion, Zoom is pretty pointless. I’ve tested and tried pretty much every TC out there, and Zoom is hands down the worst for reliable connectivity.

Having an option to disable OTHER video streams might help. Or maybe a ground up rearchitecture built for speed? Whatever, Zoom needs some serious help. Oh, and dont lock your phone screen either. That’s likely to disconnect your call, too. Great.


Easy to use but the audio is bad

We used to have Skype Business at my company but switched to ZOOM a few months ago. Super easy to use but the sound is just bad. Unless your mouth is a few inches from your microphone you can’t hear a thing. We have meetings where we are 10 people in a room, we have conversations with other partners on the other side of the screen but they can never hear us. We literally have to scream. I don’t get it...we didn’t have that issue with Skype and it really affects the quality of our meetings. I’ve seen similar comments on here...from years ago but those feedback don’t seem to have change anything. Because here I am!

By Jodi Cullins

Aug 26 2022

Great APP, easy to use. It really helps to keep in touch, work & study.

By Jodi Cullins

Aug 26 2022

Great APP, easy to use. It really helps to keep in touch, work & study.

By Дарья

Aug 23 2022

Давно им пользуюсь, все устраивает, но в последнее время тупит микрофон.

By Дарья

Aug 23 2022

Уже давно пользуюсь но в последни

By kir

Aug 22 2022

прикольное приложение.

By Mango Man

Dec 25 2020

meraba televole

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Is ZOOM Cloud Meetings Legit?

Yes. ZOOM Cloud Meetings is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,281,868 ZOOM Cloud Meetings User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ZOOM Cloud Meetings Is 88.3/100..

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ZOOM Cloud Meetings works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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