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Published by on 2022-09-22

Can’t Sleep? As recommended by Doctors and Sleep Scientists, Join over 4
million people already using Sleepiest to sleep better each night. Having
trouble falling asleep at night? Download Sleepiest to relax your mind and learn
how to start sleeping better.

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About this app

With calming bedtime stories, soothing sleep sounds, sleepy guided meditations and smart sleep cycle tracking; you’re sure to get into the perfect natural headspace to settle down at night.  Our 25+ guided sleep meditations will be sure to relieve you of stress, calm your mind, help cure your anxiety and leave you smiling + happier as you drift off to sleep.  this app supports Apple watch; so you can launch and listen to your favourite bedtime stories, sleep sounds and guided sleep meditations on the go directly from our watch app.  With over 100 bedtime stories, you’re sure to find one to calm and relax your senses, lulling you into a restful, deep & natural sleep.  So, whether you’re trying to cure your anxiety before bed, get stress relief, speed up recovery after a workout, improve your mental health or just generally boost your self care; you can breathe easy knowing this app is here to help you fall asleep effortlessly.  Whether you're trying to improve your fitness, get some stress relief, find your zen place before bed, drown out your partner's snoring, or find a quicker way of helping your new baby / kid’s get to sleep - we’ve got you covered.  this app supports Apple Health, allowing you to export your night’s sleep cycle data directly into the Apple Health app for quick compatibility with other health app’s.  Newly added by our boffins in our Sleep lab! Our auto sleep Analysis will give you deep insights into whats happening with your sleep cycle; Identify how much time you spend in light, rem and deep sleep throughout the night.  “I tried out both Sleepiest & Moshi with my two kids, but found the bedtime stories on this app helped them to sleep faster.  Can’t Sleep? As recommended by Doctors and Sleep Scientists, Join over 4 million people already using this app to sleep better each night.  Analyse your historic data, and see how much help this app is really giving you in getting more shut eye each night, helping you get into the simple habit of sleeping well and recharging your mind each and every night.  Having trouble falling asleep at night? Download this app to relax your mind and learn how to start sleeping better.  “I often struggle to fall asleep, but it has been so easy to doze off with the music and the stories provided in Sleepiest .  We offer a free trial period to new users which will auto-renew at the end of the trial into either a monthly or yearly subscription based on the selection at trial start.  Our smart gentle alarm sounds can wake you up naturally and gently in the morning.  Make falling asleep a dream.  this app has an optionally upgradable premium service called this app+.  The price of this app+ is $49.99 for yearly, or $9.99 for monthly.  Download it free today. 

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