Smashburger Rewards Reviews

Smashburger Rewards Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-01

OVERVIEW The Smashburger app is the fastest way to order your favorites and
earn rewards that will make your mouth water. Now you can enjoy Smashburger
whether you’re at our place or yours.

 Order your Smashburger favorites to be delivered to your doorstep...

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Smashburger Rewards Reviews

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    Live to eat

    I do like In and Out, but Smashburger steps it up a notch....or two!! If I’m hungry I once went for the Double-Double, but ever since I’ve had the Triple-Double, I don’t go anywhere else! The Triple “D” is about 50-75 cents more, but in my book, well worth it!! The rest of the menu is very good too, from “real” shakes, to upscale sides!! The other specialty burgers are more expensive (plus you can “make your own”, meaning you pick the ingredients you want), but you can’t beat the Triple “D” for freshness, flavor and value. Triple is for 3 cheeses (a very good mix of cheeses!) and 2 of their signature Smashburger hamburger patties! Fresh romaine and tomatoes, all between great hamburger buns... not the average buns, again, up a notch from the standard burgers!!! Smashburger offers the consumer more options, more “fresh” options, for instance great, fresh salads! You can’t beat the all American In and Out burgers for value and flavor, but if you want to kick it up a step, try Smashburger!

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    This app is awful!

    Update...October 2018... STILL crashes when you try to order on line! Was al the way through with three burgers, already logged in, then when I checked out, it asked me to log on again and went back to store locations! So frustrating! I love Smashburger, but the app needs some serious help! Is actually better now than it was, but it’s still bad. First off, you constantly get errors or it loses your order. If you are able to get your burger ordered but want to add special instructions, you only have six characters, whereas you have unlimited for your name. On the create your own burger, not all the cheeses are listed, example is sliced cheddar and melted cheddar. On the off chance you get all the way through your order, you can’t use the coupons! It also asks you to log on, even though you are logged on and the it loses the order! It never keeps your restaurant location saved and if you make any changes at all or take too long to log in, you have to start all over. It’s too bad because the line is always so long when we go there, so it would be nice to be able to order and just ru. In and pick it up. There are many times we want Smashburger, but pass because it will take too long. It also seems most Of the 5star reviews are just reviewing the restaurant, not the app.

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    Cannot Order, Terrible App

    My wife loves Smashburger and asks if we can have it every once in a while. Between work and a busy home schedule, I love using apps to order a quick dinner. I have never had such a bad experience with a service app as I have had with the Smashburger app. I have had consistent problems with logging in, staying logged in, being able to add food to cart, being able to add payment methods, and being able to check out. I had hoped this was just a one time issue but this has happened at least 5 times in the last year and even after the app underwent an update. The only way for me to order has been to call the restaurant or physically go in and order. To me, this completely defeats the purpose of offering an app with online ordering. My experiences in the restaurant itself have generally been great but the app is an utter disappointment.

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    Poor online capability, not integrated well.

    Tried to order something online today for the first time. Download the app which by the way has no description that tells you that you can place orders with it, it just says that it’s a rewards program app so that’s the first thing. Decided I didn’t want to go through the set up on the app so I do use the website. Frustrating experience there as well as it’s very slow, is it laid out very well. Pressed for time I decided to call direct. Where I was told I can’t place an order using the phone I have to use Door Dash. I decide to go back to the app to finish the set up process, found a way to order from it surprisingly, only to have to go through an additional login! I mean come on all I want is to pre-order some french fries! Not worth the hassle.

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    Faster to physically go to the store than order online

    I wish I could give this app zero stars. The “rewards” center and online order functions don’t speak to each other so I still have yet to be able to log in when making an order online (instead I checkout as guest to save the hassle of 965 login errors, despite the fact that I’m logged into the app). The online ordering “function”, if you can even call it that, constantly resets so you have to navigate back through the location menu, etc. to get back to place your order. I love it when it tells me the pick up time has been pushed out another 15 minutes because it’s taken 30 minutes to get to the checkout page after all of the random resets. All-in-all, First World problems at their finest can be found in this crappy app.

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    App needs work

    Enjoy the food, the people are always friendly no complaints in that regards. The app needs work. Offer me a coupon and don’t have a way to redeem through the app? When ordering do not leave the screen. If you go to a different window then you have to re-select location, confirm order pickup, then select your cart and if you hadn’t added the item yet just start over(hopefully you didn’t add to many tweaks to the item). Also got all the alerts but why make an account for the app and then have to create another account or continue as a guest to checkout? In all honesty I’ll just go into the restaurant, place my order and wait to take it home. Good food, good establishment, poor app structure. Will continue to eat here.

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    It deserves 0 stars if I could only. Where to begin? You cannot actually use the app to order food. It only tracks your reward points, but the button labeled “Online Order” leads one to believe, oh I don’t know... that you could order online?? When you tap the menu button, you get a static image, not good for ordering and not even readable as you cannot zoom. I got the number for my local Smashburger, which I can get faster from google maps. The call button worked but they did not answer. Even after marking my local restaurant as my only favorite, I still had to choose it again when I began the non functional order process. And if you click the menu you cannot get back to the “order” screen. You must start over and pick the store again.

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    Zero stars

    The only thing this app successfully does is manage reward points and that can be spotty. Sometimes the app will scan receipts other times not. Online ordering is painful at best and totally unsuccessful at worst. Recently I lost the ability to both pay on pickup AND online with a credit card. My only payment option is NCR Secure Payment. When I pick that I’m told a secure session cannot be established. The app cannot remember my favorite location so every single order means I have to pick my state, wait, my city, wait, my store, wait, select order online, wait, select my pickup day/time, then finally my order. The app won’t let you add extra of any ingredient already included on a burger. The list goes on. I well and truly detest this app. The staff at the store say they hear the same all day.

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    Restaurant: great! App: meh. App rewards: great!

    I’m always astonished when folks rate 5 Guys highly and disparage Smashburger. Smashburger is underrated, and 5 Guys is overrated. Period. Just try asking for guacamole on your burger at 5 Guys! If you like jalapeños and consider “grillz” (grilled onions) as essential to a burger as cheese, like I do, then you’ll find a Spicy Baja—Big, naturally—right up your alley. The perfect hamburger. I used to eat at In-N-Out weekly. I was wowed when I first had In-N-Out decades ago, ‘cause I was expecting McDonald’s / Burger King / Whataburger / Sonic-class food. That made sense because of what In-N-Out is: drive-thru fast food. People need to keep that in mind when they first go there, so they don’t set unrealistic expectations. Nothing ruins a new experience like having unrealistic expectations, set by breathless, glowing reports. It happens with movies all the time. I still LOVE In-N-Out (!!!), especially for what it is. What drive-thru fast food joint obesides In-N-Out sticks a raw potato into a slicer when you order fries? All of which is to say this: Smashburger is a cut above In-N-Out. Yet another hit from the Rocky Mountains.

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    Made me stop eating here

    Somewhere around the time that I started using this app (as opposed to just going to the website) Smashburger decided to get rid of the “pay at store” button at checkout. That means that instead of just swiping my card, EVERY TIME I want to order online I have to enter in all my card details. On top of that, there’s no option to use a gift card when you do online checkout, so the ONLY way to use a gift card is to order in store and wait there. I swear this app has some of the stupidest design I’ve ever seen and I haven’t eaten at smashburger since I installed it, because of how annoying it is to order online and all the limitations that come with it. Ordering online is supposed to make the process EASIER. All you’ve done is made it exponentially more annoying.

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    Par for the Smashburger course

    App does not work. This has always been Smashburger’s problem; anything that may streamline the ordering process, is clearly frowned upon by the company. Every decision they make is apparently an attempt to get you to wait in a line. I don’t know why they want my time. I figured they just wanted my money. Can’t have both. Don’t get me started on how they won’t let you use coupons without waiting in a line. They just don’t get it. However, 5 guys does get it...and so they get my money. Not saying the food is better, just significantly easier to acquire. There are too many options for Smashburger to fail so hard on delivering service and product to customers. Seems like a strange way for a good product to die.

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    Burgers are Great. A+. App is very disappointing FAIL!

    We downloaded this app to save time in line. We made our item selections and I switched to the mail app to get a coupon. When returning to the Smashburger app it restarts back to the store locator. Drilling all the way back down again. At least the food items are still in the cart. The coupon is long so I switch back to mail again and we loop back through the store finder all over again. I finally enter the coupon and it’s not valid. I gave up, drove to the store and stood in line. They accepted the same coupon just fine. Lesson learned ....skip the app and go to Smashburger to order. Even the store employees say “we hear that a lot”.

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    So confusing!

    I do not like this new app! It’s so confusing to use and guess what? There isn’t even a menu on there! I wanted to check out my local Smashburger menu and my only option was to click on “order now”. But since the restaurant is closed it won’t even show me a menu. The rewards are weird. It says I have 850 points this year and it’s just February. I haven’t been there this year! Also I get weird emails telling me to change my password for points. That’s a little strange. I’m not going to click on a link in an email telling to me to change my password!! Could be spam! This app needs some serious tweaking.

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    This app is unusable

    This app looks like it was built in 1998. Where is the option to use Apple Pay? It’s almost 2019. I’m not manually entering my credit card number. Are you insane? And I logged in with Facebook yet have to create an account when I try to check out? Is that a very poorly built website embedded embedded in the iPhone app which did not even bother to pass along my identity so it would actually be a seamless experience? Why is everything about this app so bad? I am going to go to this Smash Burger location right now to tell the manager that the app is so bad that I won’t use it to make an order and then go someplace else to get something to eat. This app is that bad.

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    Doesn't recognize I'm logged in

    Created a new account and it shows I'm logged in at the home screen. When I created an order I was then asked to sign in. I tried and it couldn't find an account, even though I was clearly logged in. Tried logging in online too and said password didn't work. When I tried to reset the password it couldn't find my email even though I just received a welcome email. Clearly the people in charge of this app didn't pay much attention to it. Would have been quicker to just drive to the store and placed the order. Also, it should have an allergen menu like it does on its website. Don't waste your time with this app.

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Is Smashburger Rewards Safe?

Yes. Smashburger Rewards is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 30 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Smashburger Rewards Is 43.1/100.

Is Smashburger Rewards Legit?

Yes. Smashburger Rewards is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 30 Smashburger Rewards User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Smashburger Rewards Is 43.1/100.

Is Smashburger Rewards not working?

Smashburger Rewards works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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