SLOWLY - Connect to the World! Reviews

SLOWLY - Connect to the World! Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-22

SLOWLY is created for those who yearn for meaningful conversations, lacking in
the era of instant messaging. It connects people around the world at a slower
but better pace – one letter at a time. The app brings the traditional pen
pal experience to your mobile device that mailing time...

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SLOWLY - Connect to the World! Reviews

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    Great product, could use some tweaks

    I started using this app about a month ago and so far I’ve been loving it! I’ve communicated with different people from different countries and the it’s fascinating to connect with people with different backgrounds and find your similarities and differences. It’s a great way to learn about the culture of places (that you’ve never been to) from a local. So far all of my pen pals have been really friendly and I look forward to receiving letters from them! A few things that can make this app better on the iPad are 1) support for horizontal mode and 2) a larger pinned view. This is mainly a reading and writing app so the iPad app should really support landscape view because that is how you are spending most of the time, typing on the keyboard. The pinned view shows the last received message that you are replying to, but on the iPad it’s tiny and the height is not adjustable, so it requires a lot of scrolling up and down in a tiny view. I think those are the 2 pain points using this app regularly but other than that, love it!

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    Slowly, surely a fast favorite.

    I’ve only been on the app for a few days but I already love it. I was searching for a place to find pen pals and learn about new people and places along the way. Typical websites for this thing take a quick turn south because many will use it for dating. Slowly makes you create an avatar to keep the focus on communication for getting to know someone better. I really love that! I think the fact that each letter takes hours to arrive depending on where in the world they originated is amazing too because sometimes when communication is instant.. it can feel overwhelming to write back to so many people that you lose sight of the main purpose. I find this app to be therapeutic as well since I take my time to write to the other person and explain a lot about life on my side of the world. It’s also a lot of fun to hear what the other person has to say. I imagine that some of the friendships started on here will last quite a while! Thank you.

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    What You're Missing.

    This is a good app. This is a wonderful app to make connections around the world. One of your House Rules is to never ask for contact info. That's wrong. On your website you say/imply that the purpose of this app is Dating. How is one supposed to communicate via Slowly (all) the time? No. Just NO. Nonsense. Let me tell you something else. Don't even think about adding chat to the app just to keep people inside. No. I'm one of those users/customers that spends money. I'm pretty sure that I have spent around $25 buying stamps. Maybe more. Only to find out that it doesn't make a difference. Only the accomplishments ones are effective IMO. So get more of those. Maybe. So here is my main proposal. Add a feature that give users the freedom to request contact information like... a phone number without fear of being block or cancelling their account. Unless they get reported for harassment, of course. For this... Freedom of Contact Request feature.... charge a dollar. Or two. Make it accesible so many people will use it.

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    There’s pros and cons to it!

    It’s a very good app, aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t give constant notifications over nothing like some particular apps out there, and in my personal opinion I find this app to be safer as opposed to actual mailing and whatnot, (and as fun as physically mailing may be I’m sure dealing with the post office and post cards and never knowing if they actually got it has to be a bit worrying from time to time.) and unlike actual penpal-ing via postcards and whatnot there’s no need to give addresses and the sort, as that can be the sort of thing to worry about. However, there’s a few cons, to me they’re nothing major but some might find it a pet peeve, one of which how long it takes to send and receive letters, which at first can be a bit of a hassle, especially if it’s your first time having a penpal, but it’s the same as if you were to actually send a letter, excluding the bumps in the road whether the post offices make a mistake or they take their time sending things or what. One for me is some of the stamps in the stamp store requiring actual money (however the price is very low so?) to get them, but I understand that the app and it’s creators require a bit of income and it’s not as if not buying them will affect your time on the app. I just wish there were ways to acquire a few of the stamps other than by paying. All in all it’s a very nice app!!

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    A Cozy, Exciting App!

    I remember the days when we would send out pen pal letters in elementary school. The anticipation of waiting for your letters to get to your pen pal, the excitement of getting a letter back from them, just being able to connect with another human... This app perfectly recreates those emotions. Taking out selfies and instead making matches upon common interests was such a smart move. We live in such a visually stimulating world that’s fast paced, but this app makes you slow down and genuinely enjoy writing. I was BEYOND impressed and excited when I found out letters send in real geographical time. That is SUCH a cool way to go about it. I love the stamps, too! They’re so cute to pick and choose from. I would love if letters showed up in their own little envelope so that you could actually open them instead of seeing what they say right off the bat. This app is so darling! I recommend it to everyone.

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    Develop Genuine Connections

    In December 2018, I deleted all of my social media accounts. I had thought that social media would help me deepen my relationships, but that’s not how it worked. I downloaded Slowly to see if I could develop genuine connections with others the way I thought social media was supposed to. A year later, I’m still communicating with people on the other side of the world and preparing to visit two of my pen pals in New Zealand and Australia in a few days. The app is easy to use, and I appreciate how simple and uncluttered it is. It has all of the features it needs, and it doesn’t have advertisements or subscription fees. I enjoy supporting the developers by sending them a coffee or buying new stamps. It’s an app designed for its purpose, not for making money. Cannot recommend enough.

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    Great App, not 5 star because lack of horizontal mode on my iPad

    I have to say this is a really great app. I always thought, things go fast nowadays, you write to someone “I love you” and in the next second, you could receive either “love you too” or you found you were in his/her blacklist, we always get immediate answers, but something is missing. We don’t need to pick words carefully because we can correct in the next second. We feel less excited for arriving message because we never waited for long. We feel less connected because we have nothing to share because we are sharing time to time and we are tired of sharing. I missed the time that holding pen in hand but don’t know which word to use, which story to tell. I missed the feeling that throw the mail in the box and imaging where it arrived everyday. I missed the feeling that find one mail to me, the nervous and exciting when open it. All your friends are on WeChat, on Facebook, on Twitter, even if you want to write, you can write to no one. But lucky enough, I found this app, well done! Besides, I’m a developer too, if the author find it’s difficult or don’t have enough time, maybe I can help, but only with the approval from the author.

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    Something Beyond

    I didn’t know what to expect going into using this app. I never leave reviews but honestly for this one I have to. I thought the whole “waiting for messages to deliver and send” was gonna be gimmicky but I have to say after the conversations I’ve had and the connections I’ve made, I believe in this app way more than I expected to. In a world where we’re so used to instant gratification, nothing makes me happy like waiting for new messages to appear. It has made me be mindful of actual conversation again. Definitely download this if you want try something new. Just be aware it doesn’t happen all right away, this first couple hours of having the app are a definitely a patience test, but see through it

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    Best PenPal App Ever

    So, the AppStore lacks a diversity of papal apps, but after finding this app I don’t feel that way anymore. This app is amazing! At first when I read the description I thought the idea of slowing down digital messages a bit gimmicky, but after using it for about a week I love it. It reminds me of being in elementary school giving my teacher my letter for my penpal all over again! As a developer, myself, I revel in awe of how beautiful the design, simplicity, and functionality this app is! I fully intend to buy in app coins to acquire stamps just so I can help support the developer. I love this app that much! If you’re looking to make international or even local friends in a penpal-esk way, I cannot recommend this app enough!

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    Fantastic, one of my favorite hobbies now

    This is a simple to use, no frills letter writing app. Writing penpals is a great hobby. It allows you to learn about others around the world at your speed. The simplicity is what I really like. No sending photos, you have to rely on your ability to express yourself in words. Slowly is about taking time to send a quality letter to someone. This is easy to do because no one expects an immediate reply. There’s a built in delay, simulating sending a physical letter. The only additional money requested is if you want different stamps for your letters, or to buy-a-coffee for the developers. In other words, if you like the app and want to support it, you can. It’s not a necessity, but I’m happy to do so.

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    I saw this on Twitter and due to quarantine I decided to give it a try. I like that we don’t have a picture of us to upload yet at the same time I wish we could as well instead of creating an avatar. It’s cool that there’s an auto match feature but I have yet to use it. One thing I’m a bit iffy about is location. You can see where the letters are coming from, which is nice, but I wish it would still be a bit vague about it instead of show WHERE exactly in the state or country they’re from. It isn’t like Snapchat and the maps are very detailed, but I hope our location is a bit covered. Like saying “the letter is from Florida” but not pinpointing where in Florida. I’ve been enjoying it so far despite that. I have no complaints

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    Ancient Soul

    I’ve only been on this app maybe three weeks and for the most part I am loving it. I’m also very thankful that when you’re responding it is now saved as a draft if you’re unable to complete it to send at that moment. Having lost several started responses in the first few days was quite annoying! However, a couple other changes I would like to see is the ability to login from a computer without the app. It only being available by app negates the creators purpose of trying to get back to a simpler time before the era focusing on instant gratification. I would also like there to be either a way to set how many pen pals you’re willing to have and someone has to be archived before a new one can enter, or a way to stop or shut off new pen pal letters because it definitely has become quite time consuming. Anyways, just my two cents worth. Many kudos to the creator(s) on creating a wonderful app. I am really enjoying the distance delay and flat refuse the many requests to go to texting, or various apps that offer instant messaging. Have a wonderful day.

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    Great App - Room for Growth

    this app is awesome. as someone in their twenties who grew up sending letters in the mail & who now knows that’s a bit of a lost art, this is an INCREDIBLE take on modern postage. i love it so much! there are a few things that i think could be better: - the interface is weak. the overall display looks like it was designed 10 years ago, based on the blue and yellow color choice, and the actual look of it. it could be much more user friendly (bigger, more organized/obvious buttons). maybe you could choose your own button colors on your own profile, similar to how Twitter does that? - organization of friends. you should be able to organize your pen pals into certain categories - maybe put them into different folders of “best friends” “acquaintances” etc. based on your personal preference. you should also be able to more easily organize/delete them if you want... right from the first pen friends page. overall though this app is awesome. the concept, like i said, is really innovative. i recommend this to everyone who loves writing letters and the excitement of waiting!

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    Best pen pal app there is!

    I just received my first letter from someone today. It took 2 hours to get here (the app let’s you know if someone sent you a letter and how long it will take to get you) and for those 2 hours I was genuinely excited. It’s like receiving a package in the mail! You have something to look forward to. I sent a letter back and they have to wait 2 hours to open it, and I’m sure they’re feeling the same way. The instant gratification of texts and other forms of instant messaging has really damaged connection and meaningfulness. I love this app. I think it’s amazing and I really hope more and more people join. It’s definitely an app worth supporting!

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    Fun and simple

    I have pen pals from all over the world through this app. Some of them have become great friends! The best thing about letters taking time to reach their destination is that I don’t feel rushed to respond. No one gets offended if I take a week or more to write a letter worth reading. When the notification lights up that I’ve received a new letter (a feature you can turn off, if you want), I get that same thrill I used to get when I would get a letter in the mail - back when that was a thing. In-app purchases are completely unnecessary, but I’ve bought a few to support this app. Some of the stamps are really cute!

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Is SLOWLY - Connect to the World! Safe?

Yes. SLOWLY - Connect to the World! is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,390 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SLOWLY - Connect to the World! Is 65.1/100.

Is SLOWLY - Connect to the World! Legit?

Yes. SLOWLY - Connect to the World! is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,390 SLOWLY - Connect to the World! User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SLOWLY - Connect to the World! Is 65.1/100.

Is SLOWLY - Connect to the World! not working?

SLOWLY - Connect to the World! works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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