Make Money - Earn Easy Cash Reviews

Make Money - Earn Easy Cash Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-17

Earn real money by completing simple tasks with the app. Easily make money by
completing surveys, giving opinions, testing services,… To earn money, you
need to follow the instructions set in each task. Usually checking for a product
or service, or giving your opinions and answering som...

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Make Money - Earn Easy Cash Reviews

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    Long Wait Times/Poor Customer Service/No Credits

    Overall it was okay at first..the tasks weren’t too difficult or excessively time consuming but when it came time to get the completion credits it worked once then all the issues started pouring in. Of the 5 tasks I completed I received points for one (only 342) while the others after 2-3 days I had to contact support and put in a ticket which took 2 more days to receive a response back (after I had to take pictures of the completed tasks). Yet still I was only credited for one of these tasks the others were not addressed or was I credited for them. Support says to place a separate ticket, but there is no report button next to one task while the other doesn’t even show up on the “task in progress” tab. I explained this to them with no response smh. Many many issues that made me have to give this 1 star. I wish that I could get this app to work for me as these other people say it has but it has not so far. This makes me think the comments are fake and it makes not want to waste time doing any more tasks if this is how the app/customer service operates. Also I received 1 payout ($5) after about a 10 day process contacting support and waiting for the pay pal request to go through. Honestly doesn’t seem worth the issues. Please fix if you somehow can..if not, don’t waste your time downloading this app

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    Multiple Issues. I Need Reply!

    This app does pay, BUT with few annoying issues. Their help system will mark your email as spam IF you’ve sent them more than like 5 emails. It seems MakeMoney works primarily with two companies, AdGem and Fyber. I’ve have had problems receiving credits more than a handful of times, which resulted in having to contact them more than I want. Now my email is marked as spam, even the 1 time that I finally got a response from them, when replying, I get an auto email back stating my email is spam!! When you try to report ‘PROBLEM GETTING CREDIT’, you’ll only see the Fyber offers in the report problem link, for anything else (AdGem offers) you have to send email and AdGem offers often don’t automatically get credited. I’ve recently completed an offer that required paid subscription. I’ve received credit for that right away, which was surprising to me. I tried withdrawing my balance right after that and the withdraws FAILED but those failed withdraw credits were never put back to my account still to date. Now my email is marked as spam and I still haven’t receive reply for any of my old requests. I currently have 3 new (completed 3 weeks ago) completed offers and 4 old (months ago) offers that I still haven’t receive credits for, even though I’ve contacted MakeMoney multiple times about it.

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    Great with minor issues

    First off, yes- it works. I’ve earned about $10 from this, and just like it promises it went to my paypal account in about 24 hours. It’s a long wait but I do get the money so I don’t mind that. However, there are some issues that I’ve noticed. The notifications are off. Sometimes they’re too early or too late, which is a little annoying. The options to complete tasks without downloading anything are overrun with so many ads I sometimes don’t know where to click to continue. And once there wasn’t a finish button, so all my time was wasted because I couldn’t finish. I want the requirements for the game to be more specific. Often times they say the exact same thing, “register or complete tutorial if asked to do so” but all you really need to do it open the app. Finally, there are times where it won’t register that you completed a task. At first it was only once in a while but now that I’m shooting for my third payout I’ve downloaded 3 apps, did what was told, and received nothing. Please get that fixed. I do enjoy this app, it’s kept its promise. Not to the extent that others claim in such a short period of time but it works.

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    Issues needs updated!

    I looked at the last update for this app and it was 8months ago. There are a lot of bugs on this app that need resolved stat! The directions to receive proper coin payment does not work and they take you through tons of hoops to jump through to prove you should be paid. So far I have been paid for most tasks but three right now are pending and one in particular is over a week overdo for me to receive. Directions say to report the issue but the REPORT button is NOT working. So I emailed in which they ask questions and give instructions about giving ID numbers that are not there as instructed. For such a simple app there is no need for this many bugs and needs to be fixed otherwise this builds mistrust or the hassle of having to make sure the app is doing what it says it will. Again, stupid amount of work to prove that what you earned should be given to you. They also pass you along to a new person each time you reply via email which is annoying because one guy told me he didn’t think they would not pay me when I was able to prove they didn’t for a task.

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    takes forever and does NOT refresh

    This app seemed great at first and I will continue to use it for a while, but after having it for about a week I have about 3,500 points (you need 5,000 for a $5 PayPal card). The tasks hardly ever refresh and many ask for personal info / credit card / address, and for those I just exit out and clear my history in hopes of no sort of bugs on my phone. Also, I complete tasks and half of the time I’ll get my points directly after, while the other half of the time it will take days, or I might not get them at all which is frustrating. Also, after completing tasks, no new ones are offered so you’re stuck with the same things you’ve already done, but unable to make any points because of the fact that you’ve already done them. This app really is a 5/10. On one hand, if you’re like me, you’ll do the tasks on your free time just to make a bit of extra cash ($5 does add up eventually) but on the other hand, there’s so many issues with this app that it’s almost not even worth taking 1 week/2 weeks to make $5.

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    Great, but not refreshing

    This is really great. I have had the app for almost three weeks (?) and I’ve already cashed out $15 to PayPal and got it. My problem is I am stuck on the same tasks and have been for almost a while freaking week! It keeps saying that they will refresh but they havent. I think you have to complete most of the task before they can refresh and that’s also my problem. A few of the task I have already done but keep getting and the others just won’t work. I have like 7 ‘gift card’ tasks for 333 points but I have to go through all this extra offer crap that I don’t want to and when I try and it looks like it worked, I don’t get my points. I often get new tasks that do work when I am at my workplace or anywhere outside of my house. Which I’m sure you can imagine stinks. So basically right now until it ever does refreshes I have to leave my house to actually do anything. Oh well, I’ve still gotten more money with this app in three weeks than I have with any other app or stupid surveys.

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    A fun new way to earn some extra cash!

    The tasks will range from super easy to kind of challenging. It’s an easy way to earn some extra money. It is a little hard to navigate in the way that when you select a task to start it, and then leave that page, it’s hard to find again.. you will be able to see the status of a task by going to the help page. I’m not sure how long I have to complete the task or if it’s already been submitted for review. This is the part that confuses me a bit. Other than that I’ve already earn some points by signing up and posting to Facebook. I like how you can find new apps through this and still earn points.. it’s kind of like being paid to app test, only it takes a while to get paid because you’re racking up points and not cash right away. I think it’s like 5,000 points for $5 bucks.

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    Giving out your personal information for a gift card you’ll never receive.

    I did three surveys (Within two hours)and when I tried to do a fourth the app told me I need to wait until the surveys I completed are reviewed. It’s been a day and I am still unable to complete more survey. Filled out surveys with the promise I would receive a Target gift card. Once I completed all the surveys I was asked to complete one more item, which was to sign up for a subscription( Silver page). I went ahead and signed up for the subscription required to receive the Target gift card. Minutes later I received a text telling me to claim my gift card. I clicked on the link provided in the text and once the link loaded I was asked to do one more thing in order to receive my gift card. One item was to sign up for Apple Music. So I did. After complete the sign up I received another text, stating to claim my gift card. Again I clicked the link provided in the text and was asked to complete another item. This time they wanted me to pay money up front for a subscription to things I didn’t need or want.

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    Unusable at this point

    I used to really enjoy this app which is why it gets stars at all at this point. About 9 months ago the task support button stopped working and then a few months later it went away all together. There was no way to ask for assistance or check on the status of offers you’d started. So you could spend a lot of time completing an offer and if you didn’t get credited there was no way to remedy it. You just had to take a loss on it. Over the last 2 weeks the app has further broken down so that when I click on an offer I want to complete, it takes me to a blank webpage rather than a place to download whatever app the offer was for. The only way I can earn points right now is the 20 daily attendance points. Writing a review is the only way to even reach out to the developers or customer support. Like I said I used to really love the app but as soon as I reach enough points to cash out I think I’ll be deleting the app because there hasn’t been an update in over a year and the company doesn’t seem to care about working with its users.

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    Good in the beginning

    This APP was pretty good in the beginning, I did manage to cash out credits and some tasks were easy to complete while some took a long time. But recently I’ve been having trouble with credits. For example, I downloaded the Lords Mobile task and played the game for weeks and completed the task but I never received credit for it. I messaged customer service and they said they couldn’t do anything about it, since when I tried to report it in-app, the report button did not work. So basically what I believed happened is that when they decrease the credits for a task, the current task is void and credits won’t be earned for it. And even if I start the new task, it wouldn’t work for me since I won’t be a new user. I believe that this issue with the change in credits should be fixed because it’s not fair when you spend a long time on a game and at the end, you get nothing. This also happened with the Pop Slots casino game too, the credits changed so a report for missing credits cannot be made in app, because the button does not work...

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    Ok, but really, waste of time and leads to scams

    This app is okay for making a little (teeny-tiny amount of) cash at home. It is one if the better apps of its kind, but unless you are willing to put a lot of time in, don’t download this app. I’ve had this app for months and am still unable to take my first $5 out. Many of the offers are very difficult to go through with as they require you to reach a certain level with an app, and in my experience, on two different apps I surpassed where I needed to get and did not receive the offer despite completing all requirements. I wasted multiple days on the two apps I downloaded specifically for that purpose. I’m still trying to make my first payout hence this “5” star review. (Another thing I don’t like about this app. It loves to build its self up without offering anything valuable for it.) If I had endless amounts of free time this app would be worth it. Note: the app today did reward for the daily check in multiple times. I don’t know if it was an error on the app’s part that has since be resolved or not. The accuracy of this app needs to improve greatly.

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    Great if you want to have fun

    This app is great if you want to get points (5,000=$5) and get paid for trying games out and reaching certain levels. I feel like this app is best for middle school and high school kids who are willing to get to high levels at games they’re already gonna play while they’re bored. There are other apps you can sign up for a free trial and get extra points and then cancel the free trial if you know you’re not gonna use the app; just remember to look up how to do that in the settings so they don’t keep charging you. From what I’ve seen, you can make up to 12,000 points ($12) for getting to a really high level in certain games. Overall the app is nice for bored people and is definitely not for generating income (obviously)

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    They try to block you from reaching the payout threshold

    100% honest review. This app is trash. They want you to pay to get your money. Half of the “free” tasks they want you to complete take months to complete for a few dollars worth of points. When you first sign up for the app they make it seem so easy to get points just to hook you in. Then you realize how long it actually takes just to get that first initial $5 reward. One of the very few ways to actually get free points is the daily login and once you do that over and over to reach your reward they randomly put a limit on it and then require you to complete tasks to unlock the login points. Why don’t they ever mention this limit anywhere? Why even have it in the first place? Because they are trying to stop you from reaching the payout. When you get close to the threshold of 5000 points ($5) by using the login reward, they will again block it until you complete another task. They really really don’t want to payout to you. My suggestion is get your $5 reward if you already have the app and delete it.

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    Cool-ish App, Yet better than most !

    1) I don’t like how you have to purchase things to receive credits... i.e having to order business cards and pay $3 for shipping to get about $4 in credit. I thought that the point of the app was to simply make money! Why do we have to spend when you’re already getting a lot of ad revenue because of us?! 2) I didn’t receive credits for the last two task I completed. It was worth over 3000 credits ! 3) No one has time to play multiple and multiple levels on a game which could take hours and the time to credit ratio is way off (I know there isn’t one but should be with games) ! 4) I made $10 with the app in the first 4 hours of initially signing up but the PayPal payouts are taking a long time to be processed. 5) It’s only been 4 days since I downloaded the app and the task are more preferred than getting 20cents for a 22min survey on other apps. I’d like to see a better app layout but in my opinion Make Money is #1 !

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    It does pay out but...

    Although it does pay out, I have some frustrations. You can be in the middle of a task, shortly after starting it and say about 10-15 minutes later when you finish, you go back to figure out why you weren’t credited for it. This app will changer tasks in the middle of doing one and you won’t get paid. Another problem is doing a task for say a couple weeks, like the bigger paid amount tasks. Those are the really aggravating ones. You will check before getting on the app when you are just about to complete it to make sure you are gonna get paid and BOOM! You finish the task and you go back and it’s gone! All the weeks of working towards it all for nothing. This has now happened to me with Pop slots, Smash Island, Legendary Game of Heroes, Harvest Land, and a few others. It’s really irritating. If the app didn’t cancel your task in the middle of doing it and paid for what you did, I would give it 5 stars.

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Is Make Money - Earn Easy Cash Safe?

Yes. Make Money - Earn Easy Cash is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 442,981 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Make Money - Earn Easy Cash Is 38.8/100.

Is Make Money - Earn Easy Cash Legit?

Yes. Make Money - Earn Easy Cash is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 442,981 Make Money - Earn Easy Cash User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Make Money - Earn Easy Cash Is 38.8/100.

Is Make Money - Earn Easy Cash not working?

Make Money - Earn Easy Cash works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Make Money - Earn Easy Cash to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
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  4. If you are a Make Money - Earn Easy Cash customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Make Money - Earn Easy Cash.

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