YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor Reviews

YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-27

**The world's #1 AR makeup camera app & selfie editor. Try on hundreds of
virtual makeovers from top brands, apply instant makeup beauty filters and get
real-time makeup learning tutorials via live AR streaming!** YouCam Makeup also
offers advanced retouch tools to instantly make skin s...

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YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor Reviews

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    If possible, I’d rate this 5+ !! At first I was apprehensive about doing this whole process, taking a selfie and putting it into this app, but it’s so easy!! Having something like this decades ago would’ve saved me (and my hair) a lot of chemical exposure/experimentation; plus trying on lip colors and textures takes the guessing and expense of mistakes away. You can try on a color and then select the info and there’s the brand and color, you don’t have to search. There are apparently unlimited adjustments you can make, ie degree of color saturation, shape, etc. Fine-tuning your picture is quite easy, too. I love the ability to try on different patterns of eyeliner and eyelashes and have an accurate display that allows me to see how an emphasis changes with shape or color. I tried numerous other virtual makeover apps and this one is by far the best. My compliments, and thanks, to your programmers, they made an outstanding and versatile app !!

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    Too many ads period. They need to make it so that you can actually post your stuff without going on Facebook as stupid as that sounds I think that you should make an account without having to use Facebook and just talk to your friends and stuff so that you can actually share your stuff instead of texting because it takes a long time to do that so make it so that they are not as many ads and you can share with your friends.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 but on the bright side it is fun and you can actually see what it looks like on you and that’s a big problem in my life of make up because all I do is put on make up and this is a good app because you can actually see and I really like that so if I can ask if you do you would make sure that we don’t have to have a Facebook account to do this because sometimes I’m too young I’m 11 so I can have a Facebook account so I really like it if you could take that away but if you took the ads and made sure that you don’t have to have a Facebook account I’m sure that I would bring that for up to five👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😋😋😋😋😛😛😛💩😲😲😲💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩.

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    Support.... Please

    The app is fun and very impressive how well it captures facial contours and landmarks to provide impressively realistic makeup looks. My daughter and I have a lot of fun playing with images. There’s a feature that allows you to fine tune where the makeup is placed so it doesn’t look like there’s lipstick on the teeth or eyeliner randomly placed somewhere. Unfortunately, I’m only giving this app 2 stars because of the app’s ability to delete photos. It’s cool that I can access photos from my phone, until my daughter started accessing photos and accidentally deleting her baby pictures. Not only does it delete the photo from the app, but it also deletes it from my phone and from my iCloud photos. Great. So when I try to recover the deleted photos from my “Recently Deleted” album, they’re not in there. I’m now missing my daughter’s baby pictures. I went to the “app support” link which just takes you to the perfectcorp website and there’s no place (that I could find) where I could get support to help recover these photos. I’ve had to delete this app now for fear that I might lose more important photos into the app’s black hole of deleted photos.

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    Makeup Perfection By Touch

    I have used dozens of apps that promise perfect makeup touch ups to phone cam selfies. All of them had glitches, and all of them just used colors that were off of the RBG scale alone. If I were to offer only that scale to my clients for post production touch ups on their photographs, I would have to close my studio, because I would be out of business! Not only does You Cam provide me with the full spectrum scale of colors for all skin types, they do it in a way that makes you feel like you are putting on the most glamorous and expensive makeup that money can buy! This app is for everyone who loves to look beautiful. They make it easier to use than putting on your real makeup! Even portrait photographers can appreciate hues and colors put together by the best names in high fashion makeup.

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    So so so so laggy!

    When I first downloaded this app I loved it so much that I couldn’t put it down. But then of course after having it for a year it started to lag and then it would bring me back to the home screen. So every time I tapped it did the same thing over and over to the point when I could barely use it without lagging, screen freezing, and going back to home screen. Every time I tapped on a makeup it took so long to load that I couldn’t use it. Later I deleted You Cam Makeup and installed it again but the same thing happened. After a year or two nothing changed except a few new eyeshadows and lipsticks but it still lagged. So after years and years of deleting and installing over and over I decided to not use it again because I just couldn’t take it anymore. But if it doesn’t lag for you then I would so recommend it! You cam makeup shows you how you would look with different types of makeup and colors! If we put aside the lagging I would say I love this app and would use it everyday! It never gets old...unless it’s lagging every 24/7.

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    Love ❤️ it

    I love this app but here’s the thing it needs more options of make up to choose from because some of the choices don’t fit my face and others are too big. I feel like this is a great app but it could be greatly improved. And another thing I love the different hair colors but I feel like there should be more wigs I have this rainbow wig I like it is really pretty but I feel like they should get wings like that on this app. I feel like the maker is really smart and they should make another game that has all the improvements.💋💋 this app is also appropriate for younger kids I am a kid and I have to travel to find an app that is appropriate for me. I’ve been back-and-forth with some games but some of them have been inappropriate and so this one helps you edit your photos and it is OK for your kids.👧🏻👦🏼👶🏻👌 I think they should give you more practice and more photos of people to practice on so that you can get it right on them before trying a picture of yourself.

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    overall awesome app with a few problems

    I love how this app lets me retouch photos so easily and quickly. I can get very natural results that make me look incredible (or my friends ☺️) My issues are with how slow the app has become after the first couple updates. It never used to lag like this. Upon opening, it takes so long to take a picture. I also wish the hairstyles would be completely refreshed. The styles are so fake looking, and have not been updated for years. Please add more natural and believable options! Like the ability to just add bangs to your own hair, or just different lengths, cuts and textures. Lastly, please add an option to correct skin flaws in the chest and arms. It does me no good to have my face skin looking great if my chest and arms look blemished and uneven! I also wish there was a better way to slim the nose without it looking so contoured. something similar to how you can reduce lower face width. Thank you!

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    Really nice!

    This app is super cool! It has obviously the makeup camera where oh can try different looks and create your own. There is also a skin health camera that detects things on your face and tells your health of the skin on our face. there are different makeup artists/gurus that you can watch live. After 3pm you can call a one on one beauty expert to talk to about stuff. For my personal experience I didn’t really like the beauty consolation call because of the bad quality of the call or because the beauty experts were just kind of rushing me and rude. I also didn’t really like the fact that you only get to call them between 3pm and 9pm because when I’m getting ready,(in the morning) I want to be able to ask them something quickly to make sure I either look good if I’m doubtful or need to change something. Besides the beauty call, this is a very nice app and I’m sure to keep it on my phone.

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    YouCam - Make up app

    I love this app, it is one of the best make up apps I’ve ever used in my opinion. My favorite part is were there are hair color categories and different hair nik-naks. It is a really amazing app. I really enjoy using it and posting all my favorite pics. I am trying as hard as I can to join too. I rate this 5 stars. I also like this amazing app because it is like getting all features from different apps so then you don’t have to down load them all. It is like having a paint brush in one kit and paint in another and the canvas’s in a different one but there is one kit that has it all together is what I mean if you don’t understand. I’m sorry, I could help you understand what I mean in person cause I use my hands while talking. I tried my best to make the best and most understanding review.

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    YouCam app

    I really like this app. Applying makeup is easier. I love playing around with the hairstyles. I had my cut hair a few months back because my hairdresser of 15 years retired. I’m not happy with the last haircut. She went way too short, so I love getting to choose my hair for my selfies. Anyway, more to the point. I cannot (on any of these apps) figure out how to make my lips plumper. I’m not sure if there’s a way to do that but it would be a great feature for me as I have thin lips. I would like my selfie to be perfect but hard to do when the lips never change. Could you consider this so that I can continue using this app as I really do enjoy it? It’s the easiest make up I’ve found. I’ve given 4 stars but will give 5 if this problem with the plump lips could be solved. Thank you Merry+51

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    Need a lil help with something

    Ok so I love the app. Been using it for 4 years now. But I just need advice/help. Ok so it’s a few girls on the app being absolutely mean and rude and nasty for no reason and I need help trying to contact y’all so I can report them. I’ve already reported them multiple times. Honestly I just want their accounts deleted. I wanna talk to someone so I can explain the situation more. Also can y’all do more with the blocking feature. Even tho you block someone, they can still go onto your page. Can y’all change it to when you block someone, they’re not able to see your page or be able to find it whatsoever. Please. Anyways, I just need help talking to someone and getting this situation resolved. Hopefully you’ll get back to me soon. Thanks.💘

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    Love This App

    This app has made my pictures so much better! And not to a weird I want to look perfect look but just natural. Just a little touch ups but it also has the more extreme makeup for people going out Friday night or what not. I never write reviews but I had to for this app... I definitely like to keep it a secret that I use it.. hehe... but I do love it. Even just to put some lip gloss on that I forgot to put on for the photo. Amazing. Only bad thing is I’ve had trouble with the hair coloring and also if your face isn’t in a pretty straight way then it doesn’t find it right. But I do love the ‘Fine Tune’ ability for those times. I just want to say thanks to everyone who put their time and effort into this app. I appreciate u all!!!

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    This is sad and here’s why

    I’ve been on the app for 2 years now and I had just hit 2 K when I got reported and my page was deleted with no explanation. I was bullied multiple times even by a 40 year old woman, who was also bullying many other people whom I knew. Even with all of our reports she still has her page but me and many others lost our pages for no reason at all. YouCam lets grown women tell little kids to kill them selves and it’s ok but if we as much as say a cuss word in self defense we lose our accounts. I was highly disgusted and I recommend you never ever ever let your kids get on this app, it will ruin their self esteem and put them at risk of multiple grown adults bullying them and many grown men trying to sexually influence them. This app is a trap to get your kids either sending nudes, getting bullied, or sent to the morgue cause some adult told them they should die like they told me to. thank god I have a strong family or else I wouldn’t be able to warn others.

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    Love it! Accurately Applys Makeup at Any Angle

    This app is great! It is the only makeup app that I've seen that lets you apply makeup accurately no matter what angle your face is in the photos. It is easy to use and always looks real. I have been able to use many pics that were taken at home without wearing any makeup and make myself look like a diva. It's also great to use when you take a pic that looks washed out. It has tons of color options and even different application shapes for eyeshadow and eyeliner. You can add eyelashes in various lengths and thicknesses. You can control how heavy the makeup is applied and select only certain parts of ur face to be made up (lips, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, etc. all separate). LOVE IT!

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    Loved it before

    There’s so much beauty in having just a simple application, to customer fake up yourself, put make up or fix your hair. This is not the si for me anymore. And now you want to charge me for the fake up fun? Man forget it. I’ll just keep it all real 247, I’m not gunna pay for fake up fun . That just makes it fake fun anyway. Yes last I messed with the app there are plenty of cool features. Totally cool. But I would soon learn this isn’t the only app that has pretty neat features available THAT DON’T REQUIRE BLOOD TYPE PLUS YEARLY FEE. I’m not a politician. I’m not trying to be transparent and I don’t want to Be any note than I already am with these apps on devices that can see and hear me anytime they feel like it- without being forewarned. I don’t appreciate that ONE BIT. These apps are invading privacy of adults and also kids under 18 who have cell devices. It’s NOT OKAY. NOW, this one wants even more of me? That’s nuts I DON’T EVEN WANT THAT much of myself wow

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Is YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor Safe?

Yes. YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 104,743 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor Is 64.6/100.

Is YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor Legit?

Yes. YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 104,743 YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor Is 64.6/100.

Is YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor not working?

YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
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  4. If you are a YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using YouCam Makeup: Selfie Editor.

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