Comfort - GE Appliances Reviews

Comfort - GE Appliances Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-08

The GE Appliances Comfort app will give you the insight and control you need to
manage your connected GE Comfort appliances such as air conditioners,
GeoSpring™ hybrid electric water heater, water softeners and water filters.
Please Note: - Requires a WiFi router with internet - Requir...

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Comfort - GE Appliances Reviews

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    Window AC ssid “GE_MODULE_XXXX” NEVER shows up

    I have over 23 years experience working with networks. My house has plenty of wifi enabled devices. Sometimes they are a little tricky to set up, but I have never encountered a device that I cant manage to install. Your hardware/software is unacceptably buggy and doesn't function. Ive followed your instructions over and over and over, reset my router, reset the a/c, attempted every troubleshooting trick I could think of. Called your helpline and received incompetent troubleshooting methods that anyone with the most basic knowledge would have already attempted. The bottom line is the a/c ssid never, ever shows up on my wifi. I paid for an ac with wifi functionality that does not work. Very disappointed by GE. Can you PLEASE look into the issues presented by all these comments and provide some kind of real, helpful support? What you are doing now is simply ignoring your customers while laughing all the way to the bank. Not a good look.

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    Absolute trash

    This app is completely useless. Once you create an account it doesn’t let you sign into it. Even after you recover the account credentials 3 minutes after creating the account and try to sign in, it still doesn’t recognize the account credentials. The app is absolute garbage. Update: Now they want to contact me to “reset” my account. I’m not a noob. I know multiple programming languages and use them daily. While my major wasn’t computer science I have several credit hours of advanced networking classes. Just short of obtaining my CCNA. No. I will not provide feedback. In this situation I’m the end user. Your app should work most of the time for the average user. Do your job or quit lying on your resume. If you can’t make an app solid enough that it works, in most circumstances, for a narrow product range, you aren’t an app developer. Quit misrepresenting yourself as such. Even if you have a degree, you are incompetent.

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    If it works don’t mess with it.

    It was challenging to set up, with multiple tries needed to get two different air conditioners to connect to the app on a phone. Then a couple days later, they miraculously did. All was well with WiFi control of two ACs until I set a schedule for while I was away. Turned off the schedule and now one A C is permanently stuck on the schedule running itself. Deleted it from the app. Unplugged it. Signed out of the app. Nothing. It’s now a rogue AC running itself whenever it feels like it. Website is abysmal, refusing to see other registered appliances as “mine” even though I registered them. WiFi was nice when it did work. Now it’s a waste of money as it created a rogue AC. Would have saved money buying a “plain” AC, leaving it set at one point, and switching it on/off with a 30 buck WeMo switch. Which works flawlessly on another AC. Sigh ....

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    Thank you A. Eugene

    Ok, I had troubles connecting that thing. And I’m pretty good at installing any kind of devices, whole house is connected to Alexa, even my toothbrush, just kidding). The following worked for my iPhone: go to WiFi settings, press the large button on your power adapter (the part that goes directly in the power outlet has two buttons, click the big one for 5 seconds), go back to WiFi settings and it will connect! Once connected you might still get error messages, I had to close the app about 20 times and do the setup process all over and over again but magically it worked. So don’t get frustrated if it tells you that you’re finally connected (but to the wrong network), just be patient! Little advice: write the password down, I think I got a little cold, reading the password a few hundred times with the A/C unit running.

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    Scheduler/timer please???

    I don't have the disconnect problems many of the other users have. I just need to leave the app open for a few seconds while it connects with the wifi and then my water heater. My issue is that there is no timer/schedule setting that could allow you to change a setting on a schedule and or for a specific amount of time, and then have it reset back to the previous setting. If for instance, I run my hot water heater on high efficiency for most of the day but want it on high use for an hour or so (laundry, showers...) I have to manually change it to high use and then remember to manually change it back. In this age of customization and personalization, I'm stunned that this is not built into the app.... the only use for the app is to save me the hassle of walking to the water heater every time I want to change it. The app is a nice extra but could be so much more useful!

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    Hour by Hour Energy Monitoring gone

    Previously I could see how much energy was used in a given hour block which helped to determine an energy efficient plan for usage. Now, each day’s total energy usage is shown in a list, which is great but I wish that I could still see that hour by hour info when expanded out. That data is presumably still available to GE in order to provide average numbers but not passed to the app anymore. I don’t see any reason to remove the ability to see that. Beyond that I have not done any scheduling, but the app has always been responsive to me remotely managing the AC. Knocking the two stars because I find it very frustrating to have functionality taken away that I think should be standard for a smart AC.

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    Air conditioner control I love it

    I love it and it’s super convenient especially for me a disabled person that have trouble walking I can turn off/on or change fan speeds, modes and temps tells me current temp and is very accurate we tested it by my wife staying home while I tested it out from another county while at drs office 50 miles away so My app works flawlessly maybe all the buggy issues some people were having is worked out now it’s such a blessing to be able to turn on/off ac if I’m out or get all the way to the car and forget it is awesome no complaints no problems!

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    Not bad. Set up pretty easy

    Not sure why folks have had such difficulty setting their A/C units up. Both of mine done inside of 20 minutes. The app could use some better robots. As other reviewers have noted it is not as user friendly as it could be. However, once I got the units connected I was able to control them with no issue. If you get GE web enabled air conditioning- get the app. It is nice to be able to turn the cooling on (especially when away for an extended period) so the house is comfortable when you get home. I would like to see integration with hubs such as Wink or “other than Google.” Such integration would make the robots much easier.

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    The app is working GREAT!

    Maybe it needed an update? I had no problems once I figured out I was reading the wrong digits as the password. Started right up, paired and working within 5 minutes. The problem is, if your AC DOES need a software update, I don’t know if you can update if you cant get into the app. If you can, I would suggest updating the software and trying one more time if you kept the unit. We paid for WiFi functionality, it worth a shot if it will work for you now, right? Good luck 🍀 everyone! I hope it finally works for you 🤞🏻

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    App is fine. Had to reset ac unit.

    When trying to connect to my new window air conditioner the SSID didn’t show up. Tried typing the SSID manually, nothing. Used a WiFi analyzer and couldn’t find it. Called GE’s help line on a Saturday and got right through. Was a simple fix: press the large button on the power adapter for about five seconds to reset the unit. Connected with no problem after that. It would have been nice if they had this simple fix in their documentation. As for the app. So far it’s pretty neat. No major problems. I wouldn’t have gotten a smart air conditioner but it was a free upgrade.

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    Barely functions, barely connected

    I have connected a lot of fussy devices in my time handling IT. This window AC is up there at the top of my annoying and unnecessarily difficult list. It took almost an hour to connect the AC to the network and then to find IT HAS A MINIMUM of function. No alerts if the temp goes out of range. The fan on my AC runs 24/7 in auto mode. Drives me nuts. The app has absolutely nothing helpful in it for tracking, adjusting, correcting. Have I mentioned that the only alert is for the filter? No alerts for function or temperature issues. Sorry pet bunny, I have to put in a third device to watch the temp so your little brain doesn’t cook.

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    Great AC and functional app

    We are using this for a window AC. I don’t understand all of the negative reviews. We’ve only had this for about a week, but install was easy and app, although basic, performs fine. There is a little lag between opening the app and AC showing up to be online. It initially says “offline” but connects within 2-3 seconds. I’ve also connected remotely from my office with no issues. We haven’t tried the scheduling yet, but the other functions work well...

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    Why the different names?

    The setup within this app was quick and easy. The only problem I have is that there is no clear reason why, while adding this device to google home, the name of this app and the service you select through google home (U+Connect) don’t have the same name. I had to look up online what service to use because the name doesn’t show up in the google home list. This app should just be called U+Connect...once that headache was dealt with it’s been solid so far.

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    Vacation Mode Disappeared from HW Heater

    The Vacation Mode functionality has disappeared with this latest update for my GeoPoint Hot Water heater. More reason why the partnering model doesn't always work out. I thought GE was now a digital company? This app - now partnered out - is less functional - not more as one would expect. Not too thrilled but will switch brands of hot water heater as soon as possible. Vacation mode - part of the old app's functionality - offered a way to keep the unit running minimally and to save some $$$ at a vacation place. Now it is costing me more. Bad idea. Choose another more stable brand of HW heater - GE is not being as crisp as it should be for the lowly HW heater. Maybe Nest will venture in and fix it.

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    Great app

    This is a dream come true. I have the ability to control my home air conditioner from wherever I go. This is great for dog owners, who realize they need to turn the home ac unit on as the day heats up (and I’m still at work). One time we had a power outage, and the unit had trouble reconnecting to my home WiFi. I called support, and they patiently walked me through it and fixed the problem quickly. Great service, great product! Highly recommend!

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Is Comfort - GE Appliances Safe?

Yes. Comfort - GE Appliances is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 730 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 1.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Comfort - GE Appliances Is 48.9/100.

Is Comfort - GE Appliances Legit?

Yes. Comfort - GE Appliances is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 730 Comfort - GE Appliances User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Comfort - GE Appliances Is 48.9/100.

Is Comfort - GE Appliances not working?

Comfort - GE Appliances works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 7 Comments

By Bob
Jul 30 2021

Hope tech support is reading these comments. I have the same problem as the others, app crashes when trying to change settings. Seems bogus. Works fine on iPad, but not iPhone.

By Jennifer
Jul 28 2021

Same issue as above. App was working fine until about a week or 2 ago and now I get kicked off the app when I try to change the temperature settings. The AC will turn on and off, but I can’t do anything else in the App. Please help/fix.

By Jodi Russell
Jul 23 2021

I can’t seem to control the temperature as others have said. I get booted off the app when I try. I am using an iPhone.

By A M O
Jul 15 2021

Same issues—- I can turn power to window AC on and off but when I try to adjust temperature/ fan speed I get booted off App .
This app had worked previously until about a week or two ago
Please fix

By Philipp Krieger
Jul 15 2021

Same issue here. Can see the air conditioner, but when I click on the temperature to change it the app stalls.
Tried every possible thing to get it resolved but no success

By Bro
Jul 11 2021

Can't adjust temperature when using app. Then app shut off, tried reinstalling app several times but still not working. Tried disconnecting a/c unit for 3 minutes hoping it would reset, still not working

By Shannon Flynn
Jul 10 2021

I can turn the air conditioner on and off using the app however I am unable to adjust the temperature or cooling settings by using the app. When I try to adjust the temperature via the app I get kicked off of the app itself. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and am still experiencing this issue.

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  4. If you are a Comfort - GE Appliances customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Comfort - GE Appliances.

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