Reflectly - Journal & AI Diary Reviews

Reflectly - Journal & AI Diary Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-23

About: Reflectly is the #1 journaling app that’s like your best friend. Vent your
thoughts & feelings to improve your mood and practice mindfulness.

About Reflectly

What is Reflectly? Reflectly is a journaling app that uses AI to help users deal with negative thoughts and increase positivity. It is designed to promote self-care and mindfulness, and is recommended by professionals in the mental health industry. The app offers personalized prompts and reminders, and provides daily, weekly, and monthly overviews with personalized insights and reminders. Reflectly also offers a premium subscription that unlocks advanced features and statistics.



- Personalized journal prompts and reminders

- Mood tracker with correlations and graphs

- Personalized questions based on diary entries

- Daily motivation quotes and challenges

- Daily, weekly, and monthly overviews with personalized insights and reminders

- Ability to read or edit previous journal entries

- Reflectly Premium subscription with advanced features and statistics

- Available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and via email for feedback and questions.

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Key Benefits of Reflectly

- Helps cope with anxiety

- Express good things happening at the end of everyday

- Simple and an excellent guide to life’s daily topics (work, relationship, travel)

- Asks you to rate your day, what made you’re day that way, and how you felt throughout the day

- Achievements that you can earn as time goes on

- Fun to write your whole day down

- Can look back at all those stories

20 Reflectly Reviews

4.6 out of 5


A great overall app

I’m not one to write these long paragraphs for reviews or even write reviews at all but honestly this is probably one of the best apps I have that helps me cope with my anxiety and also express the good things happening to me at the end of everyday

Here’s something to improve on. I feel like if you complete all the achievements which shows lots of dedication you should be able to unlock at least some of the premium features for free because it shows developers that you have spent lots of time on their app doing what you are doing for free. Now I’d you buy the membership it’s a different story but for the people who can’t really afford it even though it’s cheap or the people who are too young and need parents permission which isn’t being granted to them it would give these people 1. a good reason to keep using your app and 2. Be able to unlock features that they can’t buy. I am one of the people who can’t get the membership so I’m just writing and I haven’t even had this for a week so I can’t see my stats yet but either than that it’s overall a really awesome app.

It’s nice to come home from a stressful day of school and just sit on my phone and write what happens during the day. It’s also great that unlike other apps it doesn’t force you to remember everything that happened to you that day. With this app you can focus on either the whole day or just a small portion of your day that either made it bad or good.


A Doubter turned believer

I’m not gonna lie, from my personal background, I used to think these kind of mental health apps were a scam. I haven’t been feeling like myself lately and found Reflectly on Instagram and I have been going for about two weeks strong writing every day, and this is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I have been feeling so clear minded, and have been super honest and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Some parts are not available if you don’t have a membership, but even the free version allows a lot of access to the main features. I just purchased the membership, and with a year plan I’m literally only paying 3.33 a month, which is pretty cheap for my mental sanity. I like the questions about myself where I can reminisce on experiences from way way back, and am so happy I have found Reflectly. If you need an outlet of any sort and semi-enjoy writing out your emotions, Reflectly is for you. Thank you to whoever made this because every day I feel it helping me become a better person. You can even add pictures and stuff to help you remember specific events for when you look back on your entries, which I think is super dope. I highly recommend it to everyone, but suggest you try it out for free first and see what I mean. After like 7 entries, it even shows you data on how you been feeling on a day to day. Reflectly is great and I plan to use it for a long time.


Money Well Spent!

Ok I didn’t realize my free trial was over but that was my fault. I forgot I already tried Reflectly months ago and reopened it. At first I regretted it because I already have another journal app but oh well. This is a very good app. It’s simple and an excellent guide to life’s daily topics (work, relationship, travel). Reflectly doesn’t bring the user to a separate page per selected topic; it puts you back on the same page you’re working on in order to complete your day’s story - that’s brilliant and very considerate. Reflectly is not complicated and it does what it’s supposed to do - encourage the user to write about life. No distracting forced cute illustrations or pastel soft colors. The design and guided steps keep the user focused on writing.

It’s unbelievable how some users are so surprised when they automatically get charged after the trial period. Reading the clear print when agreeing to the trial is encouraged. Also, $40 a year is a really good deal! I read most of the comments and many wants a life-changing, super app but doesn’t want to pay for it. The good people who are running Reflectly - this is their source of income just like we go to work and get paid. Let us be grateful instead or opt for a wire notebook and pencil from the Dollar Tree. A free and amazing app - yeah, not happening.

I promise you, THIS IS AN OUTSTANDING JOURNAL APP. My only question is, what the heck is that logo character?


Updated review!

I reached out to the this app team to get help for my issue below and Nicole reached out to me with a very supportive response and was able to immediately fix the issue and get me my membership. I really appreciated this and am happy to be starting my new year with Reflectly! Thank you again!

I downloaded Reflectly and it immediately asked for a year subscription, I was interested and decided to buy. It purchased and had me do my first log of my mood. I did that and everything was great! But then it asked me to create an account so I typed in my email address and it said this is already in use, maybe try signing in? So I backed out of Reflectly to go back to the home page where i could sign in and I signed in successfully. But I checked my account and not only is my first log missing but the subscription was missing and it said "basic plan active" so I was confused and clicked on the "activate this app" and clicked redeem offer to see if when it connects to my apple account it will recognize I have already paid for the subscription. Well it didn't and charged me again because I got a text from my credit card saying I was charged another $63 but Reflectly said "error occurred" and never gave me the subscription anyway! Point is I have two payments of this year subscription and no subscription. Please help


Just like a therapist!! But free!!

Overall, this app is great app!! I really get to know myself better. Sometimes I don’t like speaking to people about my problems, so Reflectly is PERFECT!! I don’t know why, but I feel more collected, calm, and less easily be irritate after I use Reflectly in the morning. I’m just less likely to blow up and scream after my sister doesn’t give me my space and thinks she is the boss of everyone and everything!! This is app is so awesome!! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Every great app always has multiple minor flaws. this app only has 1 minor flaw: There price of the special membership. It’s Special
membership price is about $80 a year. That’s a bit much. The thing says that it will help you become happier when this app helps you solve your problems. I think you should get that no matter what! That isn’t a reason to pay that much a year. I’m not trying to hate on Reflectly. It’s a great app!! I love it! I just mean this app shouldn’t have the price of a special membership be so high! Some people have many problems and don’t know how to fix them. Those type of people need this app to help them with those problems without paying $80!! This is a great app anyways! I think if you maybe take the price away, it’ll be the BEST app that you can have. What’s not to like; you get to know yourself better, not get irritated easily, and most importantly, BE YOURSELF!!



I love Reflectly because it’s very straight forward and minimally functional. Some apps try too hard to make you write or log every little emotion you were feeling throughout the day and it makes you stressed and anxious to try and thing back to these feelings you forgot you were feeling that day. I don’t write everyday which is normal for me but I feel like Reflectly reminds me to write at the perfect times, when I’m not busy and have a little bit of downtime to type out how my day was.

The only thing that I am still having trouble understanding is the rating spread. I understand the whole idea of it, and think it’s a good one, just needs a little more information or maybe a nice info graphic on how to enhance your mood when you’re feeling down or ways to relieve anger or stressful or anxious feelings based on what you wrote that day. If you wrote that you had a great day and everything was perfect maybe incorporate that with relatable quotes or articles on how to keep your motivation up and what you can do to do so in your work and personal life. I don’t know, this is just little things I would enjoy so maybe other people would too but I do love Reflectly it’s relaxing and helps you get out the emotions you need in a way that doesn’t take up too much time yet lets you reflect on the important parts of your day.


Brother this is amazing!

I have been using this since I was 4 years old! I know that sounds so weird but it’s true! Every time I went home I would sit on my iPhone and will ya know! Write my feeling, what I did today, but there’s a question... WHY IS Reflectly SO GOOD!! I know I know I’m going to crazy, it’s just I love Reflectly so much that I wanna write again when I was 4 years old I used to write a lot, but when I turned 8 years old I started stopping to write... but now since I’m 20 I wanna write again! I know it sound weird because I’m 20 years old again so i wanna write again! Reflectly is amazing I want updates also! I don’t care if it’s a little update or a big update but..I like it the way it is it’s beautiful 😍 I hope you feel good, this is a quote I made “whenever you see a flower blooming it makes you bloom and grow!” Yes I know it’s kinda weird but it’s true! Your growing and there blooming, I’m not used to write a long paragraph but I think this needs a long nice paragraph 📄, anyways um more about the 4 years old... I also stopped writing because my mom didn’t like when I write! But now since I’m in my own apartment I can do whatever I want (of course I’m gonna clean my walls and floors!) even I want to read again!
Stay healthy stay sweet and don’t forget to be nice to each other ❤️ Baiiii!


Love it but some things are bad.

Ok so I really love Reflectly, it’s really nice and aesthetic. It’s so fun to write your whole day down. What your mood was, the things you did today, and then you can look back at all those stories. Which is a lot of fun and very relaxing.
I do have a couple of problems though. So I was browsing and I accidentally hit the log out button. Obviously you can log back in, but when I logged back on everything was gone. I was literally going to cry. The whole thing was gone, it said I had no stories or streaks or anything. I was able to download my data and get it sent to my email, but I then had to rewrite everything. Which I was willing to do. I started writing one then went to bed. I woke up and looked at it and it was still gone. The poof it’s all back, I don’t know how but it was all back there. Ok my next problem. I do love this app but to only be able to do one thing in not premium is annoying. So basically you have to enter 7 stories and you unlock your status. Then I’m going to look at my status and it says you have to have premium. I will pay for premium but I don’t want to, I’m going to save up my money. I read this in one review and I thought it was a good idea. You could complete like a certain amount of stories to unlock let’s say status. Actually unlock it though, be able to look at it and everything. So personally if this was my game I would do this. Thank you.


Generally A Good Start

I was feeling kinda down for a while, and when I started scrolling through apps, an app of the day was this app. It looked cute so I tapped on it. I saw it had things to motivate your day and bring out the best in you. The challenges, questions, and goals help you rejuvenate happiness. So click I went and now I have Reflectly . This reflection is recent, I have not even had Reflectly for a day. But it’s friendly smiles and quotes to brighten your day help a lot. this app is a self - journal to reflect your days. It’s probably described as a diary, but it is so much more. Reflectly is very well
designed too. The graphics, characters, words, and more are smoothly operated by the creators. I feel really confident that I am going to be a lot more happy in the future. Conflicts and glitches aren’t a problem yet, as apprised to other reviews here. You may be wondering why I have four stars. It’s because I am a beginner. I haven’t unlocked all if the tools involved in the this app. It has shown me what to do, but it does let you explore the world of Reflectly . Reluctantly I like Reflectly, and if your dealing with something you’d rather not share with other people, this is Reflectly for you. I will update if I change something about my vote. But again, Reflectly was a generally a good start. I can already fell my stress bleeding right out of me. So now, get this app, it’s a great start!


This helps me journal like never before!!

I’ve never really been one to write reviews before - must be because I really love Reflectly. But this has changed the game for me in being able to reflect on my day and journal! I’ve journaled in notebooks before but was never really consistent with it. But this has helped increase my consistency, ease of journaling, my “want” to journal, and include more details of my day - like being able to upload photos of it. I like how it asks questions to make me thing and reflect, although I don’t find all the questions worth answering, I definitely do like when I see a good question that helps me reflect! The only things I wish that were improved on this would be increasing how much you can type per section, having something to save all this data to, and idk if it’s desktop friendly, but if it’s not, then being able to use on a laptop/computer as well. But overall, I love Reflectly and how convenient it is to journal. The hassle with journaling is being able to capture your thoughts and ideas at any given moment, meaning - having something to write on and write with. But the convenience of having Reflectly on your phone to journal whenever really helps to simplify things and journal whenever you want


Brand new and loving it

I just completed my first story, and it felt good to have something to write my feelings down in with major convenience. You don’t have to write anything (but you have the option to), it asks you to rate you day, what made you’re day that way, and how you felt throughout the day (you just press which one you feel, there plate options for this part, no typing required) There are also achievements that you can earn as time goes on.
I’ve been using Reflectly for a while now, and I was really enjoying it, but today when I went into Reflectly it said I had to login, which I’ve never had to do before. I don’t think it ever made me set my email to it or make an account, because I tried the password recovery multiple times and it just said that something went wrong. So now I can’t access any of my previous stories, which I’m very upset about because the main reason I got Reflectly was so that I could go back and read them in the future, and it was more convenient to use than pen and paper. I guess I’ll be sticking to using paper from now on because all of my time just got wasted with Reflectly. I would recommend Reflectly because it has a good layout and it is more convenient than keeping a hand written journal, but for me personally it is not worth the risk of losing it all because Reflectly all of a sudden needs you to “sign in”.


Reflectly! 😀 (please read!)

I absolutely love this app! BUT... there is one thing. The only thing I am a bit dissatisfied with is the lack of options that the people who do not want to pay a subscription for the “premium”. (Keep in mind that the subscription is QUITE a bit of money!) So this app, I would really appreciate it if you guys could add some more options for the people who don’t want to pay the monthly subscription. Other than that, I would love to elaborate on how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Reflectly! First of all, Reflectly helps so much with daily check ins (if that makes any sense) on how the users of Reflectly days are going, and the way that Reflectly doesn’t just leave us all struggling (this is me) to search our mind of what to write about the day we had— it gives us good and realistic questions to answer. I also must add that the feature of adding pictures to the journals is amazing because you never know when one of us users may want to sneak in a pic of a nice day at the beach, cool food etc. overall, I love Reflectly and am looking forward to the future updates. Thank you for taking this time to read this rewiew!!! 👌❤️😁 truly pleased— these 5 golden stars are all shining bright and true!!!


Love this app

Reflectly is amazing. I have tried to start journals before and have always failed. I am not much of a big writing fan, when I would write in a journal I would not get to write everything I wanted because I didn’t want to write that much. My mind was going to fast for my hands so I would write summaries of what was going through my head. This made for a not so good journal entry. I would also forget to write often or just simply choose not to because I didn’t feel like writing. Luckily I am a faster typer than a writer so I am able to keep up with the thoughts going through my head. It is also a lot easier to write everyday because I can choose to get notifications. Reflectly also has an amazing design that is pleasing to the eye ,and all my little entries look super neat rather than my sloppy- tired of writing, handwriting. I would definitely recommend Reflectly to anyone who doesn’t know how go express their feelings or feels like they have no one to talk to because it is a great way to get those feelings off your chest. That is actually why I got Reflectly because I struggle with talking about how I feel so, being able to write about has allowed me to relieve a lot of stress.


Super cool app

I really enjoy Reflectly. Iv been needing a journal again but I write so much my hand starts to hurt so I stoped journaling. Well that didn’t help. I need to get my thoughts out one way or another or they reply in my head. So I was on reddit for a while… that doesn’t last long because even in the most wholesome subs you get trolls, and one troll can ruin everything you’ve worked on.

So I googled journaling apps and this popped up. It’s very versatile and has a lot of cool features. Quotes everyday, reflection prompts and then you have your check ins. And this is huge you can type them, use voice to text or if a photo says a thousand words you can always add a photo for your check in. It tracks your check ins and after a while you can start to see what might keeping you going and whats pulling you down. You can set it to remind you to check in, but honestly after you do it a few times you really love it find yourself just checking randomly throughout the day. Like before a class or after dinner.

I love Reflectly, I got the full version before the first week was up. It has helped immensely and I can also bring it with me and easily go over my month with my therapist.



Reflectly itself is great. It has a really nice concept, it isn’t glitchy, it’s calming and entertaining. It does what it says it’s going to do. So the reason I put this as a four star rating is because to get the fully version you have to pay money. This is the case with a lot of apps, but this one in particular has not a lot of features without paying. I personally don’t want to pay money to get extras in an app that’s meant for writing. But the point of Reflectly is to pretty to much have an online diary so it’s great. The other reason this is not a five star rating is because Reflectly will sometimes delete what I have previously written and make me start over. For example, a few weeks back I wrote in Reflectly every day. I stopped for some time and I today went back to look at my old writing and it was gone. I had to start from scratch with all of my preferences and my name. It isn’t the most convenient but it is overall a good app. It works for me, but if you’re looking for something a little bit more reliable it could be a little bit frustrating. But it has a nice aesthetic and calming effect, so I would recommend for those who need some interaction and somewhere to just process your day or something you are going through.


I love it. Honestly.

I’m not usually a sappy–wanna write in a journal about my life kind of person, and when I saw Reflectly on an instagram ad I was a bit skeptical, but lately I’ve been going through a lot and I’m trying to come to terms with my emotions. I’ve tried many “log your day” types of apps.. and none of them have been as good as this one. It’s very calming, easy to use, straight forward, and efficient. I think the idea behind Reflectly is awesome and it’s been executed very well. This has easily made its way to one of my favorite apps in such a short amount of time. I’ve already suggested it to my friends and I personally just think it’s perfect for someone like me.. someone who’s going through a bit of a rough time and just needs a place to vent. Reflectly is already wonderful how it is, but of course ideally to me it could maybe have a section for something like breathing exercises, or a way to calm you down. I personally have a lot of anxiety and so I feel that would be very, very helpful. Even maybe some calming sounds, or videos. Just a suggestion of course! It’s still amazing how it is. I thank the people who made Reflectly. I never knew I could care so deeply about a small little Icon on my phone. Thank you this app team.


You guys are so awesome!

I just wanted to say how awesome and considerate the people who made Reflectly are. Out of everything they could’ve done, they chose to make something that would help us grow mentally and spiritually. I hope Reflectly grows, just like the people who used it have. Great app and awesome features. I like how there are a lot of different moods, situations, and causes to choose from. I love how you guys helped me to realize how I was feeling, and how there was more to me than happy and sad. It’s really good for people who don’t have someone to talk to at the moment, and for people who just had a bad encounter. I like how it’s not complicated and the aesthetic is relaxing and makes me feel...supported? 😂 I’m not sure how to explain it, but if you don’t download Reflectly you’ll miss out and regret it. I didn’t know if at the time, but Reflectly would be the point in my life where I decide to be more patient, grateful, kind, not wasteful, and put myself in other peoples shoes. I’m still very very young (a lot younger than you may think) but Reflectly inspired me to let God take control of my life. Thank you guys a lot! Make sure to take care of yourselves and don’t put too much pressure on yourselves.


Amazing 🤩💞

Just when I had started to give up and think there is only one solution to my problems I got the life changing add I had got it many times before but have never really thought about getting it ever since I got Reflectly I have been allot happier and more organized it’s very simple to sign up and set up takes some time to get used to and turning on reminders is definitely helpful! 🤩🤩🤩 but for real this has helped me cope with anxiety I feel much more put together and organized I wish I would have gotten it sooner it really helps me look at what my life is like in a different view I get to see what I thought of previous day weeks and months also Reflectly recommendations are good to i ended up getting one of the other apps recommended called Done and it give me reminders for holes that I have set for self care like to remind to brush my teeth wash my face and even just to take a breath Reflectly has really helped me though hard times and I know it will help me in the future as well I wish I could thank the creators of Reflectly in person it really wowed me that there is actually good people in this world that care about others and not just them selfs 🥺🤩


Its great for some people

If you can remember to do this and have the effort to try and make a daily story, this is perfect for you if you need to relieve stress, and feel more productive! This is why i turn on notifications, make sure to do that. I honestly love it, but you could add a few things. 1: be able to share your thoughts and get feedback from other people who are going through the same thing. I find that satisfying that if i am going through a rough time, i am not alone. This is not just for stress, depression, and anxiety. This just could be used to pull yourself together, be more organized, and overall a nice experience. 2: have a schedule. I think it would be nice to have a calendar, and you could tap a date, and add something you have to do on that day. (Also used if you have notifications on) sure, we could download a separate calendar app, but this would get much more downloads if you have it all in one. 3: a “diary” would help feel more fresh and like wight being lifted off your chest. I personally, like digital diaries, because they are easier and my hand doesn't get tired 😂 Im sorry if any of these were already included, but these are some of my ideas!


Great app with beautiful UI, but improvements are welcome.

I love this app. The UI is absolutely gorgeous, the animations are slick, and the whole app is great to use. The check-ins are great, and the voice notes and photos are also a great addition. I love adding a photo or two that highlight my day. Reflectly ’s been doing a lot for me, and I love it. However, there are a few improvements that could make it even better. First, the iPad app is pretty bad. It works, but there’s no trackpad support, so things are still pretty awkward. The text formatting is awkward (there’s no cursor, so you don’t really know where you’re typing). I’d like to see a more advanced text editor for journaling with rich text formatting, inline image support, different (preset?) text sizes, bullet lists, the works. After all- Reflectly costs $60/year. Apple Pencil support would be wonderful, it would be great to have a hybrid journal with typed entries in addition to handwritten entries. Support for scribble would also be a welcome improvement. Another great improvement would be the ability to add videos along with images. I’m unsure if this app is already encrypted, but it would be a great idea to include the option to encrypt your journal and its entries with a custom key like Jour does.


I really love it but...

I really love it . However , I’m giving it four stars . Overall it is a very good app that I will be looking forward to using in the future . Now you are probably wondering why I give it four stars , it’s because of the price . While yes , the price of Reflectly use is free , you are very limited to what you can do . If you are looking to just vent into a virtual journal , then look no further , this IS Reflectly for you . But ... if you’re like me and want to take it further by taking photos and seeing progress ( like streaks and daily moods ) then you will have to buy it to access it . A premium account would be better for you if you want to go out and explore photos , get personal insights and more . Reflectly , although , is still amazing , no glitches (yet , don’t count me on it ) and runs very smoothly . If you haven’t seen an ad on this , it’s basically an online personal diary where you can tell about your day and describe it by clicking what made it the way you feel about it ( such as food , travel, relationships etc. ) and your emotion( confused , happy , anxious ) . You can customize the screen and add onto the way your day was . I really like that and it’s a good app worth the try . 😊 I’ll update if something happens or whatever.



The positive quotes are great and you can add a little bit of info about the things you did that day, or a lot. It’s really up to you! Every morning they give you a positive quote and a challenge. My daily challenge was to go on a run and see the world. I definitely think this app is an amazing app and you should download it. Even if you don’t feel like Reflectly is for you, I think everyone needs a challenge and some motivation in their life! You don’t have to fill out the surveys, but the morning challenges and motivation are they for you in case your having a bad day. The “morning” card that pops up with the challenge and motivation and stays there all day. Meaning you have access to it all day long. So at some point during the day if your not feeling good about yourself or something or someone else, go onto the this app app and take a look at the quote or challenge and try your best to push your limits and complete the challenges. That’s about all I have to say about Reflectly so now, you better go download it!!🤣 Have fun on this app and always express your feelings when needed, or don’t, it’s up to you!!❤️❤️👍🏼👍🏼


Simple and Fun!

Reflectly is so enjoyable! Logging at rating my days makes me want to do more with my time so I can look back on my happiest moments, and the different questions asked each day is such a wholesome way to finish my day-to-day experience. I look forward to recording what antics I’d encountered at the end of the day, and having a visible streak pushes me even harder! I especially love how I can attach pictures to my day; there’s now a visual aid to help remind me of a particular moment. It makes me want to take more pictures of whatever enticing activities I come across!

The only reason I am not giving Reflectly five stars is because of the intense lack of content for non-premium users. If I had the money, I would love to pay for my statistics and bonus features! Having those extra tidbits would greatly influence my experience on Reflectly . Unfortunately, I do not have the money, and at stones Reflectly seems to be punishing me for it. It’s rather annoying to be constantly bugged with “so you want to upgrade?” notifications, especially when the exit button is so expertly hidden that I have to close Reflectly entirely.

Overall, this app is a wonderfully charming and entertaining app! I rate this four golden stars and a wholesome kiss on the cheek. ;)


Weird but worth it

I really like using Reflectly , but a lot of the features advertised on their apple store page aren’t available unless you go premium. I thought it was weird, but I didn’t look at their page too hard, so I didn’t mind it. I love the way the typing feels so easy and the atmosphere Reflectly sets is nice. It makes me feel like I’m safe when I’m writing it, like I’m talking to a therapist or writing a sick novel. I was put off by the missing feature, which was being able to track your progress in happiness, but I don’t mind it because I’m not the only one using Reflectly on my phone. However, I don’t like the fact that you can only write one story for every day because sometimes I want to write other things, an entirely different story, but I can’t, which is ok. I’m fine with it since it makes Reflectly feel much more natural, but it would be nice if you opened a specific day on the calendar in Reflectly and you could choose which story to go over, but, again, I don’t mind it. (Also it’s cheap that you count spaces as a character since you’re making it limited for people who won’t or can’t pay.) Great app, nonetheless, would recommend to my friends if it didn’t make me uncomfortable to tell them I use an app diary.


Could Use More Inclusivity

When I first downloaded Reflectly back in 2017, I really liked it because of the access to everything and the way I was able to express things without anything holding me back. Some apps similar to this require you have a subscription in order to access everything, and those always bothered me. Because I wasn't using Reflectly as much as I could have, I deleted it and recently just re-downloaded because I felt as though I needed it more than ever. I was very bothered to find that a lot of the features that were free back when I had it two years ago are no longer available unless I have a subscription. This means I can't express my own emotions in a manner that I should be because Reflectly wants me to pay 40$ a year in order for me to do so. As a student in university, I need something like this to help me sort through my depression and anxiety, and I don't have the money to pay yearly for a subscription to an app that I used to love. I believe that if some of the subscription services were taken away, such as the stats for my mood and the unlimited space for journal entries, this could be better, but the fact that the subscription takes nearly everything away from the user is something that I strongly dislike.


Reflectly has changed my life

this app has changed a lot for me not just the way I think mentally but physically it reminds me every day that I could be going through something worse that someone else could be suffering while I am here hating my life but living living a life that someone else would dream to have someone on the street would love would be grateful for, And as I say these words I am reflecting on my past self on how ungrateful and selfish I was so I’m saying thank you so much for helping me realize the pain that other people could be going through so that I can enjoy my life and be as great full as I can while I can because sometimes people don’t always get a good life some people don’t always get things like this some people don’t get gifts that make them special or that can give them money and honestly right now I am so grateful for what I have my past life I was suffering I had a really really bad past that I don’t think many people know about so I’m reflecting on my past self and I am thanking the lord that I could have this life and not be selfish anymore and I thank you God for this life that I’m given.



Hi, so I just downloaded this app yesterday. Reflectly is amazing if you want to express you feelings. I think the little face is super cute! It’s a nice touch. Anyway, so I’m going to tell you what your going to see if you download Reflectly. First you meet this app and he shows you the ropes. You can rate your day how good or bad it was. Next, you get to write all about your day and what happened that made it so amazing or horrible. After that, you get a question of the day. It could be anything. My first one was, “What was the most embarrassing moment you ever had?” Then it gives you space to answer. That’s just the writing portion of Reflectly . Next you get “personal stats” which you have to pay for with premium. I can’t really say anything about premium, because I don’t have it, but I think Reflectly is definitely worth trying! Please try it and tell your friends. It really just helps me when I want to tell someone what’s going on. Thanks for reading! Have a good day and go purchase Reflectly!

Is Reflectly Safe?

Yes. Reflectly - Journal & AI Diary is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 81,764 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Reflectly Is 62.9/100.

Is Reflectly Legit?

Yes. Reflectly - Journal & AI Diary is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 81,764 Reflectly - Journal & AI Diary User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Reflectly Is 77.6/100..

Is Reflectly - Journal & AI Diary not working?

Reflectly - Journal & AI Diary works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

Reflectly Premium

- Monthly subscription: $9.99

- Annual subscription: $59.99

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