Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery Reviews

Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-02

Chowbus is a food delivery platform providing high quality, authentic asian food
to customers in North America. We pride ourselves on connecting traditional
mom-and-pop restaurants with diners in 20+ cities across North America to
deliver authentic food from 3,000 restaurants to the ove...

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Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery Reviews

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    Easiest way for getting great food!

    I started using this since last August, when they first launched in Philadelphia. It is mind-blowing that you could place just one order but get your food, bubble tea, and even dessert from different restaurants. Just couple clicks and the company does all the job. It is so nice that they actually covers all the best Asian restaurants in Philadelphia. Their service is also great! Sometimes they will provide discount coupons and also have this really cool membership. So that you only pay about 10 bucks to have your delivery fee for free. Recommend to all the people who is craving all Asian food in Philadelphia. I also think they are in different cities too.

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    Unethical, and unreliable business

    They do multiple deliveries in a route without notification. One time their customer service representative lied that their driver got lost, when he was actually delivering for other customers. Another time their driver forgot picking up my order as he had too many orders to bring at the same time. This time customer service rep had to admit that they made multiple deliveries in a single route, insisting that “it was financially not viable to deliver a single order.” It’s like your uber driver picks up a few more passengers and makes detour without telling you—and forgot you’re in the car as well. I deleted my account and app. It’s sad since many restaurants in Chicago’s Chinatown stopped partnering with other delivery services since Chowbus emerged. I would pay more to get food from Chinatown restaurants, but never with Chowbus however cheap it is.

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    Just ok, but the UI and usability need work

    The app can be a bit confusing. I’ve only had it for a week. For example you do not get the 10% off unless you are a member and it’s only for the first time you visit that restaurant. It also does not do a good job of providing restaurant info such as location and hrs. If a restaurant is new to me and it’s nearby it’s helpful to provide the ability to look it up without leaving the app. The experience is jarring if I have to leave. Also in the 2 pickup orders I’ve done so far, they have been off with the actual progress. The restaurant did not know about the order until I came. Both times I arrived when it said it would be ready and it’s not. For pickup, I suggest they study competitor app - Ritual.

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    Canceled lunch shuttle with NO NOTICE

    UPDATE: customer service apologized and delivered extra the next day to make it up. Will give them another chance. ORIGINAL: Booked a set lunch from lunch shuttle a day before, everything seemed fine until I showed up at the location and found no bus. Contacted Customer service, said they canceled the shuttle, without any notice??? That’s NOT acceptable. Plus, communication with customer service representative was difficult- what does “don’t be so upside” even mean??? I was really looking forward to the lunch, but ended up getting nothing nor any apology from Chowbus. Stay away from the app if you want to have real food for lunch.

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    Free Delivery Scam

    Currently there’s a Free Delivery “event”. When I was about to place my order (15$) the receipt said 5$ more core Free Delivery. I added 5$ more to my order and the delivery is STILL THERE! Customer service explained that because I ordered from multiple restaurants I don’t qualify and I have to order 20$ all from one restaurant to qualify (despite the app urging me to add 5$). When I asked about that customer service said free delivery for multiple restaurants is reserved for subscribers! The app is LYING about the free delivery at checkout! If I hadn’t double checked my price AND asked customer service for clarification I would have been scammed into buying more!!!!! Horrible service, deliberately misleading interface!!!! How many extra 5$ did they get out of this “event” from non subscribers because the whole promise is a FAKE! Be careful!

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    Fake positive ratings. This delivery app is a scam

    I tried it out for the first time. The restaurant called me three times, said they didn’t have the dish I ordered, and suggested I go with a more expensive one. I refused to pay more, and asked them for a refund. Delivery guy called before he even reached my block, complained about the restaurant and requested me to go down and get the food from his car. I refused. He said “are you playing with me?” I hang up. I contacted the app customer service, and they only upset me more. They refused for an apology, saying the DeliveryGuy is not required to DELIVER the food, because he drives a long way. I asked them why would I tip after that attitude, they said, again, he drove a long way. There. That’s what you get with $4 delivery fee and $5 tips on top of that.

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    Delivery was late. No one at customer service responded my message. Btw, you can only leave message but cannot call. You can’t even cancel an order. Now it’s twenty minutes past my delivery time(almost 2h after I put the order) but the app shows that no driver has picked my food. This app is unreliable. Last time I used it they did not bring my milk tea. When they redeliver the drink half an hour before my schedule delivery time, the driver couldn’t wait two minutes and left my drink outside the building.

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    Sugar Story

    Once a driver came to my store for picking up the food, very rude, sit at the dining area and plug in the phone to charge without asking. I reported his behavior to his supervisor, however his supervisor thought this was a correct behavior and as the store should take it. In addition, Chowbus pulled my store off the app without notifying me, after 14 days, one customer told me he thought my store was closed since Chowbus listed his history purchase which included Sugar Story as “not accepting orders since store was closed”; Sugar Story is actually growing fast and each year, I have a new store open, Chowbus created negative impact and refused to response. This negative feedback is telling the business owner, do not trust Chowbus, they charge 30% of your products but not supported.

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    Buggy and least to no customer service

    I was ordering lunch shuttle but the app said my credit card info is wrong. The order failed but the app still put two pending transactions on my credit card!! There were two because I tried twice. I was trying to contact the customer service but obviously no one is there. (although they say response is usually within 5 min!) and —- there is no way to change or delete credit card info, you can only add new cards! I have been using the app for pretty long time, there were little things like restaurants cancelling order, wrong lunch shuttle menu or automatically log me out of my account. It never stops frustrating customers who love the app👎

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    My favorite food app!

    This is the best food app out there. I was apprehensive to use another food app, but I ended up using it so much I purchased the subscription. I love that restaurants can be grouped together so you can always have variety. The app itself is well designed and fluid. The photography of the food menus are better than others as well. The fortune cookie thing you get after you place an order is also really cute, I always share mine. Absolutely recommend you download NOW.

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    Referral is fake

    I have been using this app for a couple week. The app seem easy to use, but not as advanced and functionality as the other major food delivery apps. It seems to work fine in the city, so I recommend one of my friend to try. My friend used my link and placed an order; however, we didn’t receive credit for referring. And also, some items were missing in my last order. I contacted the customer service for refund, they gave me app credit instead of my money back. So... I paid for foods that I never receive, and they are holding my money so I need to order with them again. Guess what? I’m gonna order one last time, delete this app and go back to Postmates, uberEat, Grubhub.

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    Delivery Delays too much

    Order lunch at 10:30am. We were waiting for almost two hours, and it was still “preparing food”. Call the customer service they said they would deliver Lunch Shuttle first, then our order. I don’t quite understand why we paid more delivery fees than Lunch Shuttle but get much worse service. I am still waiting my food when I writing this review. The slowest delivery I have experienced. Not recommended.

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    Love it!

    Great experience! Customer service is really nice! Order from them almost everyday for lunch. Affordable and reliable. It’s a startup so of course there’s going to be some issues along the way and I’ve had a few instances that I’ve waited for a longer than I expected but the customer service always give me coupons and fix their problems very quickly.

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    Cheap company

    Food delivery app worked well for a couple of Chinese restaurants that were not on any other delivery site. However, the price for membership is rather high and then if you cancel your membership, they end it arbitrarily instead of making it last a full month. I signed up for my account at 4:01 pm (according to the email), and when I cancelled my account due to the price it just ended randomly at 10 am. It’s a small thing but just shows how cheap the company is. Also, before signing up they would spam me with discounts and coupon $ off codes but once I paid for a membership I just get 10% off at certain restaurants occasionally. Be more like DoorDash or Postmates and provide incentives for people to want to use the app and get their money’s worth out of the membership (which is why they don’t do it, obviously). I had planned on rejoining in a couple months but no longer think I will.

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    Terrible, Customer Service will lie and ignore you

    Worst service. Never delivers on time, and it’s not the driver’s fault, chowbus doesn’t know how to organize their own logistics and customer service is no help at all. They will send notification that the food is picked up, but when I have been waiting for a long time and called the restaurant, they said the food has been ready for 40 mins and no one showed up. Customer service lied to me, saying the driver is waiting for the food at the restaurant?! And when you ask to cancel, they flat out ignore you. Worst service ever, don’t spend your money here!

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery customer service directly
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Contact Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery directly

Is Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery Safe?

Yes. Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 13,989 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery Is 37.0/100.

Is Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery Legit?

Yes. Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 13,989 Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery Is 37.0/100.

Is Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery not working?

Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

By clsslc007
Feb 12 2021

My food was late by 8 hours on Chinese New Year eve.

By Eliud Kuria
Feb 07 2021

This company never paid me after they fired me the first day

By dyosa604
Jan 31 2021

Do not bother. Or have a back up plan. I ordered my food at 4:30pm for a 6:30pm-8:30pm delivery. At 7:30pm, I asked for an update. I got a call 3 mins later saying the order will arrive late approximately 9:00pm. I said do not bother and just process a refund. As I was about to go out and grab food elsewhere, I got another call from the same lady saying my order will make it at 8:30pm. I advised that I will wait for my food but if it doesnt get here on time, refund. She offered to still deliver the food to make up for it and refund my full payment. 8:30pm came, still nothing. I asked for a refund and I recieved an email 1min later saying it has been processed. It's 9:42pm and there's nothing. I dont think it will ever come. I was looking at the driver's route and it seemed like there was only 1 driver for 20 orders between Van, North Van and West Van. They need to get more drivers and organize delivery zones.

By Tim
Dec 24 2020

The chowbus app just charged me full price after checkout screen showed $10 off with coupon code. I contacted customer support who said they cant do anything. I would avoid these guys

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