Off The Record: Ticket Lawyer Reviews

Off The Record: Ticket Lawyer Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

Got a speeding or traffic ticket? Off the Record lets you fight it in under a
minute. Top lawyers. Flat fee. Super easy. We have a 97% success rate, and a
full money back guarantee. If we don't win your case, you get a full refund in
most areas. With Off the Record (OTR) there's no nee...

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Off The Record: Ticket Lawyer Reviews

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    I was honestly skeptical of this app. SUPER nervous about it, but I took a leap of faith. My boyfriend presented me this app after I got into an accident and I (undeservedly) got a traffic ticket of $160. I knew that paying it off would then be me pleading guilty, so I just did Off the Record. They choose the lawyer and discuss with you whether or not the guarantee is valid or not and before you agree to anything, they (the lawyers) discuss everything with you. In my case, the money back guarantee did not apply. But I had faith it was a case they could get dismissed, so I went with it anyway. The best part of everything is how simple it was and how effective the communication was. I messaged through the app, followed my case on the app, email copies were sent, and got a final email stating that the ticket was dismissed and sent me copies of all my reports. It was definitely worth paying the price that I did (it was pretty high but it was well worth it), it probably would have been about the same or even more If I went to an actual lawyer, but again, this was just worth the shot. Just make sure you’re honest about your case, have effective communication, and make sure you do understand whether your money back guarantee is applicable or not. It’s always worth the shot. Because of this app, I’m able to continue fighting my case with the insurance company.

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    So worth getting this app!

    I was turned on to this app from a friend who swore by it after he used it to get an out of state speeding ticket dismissed. I didn’t believe him about how easy and user friendly the app was, plus the success rate of getting tickets either dismissed or downgraded to just a moving violation. Wow was I ever wrong! And for once glad to be wrong! I had just got a speeding ticket, so downloaded the app, took a picture of the ticket and waited. An attorney was then appointed to my case, I paid a minor legal fee and we were off and running. Remember, this small fee is nothing compared to the future monies lost due to your insurance cost rising after it hits your record. Worst case scenario was I had to pay another fee for a downgraded moving violation, best case scenario is it gets dropped altogether. The attorney assigned to me then took care of everything! He was super responsive to my questions and extremely knowledgeable. The best day came when he notified me that my ticket was dismissed by the court!!! Oh happy day!! All I can say is that I have literally told everyone I know about this app. It really made me stop and wonder why not everyone is using this app?? At least try and fight it, you never know, it may just get dismissed.

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    An Actual Blessing

    My husband found this app while I was searching for an “in person attorney” if you will, that I could go meet with and pay a ton of money, to help get my ticket reduced to a non moving violation. If this ticket stuck as a speeding ticket my insurance was going to be raised $2800 a year. I downloaded this app thinking it was probably a joke. However, to my surprise it was soooo easy. Unfortunately I paid $200 and was contacted saying that the attorney that was chosen for me was too busy to take my case. Sooo, I was referred to another. Her fee was $300 rather than $200. OTR helped out and credit $25 to her fee so I only paid an additional $75.... well worth it and I would do it again ( hopefully not necessary ). They forwarded my info to her she emailed me and explained when we should expect a court date that I did not have to attend. After the court date I was contacted the following day with the results. And yes, while I did still get a fine it was reduced to non moving and I was able to keep it off my record! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have already told several people about this and am definitely not deleting it off my phone. Thanks again, Maraiah

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    Ticket dismissed!

    I got my first speeding ticket ever about three months ago. Having a clean driving record all these years, I was really worried about losing points on my license and paying more for my car insurance so I did a search about speeding tickets online and came across an article about this app. At first I was a bit skeptical like most people but gave it a try anyway. I uploaded a photo of the ticket and they took care of the rest! The attorney’s fees are reasonable and less expensive compared to how much more you’d have to pay for your car insurance. The wait for a court date can be long but in my case it only took a little over two months. My attorney was very informative about the process, he really made me feel at ease! Not having to be present in court was a relief as well. So when the day finally came I was given the great news that my ticket got dismissed due to an issue with the evidence. No bad record and no more paperwork to deal with! Overall I am really glad I found this app, and if you feel you got nothing to lose, or if you feel you have a good chance of fighting your ticket, you should really try OTR!

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    100% LEGIT

    I was told about this app. I was skeptical at first. I even asked members of my family who are law enforcement tell me it’s a good app, so that made me feel better. I was in an accident where I hit someone bc they were illegally sitting in the middle of the road trying to make an illegal turn. No blinkers, no emergency flashers, no turning lane... nothing. Just a sitting vehicle. The people ahead of me swerved at the last minute to avoid hitting the person I hit. Long story short, I was looking at a damaged vehicle, a $400 ticket, AND a minimum of 3 points on my Drivers License, not mention my insurance going up. The people who work for this app truly are there to help you out. If they don’t think they can help you, they are straight up front about it and won’t take your case. I sent in a picture of my ticket, and they called me. My retainer fee was a flat $175. Then, I messaged back and forth with my attorney and she got me a great deal, my charge was lowered and I got no points on my drivers license and it wasn’t reported to my insurance. I just had to pay a fine. If I need to, I will DEFINITELY use this app again.

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    Worked Great

    I was honestly a bit skeptical about using this app as I didn’t know if it was going to work or not. I got a speeding ticket in the highway going 92 mph, and to add on to that they gave me a ticket for the tint on my window. Once I got the ticket in the mail the total was $686. This was my first ticket ever and it was just the worst. I submitted a ticket review to Off the Record to see how much I would have to be paying for them to fight my ticket, and it was only $279 compared to me paying the whole $686. So I decided to go for it I payed them the fee and just hoped for the best. It was a waiting game you have to be very patient and just let them to there job. It took a few months, but the wait was worth it. My attorney was able to get my speeding and my tinted window ticket dismissed. I saved so much money, I didn’t have to go to go court, and didn’t have to go through the process of getting my window tint removed to reduce the fine. I hope I don’t ever get another ticket like this, but if I do I definitely would be using OTR again !

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    This app literally saved me hundreds

    I got a ticket for failing to stop at the stop sign. Which was completely false, but who would believe me if I showed up to court? The small service fee that they charge is a fraction of what I would have paid had I not used this. They put you in touch with the lawyer best suited for your case and my experience with her in this case was the best. The lawyers answer any questions you may have and keep you updated with any news. They show up to court for you so you don’t have to worry about taking off work or missing an important event. I am very appreciative of this app for dismissing my case which I know for a fact would not have happened if I tried to fight it myself. I highly recommend this app to anyone who gets a traffic ticket. There’s literally nothing to lose, if they lose your case, you get your money back. They have a success rate of over 90 percent. Thank you again for helping me. Now my insurance won’t go up and I qualify to get it lowered. Thank you so much.

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    Looks like Steve Jobs creates it while he was still here . . . Very old and seldom difficult to use: requests that I need to sign in again every month and is slow to update, doesn’t notify you when there is an update on the case (only works if you open the app there will be a red 1️⃣ above case messages). Also, keep in mind, this company does NOT have its own lawyers: it’s simply an app that allows you to hire a local attorney of the app’s choice for your case (if you choose to pay). If you need immediate service, you’re better off directly calling a local attorney, because this app gives you little to no information about your lawyer. All that I knew about my lawyer was that his name was Amit G. (yes, that’s what the app said) and that he worked in my county. I had more trouble than I should have just trying to research his firm in order to know who was defending me: the name sounds like some Indian hacker (not to be fascist in any way) that has the app as a quick buck; and the whole outdated look definitely backs up that scam impression. If I could relate this app’s aesthetic to anything, it would have to be one of those “get free money by giving us your SSN and dental records!” ads that you would get on shady websites on your old windows 95’ PC

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    If I could give less than zero stars I would.

    The attorney never communicated with me. I have never felt more in the dark in my entire life. Not only that, when I finally got a hold of the attorney by calling their office she told me it was an arraignment hearing then later I got an email saying I lost. I have wound up paying way more for the lawyer retainer and the ticket with the traffic school then I would have paid had I not used this app. The lack of communication I received, the fact that I shoveled out more money for an attorney, the ticket and for traffic school, I would give this app negative stars if I could. Don’t say congrats on getting my ticket points reduced to zero is a moot point when the traffic school absolves the point. This app and attorney did me no favors, cost me way more then the little help it was worth, and I had no communication through the site, with the attorney, or a way to contact the app for help. I had to go on google to find the attorney and badger them for answers that turned out to be false. Don’t be fooled, read the fine print, I doubt you’ll ever get your money back from that money back guarantee. You'll also probably never hear from your lawyer. Don’t waste your time there, go somewhere else.

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    Worth it.

    My boyfriend got a speeding ticket early 2017 and got it dismissed through OffTheRecord. A few months later I got my very first ticket for failing to stop at a stop sign. I rolled through and the cop happened to be watching that intersection since there had been calls for hit and runs. I’m one that normally just does the easiest thing and doesn’t like to fight things so my instinct was to pay it and deal with it. However, after seeing how it would affect my insurance I decided to try OffTheRecord for myself. I had to wait several months and I was skeptical, but it got fully dismissed. I paid about $275 which was what I would have paid for the ticket, but now it won’t affect my insurance and that will save me hundreds long term. Being someone that’s pretty much living paycheck to paycheck- it’s a huge help and was so worth it. Be patient as you probably won’t hear back for a while, it definitely takes time. Thanks for the amazing service! So cool that this exists.

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    Off the records works

    I saw the app on the some Facebook feed and kept in mind. Got a ticket recently for making a wrongful turn not paying attention much because I wanted to use the restroom. I paid $175 to off the records and they gave me a lawyer. He showed in court though he was late due to traffic. Long story short, my ticket was reduced to non moving violation after agreeing to take a defense driving class and paying the fine of $225. In all I spent $500, but is worth it since my driving record still remains clean with no points and no insurance hikes. The court wanted me to get plead guilty, no guilty or no low without telling me nothing about an option of non moving violation until my lawyer showed up. This is a system built to harrass innocent citizens working and trying too make a living. It is worth it. People should not just plead guilty and pay the fine. You end up spending more money. This app works. Simple and am thankful. Eric A

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    Pre review

    After hearing about this app online I downloaded it couple month ago. And my luck finally ran out in my bmw and got a speeding ticket in Ga going 70 in 45 I’m writing this review based on my experience so fast with the lawyer I have no idea what the cost of the ticket is going to be but I have paid 182 so far so will see court date is in June and it’s going to take some time until I hear back from them but I have high hopes to at least avoid getting points I’ll write another review after the case is closed 👌🏻 I have used Tikd before for friends but unfortunately they don’t serve Ga anymore It’s Aug 3 , 2018 I got zero points on my license and citation is not going on my record awesome lawyer I deal with. I ended up paying the lawyer and speeding ticket fine but honestly it’s worth it not to have it go on your record. Will definitely be using this app in the future. Fingers crossed 🤞 I won’t get anymore tickets anytime soon.

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    Worth the time and money!

    I had a speeding ticket for 91 mph. I NEVER do drive hay fast ever! I asked the cop if he had it docked on radar. He states he did. It just didn’t sit right with me because I KNOW I wasn’t going that fast. I seen this app and decided that I would rather lay a lawyer than pay the ticket. I figured that in the long run it would be better for me to pay the money in this app for representation than to pay the ticket and then all those months of premium increase in my insurance. The lawyer I was assigned kept in contact with me and handled my case amazingly. He came back to me on the morning of court and let me know he got my entire case DISMISSED!! I was hoping for a decrease in the speed but it turns out the cop DIDN’T have it on radar and my lawyer did an excellent job! It was worth the time and the money. I recommend this app to ANYONE and to just be patient and go through the process. A billion stars for this!

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    Awesome service

    As a trucker I needed this off my record!! I approached Riverside in Ontario coming off I-10 the light was green but as I entered into middle of intersection it turn yellow, after trying to clear six lanes with a left turn and pulling a semi trailer and seeing a motorcycle cop sitting at the intersection, he pulled me over because I didn’t clear the end of my trailer by time it turned red. The officer told me no matter what I said in my defense he was going to give me a ticket. It was obvious that I couldn’t stop when I turned left or I would be in the middle of the intersection. Anyhow, I looked online and found these guys and prayed I could get off and Thank God I did!! Alex did a great job working my case!! As a trucker this could’ve not only hurt my record as a normal driver but ruined my CSA score and I could’ve lost my job or any further potential jobs until this came off my record. I can’t thank them enough!!!

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    Best App EVER!

    I took a leap of faith and used this app after a fri end told me about it. I was a little skeptical because some people put really bad reviews. However, there were more good reviews then bad. My ticket was for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle. I was going to get hit with a $400 fine and 2 points on my record. I hired an attorney for $140 and he kept me in the loop the entire time and even showed up to my court date with out me needing to be there. He got my ticket down to double parking, no points, and $175 fine. This entire experience was so worth it because I didn’t have to miss work to go to court and I paid less than I would have if I couldn’t get the ticket down myself. The only flaw with the app is that it’s needs to be upgraded it is a very basic app and doesn’t tell you when someone messages you. Other than that I will use it everytime!! Thank you off the record

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Is Off The Record: Ticket Lawyer Safe?

Yes. Off The Record: Ticket Lawyer is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,836 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Off The Record: Ticket Lawyer Is 27.4/100.

Is Off The Record: Ticket Lawyer Legit?

Yes. Off The Record: Ticket Lawyer is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,836 Off The Record: Ticket Lawyer User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Off The Record: Ticket Lawyer Is 27.4/100.

Is Off The Record: Ticket Lawyer not working?

Off The Record: Ticket Lawyer works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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