Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST Reviews

Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-27

OVER 3M DOWNLOADS!!! ◉ Loudest alarm clock on the store! ◉ Volume-boosted
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Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST Reviews

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    Works very well, but....

    It's exactly what it says it is: a very loud alarm. I sleep through the standard iPhone alarms, this wakes me up with no problem. The alarm sounds range from the normal iPhone alarm sound, to nails on a chalkboard, to an audio clip of some guy saying "Hey! You wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? HONNNNK! HONNNNK! HONNNNK!" You get the idea. Why 3-stars? Two things. One, you have to keep the app open for full functionality. Night shift, low brightness, and a mainly black screen make it so the light from your phone doesn't keep you up, but leaving the app open for 8 hours drains battery. If your charger doesn't reach your bed, you're in trouble. Secondly- this has only happened for the past 2 nights, but it's enough of a problem to make me stop using the app- at around 4 am, the alarm starts streaming some radio station from Florida. At full volume. Waking up me and my roommate. It's possible this has been going on for longer and I just was sleeping through it, but unless you want a rude awakening in the middle of the night to random radio adds, don't use this app.

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    It's loud and def really diff sounds but i sleep thru even the loudest alarms and so I set my reg phone (iPhone 7) alarms as back up and if u do so it cancels out the app alarm also if someone calls it stops the alarm and the sound doesn't return once the call isn't answered and stops ringing so that's def a big BAD issue for me. So in short it is a good loud alarm however if u get a call (u don't hear) and/or u set reg phone alarm for back up it totally screws u up and it has caused me to b late a few times until I found this out the hard way....so just FYI in hopes that I save someone else the trouble. So I've had to purchase a good old fashioned bed side table alarm clock as my back up. Granted most ppl don't have to get up as early as myself with only 3-5 hrs sleep tops each night...so I guess I'm in such a deep sleep by that time I cudnt hear a train coming thru my house! Anyways good app but I'm still struggling and wish they wud fix the two probs with phone calls and reg phone alarm canceling out the app alarm.

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    It’s great but...

    Like many, I am a very heavy sleeper and this app has saved me at times. However, there are some issues I have with it. 1) your sound has to be on for it to work 2) sometimes it doesn’t go off at the set time 3) some times in the middle of the night it will beep for no reason and wake me up. If it’s not beeps, it’s women talking and it has scared me to death 3) My biggest issue of all is that I need to use apps like Relax Melodies to go to sleep- I’ve been using that app for years. But if I switch it on and go back to the loud alarm app- bc you have to have the app open to use it- it’ll shut off my other app. I even downloaded Calm to see if it would do the same thing and lo, it did. So I finally switched to listening to relaxing podcasts bc they would work...until now. I’ve been late before bc I didn’t set the app exactly like it said to, but to be able to wake up, I need to sleep, too.

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    Doesn’t Work! I Was Late To Work!😡

    First of all I am a heavy sleeper and if not waken by an alarm, I will sleep till noon. The first time I tried it, the alarm didn’t go off. I thought maybe I set for the wrong day or pm instead of am, and I looked at it and it was still set for 5:00am it just never went off. The second time I tried it, it worked. The third time I used it, my volume was at full, I left the app open, my phone on a charger and double checked that it was for 5:00AM. It did not go off and I MISSED MY WORK SHIFT!!!😦😡 So after that l played with it and set for a few minutes in advance and some of them went and some of them didn’t. I like the different sounds it has and hole coffee shop idea is cool. I personally really hate, hate writing bad reviews. I don’t know why it doesn’t work. On other people’s reviews Loud Alarm looks like really good app, but for some reason on my iPhone the alarms don’t go off. If there’s anything I can do to help it, please let me know.

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    Many thanks

    I love this app so much. It works amazingly good and their is nothing I would change about it. It’s soooooooo perfect just the way it is. And i wish I had found this apps a long time ago. It is now one of my favorite apps ever. And I will always love this app with all my heart and I really appreciate the person who ever invented this amazing good maravilloso app. For creating it they are the smartest person in this entire world and I will love to give them a big huge thanks for this app that is free and anyone can use. It is very helpful to wake up in the morning and no be lazy and I don’t have any more words to explain how thankful and happy I am for this app. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it super much

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    Good alarm

    Great alarm if you are a heavy sleeper like I am. I found that the only way to wake me is on the random alarm sound setting. I’m the kind of person who has an alarm for every 15 minutes and I do not use snooze. Only two downfalls for me and the first is really my fault. The alarms tones that I’m used to won’t wake me if played while in the random setting. Again, the first being my own fault really. Anyways, the main problem is after a weekend I can sometimes forget to open the application up so that it wakes me Monday morning. I wish it wouldn’t need to be open and active for the alarms to sound.

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    Great loud alarm feature balances out problems w app recognizing speech/slow response

    Last warning alarm will definitely get you up 😂- but Jarvis? Has a difficult time hearing commands/responding to them in an appropriate timely manner- it may take me asking 3-4 times for an alarm to be set, with the appearance of exactly what I said floating by in words on the screen, yet the program doesn’t recognize it and trigger J give me the “say yes” confirmation- when I do, sometimes nothing happens. So I always set my backup alarm but I like having this alarm on - I would like a better idea of how to edit out certain alarm sounds as certain alarm sounds while still having it on mix. Overall, the loudness Of this alarm helps.

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    Don’t rely just on this app.

    When it works, it works well. I like the range of noises, and it’s easy to use. Unfortunately, it has failed me majorly multiple times by not going off at all due to interference from ads. Pop-ups happen, which causes the alarm to lose functionality. I’ve actually been late to work because an ad prevented the alarm from sounding (and evidence showed that I indeed set it for the correct time; it was open and my auto-lock has been disabled on my phone, so there was no other reason for it to fail like that). I don’t see any good reason to offer this app for free if you’re only going to be made to pay for a premium version. Either make it free without adds that interfere with its functionality, or don’t make it free at all.

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    Loud Alarm gets the job done!

    App does what it says...wakes you up with really loud sounds. I’m a heavy, deep sleeper and can sleep through anything. This has been the only alarm that can get me to even budge. So I give it 5 stars. If it can wake me up, it can wake up anyone. Oh and no adds is really nice!! There are a few at the bottom but they’re not in the way and they don’t take up the whole screen like they do with some apps. Hope this helps someone. I’m not a paid sponsor or whatever, and no one bribed me to post a bunch of bs. I’m a real person that uses this app to really wake up in the mornings to go to work.

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    Hated waking up until now

    I have struggled for so long because of my insomnia to fall asleep at night. It was even more of a struggle to wake up in the morning. This alarm app has not only helped me wake up in the morning, but it’s so fun to use! Choosing the voice that you hear criticize you when you press the snooze button is fantastic! Plus, this free version of the app has everything you need so you don't have to spend your money (get a coffee in the morning instead haha) Overall, the app is great! I have been using it for about 6 months now and it does exactly what I need it to!

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    Great alarm

    I am such a heavy sleeper I have to set an alarm every 5 minutes for an hour. I also set 2 different alarms. One is a “screaming meanie”. It’s an alarm clock you can purchase online or at truck stops. Made for truckers. (My father was one.) anyway those are super loud and sometimes I sleep through it. Or will shut it off. It doesn’t have a snooze. But I always end up dosing back off or literally shutting alarms off in my sleep without realizing it. But it does the job. The ONLY COMPLAINT I have is the thing will randomly start playing a radio talk show sometimes. Literally freaked me out once as I thought someone was in my house in middle of the night. And it kept annoying me so I had to DELETE the app to turn it off.

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    Great app, but a request?

    I am in the military and we tend to get sleep where ever we can find it and this app is great for that! I am a very hard sleeper at night and this alarm wakes me up 95% of the time for my morning routines! My only problem is that sometimes I accidentally turn the alarm off when I mean to snooze it which has caused me to almost be late for work a few times. It would be great if there was an option to disable the off button until after the last snooze. Other then that I count on this app to wake me up every morning no matter how early! 5 Stars

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    I love this app

    I’m the hardest sleeper ever, it takes four alarm clocks to wake me up, because of my medication. Even with four alarm clocks I still am always late to work. I’m desperate, so I look for alarm clocks that jingle, jiggle and vibrate, I sleep through that, the alarm clocks that shine bright lights in your eyes, I sleep through that. This alarm is so grating and annoying that it wakes me up the first time lol although I fidget and push snooze, five minutes later it goes off even louder. It works, I’m awake and since I’ve had this alarm I am not late to work anymore. Thank you, keep being annoyingly grating. 💕

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    Love the LOUD Alarm!!!

    This alarm app has been the answer to my issues of falling back to sleep when I am extremely tired. I have used other apps, Alexa, and regular alarm clocks and this is the only app that I can consistently rely on to wake me when I am overly tired and may try to hit the snooze button. This alarm application doesn’t provide me with the opportunity to fall back to sleep. If your need an alarm clock that builds on its volume, this is the best app I have found. Try it out. I’m sure the free version of the application will be worth the try. 👍🏻

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    Decent, but could be better

    The app does what it says it should, play annoying sounds to help you get up. My only two gripes are that: 1. You can't just buy the full version of the app. You have to earn these points in order to eventually unlock the full version. I'd rather just pay the money and get it over with. 2. You have the keep the app open and your phone unlocked over night in order for it to work. That might just be an iPhone thing since I've had the same problem with other apps I tried before this one. If that's the case I'd rate the app higher since it isn't their fault. Other than those two things the app is pretty solid!

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Is Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST Safe?

No. Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 19,517 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST Is 14.8/100.

Is Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST Legit?

No. Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 19,517 Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST Is 14.8/100.

Is Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST not working?

Loud Alarm Clock – the LOUDEST works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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