My Town - Play Doll Home Game Reviews

My Town - Play Doll Home Game Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-22

Do you remember growing up with a dollhouse and all the hours you’d pretend
play with dolls & their home? Kids love to play games & create fun life stories.
The My Town Home Dollhouse game is the perfect pretend role play game for kids &
children. With a digital house they can call home...

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My Town - Play Doll Home Game Reviews

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    I love the games alot but i have some suggestions and problems. First i lobe that u dont need wifi to play and it's creative and fun to play for a wide variety of ages. I am 10 and still like these games! But one problem I have is they glitch out on me really easily, I want to play but get disapointed when it kicks me to my home screen😠 this frustrates me because I have ideas for what to play with the characters. I would love if u make it so the things u do stay when u leave and come back . I think tat you should make a My Town home shooled because , i know there are schools and daycare,but, it would still be fun. You could also update so in games there are more characters like in hospial and street fun ect. I also think you should make all games free because then I would own all of them and to save space i could delete and redownload without feeling bad about spending money to then delete. Also another game idea is my town sports. Or you could make my town pool. I also would like you to make it so if you want you could have the characters have things from other games like if I buy something you can bring it to other games! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE AND FIX AND ADD I WOULD LOVE THAT!!!!💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Your number one fan -me

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    Five Stars All Day

    I’m 10 years old, going on 11, and I LOVE My Town. It’s honestly so fun to play! I do really wish all the games were connected though. I know that using the car you can travel to the different games, but the older ones don’t work that way. For example, I can go to stores from the My Town: Home Family Dollhouse app, but the car option isn’t there to go back with the items I have. It would be really nice if we could, that way in every game you can bring objects and characters between them. It’s mostly just the older games that do this, My Town: Hospital, Pets, and all the most recent releases you can bring objects and characters between with the car. But older ones like My Town: Stores, Dance School, Daycare etc. don’t have those options. I still love the games despite this! I’d recommend these games to anyone who wants a game like this! I can’t wait for the next release!

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    A message to my town games

    This game is cool and all but more of my town games should be free a lot of kids don’t get to enjoy my town because it cost money that some people can’t afford or parents won’t pay also you would get a lot of good reviews on my town products and more people would play it only two games that are free is wrong to all the kids that want to play it but can’t because financially difficulty’s I think my town game should be free for the world to love and share please change your ways it would be really helpful and make kids around the world happy please take this message into consideration and make some more of my town games free you probably won’t because you may not care but please do this is coming from a kid that loves my town game and can only play two of there games because my town will not make a lot of free games please make some more games that are free because my town is a really fun game that needs to be spread around the world not just the people that will pay money for your games please take this in consideration please. Love charm.

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    A New Little Update Idea

    I love all your games. When one comes out I ask my dad if I can buy it. And on top of that, I’m 10 years old and I still absolutely LOVE your games. Ok. Now onto the update part. I started enjoying your game more when I could make a huge family with all the connected games(My Town:Pets, My Town:Best Friends House, My Town:Doll House, My Town:Shopping Mall, My Town: Haunted House, My Town:Hospital, My Town:Museum, My Town: Farm). But anyways let’s cut to the chase. I think that all of the games should be connected. I mean it is My TOWN right?! And there is one more thing. I think that you should add maybe a couple more rooms for guests, for girls, for boys, for friends. I think you should also add a room for the babies only with more than enough cribs. (Like I said I get all of the kids from the connected games and make a big family. That’s it! So just know that you don’t have to do the add more rooms part it’s optional. I really want you to Connect all the games.

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    My town

    I love playing your games when I’m bored because is very fun. The thing is that Like y’all should make an update in like in the House you should make the baby bed bigger for the 2 babies to fit in and also the dining table doesn’t fit all the characters. Also there should be a day when you make the games free like About 4 days of downloading free my town games if that 4 days is finished you can like take it back with price because I want all your games and others too but is about purchasing. Also in all games make every thing equal amount of people to get like the hotel all of them have less bed also I want when you connect games don’t have same characters in d game and just same ones altogether like when you connect d games and you wana go to the shop you can shop and bring back the food you but and take it home and cook . It would be awesome but please when you connect make it freee for like 2 months.

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    I LOVE My Town

    Ok, I am new to my town games but I absolutely love them!! I got two of your apps in one day so I could drive to the different places and have more people..... one thing though. I would like to have a play or bonus room filled with toys, a TV for late movie nights, dress up clothes for little girls to play with, and other fun stuff. Because where else do the kids play during the day?? I also suggest making My Town: High School, My Town: Babysitter; where you go to a house and you have a ton of teenager kids to choose from to babysit. My Town: Office; I think this should be a place where the parents can work during he day while the kids are at school. I have to pretend my mom goes off to work but she really just sits in the car all day. If you take these suggestions I am positive that you can make My Town better than it already is.... P.S I am 12 years old and I love My Town!!!

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    I am your 1# FAN but really confused fan and a tiny bit frustrated

    First of all I just want you to know that I 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘 your games but I just got the 🐶 dirty and got long hairs and I’ve tried everything to get him clean but nothing is working.🤷🏽‍♀️ And I got really frustrated. Also please get all the games for free for at least for one day because my dad gets me one app a week if I’m good but I only (usually only get the free games) get the free games. Last thing I have some ideas for some games that I wish you would consider I got ten ideas 1. My town pool 2. My town vacation 3.My town Las Vegas 4. My town arcade 5. My town Treasure hunt 6. My town creators of my town lab 7. My town park 8. My town restaurant 9. My town talent show 10. Please try to make an app all about you . With hope you’ll even waste your beautiful time reading this with love ,Sofia 7 years old :):):)

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    A message to my town game creator

    I love this game but I wish the new other games like this were free also not just home because I could do a lot of things if I could go to other places like grandparents house and best friends house it really would be fun I hope you take my advice and change it to all the games on my town to free so please make the games free you could make money another way please basically every game except this one you have to pay but for my birthday I got a gift card with 15 dollars on it but that was before I found out about your games now I am mad. And maybe you could add more like my town pool and my town park and my town work case whenever I pretend like the dad is at work he is just sitting in the car maybe you could add another crib or make it longer and more chairs and best of all free games ps im 10 years old also you could add a my town Christmas theme or party Love Ava miller

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    It’s too Expensive!

    I am I am not trying to be mean but it is the way to Expensive For this kind of app because one of my games I lost I sometimes lose some of the people in my town I think if you make it less insensitive it will be more worth it because my people get lost and sometimes I don’t even find them so I still lose some of my people so it is not fair some people can’t afford that much money for games and ever to be better maybe make it a little more less expensive I am not sure if it’s the game problem or it’s my tablet because my tablet is a brand new one I am not sure if it would do that but anyways please make it less Spencer and meet maybe fix some of the problems likes people not losing the people in my town it would be better because sometimes some of the main characters like in the wedding one I lost the both people who are getting married so I had no one thanks for reading this text hopefully you can fix this😕🙂

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    Work on price

    Okay this iPad is a hand me down from my mom and she used to pay for this iPad for money on it but I don't know how much money there is on here and that's the problem so who knows how much I can pay for games like most of your games have money and I just wants to try them so please make make the game free I understand if everything is free you don't make any money but a lot of people pay and there are some people who don't have the money to buy your apps there are also a hundred kids in the world who have the same problem as me I know you want to make money sometimes if you want more people you just sometimes have to give up the money and make some sacrifices there are only two games that are free,my town home, and school I have both of those games and it's actually pretty boring I even deleted my town school but please make the games free believe me it could help your company and people who don't have money to buy your games thank you

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    I really do love this game. It is great at helping your imagination spread and grow. There’s so many fun things to do, use, and explore in this game. It makes my little sister happy when we play it. But there are a couple problems. First off, sometimes my iPad will turn off while the game is on, and I’ll turn my iPad back on and the game will be frozen. It is very annoying so I hope you can fix that. Next, in the game the dog is covered in mud, but there is no way to clean him. Is this a glitch or can you just not clean him? Please fix this as well, my little sister loves the dog but gets very frustrated when she finds on that she can’t clean him. Lastly, sometime when I play with my little sister the clothes will glitch. Can you fix that? I also have a suggestion, maybe you can add in a way to get more pets, or find a way to switch back in forth between pets. Thank you for reading.

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    It's okay

    Okay. I love my town, I've had almost all of there games on my kindle fire, but I'm a iPad user now, I've lost pretty much everything , so here's what I'd like, so I have only this game and my town mall or whatever it's called, it says that it connects with this one to mall, but no it doesn't I've already tried, and there is a bug , if u go in the bathroom and u put the preteen girl on the toilet and keep tapping her she disappears and the toilet seat won't open, and honestly, it doesn't really bother me but it happen one time, but still fix that and the connecting part, but for now, I'd like for u guys to put some of ur apps free it's unfair, we have to pay for everything , don't get me wrong I love my town, but maybe lower down the price or atleast make it free, the only free app they have is this one, so please read this my town.

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    I LOVE MY TOWN!!!!!!

    First of all I have been playing my town for years and I am ten years old. I absolutely love my town😍🥰😍🥰😍 I play it for hours each day but I have a few suggestions: why not make a NASA my town I love space and I want to be a astronomer when I grow up and it would teach other kids about space too! Also you could always make a Christmas my town one with Santa and stuff also I would like if you mad it so people could take posters off the walls and play with more stuff so it’s not just for show and you could maybe make more rooms and cloths and also a lot more stuff. I think my town is the best game I’ve ever played I just wish I could have more of them there all so expensive so I suggest that there all free. I LOVE MY TOWN!!!!

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    Love it but need to be fixed a little

    Hi started My Town when I was 8 and I’m 10 now and I love this game so much, I loved when the car update happened and I could send them to school and stuff, and I love the new Christmas update, but now I don’t see the car option and the Christmas update was super annoying at some times I wold go into a room or down stairs it would take me to this screen then 10 seconds later I was in the room I wanted to go to. And I was doing this thing where they opened presents on Christmas then I rearranged the girls bedroom then I had to do something and when I came back to the game to finish my thing the hole thing was reseted, I have anger issues so I got so mad that I almost threw my iPad across the room. Again I love this app but it needs some fixing ✌️-A ten year old who just wants to spend my Sunday’s playing My Town

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    I love this game sooooooo much! But every time I feel like I got all the games, 5 new ones come out. Don’t get me wrong, I love that you guys keep coming out with new ones and all, but I just stopped purchasing them, they are not expensive, but when you want to but a lot, they are pricy, I am done buying them, at least unless the prices go down, I see there are deals, but they already have the ones I purchased in them. Pls, liwer the price or no price at all, it’s a lot to ask, I know. Also, I know all the worlds are connected, but it would be cool if they were physically connected, like all you have to do is press an arrow and you go to the store, or a different neighborhood. Thank you, 5 stars from me 😊

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Is My Town - Play Doll Home Game Safe?

Yes. My Town - Play Doll Home Game is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 114,808 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for My Town - Play Doll Home Game Is 44.8/100.

Is My Town - Play Doll Home Game Legit?

Yes. My Town - Play Doll Home Game is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 114,808 My Town - Play Doll Home Game User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for My Town - Play Doll Home Game Is 44.8/100.

Is My Town - Play Doll Home Game not working?

My Town - Play Doll Home Game works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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