InShot - Video Editor Reviews

InShot - Video Editor Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-15

InShot - Handy, Comprehensive and Fun! Features: Video - Trim video -
Cut/Delete middle part of a video - Merge videos - Adjust video speed for
Instagram - Blur border for photo and video. Make it square ready for
Instagram. - Colored border to make it square ready. - Move video/phot...

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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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InShot - Video Editor Reviews

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    Great easy to use However....

    This app is very amazing almost perfect.... I am learning new things i this one. I do love that I can put in text and add what I need this has made it easy... if you could maybe add a feature ( I may not have figured this out yet) to only add music for a section of the edited part that would be super awesome! This app is easy to use to so beginners who have no idea would definitely be able to figure it out Great job on the Easy Interface! I personally feel that there could be a couple more color effect ..... the yellow look and blue doesn’t do it for me. Just an example seafoam twilight ivory those kind of color nothing to high class but just more color effects not quite so yellow♥️ I also don’t like the fact that if your editing something and you get a call or text and answer, when you go back you have to start all over again.... yes if you save before you leave your fine but I did notice this not a fan.... other then this I love the App the small bugs are just that and once that’s done really nothing to blink an eye about😉 Thank you for a great app much appreciated❣️

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    Best Video Editor App Ever!! BUT...

    This is by far the best video editor app I’ve ever used. I’m a new vlogger and i get the most vlog-like videos using it. It allows me to speed up or slow down my videos, add filters/ adjust brightness, contrast, saturation etc, I can also add pictures to my videos and record voice clippings in the app. There’s also a feature for adding text to the screen. However, my biggest problem is the saving process. I make >4 minutes videos and it takes like half an hour to save videos. Sometimes after I’ve waited that long it goes off to say that ‘save failed’ and I have to do it all over again! Very frustrating. Next thing is I can only save one draft at a time so I can’t edit 2 vlogs at once or else the other one will be deleted. I also don’t like it that sometimes if I pause my editing and go do something on other apps, when I re-enter the app, all my editing has been lost. I would like to be able to use actual songs instead of just tracks and sound effects. Lastly, it would be nice if the app noted me that I need a little more storage space BEFORE I wait almost an hour for a video to process and then I have to try clear some space and go back in the app only to find that my editing has been lost and I have to do it all over again. Other than these things, editing my videos for my new vlog is easiest using InShot. I would recommend it to anyone.

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    I love this app but...

    I think this is one of the best, most useful apps, I have used for editing. I love making edits so this has made it easier. I think that if you guys could probably make it so we could use our own sound, from our own other videos, like Video Star, it would make it so much easier. I also think that it would make it so much easier to edit and a whole lot less annoying if you could put a transition wherever you want. Of course, some people might not like having that so you could make it so you can turn it off when you please. I can tell you I would not like to have the “new option” all the time.I would also like more options to make your videos/edits better. I think a great idea would be adding options to click and hold on to add an effect whenever and where ever you like, like Musically. Lastly, the most annoying thing ever on this app, is that when adding a transition it messes with the sound and time. Couldn’t you add the transition in without messing with the time or sound? I, also, absolutely, HATE the fact that there is no freaking back arrow. It takes about 10 times as slow as it should be taking because I make one small mistake and have to start all over. Thank you for the time, I absolutely love this app and would definitely request this to anyone looking for an editing app.

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    Seems a little sneaky

    I have used this app for years and recently decided to try some of the new filter packs and effects they offer within the app. While they present it to you as if you’re buying the packs individually at $1.99 and move the aforementioned packs to the top of line when you go to filters to add to videos.......making it appear as if you’ve purchased, and can freely use said filter pack. However, I found out today when looking at my Apple transaction history for the month, that they actually charge you (without a second authorization of the “purchase”) EACH TIME you use a filter from the pack that you had been led to believe you had purchased in full. Not criminal, but a little too sneaky. Although the app has always worked well for my videos, this seems too strange an issue to continue using the app and hope they find a way not to confuse or trick their customers into spending two dollars at a time in the future. Or perhaps, Developer, you could add a feature where the user continues to have to authorize said purchases; every other app I have for every other purchase I make through them requires a fingerprint or at least a “YES” before the transaction can be completed. No more sneaky transactions! This happened 3x before I called Apple Support and they explained to me what the app was doing with my money. Be careful!

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    I really love this app for so many reasons—firstly, it’s so wickedly quick. Like, iMovie always takes a bajillion years to import or export anything. Inshot imported three two minute long videos by the time i blinked. Also, it’s just majorly convenient. The only thing I think I wish there was (and it might exist without my knowledge already) is the ability to adjust the thumbnail timing like on iMovie—for example, if I’m adding text to a twenty second clip, I can pinpoint the millisecond I want to add my text in very easily. However, if my film is five minutes long, it’s very, very difficult. The little bubble that indicates my text also becomes almost a barely visible sliver because it’s so small. The last thing is adding an option for two or more videos to play side by side or within the same frame. I want to show progress videos for figure skating and do side by side comparisons but I don’t think that’s possible in this app (or maybe it is and I’m dumb). Even so, five stars without a doubt!

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    My favorite editor

    Although the app has a few glitches with the music, some people are way too critical. This app is not confusing, my favorite update that they had was the multiple drafts one. I loved that ic oils work on multiple videos at once. I 500% recommend this app to anybody that finds editing fun. The reason why I only gave 4 stars is because that you can’t use any other music except their’s, you have to pay to get the really cool filters, and the glitches with the music. Sometimes music won’t play when you play your vid. Just for a few to new people using this. 1. Always tap the button to get new stuff, you have to pay for MOST of them, but you can just watch short ads to get a few. 2. Explore everything when you have time, if you explore the buttons you’ll find cool stuff you didn’t know about. 3. (This isn’t really a tip) you’ll find that you’ll catch on pretty easy. Let’s cut this short and just say this is my #1 editor, that’s how good it is. I’m not a fan of peachy but I hope you come out with more awesome apps in the future.

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    Like the app functionality but locked up a lot

    This app is by far my favorite when dealing with photos and resizing them. I run into an issue where I press the add image button and the app will freeze, I’ll wait 3-5 mins (actual minutes, I’ve timed it) and it will finally unlock a s let you add the image. I’ve seen lots of bug fixes over the years but this one issue with images taking forever to be added drives me crazy. Devs, it seems that I’ll add a new photo to my camera roll and I want to crop or resize it or make a vertical photo square and want to add blur in the background. I’ll tap the add image button and the grid of images appear but it just stalls and didn’t accept input. I do use iCloud for phot storage and I know it may be a slight delay but I’m on fast WiFi with 1 GB network connect and it will be slow like this. I’ve found that if I fast switch to another app wait and switch back it sometimes unlocks. I’ll quit the app wait and then open the app again and it may allow me to add the image, usually it takes 2 times to get it working.

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    Great fancy features, not great for beginners

    I’m a new vlogger and like things to be very self explanatory as I don’t have the patience to sit and figure out contraptions and do dads, I just prefer things to be straightforward and simple so I can move on. It seemed like everything else was right in my face to use except for cutting and deleting. For me being a beginner it was not easy for me to figure out the editing at all. I have an easier time editing videos on my phone than I do this app. It’s very extra and drawn out and frustrating, especially if you don’t have the patience and aren’t a millennial. It seemed like no matter how much I played around with it and no matter how much dragging I did or button pressing or delete this and precut that it just wasn’t doing ANYTHING I needed it to do. So clearly there’s something I don’t get but for me to have to go through all this when it’s already much easier on my phone is just a bit much. I’m already a bit over it, and hopefully I figure it out eventually but right now it’s just a frustrating mess and I’m not a big fan. If you don’t already know how to edit videos this app will be quite difficult to figure out. Just saying

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    Amazing super easy to use and you do not have to pay for mostly any of the extra services

    I got this app just to edit one video but when I was making my video it had so many great things you can do I realized I should keep it. I have only had the app for about 2 weeks and I have made such great videos and photos/ collages that my friends have asked me to make videos and photos for them. My favorite part about this app is the great stickers that you can use for editing a photo or a video. For videos some of the stickers can be in movement, for example the dog sticker move slightly and cutely up and down. When editing a video you can make it go faster or slower, you can have many videos in one, there is no limit for the time of your video and you can add many filters. I truly think this is a great app and super easy to use and also really great if you are a YouTuber or want to use it for social media.

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    Best Video Editor I Have Tried

    This is by far the best video editor you can ever possibly get. The layout of the app is simple and almost anyone can understand it. I love the new text animations, the transitions, the stickers you can add to make the video look adorable😍 (if you could make it so the stickers have transitions too like the text and if you would make it possible to import GIFs as stickers, it would greatly improve the app), the video filters and effects you can add, the ability to reverse, slow down, or speed up the video (when I do slow down and speed up, sometimes the audio messes up sometime during processing), the array of sound effects and music supplied, and the way it is possible to import your own music or sound effects. Overall a very well put-together app and definitely worth checking out. If you are a beginner to editing and you have a low budget, this is the best app to choose from on a mobile phone that I have tried. Would definitely suggest this app!

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    Exactly what I needed

    Let me just preface this review by saying this. I was looking for an app that I could add text to a video that I already made an iMovie. If you’re going to be using this app for video editing, like Marvel edits or edits based on movies, then I’d highly recommend it. I normally use iMovie, but this particular app was the last of THREE that I had to download in order to find an app that could actually add text to my already made video. When I found this app, I thought that God had sent it to me 😂😂. I was able to add text over my already created a video exactly where I wanted it without cutting or altering the video in any other way. I didn’t have to lift a finger to get to a point where I could add text to any scene, with any font, of any size. I haven’t used it for much other than adding a general filter and the texts, but I’m sure that those features work pretty adequately as well. If you’ve made a video edit and you want to add it text to it, then this is the one you’ve been looking for.

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    I LOVE THIS APP! I’VE BEEN ON IT FOR ALMOST 3 HOURS😂This app is my favorite ever! I’ve been searching for an app like this for 2 weeks to edit my videos and I’ve tried to download about 5 other ones and all of them you have to pay $5 a week! But this app provides EVERYTHING! Soundtracks, Edits, Transitions, Filters, Good Quality results, and lots more. The only time you have to pay for something is if you want extra filter or transitions. I payed for the extra transitions and it was only $3.99 and they just make the app even better! I’m so glad I found an app like this where I can not only edit videos but I can edit pictures and make cool collages. The emoji stickers could be a little more updated but that’s the only thing because I wanted to add this emoji “🤪” but the app did not offer it. So over all the app is amazing just please update the emojis.👍

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    I love it, but...

    This app is amazing, I use it for almost all my video editing, but there’s only one problem, or rather something I wish was in the app. If there was a way to overlay videos (or just their audio) that would be great, and incredible useful, a lot of the time I find myself stuck because I can’t combine the audio of two videos and give up on the project. Other than that, I don’t experience many problems with it 👍 Edit: another thing I want to point out is that the transitions are very limiting, and it would be great if you could add transitions between videos that were less than a second long, perhaps even fractions of a second. It would allow for fast paced edits, which it one of the main reasons I bought the full version! I don’t know if the developers will read this, but I think these are both problems people likely have all the time, and these need to be passed on to the development team! Thanks for reading!

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    Wonderful🤗.....but cannot save projects😭

    I too am a previous Flipagram user and was disappointed to have to start my children’s birthday picture/video slideshows all over after discovering the app was gone. I downloaded tons of apps with major disappointment every time. Finally found InShot, and was so impressed that it had all of the features that I needed and was very easy to use! It is so easy to adjust the orientation, cropping, duration, transitions and if you’re like me constantly reordering and trimming things to go perfectly with the music. It allows me to add over 100 pics/videos a a FULL song without telling me I was over the limit. The only downfall is that I cannot save the projects to go back and edit every year, as it only allows one draft to be saved at a time 😭😭😭. Please, please, PLEASE consider adding an option to save multiple projects..... I would consider paying for the app because then it would be PERFECT!!!!!

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    Great app, but a couple of suggestions...

    This app is so awesome!! I ended up purchasing the pro version because I like it so much. I love all of the options for video editing, and for someone who knows very little about video editing, it’s a breeze to create something impressive! My only frustration is that I can’t bounce back and fourth between using the app on my iPhone and my iPad. I had bought the pro version on my iPhone, then had hoped I could use the app with pro on my iPad, but realized there was no profile that I could login to to pickup where I left off on my project. So I would have to purchase pro on my iPad too. This would be great if you could create an option to make a profile to save and edit projects across any device. I also noticed there isn’t an iPad friendly app for InShot yet either, so I hope that is in the works as well! It would be great to be able to make video edits on a larger screen.

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Is InShot - Video Editor Safe?

Yes. InShot - Video Editor is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,057,924 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for InShot - Video Editor Is 50.7/100.

Is InShot - Video Editor Legit?

Yes. InShot - Video Editor is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,057,924 InShot - Video Editor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for InShot - Video Editor Is 50.7/100.

Is InShot - Video Editor not working?

InShot - Video Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 14 Comments

By mamjejdsmtjryk
Apr 15 2021

I really hate it I have a reason why I hate it!!!

By Genevieve Ezinwa
Apr 13 2021

Audio processing failed while trying to export video, Please help fix it, Thank you. Inshot 1.711.1312

By Eileen verderosa
Apr 10 2021

I have the pro edition. I am editing on my iphone. Why do I lose animated stickers I have edited in? Am I limited in the amount of them I can use?

By Lori A
Mar 25 2021

I use InShot almost daily and use it for business videos. When I spend hours editing a video that will not save to my phone because "save failed, try again" and it never works... I want to know why and it's heartbreaking. It only started this last year doing this and even with a phone shut down and app update, nothing downloads. So frustrating! I also PAID for the lifetime access upgrade for it not to work!

By Samantha
Feb 11 2021

I’ve been using this app for almost 2 years and I love it but now all of a sudden when I try to save my video it says “process interrupted” and I’m ready to cry. I’ve worked for days, so hard on this video! This happened days ago, I delete the app and reinstalled, losing the entire edited video, only to reinstall and spend days editing again to Experience this same issue ! I don’t know what to do! Please help 😭

By Mariia
Jan 15 2021

I made a video that I’ve spent lots of time for, but I cannot export it, it says “process interrupted” all day long. But I really need it. What can be done?

By Chelsea Gage
Dec 31 2020

I have a 18 minute video that will not allow me to save it to my phone. Every time I try to save it I get process interrupted. It is maddening. I have worked three days on this video please help me figure out how to save it to my phone.

Thank you

By Tara santos
Oct 06 2020

I am getting process interrupted when i try to save the video. What can i do to fix it. Im using an ipad and ive even reinstalled it but im still getting the same issue.

By Darla
Oct 01 2020

Hey, I subscribe the member, but when I export the video it keeps getting "processing interrupted". It succeeded only once but the text is out of sync. I'm very frustrated...

By Jennifer
Sep 28 2020

I have been using this app for months. Just yesterday I started getting a “processing interrupted” error message when trying to save/export my video. Just what is going on???

By Juana Mendez
Sep 08 2020

I keep getting a "Processing interrupted." message and I keep retrying and still get the same message. The video is 2 minutes long, could that be it?

By Kirstine
Sep 03 2020

While editing and tried to play from the bery beginning to end, there was no problem, the words and emoticons are coming or popping at the right places and time. But once it’s saved already, the letters and emoticons/gif are popping ahead or delayed. 😢

By Ghazala
Aug 29 2020

The video is not coming right. It moves slowly

By Shelly Roche
Aug 10 2020

Hello team! I love your app, but am having a problem saving a video. It is rendering twice (goes to 99% and then back to 0% and starts over), then when it gets to 99% it hangs for a bit and then I get an error "Processing interrupted" cancel/retry. If I retry, same thing happens. I have restarted app, iphone (11pro). Video is 2:30 long, shouldn't be a huge file size. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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