Magisto Video Editor & Maker Reviews

Magisto Video Editor & Maker Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-28

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Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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Magisto Video Editor & Maker Reviews

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    Can I at least see if it works first??

    So far- 15 minutes in- I’m not a fan—BUT, gimme a minute more and let’s see what this thang can do... In response to staff inquiry: First, thank You for your response, it’s good to know that the developers ARE listening. Second, I apologize for the untimely follow-up and upon your notification I immediately searched my inventory for your app to refresh my overall review. After realizing I’d deleted it from my downloads, I went back to figure out why. Instantly I recalled the experience I had, and simultaneously experienced it again. From the gate, I’m bombarded with in-app purchases— ones that actually require the app to work well at all. The selections I’m left with WITHOUT coming straight from my pocket, do not compare to the apps I have used for several years- and that DO NOT hinder my video process by constantly soliciting up-sales. I understand everybody has to make money- I understand technology is not free nor is ANYTHING, however if I DO download a FREE app (and they all have in-app purchases) I want to be able to use it WITHOUT a salesman at every turn. In fairness regarding what your app actually does— for the Novice, unexperienced, super-busy, or just unimaginative person- my opinion is that it DOES make the process easier. For those people, this is probably a good start- for ‘not’ those people, i would believe it’s not much use. Again, thank you for taking time to listen to your public. Z.

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    Not as many options as it seems

    I started the free trial to see what the $30 a month entails, must be good right? Considering the amount of video editing apps available at no cost you’d think one that’s $360 a year would have TONS of options, not the case. The second star is because this app MIGHT be useful for people who have no clue what they are doing or are super duper lazy. You can’t edit which animations are used, or what order all the special effects and what not are. You basically put in your videos and hope that it does an okay job. VERY basic, this would be very useful for someone who is 80 years old and has no idea how to do any editing and isn’t willing to learn. If you want to edit that font it’s gonna cost you $80 a month, which is $960 a year. I don’t mind paying for something that would be worth it, but this app clearly thinks they are sitting on a gold mine with offering nothing extra that similar apps also have. Finagle with a couple free apps, and figure out how to use their animations and music, it will be the same if not better than this app. I am canceling immediately and using inshot, you can speed up videos, slow them down, put them upside down, add animations, music, text, and you can control it all, for free. I believe I purchased a package of animations for like $1.99, which is way more reasonable and realistic for what the app does.

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    Filthy tactics

    Do not download this app. They make it extremely difficult to cancel your “subscription”. Here’s my story: Looking to get into video editing so I go look for some apps on the App Store and see magisto. I read the description of their app and see that the download is just a free trial and I would need a subscription. I think to myself ok too easy I will just get in the app and cancel the auto renew as soon as I download. I don’t like paying subscriptions and I wasnt too devoted to editing anything yet for a price ( and if I was i definitely would not use this app , the video it produced was horrible). anyway I get into the app and immediately go to “cancel subscription”. I hit the cancel button and go through the process several times and I never seem to get a solid confirmation. So I decide to close the app and reopen it. When I returned to the settings screen I see the option to “return to subscription “ so i think ok it must have been cancelled. Apparently not the case because I had a$30 charge on my card today. And apparently the developer support is telling people on here that if they set up a subscription through their Apple ID they need to cancel the subscription through their Apple ID. However seems a bit misleading to have a “cancel subscription” button that doesn’t actually work. I will get my money refunded.

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    Super expensive not worth it.

    Today i just browsed around this app for a couple minutes, when it first gave me the option to join the 7 day trial i hit back because i do not like subscriptions, apparently it still let me use the app still and my sole purpose was to edit a small quick slideshow with my pictures that i could download. After like a 5 minute wait i tried downloading it and it says it wants a whole dollar for just a download?? It’s like you can’t really use the app for free except upload pictures or videos for other people on the app. When i tried to confirm that my account was not being charged i went to the settings in the app and tried to see if i was in the subscription.. i hit it serveral times and it did not load in. This was sketchy at first but i just thought it’s because i don’t have a subscription in this app maybe so i went to my apple id subscriptions and it said i had none.. i better not get charged 20$ for this app because it is not worth it at all.. you have amateur editing and features, most edits in this app you can do in a free one. I do not like this app it was a waste of time. In the description you guys should add all the fees included in the app.

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    Want to cancel the subscription? Mwa-ha-ha

    I faced the same issue as some reviewers below: signed for a trial to check the full functionality of the app for the further occasional use when I need it with no intention to pay for Professional version (as I don’t need it). Before signing for the trial I checked the Terms to make sure on the way to unsubscribe, and it was stated to be done over My Account right in the app. So in a few days I cancelled the subscription the way it was requested in their Terms, however have been billed anyway, when the trial expired! After some emails back and forth with Magisto support I’ve been told that the process of cancellation is different from what they requested in their Terms and refund is also the authority of Apple. I don’t get it, why to have this misleading “Cancel your subscription” button in My Account, if it does nothing?? And why have describe the procedure of cancellation differently in the Terms visible upon signing up? All together it looks very filthy to me. Kudos for the support team replying and doing it fast. Nice and fun app in general, even the outcome quality of the video is horrible. But this billing filthy thing - baaaad, too bad, guys.

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    I hate auto subscriptions. Why are these still a thing?

    Don’t be like me, read the fine print. An add for this app appeared on my feed and I just wanted to play around and check it out, so I opted in on the free trial. Since my phone already saves my payment info and such, I did not realize my account would automatically be charged after the trial. I spent over $60 (2 months) before realizing it was charging me (I had deleted the app from my phone not knowing I was subscribed). I didn’t even end up using the app! So, be careful and take your time. If this is the app for you, great, if you’re just bored and decide to click on the advertisement and check it out, be wary of the auto charges since they will not refund you. Personally, I believe automatically enrolling people with a subscription without making it 100% transparent should be illegal, and doesn’t make me believe you have a great product. Great product sells itself, and doesn’t need to rely on people’s lack of awareness. This is just my opinion.

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    Got very greedy

    I use to love this app but they slowly became so greedy. Charging you for so many ridiculous things that people do for free. You can’t even save your own videos unless you subscribe to their monthly fee, A total rip off I’m done with this app. The blocking you from doing so many things unless you pay. Don’t waste your time or your money, they became very greedy and there’s many other app developers the do just as good a job if not better for a lot less. The latest update put the nail in the coffin for me and I would like to encourage you all to not purchase this app unless you’re willing to spend money every single month just to use it.

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    Not worth the money and VERY poor customer support

    Heard from a friend about this SW and it’s ability to automate the creation process. Decided to give it a try. The very short version (15sec?) was cute and decided to try the 7 days “professional “ version. When I realized Tencent, Google and other apps offer similar feature and convenient for free, I decided it it not worth the money. However, the cancellation process for the trial version was not simple at all!!!!! I looked all over and unable to find ANYWHERE within he app on how to cancel the subscription! I wrote to customer support looking for help and the response from customer response was not helpful and kept asking me why I didn’t like the SW! After mutual attempts they sent me the link and told me I have to go into the iTunes account and cancel it!!! Also, by this time they have already charged me and now I have to beg ITunes to return my money because the customer support was poor and the cancellation process was unclear and difficult. Try Tencent SW or Google, it’s free and you don’t have to deal with magisto customer support!!!!

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    Little to no editing freedom.

    I mean, for free, fine, whatever, but there is so little you can do! You have to have music, and you have to have a title appear on the video. I just needed to make a video that was “made together” to post on social media, not anything fancy (well, it isn’t FANCY, definitely not.) I gave it two stars instead of one because it would work for like a five year old (at least on the free one, no way was I going to be spending money on an editing APP when I have things like WeVideo.) I only got this app to be quick, and while it was quick, the video looked like crap, and you couldn’t even edit the video yourself! No creative freedom, and worst of all, it looks awful, let’s be clear. There is huge white letters that must play on the screen, and then you have awful music (which I wish they had a choice for NO MUSIC) in the background. I wouldn’t even recommend this for a home movie sort of thing. Don’t know what you would even do with it. Little editing freedom, and makes your simple videos stick into a box that they want your videos to fit in. Overall, this app wasn’t even comparable to iMovie! At least iMovie let’s you make your own video, which I was looking for an improvement from to edit videos together (not looking to make a horrible home movie, just edit videos together into one price, which one would think would be pretty basic for an video app.

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    Please change quality of final video cut

    Ur videos look like total dogdoo no matter what you do - Magisto final edit destroys them - even when shot in 1080 for ig or on a dslr hd cam this app degrades the quality so bad.. so sad because I paid for a few months of this but a business account is wayyyy too much money.. I really would need to try it for a month before paying for an entire year - It actually destroyed two videos I made but I had to use them because my time is money - Tried filming different ways in higher quality and it just makes the films so low quality - I'm willing to pay for the business acct if there's some sort of guarantee that I can actually get my videos in the hd quality it shows me playing the video WITHIN the app before I download it to my phone or ig.. I actually was about to jump on paying for a year right before creating the first movie glad I didn’t - I've also written your customer service and no one ever got back to me about questions I’ve asked on both ig dm and emails

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    Want to love it

    There is so much to move about this App. It DOES make BEAUTIFUL videos. Unfortunately, the lack of controls means that most videos are unuasable in the end. Too often, the software selects clips which are unimportant or draw attention to the wrong things. And almost always, the clips are shown in such an out of order fashion that the video makes no sense. Two quick enhancements would fix that problem for me. 1) allow me to set the order the clips are shown. And 2) allow me to select a hot spot on video clips that I want to make sure are featured. For example, if I’m making a video of my day at Disneyland, I don’t want the fireworks to show up first, I want them to be the grand finale. I don’t want the people in the crowd to be the focus, but rather my own friends or the attractions themselves. I think this is an easy fix with just a few additions to the edit tools.

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    Lack of clarification on cancelling trial period and very poor customer service

    Do not download this app. I downloaded this app because it said it was free. After making an account, I was immediately surprised when it said that after a seven day free trial I would automatically start paying for a subscription to use it. The site claims that you can cancel the trial at any point, but I have been unsuccessful at finding any way to do that. There is no where on the site that allows you to simply cancel your free trial, and no instructions on how to do so. After deleting my account, there is also no way for me to contact the developers for help. They have no contact information, like emails or phone numbers that you can contact for assistance. The only way to ask for their help is if you login. I only learned after the fact that if you delete your account and/or the app, your subscriptions will continue regardless. I don’t know what to do and I can’t contact them for help.

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    Potential to be Great

    This could be a great app if only it would work better without Wi-Fi. There seems to be a little glitch with my app it will not work if I'm not in Wi-Fi. It's also hard to edit you have to go through the whole process before allowing you to re-order photos, delete photos, add photos, change length of time, or make any changes it has to go through the entire process before you could do it again. It's kind of a bummer and a waste of time that the editing is not easy to use. Also wish that you could choose where you want the music to start instead of only being able to play the music from the beginning of the song. Finally, it would be the best if you could make movies over 4 minutes.

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    I really tried

    I decided to try this app and really wanted to like this app but it fell really short. The templates are a cool idea but every time I did a new video it wasn’t good. Even though there is an option to go back and edit the slides, the editor is super difficult to use. Coming from an iMovie and video shop editing background, I don’t get why the video editor is so lacking. To show my effort I edited one video 8 times with different lengths and templates just to give it a good try and just came out unhappy. I would love it if maybe the app was set up like iMovie and we were able to use the templates so we could alter the footage more easily. The automatic editor just isn’t that great. Maybe if your videos you don’t speak a lot this can work. Even when I selected the speech only option it still edited and cut in awkward places that were difficult to go back and edit.

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    A lot of glitch going on

    I have been working on this video for 3 days already and I cannot finished it because of this glitches on Magisto from replacing a photo (not replacing the photo that I want ) or even uploading a new one whether it’s from my own photo library or from their istock folder. Saving the video file is a huge huge disappointment as after I spent about 4hrs making a video , it didn’t saved actually at this time 7hrs after I tried to saved it, it was still in that status of waiting for few minutes and will notify me when it’s ready. This app is SO EXPENSIVE! And this is what I’m gonna get? I never paid an expensive app before , I trusted that this app is superb but it was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT , HUGE WASTE OF TIME MAKING MY VIDEO THAT DID NOT SAVE AND HUGE WASTE OF MONEY AND I actually would like to demand a refund for this app but I’m gonna figure that out later on. NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY!

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Is Magisto Video Editor & Maker Safe?

Yes. Magisto Video Editor & Maker is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 110,008 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Magisto Video Editor & Maker Is 34.0/100.

Is Magisto Video Editor & Maker Legit?

Yes. Magisto Video Editor & Maker is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 110,008 Magisto Video Editor & Maker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Magisto Video Editor & Maker Is 34.0/100.

Is Magisto Video Editor & Maker not working?

Magisto Video Editor & Maker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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