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About: iRhythm Technologies provides diagnostic monitoring solutions that facilitate the early diagnosis
and treatment of cardiac arrhythmia.
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States.


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1. How does it work?
2. What is MyZio?

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1. Use the app to enter your symptoms while wearing your Zio® monitor.

2. o Seamlessly register your Zio monitor and start logging symptoms immediately.

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Product Details and Description of MyZio

MyZio™ is the perfect companion app to the Zio monitor. Use the app to enter your symptoms while wearing your Zio® monitor.

Key Features: 

o Seamlessly register your Zio monitor and start logging symptoms immediately.

o Enter your symptoms. View and edit your symptoms as needed.

o Access information about the Zio service and MyZio app. Instructional videos are included to help you throughout your Zio experience.

Top MyZio Reviews

  • By Polynomics

    Great app!

    Easy to log symptoms. I enter the time, symptom and for duration I always enter “less than 10 minutes”. Later, once I know how long the event went on for, I go to “my logs” and edit the appropriate entry to update the length of time and, if necessary, the symptoms. No problems at all!

  • By RuddyInsGirls

    Convenient app, easy to record

    I have had to wear several different monitors over the past few years. When I was told I need to wear another device I was less than thrilled. I have always disliked having to have wires and the irritation of the sticky adhesive pads. With this Zio device I was pleased, no wires! It’s easily concealed. Having to only press the bottom to alert to symptoms. I found this app very easy to use. It’s made it very convenient to keep a log of exact times, activities, and symptoms that occurred. In my experience I found the app more accurate and definitely more convenient than using the log book.

  • By j_kron

    Symptom logging made easy

    This is the second time I wore the patch. The first time was several years ago and the app was not available, I had to write the symptoms in the book. While this worked well, I must say that I prefer the app. The one complaint I have is with the message menu. When I tap on the message, it is deleted before I have a chance to read it. There is some small text at the bottom of the partially displayed message that, when tapped displays the full message. Alas, my natural instinct is to tap on the message, which I did several times out of habit. Please fix this ... at least pop up a window asking if I really want to delete the message. Regarding the patch: I was able to wear it for the full 14 days the first time. It came off after 12 the second time but I exercised heavily each weekday during that period.

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