Contact BandLab – Music Making Studio

Contact BandLab – Music Making Studio

Published by on 2022-09-26

BandLab is the best free music recording and leading social music creation
platform with more than 50 million users worldwide. BandLab lets you make and
share music, no matter your skill level or background. Our multi-track Studio is
a m...

How to Contact BandLab – Music Making Studio

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Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with BandLab – Music Making Studio. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact BandLab – Music Making Studio. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
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Developer: BandLab Technologies

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit BandLab Website

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Reported Issues: 14 Comments

By 69420fegget

Needs improvement

Band lab lags like no other while I’m trying to record and edit. There’s a quarter of a second of delay from when I hit a string on my guitar to when I hear it in my headphones and that can really mess you up when you’re trying to be precise. You can’t adjust the click track to be one consistent click too. There’s always an accent note and I don’t need one. I just need to know I’m keeping with the beat. I keep experiencing issues with my headphones too, but I have not yet diagnosed if that’s band lab or my brand new headphones being defective. I have ALL of my volume knobs (in the software, on my computer, and my interface) all turned all the way up and every now and then the sound I get back is barely audible despite being recorded at a reasonable volume in the first place. Hell, the bar is jumping up past yellow in some parts when I hit my bass a little too hard while recording. It’s a free useful site but it’s not without its issues. I recommend it for working on your own personal projects (like I’m doing right now) but don’t sink something special into this product. You’ll want something of a better quality at that point.

By Nashler

Pros and cons

Update: At this point it rarely works longer than an hour. I delete and download this multiple times a day to make one song :( it happens at any point. Right when I open the app. Or when I’m about to finish. Or when I’m in the middle of recording. It will just force close or suddenly sign me out and say I can’t sign back in. (Error or this link doesn’t exist) That’s when I have to delete it. Also, When I open an existing file. It will randomly say my microphone doesn’t work or I have to choose that option. But It was fine a second ago when I recorded. I’ll push record and it’s an old recording I deleted etc. these are the problems I have. But I still use it with all these frustrations because there’s nothing else out there like this.. So there is no other app out there like this. It’s amazing. I will continue to use it even though there are a few glitches and errors that occur. Sometimes for no reason. It will force close. Then I spend a few minutes deleting the app and downloading again. That seems to be the only suggestion from the support group. It does work but a little inconvenient. Sometimes songs just disappear. I’ve had a few occasions of them showing up again. But I’ve also lost a few. I just save them to my computer now. For me, the pros outweigh the cons. Only because I’ve never found a app this simple where you can record your music and singing. Also, the community is awesome :)

By endmepls

I love bandlab but sometimes it’s retarded

OK this app pisses me off sometimes when I upload a song and I select the genre and picture for it sometimes it just won’t upload under the genre I selected Or with the right picture and it really frustrates me because I can’t seem to get my music where I want it to be without band lab changing the genre for no apparent reason and then when you go to delete it to re-upload it sometimes it will not delete it and the song will become glitched and unremovable and it really aggravates me having three versions of the exact same song on my profile and it triggers my OCD seeing a massive amount of unremovable songs on my profile like CAN I JUST HAVE A CLEAN PROFILE WITH 1 OF EVERY SONG NOT 3 COPYS!!!!!!! And also for some apparent reason not even this app support knows how to fix it I’ve tried to explain but every time the advice was useless UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!. *sigh*... so basically in conclusion if you want your music to get herd I would highly recommend a this app it’s really a great app but sometimes it just is so slow clunky and glitchy and The suppose it “support” they offer doesn’t really help for some of the things that is wrong with the app

By Eldered Burge
Oct 27 2022

i have an account with you guys [email protected]
this the email but someone hacked my account with that email

By Paddy walsh
Aug 16 2022

Help! One of my prohects just dissapeared from bandlab. I am sure I didnt delete it. Please tell me how I can recover it and maybe explain how this could have happened. I'm freaking out! (And no it's not in the deleted files!)

By Eldered Burge
Nov 20 2021

I have an account with you guys but I can't get into my account I believe my account email is [email protected] unfortunately someone hack into my account and I can't get back into my account

By Ghettobyrdd
Oct 28 2021

I recently updated my email and password today but now it will not log me into my account

By Christian
Aug 06 2021

well I blame myself for this I made an account to start music and play around with my cousin and made songs together. Later on he died and left me with just his songs so I took a lot of time on a song for him and now it’s all gone and I don’t remember my password and I never registered an email only my username I remember so I blame myself but still I shouldn’t have been logged out.

By Chad Fondren
Jul 07 2021

I forgot my password i cannot get into my projects...album is lost...frustration def con 7

By Wilbert Lee Roberson
May 21 2021

Yes this is Wilbert Robinson in I have bandlab in it deleted off by self did I win something or error

By Arvesta Kelly
Mar 23 2021

I'm missing a profile but I know every song thats in the profile how can I get profile don't remember email

By fire_dogg
Mar 18 2021

fix thoe problem of continue reading and error 404 and when i send my project in mesenger they cant play it

By John Coule
Jan 27 2021

How do i activate the publish button? Thanks. [email protected]

By redtrees313
Jan 03 2021

I can't log in. It keeps sending me back to the sign-in page. I reset my email password and I reset my Bandlab password. What's happening? Can I log back into my Bandlab account? I also made sure my computer was up to date. There's no excuse why I can log in.

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