BandLab – Music Making Studio Reviews

BandLab – Music Making Studio Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-22

BandLab is the ultimate free music creation platform that over 25 million users
worldwide are raving about. Import a track or create your song from scratch,
collaborate with creators and producers, and publish your epic hits for the
global BandLab community! Our easy-to-use multi-track...

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BandLab – Music Making Studio Reviews

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    I have one problem...

    BandLab is an excellent app for music making and listening. I absolutely love it. That is, until a problem occurred. I went to get into the app just yesterday and instead of going in straight to my profile and the normal screen, it had the entire intro log in screen show up as if I logged out of my account, which I never do. When I tried logging in using my information, is kept on saying that I have “incorrect credentials”. So, I tried logging in with my google account instead. I thought it would work, but then I got a pop-up saying that my email is “already linked to a different account type”. So now, I can’t log in AT ALL, or access any of my stuff, which is really frustrating. It also makes me worried that my account somehow got lost, along with all of my stuff on it. I still get notifications telling me that people liked my song, or started following me, but even when I tap on the notification banner that shows up at the top of the screen to take me to the app, NOTHING HAPPENS. If you could please help in any way or give some sort of advice as to what I should do, thank you. My music is very important to me and I don’t want it to be lost forever with my account. Thank you.

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    The Greatest Music App Ever

    Forget garageband, this app has the most simple yet diverse interface I have ever used, people can master using it in days, but then you still find out features you didn't even know were on it, which makes no sense but thats how great it is 😂 I produce my beats on here, record vocals, mix it all, add effects and filters, it even lets you convert video to audio that you can put in your songs without the need for a MP4 to MP3 converter, it already comes built in. You can upload your music on the domain, and it gains attention because of the features like creator connect, groups, and so much more that makes sure your music doesnt just get lost in the mix like SoundCloud, which I uploaded numerous songs on and amounted to 46 followers, I have uploaded 2 songs and a couple comments to bandlab and have almost reached 500. I would rate this app 6 stars if I could, has helped me bring my music creativity to life, and has helped countless friends of mine do the same. 👌🏽

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    I love bandlab but sometimes it’s retarded

    OK bandlab pisses me off sometimes when I upload a song and I select the genre and picture for it sometimes it just won’t upload under the genre I selected Or with the right picture and it really frustrates me because I can’t seem to get my music where I want it to be without band lab changing the genre for no apparent reason and then when you go to delete it to re-upload it sometimes it will not delete it and the song will become glitched and unremovable and it really aggravates me having three versions of the exact same song on my profile and it triggers my OCD seeing a massive amount of unremovable songs on my profile like CAN I JUST HAVE A CLEAN PROFILE WITH 1 OF EVERY SONG NOT 3 COPYS!!!!!!! And also for some apparent reason not even bandlab support knows how to fix it I’ve tried to explain but every time the advice was useless UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!. *sigh*... so basically in conclusion if you want your music to get herd I would highly recommend a bandlab it’s really a great app but sometimes it just is so slow clunky and glitchy and The suppose it “support” they offer doesn’t really help for some of the things that is wrong with the app

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    Overall amazing! But...

    there are still a few things you have to work on! For example the AutoTune Feature, it sounds all muffled up if I want to use it, also you should add more Vocal Effects for example a Slapback Effect or a Distortion Effect and a Vocal Harmony or Voice Pitch Changer. There are all sorts of ideas, these Features above I suggest. I use this App almost everyday and I create amazing songs with it. Also, please try to change the Microphone Frequency or make it sound better because it doesn't sound that bad but it could be better as well. Just make it sound a bit more realistic like the Application "Take" does. They make it sound really good and also have many Effects. And please make the Beats or Music that you import automatically change the BPM to the BPM of the Beat. For example I upload a Beat with 140BPM, but BandLab still tells me its 120BPM, which is why I have to first add my Vocal Tracks, then change the BPM, then add the Beat to match the BPM. I don't mean to stress you add, those are just things to make your App even better! Love you, keep going forward!

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    Approaching perfection

    This is my favorite music production app yet. Most have very limited functionality, have few instruments (or if they have a large variety, most are locked behind a paywall), or are difficult to use. BandLab has basically none of these issues. It’s easy to use, has a variety of MIDI instruments spanning several genres and styles (as well as recording and amp features), and so far I’ve seen no payed content. I don’t think there are even ads; if there are, they’re so unobtrusive I haven’t noticed. The sharing and forking features are also nice. I only have one real criticism of the app: for some reason, playing your music back in the mix editor causes popping in the phone speaker. This ONLY happens in the editor itself and it doesn’t happen with headphones. Just the speaker. Music playback in other parts of the app is fine, and I even screen recorded the editor playback and there were no audio artifacts. It’s strictly some sort of issue between the editor and the speaker. EDIT: On a closer listen, I think the artifacts may be present in the screen recording too. Regardless, it’s an issue that needs fixing, but otherwise the app works perfectly. I also hope even more MIDI instruments will be added, such as a strummed guitar as opposed to the fingerpicked versions we’re mostly limited to now. The variety of instruments is, again, fantastic, but more variety in the sounds those instruments can make would make the app absolutely perfect.

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    Quite possibly the best app of all time

    I am definitely addicted to this app. Far Better than the looping apps. Probably the best iOS composition tool around. The midi reminds me of early PlayStation era gaming. If y’all could work in triplets and maybe 32nd notes it would be unstoppable. I’m excited to try the desktop version in a week or so. Is there anywhere I could donate to y’all or related software I could purchase? More instruments? Or a super secret triplet feature. I hope this keeps growing and I would feel good helping y’all do so. I’ve spent probably 24 hours on this app already. Turned out to be much more than “writing songs while pooping” app. I’d tip my hat if I was wearing one. One tiny annoyance. It would be nice if the note names reflected the key I selected. Like no sharps in a flat key etc. I’ll keep using either way. But it would be convenient for my brain.

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    Up to 4GB on phone storage!!!!

    Hands-down the best there is available to create,meet,& inspire all while having a place to post and store your songs. The only problem which is a big one is that I am forced to delete the app completely off my phone at least once a day if I intend on working on anything. Reason is because Band lab can take up to four gigs of space. This is certainly not a fluke because it happens every day on 3 different IOS devices and the worst I’ve seen it get up to is 5.8 gigs! Contacted technical support and after the first two attempts to make the issue clear to robots/peoplebots.... I finally got someone who payed attention and Genuinely was trying to help me. Unfortunate part about everything is after following all the suggestions given to help me solve the problem still has no resolution or a valid acknowledgement from Bandlab support that they are/would fix the problem. Eh... nothings perfect but this had been my only problem up to this date after about 2years of using the app. 👌🤞

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    The New eq capabilities of BandLab is awesome. I really appreciate the having the ability to eq vocals and instruments Manuel because it gives us creators the freedom to be more creative and and makes the music sound that much more crisp. And if you know what you are doing you can really achieve that studio quality sound. I hope the developers of this app doesn’t take any of these amazing features away. However they should add more features like the ability to be compatible with a larger range of midi controllers also they should try to a more instrument high quality instrument voices and pianos and sounds. Also if possible I’d love for them to allow more than 12 tracks on any project for more complex composition. That would be also. That said, as it stands now, this app is amazing and can only get so much better. It’s definitely my go to app for writing and formulation film scores composition and song ideas. Keep up the good work band land team you guys are definitely appreciated.🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽✨🌟🌟

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    It’s a top quality app

    This is a very good quality app, if you want to be an artist and make music but you don’t have any equipment at all, this app is the app to go too. Amazing app. Oh and by the way, I just want somethings added to the app, can you make more voice fx? Basically all of them just add a simple echo at different levels. Add a deep and raspy effect, add an effect that makes you sound like you’re through a phone, add an effect that makes your voice very faint and but it still stands out, and many more! I would appreciate it if you can add those things, it’ll really make my music sound better! Also another suggestion is too add a litte more options to audio, like make it fade in/out and you can add how long you want the fade to go for, you know that type of stuff, I hope you can see this and take my review in consideration! Peace and love

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    I was really excited when I first got this app. It was easy to use, compatible for downloading, and offered a variety of loops. However, yesterday, after having it only two weeks all of my saved tracks deleted on me. I kept all of my tracks private since I was still figuring out the “lab” portion so I didn’t share the majority of my music except for on track out of probably 10 so far. Luckily the ones I liked I did back up but it was just unsettling to have everything disappear like that from every folder on the app (including the library and my saved folders). Everything was gone. I did some research digging online and found that deleting and re-downloading the app can sometimes bring them back and sure enough it did now. But it’s just a strange clutch to still be happening after people have reported it and there have been updates. If the app becomes more secure then it’s on its way to being a huge tool for music makers!

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    I lost all my songs...😭😭😭

    Overall this is one of the best music apps in my book and I enjoy making songs. Then this happened. I had the app already on another device. I got it on this one. I signed in with my old account. Then it said the stuff and you go through the make your own account. I ended up making a new account. Which I was okay with. I could still listen to my old songs on my other device. Then today I looked on my old device to play my old songs. Then what happened is it brought me to the account on this device. That got me worried. I signed out and typed the account in and reset the password. Though it never got sent. I looked it up and my old account still exists! But I can’t get back in my old account. All my songs are private so they weren’t there! PLEASE HELP ME BAND LAB TEAM😖😖😩😫🙏

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    Dank App!!!

    This is an awesome app that has such tools that can make anyone feel like a rockstar. From being able to upload and play with your music, recordings, collab, network and make money off this app. However they don’t give the recognition to the people who’s been on here deserving for at least a check mark such as the other players have been able to receive. I have 12,000 followers and my band has reached up to almost 95,000 listeners, still no check mark. It’d be nice to show your bandlab community spreading the word and making people famous and not the app itself, it’s just ENHANCING our music credibility the rest is on your person alone. Have fun with this but apparently don’t invest because it won’t even get you a check mark. Listen to Loudpvckmobb with king dvbz and his girl queen dvbz and the rest of the mobb they go hard. Find us on every platform because bandlab helped us get there. Enjoy!

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    Great for music production!

    I got interested in music production as a hobby recently, and I was trying to find a good software for doing so, I started off with Medly, I wrote two songs that were pretty good on it, but the app wasn’t good enough and the options for free instruments were very limited. In this app though, EVERYTHING IS FREE! Every instrument, every feature is absolutely FREE and PROFESSIONAL! Also since it’s an app you use on your browser, I can use any device we have! Cause I have two younger siblings, and we really fight a lot over different devices (mostly my brother) for ridiculous reasons like, “it has a keyboard” or something like that, so this makes it a lot easier on me cause there are some things that are only on specific devices. This makes it easier for me to work on the exact same song.

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    Outstanding App

    I rarely rate things online. However I make the occasional exception for a service or product that is so outstanding that I feel obligated to the proprietors for their incredible work. This app is a dream come true. Thank you so much for providing this service for free. When I discovered the piano roll editing feature I was blown away. I don't own a computer or any microphones. I thought that the voice memo feature on my phone was a miracle. I've lost so much music over the years to a lack of proper recording. Now I have the opportunity to develop my pieces in ways I only thought possible with expensive gear and software. This app isn't going to provide what a full studio and production suite will, but it does provide a simple yet robust platform for fleshing out ideas anywjere any time for FREE. That's crazy.

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    This app is amazing, the BandLab team is always going to fix the issue if there is one, it’s probably happening when they are updating and making the app better, So be patient and work on a song lol!! I’ve been able to really open my horizons and get creative more than I ever thought possible because of all the options like collaborating, I’m a singer but Its so easy to learn that I’ve even made some beats, I didn’t know I could do that....I feel BandLab helps you discover your talent or talents. It’s so fun to make music and let others see how you express yourself and you never know if a song may touch someone so share it even if it’s not perfect in your eyes! Thank you BandLab I’m grateful for y’all! <3. Another few’s free! And no ads!!! And I’ve made lots of friends in the communities I’ve joined.

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Is BandLab – Music Making Studio Safe?

Yes. BandLab – Music Making Studio is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 67,659 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for BandLab – Music Making Studio Is 20.2/100.

Is BandLab – Music Making Studio Legit?

Yes. BandLab – Music Making Studio is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 67,659 BandLab – Music Making Studio User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for BandLab – Music Making Studio Is 20.2/100.

Is BandLab – Music Making Studio not working?

BandLab – Music Making Studio works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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