PatPat - Kids & Baby Clothing Reviews

PatPat - Kids & Baby Clothing Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

PatPat, developed by InterFocus INC in 2014 in Mountain View, California, is a
fun and vibrant global Direct-to-Consumer brand created for parents,
grandparents and their kids. PatPat provides a seamless and affordable
shopping experience, curating from thousands of products to find th...

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Reviews (30)


Do it!!!

I was initially skeptical about PatPat/website mostly concerned about quality. I had decided against using it in spite of the adorable selection and ridiculously low prices because it just seemed too good to be true. I searched another site, one that I’m very familiar with, for matching outfits (which is what I was shopping this app for) and was stunned to find the exact same products and pictures there but the articles were nearly 3 times higher than this app’s price. After seeing that the garments were what you’d buy off a trusted mainstream website I shopped this app with abandon. My first order came in a timely fashion and I am thrilled with the quality of the material and the exquisite workmanship. I’m a seamstress and I examined the stitches, zippers, buttons, and hems and clearly some extremely skilled workers manufacturer the apparel I received. I have observed some clothes in the detailed pictures where you could see through the fabric or where the garment looks wonky when on customers in the reviewers photos, but you could encounter that issue anywhere. You need to give due diligence to the details in pictures and reviews just like any online shopping experience. I just hope to see even more inventory and variety very soon because I wanna buy more stuff:)


Love PatPat

I love this app, it’s a totally addictive app. They have regular sales and deals and you can get cute stuff at great prices. That being said you have to buy smart! Make sure to look at the reviews, they give you a better sense of sizing and quality, which is all over the place. Look at fabric content, if it’s polyester it’s probably going to look cheap. As far as shipping, they make it very clear that stuff is coming from overseas and will take a while, so order with that in mind. I thought it would take over a month to receive things but every time it has come faster, 2-3 weeks. I have ordered about five times with this app and I have gotten so many cute things, good quality for GREAT prices. And when I haven’t liked something or had problems with fit, they’re customer service is great. It’s a little hard to figure out how to get a customer service request in, (do wish they’d make that easier to navigate) but once you get an email out to them they’re responsive and helpful. All in all, I love PatPat and will continue to buy things for myself, my 4 year old and my newborn.


Awful All Around. Don’t Shop with These People

I’m so done with PatPat and company. The whole this is a waste of time, money and energy. Bought about 11 items. They came more then a month later (with basically no tracking at all). When I got the items none of them were of good quality. Plus the dresses I ordered I didn’t need anymore because they weren’t here on time for me to try them or even on time for me to use them for my event I got them for. When I tried to just send everything back I told them my reasoning was because I didn’t need them anymore so I didn’t even open any of them. They insisted that I open all of the items take pictures of them and also asked for pictures of all of their red this app tags and tags that were on the inside of the items before they would send me a return label or even give me my money back. I spend almost $200 on all these things and they had the nerve to tell me in every email that they don’t wish to draw out this process. Well too late. Merry Christmas to them because I decided that instead of wasting anymore of my time they could just keep it and I’ll throw the useless clothes away. Never buying from these people again. The clothes aren’t even of okay quality. I opened them all to see if I could fix them to make them better but the fabric they used for all the items weren’t even comfortable. Please don’t waste your time or money on them. Literally shop any where else.


About the App

I started using the Pat Pat App about a year ago when my daughter was pregnant with my first grandchild, n the country was locked down trying to survive the pandemic. Of course, that meant shopping as we knew it was limited, so I turned to the net. That was how I stumbled onto Pat Pat n their App. I found PatPat fairly easy to navigate with the exception of the “Flash Sales,” which took me a few times to understand how they work. So, like most Apps, a few more instructions would be helpful. Also the print is a little small for me on certain things. But other than that I think it’s really good. I was concerned at first about the low prices; I was afraid the clothes would be extremely cheap. But I was pleasantly surprised when the clothes I ordered were much better quality than I expected. My daughter has PatPat also, n she orders a lot from it. I have learned that reading the product description is helpful when deciding which clothes to order, bcuz the pics make clothing look really thick even when they r made out of lightweight material. I doubt if I ever return to all in person shopping. Apps like this one make it too easy to shop curled up on the couch n my pj’s.


I love Pat Pat!

I have been ordering baby girl items from Pat Pat since I had my baby girl almost a year ago and I have not been disappointed. I have ordered a lot from them and will continue to do so. I love how they have daily check in’s where you could earn points and the spin wheel where you could earn points or save 15 percent off $1 off or $5 off is awesome! I do have to look at the size chart before I order an item because some things run big. The customer service team is very quick to answer any questions too. The only problem I had was when I was expecting an item and I received an email after a week and a half of waiting saying that I was going to be refunded back my money because of the product not being available. It would’ve been nice to know before I wasted my time. Luckily I always order holiday items way ahead of time so I was still able to order something else before the holiday passed. And Pat Pat also sent a coupon for the trouble. And that is why I still feel that they deserve 5 stars! Thanks Pat Pat!


Not for the faint of heart but worth the wait...

PROS AND CONS I’m glad I did not even read the reviews when I came across this website because I would have been totally apprehensive to order. We have ordered several items through this app now, namely family matching outfits. With that being said with respect to quality of products...I can only speak as it pertains to their PJs. The quality of the PJs was quite surprisingly good for the price and discounts offered. In fact, the entire family was pleased. With respect to shipping and handling, however, this app is not for the faint of heart or those expecting a quick turnover. I guess unless you pay for an expedited service (not sure if that exists) expect to wait up to 2-3 weeks of course taking weather in to consideration. I do agree that often times tracking information is not updated as occurs with other retailers. Nonetheless, the merchandise came appropriately and quite nicely packaged. So, my 3 star review takes into account shipping timelines and need for better or more reliable tracking system. I think folks would probably be less PO’d if they could see the path of their merchandise. Would I recommend this app to other? YES!! And I have hands down...but I always add those 2 caveats.



The clothes are generally pretty great. Cute styles. Good prices. And for the most part, decent quality. Ship time can be a bit of a pain but hey COVID. My gripes are mainly reserved to two categories. The sizing runs small… which kind of stinks for mommy and me matching outfits for postpartum women. The xl sizes for women is maybe an US size 8-10. And my daughter has had to wear size 3T since she was 10 months while wearing 18mo in other brands for reference. Secondly, PatPat and its reward program seems to change every two months and the rewards seem harder to redeem and less legit with every up date. In this most recent update we can spin the wheel for a chance at $99 once per week. I have participated every week since the update began and every single week it lands on .50, the lowest amount. Never $1 or $2, just .50, every single time for about two months. Even if it was the $2 spot, the money goes away almost immediately anyway. We used to be able to accrue credit through app use, sharing, reviewing etc… Just pick one, fair rewards system and stick with it! At this point if they don’t make it more worth my time soon, I’m deleting the dumb app.


Great Clothes and More

I received my first order and was very happy with the material and quality workmanship. My great-grandson isn’t due until August, and I have him clothed up to 24 months! Clothes, reusable diaper sets, shoes, toys, etc. I love everything I have received. The materials are bright and soft and workmanship very good. I won’t worry about snaps pulling through. I have started ordering for me, and am just as happy with my purchases. Also ordered wonderful towels. It is not just baby clothes. You can get almost anything for children, kitchen, bath, linens. I also want to praise their customer service team. They are wonderful. They don’t work from a script. They listen to you and genuinely want to help you. As I have ordered they have helped me learn, and one time I forgot to change the address. My mistakes, but they were happy to get me where I needed to be. Wonderful products. Wonderful customer service. Completely happy.


Good for the price

I have only ordered baby girl clothes. Some of the items are cheaply made. I expected that though. That being said they don’t rip or tear and they hold up in the washing machine ( I wash all of her clothes on delicate). You can find some amazing stuff for extremely cheap. Some of the things are thin and others are made surprisingly well. It all depends. I think PatPat is totally worth it. I have gotten some of the cutest clothes from this site for great prices. I always plan on it taking 2-3 weeks though. It’s not the best to wait that long, but since I expect it, it doesn’t bother me. Reading the reviews for the items your wanting to order does help a ton. Overall if you just expect a long shipping time and clothes that may be cheaply made then I think you’ll be happy because some of the clothes are as cheap as $3-$5 a piece for insanely cute baby clothes. Much more unique clothing than what’s available at the average retailer. The baby clothes do tend to run a little big, but I like that.


Didn’t receive my order.

So I ordered from this website in august because I heard it takes a long a time to get here and I wanted to get ready with my baby’s fall/ winter wardrobe. I tracked my order and it was a long a time left on “sorry for taking long on updating your order status ...” then one day I checked and said it was delivered when I never received it. I called pat pat and they said to call USPS first to get some type of number and then report it back to pat pat. USPS was so rude and in general I have issues receiving mail from them. The “customer is always right” does not apply here. Cause the lady kept telling me one and more time “but the system says it was delivered” and never got a call back afterwards. I called pat pat again after I called usps to make the claim and the guy said I needed a number from USPS first. So I just gave up. I think I got 10 items and spent $80 on the whole order that I never received or got a refund. $80 dollars I worked for to buy my daughter clothes and have to spend another $80 to buy clothes at the store. Cause I’m all honesty buying in store is better but cause of COVID I wanted to give online shot.


Latest addiction-PatPat

I have to admit, I love this website/app. I was skeptical at first, but tried it and now addicted! So many cute items on here for a fraction of the cost that you would get anywhere else. I see some of the items on PatPat on other websites and the prices are outrageous on those other sites. They not only have cool things for kids but also for adults-clothes-kitchen appliances... the list goes on. I rant and rave to friends and family about this app. If you haven’t browsed and purchased yet, get started and have fun filling your basket with all the cool goodies! One thing I will say that I found w this app that I didn’t know at the beginning was they clothes for the babies do run slightly big. Not a big deal because the kiddos will fit into it eventually. Anyway, enough said here! Once you start you won’t be able to stop! Good luck and have fun shopping!


Terrible Terrible Terrible

I placed an order of 19 items it says it was delivered but when I track the order it says usps is still waiting on the package I called usps they said they never received the order and that the manufacturer still has the package I’ve reached out to this app and still no updates as to what’s going on it’s been well over two months very disappointing I ordered this package partly for a baby shower and the other my unborn child the baby shower is in two weeks so vary concerning and I’m due in two months so I really can’t believe this happened to me I spent a lot of money with them and to get no response and no updates is really bothering me on top of that PatPat really gives you the run around as to getting in contact with them instead of me just being able to email them PatPat ask a billion questions about the package and none of the solutions or answers are pertaining to my situation and they don’t have a contact number for the company which is a huge turn off for the company it’s just pathetic all around that it’s so easy for them to take your money but have poor communication with its costumers smh



When I first ordered from this app I only ordered a couple of things to kind of get an idea of what their products are like quality and sizing wise .. the first time did take WAY too long with absolutely no tracking information/ it was not updating; HOWEVER!! I can say I literally just ordered 18 items from them and not only is the quality outstanding but the shipping was fast and the tracking was very up to date. The only reason why I’m giving 4 stars is because sizing is not really consistent I ordered a bunch of clothes in 3-6months size and some of them were incredibly big while others fit just right with still room for her to grow, I’d recommend using, PatPat has definitely had a lot of updates and creators have taken each review into consideration. BUT ALWAYS remember to read other peoples reviews on the products before purchasing as they will usually give you an idea of what you will expect before ordering.


Super cute clothes..!!

I ordered matching swimsuits for my son and daughter. My daughter’s bathing suit was not a good fit at all. The design looked awkward, and my 6 year old hated the way it looked on her. The return/refund process was not as painful as it seem at first. I had to email them with pictures of all the red tags and sizes for every piece that I wish to return. I got a response back within 32hrs, and basically I had 3 options. First one, I could get a full refund if I returned the items, but I had to pay for shipping myself and it will take about 2 weeks to process. Second, I could get a refund for half the money that I paid and keep the items. Or third opinion, which is the one I picked. I could get a full refund in the form of store credit and still keep the items”(for future gift)” they said. I still want to order matching swimsuits for both my kids. The clothes are super cute and the prices are very affordable. The quality of the clothesi got was great, so no complaints there.


Pleasantly surprised!

I have to admit I was skeptical about ordering from this site/app based on other people’s reviews but I have been really pleased with my experience so far! I placed an order and received the items within about 10 days (disclaimer: I live in Japan and the items were shipped from China) The items were fairly accurate to my expectations...if you pay close attention to the actual sizes and measurements in the description, they are pretty accurate, but you definitely need to be careful to check the description and not base your order on your usual size. Knowing your measurements is definitely a recommendation! The sizes vs measurements differ from item to item...for example 2 items both labeled as XL may have different measurements and one might fit fine but the other won’t. One of the dresses I ordered had thinner material than I expected and though it was labeled as a dress, it was so thin I would never wear it as a dress, but will wear it with leggings. 2 of my items did not fit so I communicated with customer service and requested to do a return. I received great service with quick responses and a very generous accommodating response to my return request. I will definitely recommend this company to family and friends and am very likely to make another purchase in the future. PatPat itself is helpful and relatively easy to navigate. There are even bonus rewards for shopping via PatPat instead of the website.



Didn’t think the size would fit right because I’ve ordered from other sites and they didn’t! But they fit wonderfully, I ordered them three weeks ago and they finally arrived after 3 weeks which is fine because now I know if I need them for a special reason to order them 2 months earlier!! My whole family love them so to my friends people asked me where I bought them from and I had told them so I highly recommend Pat Pat for others to shop from! Definitely love the fact that I can get matching outfits for all of my children I’ve looked everywhere at other sites to find this and my friend had told me about this site and it is absolutely wonderful! I couldn’t be any more pleased with the outcome and the looks of the outfits I will definitely be purchasing more matching outfits for my family and I!!!


PatPat is worth it!!

Initially I was skeptical about the clothing and all because they were at great affordable prices. I was more convinced to buy from this app when it came across my Fb feed. After making sure there were plenty of reviews on google, I decided to try it out and I was actually very satisfied with my first order! (four months ago). Just by checking in everyday, you get to earn credits for your this app wallet🤍You also earn vouchers from earned points👏🏼 I am currently waiting on my 3rd order with this app clothing including accessories(: Very cute and adorable outfits to accessories, shoes, maternity products, jewelry, and home & baby gear! Don’t forget to look at their clearance sales😍 I really really love the MOMMY & ME matching outfits! I will definitely be ordering family matching swimsuits before summer gets here.✨👙🩱🩳



I do NOT recommend this company. I placed my order on Noc. 25, 2019 and I still have yet to recurved it. It has been sitting in one location for over 1 week and has not moved. I’ve contacted customer service twice (through only only as it’s the only option) and nothing has been done, just an “I’m sorry, we’re doing all we can. It can take a courier some time to scan and sort through their deliveries.” I’m sorry, but it should not take a courier company over 1 week to scan and sort my order...that tells me it has been misplaced. If this is how long it takes with this courier, I recommend they find a new courier because, as a company, you should not find this acceptable. In the meantime, they should be doing something to make this right for your me, your customer, but they have not. Say my package is actually lost and by the time they actually decide to do something about it, they are now out of stock of what I ordered (BEFORE Thanksgiving). The small amount of money I saved using their coupon has not been worth the stress of knowing if I’m actually going to get my order. DO NOT IRDER FROM this app!!!!


Great clothes, meh service

I actually really like the outfits they sell here and the prices aren’t too bad honestly, I’ve gone to other little boutiques both in person and online and their prices are pretty high up compared to this app. However, I took off two stars because of the delivery part - I have ordered three times from here and the first and second order I did not get the delivery for some reason, I actually am still trying to find my second package and the third package is supposedly on its way and I am going to keep a very keen eye on it. Everything is in Chinese so I couldn’t really read the email they sent about the shipping details and I don’t know what carrier they used so that I may call them up and get the status. It’s very frustrating and honestly I don’t know if I would want to go through this again but maybe until I find another great online boutique I’ll just have to deal with it and stay on top of the shipping.


Pat Pat app Better than (Wish) expected....

PatPat has a lot of quality clothes at better than wholesale prices! Also has “levels” as a game might, for example, you get so many points for checking in numerous days in a roll & for posting IRL pics of the clothing/items you’ve purchased! There’s even a wheel to spin to get even more discounted prices! The only complaint i have is that it did take about a month to receive my order (which was somewhat large) Also before you choose to buy any clothing check the reviews especially those with pics! The matching spring dresses & dress shirts I bought for myself, husband & 4 children all ran a little too big! But that’s not uncommon; many brands sizes run different from brand to brand


Baby clothes

I was hesitant to order based on some reviews. But baby clothes reviews did not seem so bad. I ordered 7 items for my baby girl. First off, they came in a week and a half, which I was expecting it to be longer. I’ve ordered from China before and things have taken 3 weeks. So that was pretty cool! And to be honest, I thought that all 7 items were amazing! A couple of dresses, hoodie and pants, hat with pom poms, and some two piece outfits with head wraps. One dress is even lined nice and thick just like it was advertised. I think the sizes might be slightly off. my baby isn’t here yet, but judging from my first kid I would say a little big. But honestly, I was really happy with my purchase. Especially for the price. I will be ordering more for sure! Hopefully my future order will be just as great!


Placed an order now asking for more money

I placed my order on 03/27 and the money has been taken out of my account and it says that my order has been shipped. The tracking information does not even show whose going to deliver my package, UPS, Fed Ex etc. q Now I’m getting notifications from them that my package has been returned and now i have to pay 5,74$ extra fee. Whatever that means. Then when clicking on the notification it takes you to a fed ex website. The money is not back in my account and i have not received my order. I’m starting to feel like this website is a scam!!! I have emailed them letting them know the situation. Still waiting for a response. If your going to return my package return my money. If this does not get resolved I will go to the BBB and contact my attorney. My mother has also placed an order and it’s been over 30 days and still has not received her package and has also received the same exact notification that she owes more money and her package has been returned. This isn’t right!!


Want to love this app

First I love the baby clothes and the prices. What I do not like is that I ordered two weeks ago and my items are still processing. I emailed the company to get no answer at all. If there is a long waiting time like a month for my purchases that should be found in the FAQ area because I was under the idea that I will get fast service like other places. For example I know Wish products take 2 weeks to a month to come and it says that but also they do not have my items in processing for long. It is shipped out after three days and take about a that time to come. There is no progress with Pat Pat. I’m starting to think this is a scam. I want my money back. I emailed for that to with no response.


Slow shipping and didn’t fulfill my order

Ugh I ordered in March so I could have dresses for Easter..the dresses are adorable and will work perfectly ergo the 3 stars instead of one...while I was looking for Easter dresses I ran across some Americana (flag) daughter and I were so excited for Independence Day, one of our favorite holidays...and very affordable prices so I ordered us each one of those...when my order finally came in about 4 1/2 weeks later..the Easter dresses were perfect but there was only 1 Americana dress(mine) and a note saying they were out of stock...I get that it happens I was annoyed because I won’t ever wear it without her having hers... But the kicker was...I decided to find something different and the dresses are still being sold the small size for my daughter as well as the adult size...what the crap?!?! Why couldn’t they just send me my I’m not sure I want to order again!!!! UPDATE: I was told to contact customer service at a specific website by email, however when I go there I can’t get to an email form...just an faq page, they have topics but none of them apply to my situation and it’s been 2 months the little dress I was told was out of stock is still being offered for sale on their page...because I can’t contact them I changed my rating to 2 stars!! This is ridiculous!!


Perfect for a parent in need of a break!

PatPat is wonderfully intuitive and gives me everything I could need for my kid. The layout is easy to understand and the products are adorable! I love being able to see what the clothes look like on other young children through the social feed. It’s a fun way to interact with other parents and feels very rewarding. Seems like the developer put a lot of work into this. A lot of care was put into making this the perfect app for a parent like me that needs an easy way to shop for a growing little one. Will continue to use for a long time! :)


Awful App and products

I never write review but felt compelled to share my experience with this one. I found PatPat hard to use — it was stuck on filtering only girls clothing and I have a son, and the stock was limited and not updated the entire time I’ve had PatPat . I ordered three items for my niece, all very cheap and badly made. One says 100% cotton on the top tag but is 100% not cotton. A second tag says 95% polyester which is more believable. Another dress is frayed at the seam and while one tag says “do not dry clean” and another tag on the same dress says “dry clean only.” The third dress lacks tags of any kind but has strings hanging off the seams all over. I think a few seams are about to unravel. They all looked so cute on PatPat but in person it’s obvious these are the kinds of clothes that tend to get worn once and end up right in a landfill. Deleting PatPat .


Customer service

Love PatPat , love the clothes and love the customer service. Recently I ordered matching swimwear for my family but ordered the sizes too big. I contacted them after the 14 day policy and they were very helpful in addressing the issue after explaining that with the arrival of our new baby kind of ran out of time to return/exchange my items. They contacted me back within 24 hours and sent me the items within a week. I would recommend them and definitely will continue shopping with them.


Excellent shopping app for moms

Wonderful shopping app for moms, new different products coming every day, good qualify with good price. I will continue to place orders. Updates: I have placed many orders so far, just want to update it, I am very satisfied with PatPat and love to use more. I used to buy a lot kids clothing from department stores, now after I found PatPat and their website, shopping for kids clothing becomes so easy and enjoyable thing for me. I love to check their daily specials, new arrivals to see what promotions they have and what new styles they just launched. My daughter always receive compliments when she wears different cute dresses go to preschool😊, and I enjoy to dress her up everyday with those cute and low price outfits. I have recommend it to many of my friends and they all love it.


Don’t waste your time and money: poor quality and customer service

I ordered 10+ items because they looked super cute. However, when they finally arrived the sizes were inconsistent (a 3mo this app item was larger than a 6-9mo from a different retailer, and bigger than a different 9mo item from this app) and the quality was poor (e.g., stripes were screen printed on fabric rather than woven in the fabric, stripes were misaligned at the seems, “flannel” looking items were not made out of flannel material, but rather nylon). I’m in the midst of trying to return some of the items, and customer service (agent Jed), is being extremely difficult and asking for photos of the items before sending a return shipping label or address. Still unresolved.



I ordered almost $100 worth of clothes a month ago and never received them. unfortunately you can only talk to customer support through email and they take a day to respond. So when I spoke to they told me I have to wait for my package in order to receive a refund because my order was already processed and that was three weeks ago. I contacted them again and they tried to give me a partial refund plus my package and I refused again. I just want my full refund. if you ask me it’s a SCAM. i seen all the good reviews but it’s not showing from my order. advising everyone NOT TO ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE. 7-10 delivery date is a lie. waste of my time and money.

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No. PatPat - Kids & Baby Clothing does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 102,912 PatPat - Kids & Baby Clothing User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PatPat - Kids & Baby Clothing Is 16.0/100.

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Reported Issues: 6 Comments

By Florie -Ann Legaspi Lambito
Jul 31 2022

It was my first time to order from this app. the day my order was deliver by the delivery man, did not inform me or bother to call me. He just leave my order outside my door and took a photo and send to Whatsapp. I only saw the message 15 minutes later. I ask someone to open the door and take my parcel to bring inside my house. Unfortunately nothing was outside.Someone took my parcel. First time happened due to the negligence of the delivery man.

By Ruka
Jul 06 2021

Where is the clothes

By Martina
May 28 2021

I just placed an order with them..a small one but was hesitant. Things change at checkout. It tells you you can get up to 5 items on their sale prices but if you put more that one on your order it places the other 4 at full price.
Also they count a onesie with a bow as two items instead of a complete outfit. Don’t know if I will get my order but don’t think I will be using the site in the future..seems quite dicey to me.

By Kimberlee Hayes
May 19 2021

I have contacted customer service twice for an order I placed 2 month ago. I was told the delivery service had a delay in delivering my package. I was told to call the post office so I did. The post office is still waiting on it to come from DHL. They told me to contact them, I did. DHL told me the tracking number has been deactivated for whatever reason and for me to contact PAT PAT Clothing company to see what's going on with my package. For the 2nd time I called, I was told that they will resend my order, well that has been about 2 weeks now and still now shipping information for the new package. The email I received was that they are trying to locate my package with the tracking number that has been deactivated 🤦‍♀️!!!!! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY AT ALL. I WOULD RATHER SHOP AT A THRIFT SHOP AT LEAST I KNOW I WILL RECEIVE MY PRODUCT I WANT!!!

By Anita
May 04 2021

Same as above, as a new customer the website gave cheap prices for only new customers but when you go to checkout those prices have disappeared and when you get in touch with customer service they ask for a screen shot knowing full well you can no longer access those pages, now concerned about the order I have made and paid for

By Teresa Heckman
Apr 19 2021

I am a new customer. I just put an order in (4/19/2021).
There were a few things that I thought I was getting for .99 each because I am a new customer. Why did I not get them for .99 at checkout!
Already not a very happy customer!

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