Minds.com Reviews

Minds.com Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-23

Free your mind and get paid for creating content, driving engagement and
referring friends. We are a social networking platform to have open
conversations and bring people together under the principles of freedom,
transparency and privacy. You control your experience. We make it simple...

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Minds.com Reviews

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    Love the concept, app almost unusable

    The app now does a flashing change of posts on the home newsfeed page when I open it (desktop version too). So annoying. Also, my feed is so busy and I have no way of muting certain users without unfollowing or blocking them. I cannot prioritize certain creators either. It’s so much overload that it’s practically unusable. I hope they end up fixing this (on many levels) as I adore the underlying concept. It has a lot going for it and an upscale user base (much less troll like behavior compared to a Twitter or Gab). I will keep checking back until this turns the corner. I’m a believer in this concept and it has some great bones. Edit: finally had to delete the app. I can no longer post anything (just get a refresh circle continually). Went to help page to comment on someone else’s post but it said my post had an error and could not be posted . The app itself is almost unusable. You can’t see replies. Still no mute. Repeated posts. No way to prioritize. Desktop is definitely better but im usually on my phone. You’re killing a great idea. I’m now looking for a better free speech alternative. Too bad because the community is great. But the app looks like it was made by my high schooler.

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    Not for those who get triggered

    I enjoy minds because of it diversity in thought. People on the platform are not pandering to the social media gods they are speaking their ‘minds’ but are also trolling people to get a rise out of them and making offense jokes at times. I’ve seen many about how women can’t drive and I laugh at it and share it. You shouldn’t take everything seriously and especially don’t take anything to heart. Now they’ll probably be racists and sexists people on this app like there is in the world but just ignore them everyone thinks they’re stupid. Just dislike their post and more on. But again this is a great app I wise there was more social media apps like this.

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    Could sink fb

    Impressed with the sleek interface. The concept is great! There are a few kinks to work out which I’ll list below. Overall, If the developers can work out the issues, I believe this app can be a game changer for social media. Issues encountered so far: (mobile version) -The letter i is glitchy for some reason. It wants to type a capitalized i in the middle of words -Autocorrect is non existent so you have to pay close attention to what you are typing -When editing a word too close to the left of the screen, it’s virtually impossible to select in front of it. The work around I use is putting the cursor a letter or 2 to the right and deleting to beginning to get it in the right spot Update: I can’t figure out how to add hashtags past the original posting. This may be some setting but I’m not finding it. Still not giving up on this app :) I love where this app is headed the more I learn it!

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    Hope this takes off

    Great alternative to Fb. Creator I currently trust and an app that’s pretty proficient. I like the privacy aspect of it and not having to use my real name. The extra password to message, stronger encryption programming, free speech aspect, and how quickly I am receiving Followers are all good signs that this site is legit. Wish more artist were on this page though. Like to see some of my favorite bands join. Also like to see more of my American friends. Seems to be more popular among areas of Asia prob do to its open content. Def will take off in the backpacking circuit in hostels around the world

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    Great Environment to practice your Freedom of Speech

    It’s a little bit of getting used to, but the offer that Minds gives cannot be found on other more popular social networking apps. The idea of decentralized network (yes, it sounds like Pied Piper from “Silicon Valley” TV show) is great and it does seem like this is where the future of social networking starts. I don’t know for how long, but with fewer controls and restrictions on the users, this company has carved the true meaning of freedom of speech. Start trying out this app, and have your voice be heard globally!

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    Need to make a way to add friends and make interface easier to use

    Many complain about the learning curve and it is steep but if you take the time to learn it it does work nicely. Developer please improve on the interface especially iOS version because it needs user friendly cleanups and maybe a install how to use guide that one can skip if they want. Just something that explains how minds works especially since many use Facebook or twitter.

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    Good platform, average app.

    Needs a lot of work. Specifically making the subscribe button bigger and easier to find/activate. It takes five minutes for it to work and actually register you hitting it. Loading times are slower than usual. The notifications you get are all lumped together and hard to distinguish. If you get 30 you have to look through them all one by one just to see if someone replied to you or liked the comment. There should be some colors or another way to distinguish points gained from replies, likes, etc.

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    Great concept, needs more work.

    All around useful app. Search function needs more refinement across all main tabs to make it easier to find other users and pages by name rather than handle. The subscribe button could be more prominent as well. The app itself is a little sluggish so I’ve opted to use the iOS mobile website which overall is a much better UX/UI.

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    THEY arent in control here YET and beautiful interface

    Gorgeous and useful app. I have no idea who ultimately controls this platform but I’m sure Apple will ban them or google once enough non (THEY) people are allowed to share there opinions. Obviously there’s a war of information and Apple is not on the team of sharing information freely so I expect this app to be short lived sadly. But their web app is tremendous either way. A true TWITTER KILLER

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    Good start, a few bugs

    Text entry is not compatible with auto correct or auto guess about what you’re typing which means every single word had to be typed & corrected including any form of punctuation which makes it extremely difficult to actually write anything using the app, even for short sentences. The web version seems much more useful at this point right now. Like I say, the app is a good start. Expecting all these things to eventually get worked out.

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    Please address this issue

    Date of writing: 4/4/18 While I love using minds as my preferred social media, there is a problem that the new app has while operating on my IPhone S6 plus. When I open the app, it will go to my subscription feed as it normally does, but after a few seconds of being on, the app “White screens” and nothing is displayed or functions, almost as if it had crashed. I’ve waited for the feed to return to normal, however after 5 minuets of waiting nothing changes for me. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app along with restarting my phone many times but nothing seems to help remedy the problem either. I hope that this is just an incident isolated to me because I would hate for others to have to have a bad user experience. I love using minds, but this is a serious problem with the mobile app that needs to be addressed quickly.

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    It doesn't work on my phone anymore :*(

    I prefer this "social" media platform over all others that's why the 5 stars stays, but sadly the app no longer works on my iPhone 5. I can access it on the internet on the phone, but the app just opens then shuts down. If you can fix I'd appreciate it. I'll try again in 30 days.

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    Great Concept, Needs Work

    It's a new app so I gave it some forgiveness. The concept is great, being able to voice your ideas and not be bashed down immediately by uneducated adults and teens unwilling to have another point of view. Lots of glitches with profile editing and posting. If these get fixed it will be a groundbreaking app.

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    Lots of work needed.

    The app works great for posting, though rather laggy compared to other social media apps. Interesting “scoring” system with the views you gain, even though it’s nothing more than a “fun” tally system than an actual indicator of views. Biggest problem I ran into so far is the inability to edit your profile. It just keeps trying to pull up the keyboard and then going away. I even have to reload the screen/page just to back out to the news feed.

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    The new decentralized “Facebook”

    Minds is going to be continue to be a game changer as it grows. Decentralized ‘DAPPS’ that embody the best of social networks, without all the bad elements Facebook has now shown to the public to be true. The Ottman founding family are fully committed & true advocates for the people. I love their approach and know they will continue to innovate their network.

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Is Minds.com Safe?

Yes. Minds.com is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 484 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Minds.com Is 45.0/100.

Is Minds.com Legit?

Yes. Minds.com is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 484 Minds.com User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Minds.com Is 45.0/100.

Is Minds.com not working?

Minds.com works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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