Amino: Communities and Chats Reviews

Amino: Communities and Chats Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-14

Explore your interests, tell your story and find your people on Amino. Start by
exploring a new type of video with Amino Stories to share the best parts of your
interests with millions. Then, chat and connect with fans like you in
Communities around all your passions. Our latest update...

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Amino: Communities and Chats Reviews

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    The best way to make new friends with the same interests

    I first got on Amino due to my liking of kpop and not many other people I knew liked it. So I joined kpop Amino. Then I started to find other Animos on the Amino platform for groups, then I joined for biases and when it asked me if I wanted to join another Amino, say Overwatch Amino I joined because I also love Overwatch and didn’t even know there was an Amino for it. I then joined NCT Amino which really made me happy because none of my friends liked NCT like I did and then I made friends on all the platforms and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I heard of the app from a friend thinking it was just another one of their games about some crap they had on their phone but then tried it out and had some of the best experiences of my life. I really think people should use this platform and be happy with the outcome because you can definitely find more than one person on Amino who likes the same things as you or just needs a friend to talk to. It really just helped me meet people from different and interesting places and connect with others in a way I could never before. It could even help you leave your mark on the world if you try and work hard enough. But don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself.

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    Newest Update

    I have to say the newest amino update of October 2018, it’s not bad. I just don’t like the new format. I was just barely getting used to the one before it and I have to say I do have a complaint. Before the last two updates and versions, the voice calling, you could enter a chat and choose whether or not you wanted to listen to the call. But after the last update (Not October) you could not. You’d open a chat with a voice call and immediately be put in to listen to the call, and couldn’t actually just talk in the chat without having to listen to it. Now this is a big thing for me because I like to listen with headphones but if I’m out in public and there’s an incoming voice call, I can’t enter the chat to text because I don’t have anything to make the chat quiet with. I’d really like the old version back where the “my chats” was still in the top right corner instead of this bar that’s kind of slightly annoying on the bottom of my screen. It is slightly harder to navigate because instead of just swiping right on the side of my screen to pull up the menu to look at what I have notifications with, i have to click the bell then click out then go and click my chats on the bottom of the screen. Also the new feature where the exit of the comm button is right on the screen is highly annoying. Like if I accidentally click it while trying to navigate through the main part of the comm, I get exited out of the comm.

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    New format, new glitches

    I’m a long time user, been here since Pokemon amino was originally launched. So there’s some new issues with this Late November/early December 2019 update that I would like fixed. You see, I believe Amino would be better effective and more manageable, at least on my end, if the format wasn’t changed every bloody six months and I had to get you to new buttons and all that excellent stuff that I should only have to do once or twice on an app. Secondly, the constant server shutdowns and seizures the app has makes it aggravating and the app is crashing too frequently for my liking. An app is going to crash every now and then but amino is the only app I have that crashes at least once every day. On top of that, there’s several glitches when it comes to making wikis. I am a role player, and amino is an excellent role play platform due to its number of communities. However, the aggravation that comes with making wikis, or Original Characters(OCs) is rather exhausting. First, every time I try to copy something the highlight will pop up, but when I let go instead of prompting to copy the keyboard closes and it disappears. Second, when I tap to type a weird cursor will pop up and the entire thing will glitch, won’t respond to my taps, and I have to save the post in my drafts before I continue. Before the new format change comes, I would like the glitches and bugs to be handled first please and thank you.

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    Bug Issues/ Poor communication

    Overall this app is awesome when it comes to being able to communicate with other people about your specific interests including being able to make and design your own community around your interests as well. However, i was apart of this community for about a year and a half, and I did not choose to leave. First of all, i recieved a strike and wasnt able to communicate for a whole day. Within aminos rules you have to be given a warning before a strike, as well as an explanation. The app did no such thing. A couple days later I received a Ban throughout the whole app; meaning they wouldn't let me even sign in without it saying “You have been banned”. I posted no inappropriate content, i did not talk inappropriately to other members, and i did not send any unfavorable pictures and messages on my page. I did as the rules followed and i gained a pretty good following and reputation. I helped out the community by providing my experience and tried to help the younger generation on their art and craft. After I was banned i sent many emails on how i was banned with no explanation. Its been 3 months still with no response from the Amino team. I also emailed them with a long response telling them what had happened, and how i was disappointed with their business and app. Their “support” email is just a facade and emailing them will never get you a response. Just a warning.

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    One of the apps that I actually enjoy exploring and getting involved in different kinds of communities and meeting new people! I have met really kind people in this app, and overall I had an amazing experience, and hope that everyone does too! Overall it’s my favorite app, and recommend others to download and try it too! However, even though I think it’s an awesome app, and everything, it has its own flaws, or let me rephrase myself, weird people that make this app a little dangerous for kids that are not aware of the internet predators and perils. I have come across one amino community that I have joined and one of the official authorities had given me an introduction, like they do for all other aminos, however this one was totally different. And that is because it stated something about that majority of the users are girls, and they wanted me to send them a picture of myself just wearing my bra. That offended me so much that I was ready to write a complaint but decided otherwise! That audacity of them even thinking that I was going to do such thing that might endanger my privacy is unacceptable and those people should be banned from an app that mostly young teenagers and kids occupy. That could be prevented of course, if the kids are aware of such ugly people, and I would highly encourage people using this app and being careful on who chatting with.

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    It is overall a really good app when it comes to communicating and meeting new people whom share similar interests as you however there are a few things that I am not too big of a fan of when it comes to this app. It crashes kind of often lately and the team never really takes in our suggestions to fix some of the issues. Instead we get an automatic reply and then after a few days another one from a staff member basically saying the same thing or suggesting something that isn’t even helpful. The app really downgrades picture quality and the HD version you get within Amino + doesn’t really make a lot of a difference. You can’t upload “big” files but the app only tells you that once you’ve uploaded it all and hit post. It’s be extremely helpful to bring back the option to not be able to insert a picture or gif if it exceeds the limit. False reports are another thing. Sometimes people falsely report other members and Amino does not really even review it thoroughly and I know this through an experiment I did with a fake account. I believe that Amino is still a great app but they forget about the little details as they are overwhelmed by the big and that’s what is dragging the app down slowly. There are a few more things I would like to address regarding this app but those are just some I think concerns me and my experience along with my friends the most.

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    Good app, ignore the bullies

    Most of The rules are great and there are some great people who monitor everything, if you don’t listen to a rule on purpose then you’re kicked out or if you accidentally do it they let you get a chance to fix it depending on what you did. Great app! Super easy! Super fun!!! In the beginning I made a post though and I was accused of lying and being a cheater, I was starting to get bullied a little bit so I just left that amino and never came back! But it did really hurt my feelings that people can be so mean but I’ve recovered from that incident. Besides that amino, they are all super friendly and I’ve kind of made some friends along with making a couple of my own Aminos called “Rabbit And Bunny Lovers Amino”, And “ Horse Lovers Amino” 😊❤️ I personally like the new update a lot but the ads get a little annoying. I’ve been in a lot of different communities and most of them are extremely friendly and nice. I have a decent follower count on all the communities that I’m in and has had a lot of fun making posts! I’m known as ~IVY~ on the Dog Amino which is probably one of my favorite communities that I’m in. I have learned so much from the communities that I’m in and would like to someday be a profession animal photographer! ~Animal Fanatic💕

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    Can be used for good.

    I’ve had amino for almost 4 years. When I first found it, it was amazing I found so many amazing people. After using for a long time, I noticed quite a bit of toxicity and problems with this App. For Example, many younger kids use it and there are many older adults, this causes disrespect, also too much exposure to older content for the younger kids. Many people would talk about inappropriate topics even if kids were there. This causes many kids to be saying things that harm their future and innocence. I am aware that many people will say that kids probably already know that content, but I’m saying this as a 13 year old girl that has used this for 4 years. I have said so many things that I wish to take back, so many topics that I wish to never see again. I worry so much that 7 year olds will use this app and get sexually harassed and hurt because of the things they say and the things they post. I’ve seen many people kill themselves because of the harmful comments. This overexposure and lack of security can lead to many harmful things. Honestly, it was tough choosing what I should rate this, but I do admit that I have made so many good, wonderful friends, but the way I was speaking made me get in horrible trouble. Anyways, this app could be a little better on security for the younger users. This is a great app, but needs a bit of work. From, A Concerned Member from the Amino Community.

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    A remarkable app!

    Amino is truly a wonderful app! At first, I wasn’t that much interested in this, but after a while, I was addicted. You can check in daily and get coins, play quizzes and chat. You can post your art, make Wikipedia’s and write stories. It is really outstanding. You can find other people who have the same interests, and find all of the things you enjoy in one app. Amino gets you connected with all of the people who like what you do instantly, by simply downloading this. I would highly suggest getting this if you are looking for a way to get in touch with your fandom or community. (I’ve found more people through this, some accounts having YT channels, and I can see their content.) There is so much you can discover on this, without hesitation I would advise you to get this! There are so many communities, and it wouldn’t be that hard to find yours. You can see your favorites artist’s posts, or a writer’s stories. Some users have amazing ideas, that I never knew had existed until I had joined this app. Remarkable is almost an understatement. I can follow along with my community. Download Amino, and try it out! Thanks to all the creators of this, this is absolutely amazing, I’m blown away!

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    To Team Amino

    Hello Amino! I am known as Rachelle in Amino but also Hani in Kpop communities. I really do love this app and it’d be great if you took my advice! I’m a big fan of role playing on Amino. So...some advice I have here is please please please moderate the sexual activity and bullying happening in communities. It makes the communities less fun as well as ruin experiences for others and force others to leave due to bullying. Also I want to bring up something else, please read our reviews when members flag certain things such as communities. I flagged Camp Crystal Lake 2.0 for a reason yet the leaders keep remaking it! Here’s my reason, the leaders were abusing their power and banning members!!!! Please do something about this such as removing those leaders from the community and bringing better moderators. That is just bullying!!! I was banned for just wanting to switch camps in that community! *note* Please don’t join but report camp crystal lake 2.0. Also another convenient thing is being able to hide your posts from certain members including certain leaders. I blocked the leader who banned me and fought for my justice by posting screenshots of the bullying and she was still able to see it and banned me before I could defend myself. Thank you and keep up the good work. ~Rachelle💓

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    A Clever Communicator

    One of the most appealing things about this app from the get-go is its engagement method. From whatever of the countless communities of personal interest you choose to get involved with, you are immediately provided connection with other members to follow and subsequently be followed by. A daily reward of in-app currency for customizing your experience encourages regular check-ins, as well as grants the ability to gift others for especially intriguing posts. Communities are simple and easy to join, creating your own community is by all means comprehensive, and the moderation of community content and guidelines is done by other users and creators of the communities themselves. Overall, an excellent resource for meeting like-minded strangers and uniquely expressing yourself. The only gripe I have that prevents me from giving the app a perfect 5-star rating is the user-interface. It suffers from the unpopular limitation of screen rotation, so operating on a tablet or large mobile device is awkward. This issue is magnified since some major icons and menu swipes are either smaller than anything else on the screen or located in regions that can feel unnatural, so navigation can be finicky. Other than that, among social media tools there’s really nothing else quite like it.

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    such a welcoming community!! +make friendships +multiple amino groups

    i had this app before but due to some complications that had to do with my previous phone, i lost all the data i had on my former amino account. i tried logging into my old account but, i just gave up and decided to make a new account. i seriously forgot how welcoming amino was, so my mood changed drastically with all the comforting and welcoming messages that were sent. amino is also a wonderful app where you could make new friends and become introduced to other topics without feeling lost or left out (i’ve been there, trust me). thankfully, amino has many diverse topics so it’s not much of a hassle to get more into one fandom. i cannot fully express my whole gratitude towards this app but hell, if this app wasnt made, i probably wouldn’t have met many amazing people who changed me in many ways, for the better or worse. now, i must admit that im only making this for stickers but i cant help but feel a little sefish for not giving a genuine feedback. BUT all in all, i love your app, SO PLEASE CONTINUE DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING COS ITS AMAZING. i purple you’!! 💜💜 [an army if you cant tell]

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    Just a little changes

    So first off, this is a real good app where u can express yourself and just watch what u wanna watch and, like follow people, post stuff for entertainment and stuff but, there’s some stuff I regret just looking at, so I closed the app for a little while and then I opened it and it said choose three topics your in to, or you like I really didn’t want to!!! So I pressed next, it didn’t let me go... I was mad.. just because what if I pick these topics and I’ll just stick to those topics forever and be bored! :( >:c but I chose them anyway, because I thought no big deal right? So then I chose, gaming, art, and I think idk maybe roplay, and I regret what I saw.. it was literally so scary, and it was a scary photo or someone just did there makeup like that! But I regret just seeing that because I HATED IT AND I WAS SCARED! :((( >:ccc, I’m not a scardy cat or anything but HONESTLY it was scary, and then I thought oh wow someone probably drew something like that, but like LITERALLY I never said scary ART DID I? and there was also something else scary but I don’t wanna look back at it, I just wish I never would have to choose any topics, and I regret seeing that, so plz just fix it I’m very terrified by that.. but I’m still keeping the app anyway, I hope all of you are alert about this because u might see stuff u regret seeing...

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    so idk honestly. i’m eating this 2 stars due to the fact that amino is good and all but banning and striking have become ridiculous. if you didn’t already know, amino will give you 3 warnings then ban you for any “sexual content” posted or shared in pms. you are supposedly able to appeal your ban, strike, or warning, by contacting team amino in the app or by contacting them through their website. i have had my account banned before, for no reason, and tried to figure it out. i emailed and emailed and honestly it took weeks for them to respond. if you use their options they give you on their website, you will get an automatic response and i’m pretty sure they ban your IP address, when banning your account. anyways, i have tried and tried to contact team amino due to this issue which results in them telling me once your account has been banned it’s permanent and that there is nothing you can do about it. team amino is also, i think, very vague and rude in some of their emails. they’re kinda aggressive at times as well. they don’t listen if there’s an issue and again, take forever to respond. i honestly don’t know what happened to the original amino team but the one there is now is horrible. i’ve used amino and other similar apps to this for a long time. and honestly, amino is actually really good. what needs to be fixed is team amino.

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    The purchasing with amino coins

    Yes I have to agree, Amino is such a great and amazing app where you can find a subject that you like and express yourself in anyway you like but the one thing that really hinders that large expression of ones self is the speech bubbles, the frames, ect… We find it an issue that this amazing app still has the same problem it has for a while now. Why do we have to use all the time we had to collect all those amino coins and then to have purchased a accessory for Your please on the app and then to only have it for a month or a couple of days, it makes no sense to have all that time and patience to save up then to basically say back in there face that it doesn’t even matter. A lot of us old time amino users would love this change from temporary purchase to being able to just buy it the. We keep it because we’ve earned the right to have that we had the patience and the time to wait on our thing we want, we would love it. I understand this is measly another review on this app and will most likely be pushed back with more reviews but I wish that you at least took the time to read and understand the message I’m trying to give, thank you for you’re time.

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Yes. Amino: Communities and Chats is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 236,769 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Amino: Communities and Chats Is 56.0/100.

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Yes. Amino: Communities and Chats is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 236,769 Amino: Communities and Chats User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Amino: Communities and Chats Is 56.0/100.

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