Wishbone - Compare Anything Reviews

Wishbone - Compare Anything Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-26

Wishbone is your go-to for comparing anything your heart desires! Wishbone
covers everything from TikTokers, fashion, beauty, pop culture and so much
more. Join in on the fun with your friends by voting on the top trending polls
of the day! Create your own polls and see how the Wishbone...

Table of Contents:
1. Reviews
2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Wishbone - Compare Anything Reviews

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    Not Kid Friendly

    So when I first got this game I was like “Wow, they have the social media part for like everyone who liked that and the fun voting and the fun creating cards!” That was 3 years ago. They had much less ads and such. I hate voting on cards now knowing a 30second ad which you can’t skip pops up. It is just really annoying. The one part I think would make it more kid friendly is private and filter mode. Instagram has this which makes it more kid friendly... this however doesn’t which means kids CAN AND WILL experience swearing, inappropriate cards, and much more. So that’s a warning to parents before buying the app for their kids. And the worst part is people can follow you and you can’t control it, which means weird people can message you on the app and such they can also comment weird or bad things. Now I would say this app is 13+ for those reasons but if your a kid wanting this app be aware be careful look at who follows you if they look strange than tell your parents or the app. Now for the good parts. It is a great game. You can vote on others cards like lemonade or strawberry lemonade and see others opinions or you can make your own cards and see others opinions! People can comment and follow you and the more followers you get the more likely you’ll be featured. BTW the most creative cards usually get featured! Well that’s it sorry for making this so long I just like writing.

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    It’s meh

    When I found wishbone I was obsessed with making them, I loved getting followers and I found some nice people to follow! But I also wanted to vote on featured cards, and most of them were respected, or inappropriate! One picture was “which cardi b outfit?” And it was very showing...I would really appreciate it if wishbone could have privacy, so you you category your cards. For example, I like outfits, Visco, food, makeup, and pondering cards. I could type that down and it would only show me cards I would like. Another thing is, if you scroll down in the wishbone ratings, you see there is 1 2 and 3 stars for the majority...what does that mean??? 🤨 most of them complain about adds, inappropriate cards, followers you don’t know being able to message you...there is just a lot of bad stuff! I mean of course there’s good! There’s good in everything! But it’s like a banana split with a beetle in it, you wanna stay clear right? I’m just saying, to either update somethings, or stay clear.....thanks for reading, its pretty long! If you choose to download or keep wishbone I won’t judge! I probably am keeping it too, if you choose not to keep it or download it I hope you find something better and more appropriate for you! Happy thanksgiving (even though it’s probably not when you read this lol)

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    My opinion

    In my opinion I think that wishbone is a great idea for an app. However, let’s say you want to follow the Dolan twins or.. Maddie ziglar. You don’t know which account is the real account of that person because people are constantly making fake accounts for that person. So, wishbone should have a check mark for people who are actually official. They can see if that person is official if they have many followers and look at that persons email and see if it matches what/ who they say they are. Another thing that bugs me is that about every five times you post or vote on something on wishbone, you get an add. And I think that’s part of the reason why wishbone isn’t on top five for social networking at the moment. So, I think that wishbone should have less adds or have a option to pay about one or two dollars to get rid of adds all together. And one last thing, if people have lots of followers and lots of votes on their account they should start to get paid or have sponsorships. Because so many people take up a lot of time using wishbone. But other than those things wishbone is an amazing app with few bugs and should be used by everyone or almost everyone. 😁

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    Inappropriate Ads

    UPDATE: I just got some really disgusting ad on this app! Please filter your ads to be more child friendly or just get rid of the ads There are so many things I have to complain on...First of all, there are too many ads. I understand you guys need to make money to stay on the App Store but I would keep getting ads like every minute and a half and not to mention the ads are soo long that I would lose my patience and leave the app. I come in this app to vote on cards, not watch ads. Two, you guys keep putting the same cards on Featured. I know everyone deserves a chance but at times I would see someone do like “Stranger Things or Riverdale” or “Billie or Ari” I think ok so I vote, sometimes not even a card later I would see sort of the same question but by someone else. It gets really annoying seeing the same questions after a while so I’m asking to please pick a variety. And Finally, I just noticed this problem today. So I was voting on some cards and I didn’t even get two wishes from voting. I don’t know if this is some sort of a bug or you guys just didn’t want us to get wishes, but it’s not cool. We want to get our wishes back, also I don’t know if this problem is just with me but If it’s not, expect to see a lot of complaints, just saying. 😕

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    A few problems

    This app is not a bad app it’s actually pretty fun but it does have some major problems. To start off there are just too many ads, it gets really annoying. I’m scrolling through some wishbones when an ad pops up followed by another and then another. I have no problem with a few ads but this is just way too many. It’s also really hard to get featured, it’s possible for your wishbone to get featured without paying but very challenging. Also we need better word filtering on that app, I posted something asking if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump was a better choice, Hillary won but I immediately got hate for these results, people did not hold back and were swearing at me. This happens to me a bunch when one side wins over the other. I’m not saying I would delete the app I’m just saying it still has a couple bugs to work out. Thank you for your time 😃 EDIT: Ok this is weird, I got a strange new follower as soon as I created a new account for fun, they had weird wishbones that were like “.....” with a picture of a black cat, then my phone turned off and it took 20 minutes to get back on... Sketchy wishbone please look into this

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    Hear me out

    Okay so I’ve been on wishbone for two years and haven’t had problems until recently and the first problem I encountered was not being able to delete my wishbones anymore and I found a way to live with it until today when it updated and there where a few more problems but first the fixed it to where I could finally delete my unwanted wishbones again but another problem occurred and it was the emojis so they updated the emojis and at first I thought maybe they finally added the latest emojis that I’ve wanted to use but NOOOOOOO THEY TOOK AWAY HALF THE EMOJIS like as if there were a little already they just had to make it smaller and half of the half emojis are there but you can’t use them because when you swipe it skips a quarter of them and your probably thinking just hold the screen and swipe slowly but I’ve tried that and when you tap on them it doesn’t respond because you have to hold the screen to even see the emojis but nooo that’s not the only problem but some of them are also cut off which doesn’t help whatsoever, I’m not going to use wishbone until this is fixed because honestly this app is getting worse every update

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    Ads, won’t let you delete wishbones

    Too many ads. You watch more ads then you vote and create wishbones. (April 5,2019) I have now discovered a new problem I cnat delete old wishbones that I no longer want on my account or one that I have messed up on or just changed my mind on and it throws off my whole page and it make the whole page look bad now and i am a really organized person and it bothers me very badly and I don’t even get on one account that I have because of that reason and now I have the same problem with this account. Pls fix it to where you can delete your wishbones. Also I have been flagged on a wishbone that I posted it was nails picking between to nail design and colors and was flagged why? Idk. I have also noticed on others accounts they have been flagged on wishbones and Ik they are not bad because I can see the question at the top and most people on the app all seem like sweet people and kids and don’t seem inappropriate at all. These problems need to be fixed ASAP. I am annoyed and am so close to deleting the app cuz if I can't delete the wishbones I need to delete to fix my account I not longer will be on it so then I will delete the app.

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    Inappropriate and too many ads

    The reason I’m giving this game a two star is because overall the point of this game is supposed to be a kid friendly would you rather time of app but can wishbone add a privacy feature or something because there are a lot of inappropriate things on there like everyday these accounts keep messaging me and commenting on people cards say go here to f me and it’s disgusting everyone that I know that has wishbone has the same problem we report,block etc. And what dose wishbone do...NOTHING it’s like they don’t care about the app. ADS let me start the amount of ads this game get is not good there are mountains of ads that pop up every 3 cards. Even turning of WiFi didn’t help because then the cards won’t post every review I’ve read has the same problems with ads and what dose wishbone do NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this game used to be a family friendly app which you can make friends on but now this game is corrupt and 13+ in my opinion if wishbone doesn’t like the bad reviews , low reviews and wants more people to download it then FIX IT ,LISTEN TO THE REVIEWS,ACTUALLY BAN ACCOUNTS FOR INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR AND CARDS LIKE IT SAYS YOULL DO!! From, Wishbone user

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    Too many advertisements, but a good app

    It’s a great app! You can choose your opinions of clothes, pets, styles and so much more! But the only one problem thing is...advertisements.. it might seem not to much at first, but I started to get into it, and when ads kept coming, and it was frustrating and annoying on how much ads keep popping up! The ads would come up less than a minute, every time I go to my profile, or move onto the next poll, an ad pops up, Wishbone is a great app to put your own opinion where no one can judge you on which question you choose, but it can have poll/question lovers be disappointed, I am also a poll lover and I LOVE Wishbone, but I’m just putting 4 star for now; 4 star because of the ads, but I will keep my spirts up that you can update the app and have the ads come up at least 15 minutes after each one, if you have come all the way down to my review I respect it, Thank you for you time.

  • By


    So, I have had Wishbone for about 2 months. And I absolutely love it!! You can make your own cards for others to vote on, vote on others cards, gain followers and follow others!! I love this app so much. For the most part about it, everyone uses it appropriately. If someone isn’t and it’s bothering you, you can always block and report their account. There is also the leaderboard, which is a counting of having the most votes, for a little friendly competition. I completely suggest Wishbone. The only problem with Wishbone though, is the frequency with the hackers. All the time, people are getting hacked. It’s too bad, because otherwise, it is probably the best app I have. As for the hackers, it is usually possible to get your account back. One of my favorite accounts was hacked and we all knew. We pretty much were commenting to leave and so forth. In the end, the owner got the account back, but I recommend choosing a very secure password!!

  • By

    Five Stars

    There is no way to put how amazing it is. You get to vote on cards, make your own, gain followers, and so much more. It is just so addictive with the new posts everyday and the fact that you can make as much as you want and get a while bunch of followers makes it never ending, which is a huge reason on why it is so addictive. This game deserves five stars and nothing lower. Sometimes there can be in appropriate posts but you can always block or report the post, and you don’t have to vote on it. Also, hopefully your maturity level can just ignore it and not make a big deal out of it. Just report it and move on. All in all, I definitely recommend this game and it deserves to be praised!! 😁😁😁😁😁😍😍😍😍😍😍. I would like to say to sugar plum life that your review gave me the creeps! That had to be a hacker, it has to be. I don’t know how he or she did it but I would have deleted it too. But I can tell you it’s not the games fault.

  • By

    Best ever!

    Ok so, I just came to the App Store to get this app on my iPhone. But I have it on iPad, so I’ll give you the review. Yes, there could be some lewd things if people decide to post it, but over all it’s a great app. In every amazing app though, there’s room for improvement. It’s a great app, so there’s only one thing. Could you please remove thing where you need Snapchat or SM (social media) to get featured? I really never see myself up there! (Or my friends.) Also. Could you add, like clubs? Like for example, A group of people who like voting on which food they like the best and they don’t like to vote on... let’s say, clothes. And you can leave and rejoin clubs. You can also create clubs as well. Overall it’s a extremely great app. I would never delete this app, please get it! If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would! I’d give it like infinite stars. I would like it if the developers gave me their thoughts on this. Thank you for your time!

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    Memorable app

    i got wishbone 2/3 years ago and it was my first “social media” because i couldn’t get apps like instagram because of parental issues. I still remember my old friends on there and i sometimes redownload the app just to see how they’re doing (of course i couldn’t find all of them because they changed their usernames but you know) and most of the people here are very friendly and willing to talk to you about anything (of course there are some people but most of them are nice) and i would always check my phone during break period and go on wishbone and chat,it was just so fun and memorable. I quit wishbone about 1 year ago because it was being really glitchy and i was starting to loose that click i had before but it gave me some good, heart warming memories that will forever be in my heart

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    The creators of this app are tanking

    You thought Epic Games was bad, well Science Mobile is 10x worse. The game will crash when at the Wishbone logo and sent back to my homepage. This has been happening for 13 DAYS, when Fortnite is broken it takes at most 2 days to fix, but 13 days? Either the people went on vacation to Hawaii and forgot about their app, or they are lazy af and don’t care. This game is updated every about 2 weeks or so, but no hot fix. And once we get back on the app, it will be a useless ghost town. It’s like they WANT their app to fail, my IPad which I got 1 3/4 years ago should work with this app, but it won’t. I didn’t update to an IOS update. This app was fun, but in 2019 people started to leave this app, and when I tried to troll people, they just block me. And it’s sad since in the first 5 months of 2018 I had a account with 600 followers and 200 posts that got taken down by a account that exposes “bullies” but I wasn’t one, and I worked HARD on that account. Ever since I’ve made about 40 accounts. Anyway I hope this app is fixed before November 1st or I’m deleting this app forever.

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    Love the new updates

    Okay so it’s been a few months and I had a very bad start to wishbone and people have been going there and unfollowing me and hating on me so I wanted to delet those cards and I couldn’t so I was mad but now the new update has me soooo happy I deleted almost alllll of my old cards and now I’m happy but overall wishbone is a great app recently they have been blocking and reporting and deleting stupid peoples accounts and everything so I love wishbone and I have made some amazing friends on there and yeah also I love how they have like a mini google for when you want to post your cards and you don’t have a picture you can just search it up and boom you have pictures and it doesn’t let you search up bad pics and stuff like that so yeah love wishbone and definitely recommend for kids 10+

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Is Wishbone - Compare Anything Safe?

No. Wishbone - Compare Anything does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 21,092 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Wishbone - Compare Anything Is 18.4/100.

Is Wishbone - Compare Anything Legit?

No. Wishbone - Compare Anything does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 21,092 Wishbone - Compare Anything User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Wishbone - Compare Anything Is 18.4/100.

Is Wishbone - Compare Anything not working?

Wishbone - Compare Anything works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Wishbone - Compare Anything customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Wishbone - Compare Anything.

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